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1. Baldus Arnaldus Girbinus, Created Barone 1398., (Reference: Documentary Sources of Maltese History - Part II - Documents in the State Archives Palermo; No 1. Cancelleria Regia 1259 -1400: edited by Stanley Fiorini, Malta University Press 1999, page 233, 246-247), married Maria La Barba.
1.1. Riccardo Girbinus, 2nd Barone married 1410 to Sybilla Gatto, with issue.
1.1.1. Baldassare Girbinus. 3rd Barone (c.1440)., married Beatrice Cadumi., (Migrated to Sicily).
1.1.2. Lanza Girbinus, 4th Barone, married Eleanore Gatto, with issue. Sybilla Girbinus., 5th Baronessa married 1480 to Johannes de Calafato. Constanza Girbinus, married to Manfredo Attardo.
1.1.3. Corrada Girbinus, married Lemi Sayd.
1.1.4. Constanza Girbinus, married Zagamuri Cuzkeri.

1.2. Elvira Girbinus, married to Guccio d'Avola, Offical of Gozo.

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