"Professor Prospero Stanley Grech.
Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church".


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Online: 02-09-2017.

1. The Noble Caterina Grech Delicata dei Conti di Ghajn Tuffieha, issue from Benjamino Alunno sives Spiteri, with issue.

1.1. Salvatore Grech, (Born 1841 Senglea), married 1863 Senglea to Rosa Frendo, with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanni Grech, married 1894 Senglea to Anna Galea-Pulis, with issue. Vincenzo Grech, married 1924 Vittoriosa to Amelia Gatt-Segona, with issue. Professor Fr. Prospero Stanley Grech, O.S.A., C.O.M, (1925-. , titular Bishop of Portireone, Papal Sacristan and Vicar of His Holiness for Vatican City, created Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church on 18th February 2012.




Five Generations of Ancestors:


1. Cardinal Prospero Grech., (1925 -.

2. Vincenzo Grech.

3. Amelia Gatt, married 1924 Vittoriosa.

4. Giovanni Grech.

5. Anna Galea, married 1894 Senglea.

6. Davide Gatt.

7. Ursola Saguna, married 1879 Vittoriosa.

8. Salvatore Grech.

9. Rosa Frendo, married 1863 Senglea.

10. Vincenzo Galea.

11. Rosaria Pulis, married 1850 Qormi.

12. N. Gatt.

13. NN.

14. Giuseppe Saguna.

15. Margherita Cassano, married 1845 Vittoriosa.

16. Benjamino Alunno sives Spiteri, (1812-1841).

17. The Noble Caterina Grech Delicata dei Conti di Ghajn Tuffieha.

18. Giovanni Giuseppe Frendo.

19. Concetta Abela, married 1830 Zejtun.

20. Grazio Galea.

21. Grazia Grech, married 1817 Luqa.

22. Giorgio Pulis.

23. Anna Pisano, married 1812 Birkirkara.

24. N. Gatt.

25 -27. NN.

28. Vincenzo Saguna.

29. Ursola Camilleri., married 1812 Valletta.

30. Baldassare Cassano.

31. Anna Gatt, married 1823 Vittoriosa.



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