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"Libro d'Oro di Melita"

The Noble family of Testaferrata, Patricians of Messina, (Branch #4, following the order established by the regrant of that title in 1792 to various lines)

- Line of the Barone Pietro Paolo Testaferrata Abela.




The Noble Marriage of Marchese Dr Martin Testaferrata Moroni Viani LLD dei Baroni di Gomerino e Tabria and the Noble Stefania Apap Bologna dei Marchese di Gnien is-Sultan e Barone di Djar il-Bniet e Buqana.  With Permisson from the Artist and Illustrator - Kenneth Zammit Tabona.


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Includes an examination of the remainder of the title of “Barone di Gomerino”










(1. Giuseppe Testaferrata Abela Moroni 1792-1869); (2. Pietro Paolo Testaferrata Abela Moroni 1830-1882); (3. Salvatore Testaferrata Abela Moroni Viani 1866-1911); (4. Pietro Paolo Testaferrata Moroni Viani 1886 -1954).



Titled, De Jures and Heirs.

* * Titled: (see notes above on 1737 and 1744 successions)



Special Terms (Grant): Tribuentes iisdem Paulo et Beatrice omnibusque ac singulis aliis qui omni futuro tempore ac in perpetuum titulo ac prerogativa Baronis Gomerini fruentur, facoltatem nominandi et eligendi unum ex dictis eorum descendentibus sive marem sive foeminanam, ad ipsorumet libitum et beneplacitum, pro hujusmodi titulo Baronis Gomerini consequendo et adipiscendo, dictaque nominatione et electione minime facta, ex tunc censeatur per eosdem eorumque singulos barones, nominatus et electus ipsorum Primogenitus, nisi eri ad Sacros Ordines promotus et in Religione professus et in defectu marium foemina primogenita



Special Terms (1737 Succession): (See 1737 Decree which states that Ercole Martino was succeeding Beatrice after a private deed made before Notary Tomaso Gatt of the 5 November 1734).


Special Terms (1744 Succession): (See 1882 judgement which states that Fabrizio succeeded the title when he received the property by donation in 1713)






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