Fra Prince Klemens von Hohenlohe, KM

Governor of Gozo, (r.1774-92)

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The Ancestry and Descendants of the Princes von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein - Press Here.

1. Fra Prince Klemens von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein, KM, (1732-92), Governor of Gozo, (r. 1774-92) died in Gozo. Had two children from his mistress, Mrs Maddalena Scivoli., “sives Scavoli / Scivori - (See Note below).

1.1. Clement Scivoli, (1779-1836).  Created 1799 Hereditary Knight of the Russian Empire and of St John of Malta in Russia, married 1799 to Marchioness Helena Wielopski, with issue.

1.1.1. Chevalier Clement II Scivolisky 2nd Knight , (1800-42), married 1825 to Yolanda Xerrisky., with issue. Henrietta Scivolisky, (1826-), married 1850 to Count Lacy. Tatiana Scivolisky, (1828-), married 1852 to Count von der Borsch.

1.1.2. Yolanda Scivolisky, (1803-), married 1825 to Chevalier Giovanni Xerrisky.

1.1.3. Marie Scivolisky, (1804-), married 1830 to Chevalier Nicholas Zerafov

1.1.4. Chevalier Peter Scivolisky 3rd Knight, (1805-96), married 1830 to Ursula Borgski., with issue. Chevalier Clement III Scivolisky, 4th Knight, (1832-1905), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Chevalier George Scivolisky, (1835-41), dunm. Catherine Scivolisky, (1838-), married 1860 to Count von Browne.

1.1.5. Chevalier Igor Scivolisky., (1806-72), married 1828 to Anastasia Grimov., with issue. Antoinette Scivolisky, (1830-), married 1859 to Count Nicholas Zoubov. Natalie Scivolisky, (1832-), married 1855 to Count Alexandri Zoubov. Marie Scivolisky, (1833-), married 1857 to Count George Zoubov. Victoria Scivolisky, (1835-), married  1860 to Count von Sievers. Chevalier Matthew Scivolisky, (1837-94), married 1865 to Countess Tatiana von Sievers, with issue. Chevalier Peter Scivolisky, 5th Knight, (1869 - 1907), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Chevalier Clement IV Scivolisky, 6th and last Knight, (1873-1953), married 1901 to Victoria Borgsky, with issue. Tatiana Scivolisky, (1902-, married 1924 to Count Peter Vgazmitinov. Catherine Scivolisky, (1903-., married 1925 to Count Alexis Shuvalov. Ingrid Scivolisky, (1905-., married 1927 to Sergei Turgenev. Elizabetta Scivolisky, (1908-., married 1930 to Baron Ladislaus Pilars de Pilars. Helena Scivolisky, (1909-., married 1933 to Prince Alexander Potemkin. Marie Scivolisky (1911-, married 1939 to Baron Charles Desierov Anastasia Scivolisky, (1878-., married 1935 to Count Paul Ignatieff..

1.2. Giovanna Scivoli, (1783-1829). (possibility of her brother's hereditary honour was reflected to her male-to-male descendants), married 1809 Genoa to Sig. Biagio Tagliaferro, Knight Commander of St George of Russia, with issue.


* Note: Mrs Maddalena Scivori/Scivoli/Scavoli:
Found she was married to Girolamo and found one marriage in Malta of their son, Antonio in 1809 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Caterina Montevarde.


Her Ancestor are: -
1. Maddalena Paceco la Cruz, married 1763 Senglea to Girolamo Sives Gio Battista Scivoli.

2. Antonio Paceco la Cruz.

3. Margarita Ferrara, married 1738 Porto Salvo, Valletta.

4. Didaco Paceco la Cruz.

5. Giovanna N.

6. Carlo Ferrara.

7. Grazia Pelzziera, married 1718 Porto Salvo, Valletta.

8. Unknown.

9. NN.

10. NN.

11. NN.

12. Andrea Ferrara of Solaria, Alexandria, Italy.

13. Lucrezia N.

14. Amatore Pelizziera.

15. Diana N.


* His Ancestry: -

  1. Fra Prince Klemens von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein, KM, (1732-92), Governor of Gozo
  2. HSH, Prince Karl Philipp von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg, 1st Prince of Bartenstein, (Cr: 1744).
  3. HSH, Princess Sophia Fredericke von Hesse-Homburg., married 1727.
  4. Count Philipp Karl Kasper von Hohenlohe-Waldenstein., (1668-1729).
  5. HSH, Princess Sophia Leopoldina von Hesse-Rheinfels., (1681-1724)., married 1700.
  6. HSH, Ludwig George, Prince of Hesse-Homburg., (1693-1728).
  7. Countess Christina von Limpurg-Sontheim.
  8. Count Christian von Hohenlohe-Waldenstein., (1627-75).
  9. Countess Marie Eleanore von Hatzfeld u.Gleichon.
  10. HRH., Langrave Karl of Hesse-Wanfried-Rheinfelds., (1649-1711).
  11. Countess Alexandrine Juliane, von Leiningen-Dagsburg
  12. Freiderick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg., (1638-1708).
  13. Countess Sophia Sibylle, von Leiningen-Westerburg.
  14. NN. Von Limpurg-Sontheim.
  15. NN.

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