Hugh Harding, Chief Justice of Malta

(r 1987-1990).


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1. Robert Harding of Warwick, England, married to Ann Thompson, with issue.

1.1. William L. Harding (d. 1919), married 1864 Valletta to Giovanna Tanti, with issue.

1.1.1. Henry Harding, married to Henrietta Imbroll, with issue. Judge. William D. Harding, LL.D, (1898-1985), married Lucy Psaila-Manche, with issue.
Hugh W. Harding LLD, (1925-2014), Chief Justice of Malta (r 1987-1990)., married Marian West (d. 2014), with issue. Dr David Harding LLD. Karin Harding, married to Gerard Spiteri Maempel. Rhona Harding, married to Nicholas Samut Tagliaferro. Dr Henry Harding MD, married to Mary Farrugia, with issue. May Harding, married to F. Cooper. Dr Henry Harding MD, married 1953 to Lea Stilon de Piro, with issue. Dr Joe Harding MD, married to Jill N., with issue. Walter Harding, married to Vera Cassar, with issue. Ann Harding, married (1) 1956 to Sean Pelham Brennand RN, married (2) to D. Wilmar. Jean Harding, married to J. Arkell. William Harding. Violet Mary Harding, married to Dr Salvino Debono MD. John Henry Newman Harding, married 1955 to Phyllis Cassar.

1.1.2. Nellie Harding, (1871 - 1896), dunm.

1.1.3. Arthur Walter Harding, (1874 - 1918), married 1892 to Carmela Calleja (d. 1945), with issue. Walter Harding, (d. 1893), d.inf.. Evelyn Harding, (1895 - 1981), married 1935 to Giuseppe Ellul-Bonici.

1.1.4. Catherine Mary Harding, (1876 -), married to N. Vassallo.

1.1.5. Elisabeth Harding.

1.1.6. Carmela Harding, married to Paul Brown.

1.1.7. Lucy Harding, married to N. Bellia, with issue. William Bellia.

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