"The Royal House of Naples"

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This series of notes details the genealogy of the family known as (for lack of a better name)
Burgundy-Ivrea. The earlier generations especially reflect the latest research and differ somewhat
from earlier scholarship. These notes, as usual, are based on Europaeische Stammtafeln.
My plan at the moment is to divide the family into the following parts:
Part 1: The Margraves of Ivrea, Kings of Italy and Comtes de Macon up to the late 12th century.
Part 2: The de Chalon, Comtes de Chalon, d'Auxonne, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre
Part 3: The Chalon-Arlay, Princes d'Orange
Part 4: The Comtes de Macon and seigneurs de Salins
Part 5: The Kings of Castile 1126-1312 and various collateral branches
Part 6: The Kings of Castile 1312-1555; Kings of Aragon 1412-1555; Kings of Sicily and other
collateral branches
Part 7: The descendants of Fadrique de Castilla, sn de Haro
Part 8: The illegitimate descendants of King Pedro I of Castile
Part 9: The illegitimate descendants of King Enrique II of Castile
Part 10. The illegitimate descendants of King Juan II of Aragon
Part 11. The Barons d'Oiselet

Part 1.
E.S. lists the first proved ancestor of this house as one Amadeus, who lived in the county of
Langres, and who d.after 827; he was father of 2 sons: Wido, k.a.889, and:
Anscar, Ct of Oscheret, went to Italy 888, where he became Margrave of Ivrea; he d.898/992; he
was father of:
Adalbert, Margrave of Ivrea, Ct of Parma, d.923/4; m.1st ca 898/900 Gisela (d.910/3) dau.of
Margrave Berengar of Friaul; m.2d 911/4 Ermengarde (d.after 29 Feb 932) dau.of Margrave
Adalbert of Tuscany; he left issue:
1.[by 1st m.]Berengar II, Ct of Milan, Margrave of Ivrea, became King of Italy 950; b.ca 900, d.an
imperial prisoner in Bamberg 966; m.930/1 Willa (d.after 963) dau.of Margrave Boso of Tuscany
1.1.Adalbert, co-king of Italy 950-62, Ct of Aosta; m.Gerberga (d.986/91) dau.of Ct Leotald of
Macon and Besancon (she m.2d Duc Henri de Bourgogne)
1.1.1.Othon Guillaume, adopted by his stepfather, whereby he became Cte de Bourgogne; Cte de
Macon et de Nevers, pretender to the Duchy of Bourgogne 1002-5; b.958/9, d.1026; m.1st
Ermentrude de Roucy (d.1002/5); m.2d before 1016 Adelaide=Blanche (d.1026) dau.of Cte
Foulcques II d'Anjou; all kids were by 1st m. I, Cte de Macon d.ca 1004; m.ca 991 Aelis, dau.of Cte Lambert de Chalon II, Cte de Macon, d.1033/41; m.Elizabeth de Vergy, Cte de Macon, d.ca 1065; m.Beatrice ___ (d.ca 1072) II, Cte de Macon, became a monk at Cluny 1078, d.1109; m.before 14 Nov
1066 Maitris ___ de Macon I, Cte de Bourgogne (ca 990-1057); m.before 1 Sep 1016 Adelaide=Judith
(d.after 1037) dau.of Ct Richard II of Normandy I, Cte de Bourgogne, d.1087; m.1049/57 Stephanie (d.after 1088) possibly
dau.of Adalbert de Longwy, Duke of Upper Lorraine de Bourgogne, d.ca 1087 II, Cte de Bourgogne et de Macon, d.on Crusade 1097; m.Regina (d.after
1097) dau.of Ct Kuno von Oltigen II "the German" Cte de Bourgogne et de Macon, murdered after 3 Jan
1125 III, Cte de Bourgogne et de Macon, b.ca 1110, murdered at Payerne,
Switzerland 1127 de Bourgogne, d.ca 1090 I "Tete-Hardi", Cte de Macon, murdered at Askalon 1102; m.ca 1090 Beatrix
___ (d.after 1102) III, Cte de Bourgogne et de Macon, d.1148/9; m.ca 1130 Agatha, dau.of
Duke Simon II of Lorraine, Css Palatine de Bourgogne (ca 1145-1184); m.1156 Emperor Frederick I
Barbarossa (d.1190) III, Cte de Macon et d'Auxonne [NOTE: E.S.has 2 distinct counties under
the names of Auxonne and Auxerre; Michael Raffin points out that he can find no location named
Auxonne] d.1155; m.Ponce, heiress of Traves, dau.of Renaud de Traves II, Cte d'Auxonne, sn de Traves, d.after 21 Jul 1173; m.ca 1170 Judith,
dau.of Duke Matthias I of Lorraine; for his descendants see Part 2. I, Cte de Macon et de Vienne, d.1184; m.Guyonne=Maurette, heiress of
Salins, dau.of Gaucher III de Salins; for his descendants see Part 4. de Macon, d.after 1125; m.ca 1110 Hugues I, Cte de Troyes (d.1126); in
addition, she was mother (by an unknown father) of an illegitimate son: Eudes de Champlitte,
ancestor of the family de Champlitte de Macon, dit Marguerite Dauphine de Vienne, d.1164; m.ca 1120
Guigon VI d'Albon, Dauphin de Vienne (d.1142) de Bourgogne, Cte d'Amerous; in 1087, at Toledo, he m. Queen Uracca of
Castile and Leon (d.1126) and became Ct of Galicia and Coimbra; he d.at Grajal 1107; for his
descendants see Part 5. de Bourgogne, Archbishop of Besancon, d.1101 de Bourgogne became in 1119 Pope Calixtus II; d.1124 de Bourgogne, d.after 1133; m.1st ca 1090 Ct Humbert II of Maurienne,
Margrave of Turin (d.1103); m.2d Margrave Rainer of Montferrat (d.1135/7) de Bourgogne, d.ca 1133; m.1st before 1092 Ct Robert II of Flanders
(d.1111); m.2d ca 1125 Duke Godfrey III of Lower Lorraine (d.1139) de Bourgogne; m.Lambert Francois, Pr de Royans (d.after 1119) de Bourgogne (1085-after 1103); m.Duc Eudes I de Bourgogne (d.1103) de Bourgogne, d.1097/8; m.1093 King Alfonso VI of Castile and Leon
(d.1109), heiress of Moempelgard (Montbeliard), d.after 8 Mar 1105; m.ca 1065
Ct Thierry I of Bar (d.1102/5) de Bourgogne, d.after 1069 de Bourgogne, d.after 1045) de Bourgogne, d.1005; m.ca 995 Landeric de Monceau, Cte de Nevers (d.1028) de Bourgogne, d.1020/3; m.ca 1002 Cte Guillaume II de Provence (d.1018) de Bourgogne, d.1068; m.1st 1019 Guillaume de Poitou, Duc d'Aquitaine (d.1030);
m.2d 1032 (div 1049/52) Geoffroy II Martel, Cte d'Anjou
1.2.Wido, Margrave of Ivrea 957-62, conquered Spoleto 959, k.a.on the Po 965
1.3.Cunrad-Cono, Margrave of Milan 957-61, Margrave of Ivrea, Duke of Spoleto and Camerino;
m.Richilda, dau.of Arduin Glabrio of Turin 969-87
1.4.Gisla of Ivrea, a nun, living 965
1.5.Gerberga=Gilberga of Ivrea; m.before Aug 961 Aledram, Ct of Vado, Margrave in Liguria
1.6.Rozela=Suzanne of Ivrea, Dame de Montreuil, d.1003; m.1st ca 968 Ct Arnulf II of Flanders
(d.987); m.2d 988 (repudiated 992) King Robert II of France (d.1031)
2.[by 2d m.]Anscar II, Ct and Margrave of Ivrea, Duke and Margrave of Spoleto and Camerino,
k.a.940/1; m.NN
2.1.Amadeus of Mosezzo; m.959/62 Guntilda, dau.of Ct Roger of Auriate, widow of Ct Maginfred
of Mosezzo
2.1.1.Berengar of Mosezzo, d.ca 1022; m.Christina, dau.of Amalbert ___; as a widow she became
a nun and gave 1/2 Mosezzo to the Choir-lords of Novara [?..this is atranslation attempt; in E.S. it
says "die Chorherren von Novara] of Mosezzo, living 1022; m.Ichilda ___; left issue of whom I have no details of Mosezzo
3.[by 2d m.]Adalbert, Ct of Pombia ca 962, who was probably father of:
3.1.Ct Dado of Pombia and Milan
3.1.1.Ct Wibert of Pombia ca 1001-14 Wido of Pombia, d.ca 1040; probably father of: Amadeo of Pombia and Canavese, d.ca 1094 Uberto di Canavese; he left issue of whom I have no details di Pombia, a priest in Pavia Wibert, a priest in Pavia, d.ca 1034 Wido di Pombia e Biandrate Guido di Biandrate, went to Anatolia in 1101 Otto de Pombia e Biandrate, d.ca 1087 Alberto di Biandrate, a leader of the 1st Crusade, d.ca 1119; m. NN Guido di Biandrate, a burgher of Milan, d.after 26 Aug 1172; m.a dau.of Mgve
Rainer of Montferrat, and left issue of whom I have no details[parentage unproven] a dau., m.Ct Richard di Val d'Ossola e Valdesia
3.1.2.Arduin, Margrave of Ivrea, King of Italy 1002-1013, d.at Fruttuaria as a monk 1015; m.before
1000 Berta, probably dau.of Ct Otbert di Luni, Mgve of Liguria Occidentale Otto of Ivrea, living 1026, Margrave of Ivrea, living 1029, Cte d'Ivrea, d.ca 1089, Cte d'Ivrea, d.ca 1097; he and his brother were ancestors of the Contes di
Castellamonte, Aglie, Brosso, Rivarolo e Front, but I have no details of them Wibert of Ivrea, living 1029
3.1.3.Amadeus of Pombia, living 997
4.[parentage unproven]a dau., m.a Lombard noble, and was mother of Perinza, wife of Robert of
Canavese-Volpiano; their son, Guillaume de Dijon, was an Abbot in Dijon

End of Part 1.

Part 2.
Etienne II de Bourgogne, Cte d;Auxonne (see Part 1) had a son:
Etienne III, Cte d'Auxonne, d.1241; m.1st ca 1186 (div 1197/1200) Beatrix, Cts de Chalon-sur-Saone, dau.of Guillaume de Thiers, Cte de Chalon; m.2d before 1212 Agnes (1195-128) dau.of
Cte Robert II de Dreux; he left issue by his 1st wife:
1.Etienne de Chalon, d.shortly after 1204
2.Jean I "le Sage" or "l'Antique", Ct Palatine de Bourgogne, Ct de Chalon et d'Auxonne, sn de
Salins (1190-1267); m.1st 1214 Mahaut (d.1242) dau.of Duc Hugues III de Bourgogne; m.2d
1242/3 Isabelle (d.1257) dau.of Robert de Courtenay, sn de Champignelles
[by 1st m.]:
2.1.Hugues, Ct Palatine de Bourgogne, sn de Salins (1220-1266); m.ca 1236 Adelheid (d.1279)
dau.of Otto von Andechs, Duke of Meranien
2.1.1.Otto V, Ct Palatine de Bourgogne, d.1302; m.1st 1263 Philippa, dau.of Ct Theobald II of
Bar; m.2d 1285 Matilda, Cts d'Artois (1268-1329); all kids but Alix were by 2d m., Cte de Bourgogne (1300-1315) de Bourgogne, d.after 31 Jan 1285, Css Palatine de Bourgogne, b.before 15 Jan 1292, d.1330; m.1307 King Philippe
V of France and Navarre (d.1322) de Bourgogne (1295-1325/6); m.1308 (div 1322) King Charles IV of France and
2.1.2.Hugues de Bourgogne, sn de Montbouson, d'Aspremont, etc, living 1312; m.1st 1282 Bona
(1275-1300) dau.of Ct Amadeus V of Savoy; m.2d Margareta, dau.of Ct Ulrich II von Pfirt
2.1.3.Etienne de Bourgogne, d.Rome 1299
2.1.4.Renaud de Bourgogne, Ct von Moempelgard (Montbeliard), d.1322; m.before 15 May 1282
Guillemette de Neuchatel, Cts von Moempelgard (d.1317) de Bourgogne, disinherited de Bourgogne, d.1338 de Bourgogne, Dame d'Hericourt, etc, d.1347/9; m.1st 1303 Ct Ulrich III von Pfirt
(d.1324); m.2d 1325 Margrave Rudolf Hesso of Baden (d.1335); m.3d before 2 Aug 1339 Ct
Wilhelm II von Katzenelnbogen (d.1385), Cts von Moempelgard (1295-1367); m.1320 Henri de Montfaucon, Ct von
Moempelgard (d.1367) de Bourgogne, Dame de Montfleur; m.1st Jean de Chalon, Cte d'Auxerre (below);
m.2d Louis de Vienne, sn d'Antigny de Bourgogne
2.1.5.Henri de Bourgogne, d.in jail
2.1.6.Jean de Bourgogne, sn de Montaigu, etc, d.1301/3; m.Margaret von Blamont de Bourgogne, sn de Montaigu, d.ca 1340; m.1st Matilda (d.ca 1330) dau.of Simon
de Champlitte; m.2d 1337 Isabeau, dau.of Humbert de Thoire et de Villars; both kids were by 2d
m. de Bourgogne, sn de Montaigu et de Joinville, d.1373; m.1st Marie (d.1367) dau.of
Jean de Chateauvilain; m.2d 1367 Marguerite, Cts de Vaudemont, Dame de Joinville (1354-1417)
dau.of Henri de Joinville, Cte de Vaudemont de Bourgogne, Dame de Montaigu, etc; m.Thibaut de Neufchatel
2.1.7.Alix de Bourgogne, a nun at Fontevrault
2.1.8.Elizabeth de Bourgogne, d.1275; m.1254 Ct Hartmann V von Kiburg (d.1263)
2.1.9.Hippolyte de Bourgogne, Dame de Saint-Vallier; m.1270 Aymar de Poitiers, Cte de
Valentinois et de Diois
2.1.10.Guye de Bourgogne, d.1316; m.1274 Thomas of Savoy, Ct of Maurienne and Piedmont
2.1.11.Marguerite de Bourgogne, a nun at Fontevrault
2.1.12.Agnes de Bourgogne; m.ca 1259 Philippe II de Vienne
2.2.Elizabeth de Bourgogne, d.1277; m.1st Henri de Vienne (d.1233); m.2d Ct Ulrich II von Pfirt
(d.1275); m.3d Henri de Vergy (d.1258)
2.3.Marguerite de Bourgogne, d.1262; m.1st Henri de Vienne, sn de Venizy (d.1250); m.2d 1250
Guillaume I de Courtenay, sn de Champignelles (d.1280)
2.4.Jeanne de Bourgogne, d.1265/8; m.Jean de Cuiseaux
2.5.Blanche de Bourgogne, d.1306; m.1st 1260 Guichard de Beaujeu (d.1265); m.2d 1268
Beraud de Mercoeur (d.ca 1285)
[by 2d m.]:
2.6.Jean I de Chalon, Cte d'Auxerre (1243-1309); m.1st 1257 Isabelle (d.1266) dau.of Duke
Matthias II of Lorraine; m.2d 1268 Alix, Cts d'Auxerre (1254-1290) dau.of Eudes de Bourgogne,
Cte de Nevers, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre; m.3d 1290 Marguerite, dau.of Louis de Beaujeu
2.6.1.[by 2d m.]Guillaume, Cte d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre, k.a.Mons-en-Puelle 1304; m.1292
Eleanor (d.1324) dau.of Ct Amadeus V of Savoy II, Cte d'Auxerre, fought at Crecy and Poitiers, imprisoned in London 1357-61 (1292-1362); m.1317 Alix de Bourgogne, Dame de Montfleur (above) III "le Chevalier Blanc" Ct d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre, d.insane 1379; m.1334 Marie,
dau.of Guillaume Crespin du Bec IV de Chalon, sn de Rochefort, etc, d.Poligny 1370 I "le Chevalier Vert", Cte de Tonnerre, d.1398; m.1st 1376 Marie, dau.of
Guillaume de Parthenay; m.2d Jeanne de la Baume; all kids were by 1st m. II, Cte de Tonnerre, d.ca 1422; m.1402 Marie (d.ca 1433) dau.of Guy de la
Tremoille, Cte de Guines[illegitimate by Marie de Perillos] Jean batard de Chalon, sn de Valencay;
m.Jeanne l'Orfevre d'Ermenonville de Chalon, twin of Louis II, a kinight of the Order of St.John de Chalon, sn de Ligny-le-Chatel, k.a.Agincourt 1415, Cte de Tonnerre, k.a.Verneuil 1424; m.before 1423 Catherine (d.1474)
dau.of Baron Jean de l'Isle-Bouchard, Cts de Tonnerre, d.1440; m.1400 Jean de la Baume, sn de Valfin de Chalon, Dame de Saint-Aignan, d.after 1443; m.1409 Olivier de
Husson de Chalon, Dame de Laignes, d.ca 1412; m.1400 Guillaume d'Estouteville de Chalon, living 1376 de Chalon, living 1356; m.Jean II, Sire de Sainte-Croix
[Cte Jean III had 2 illegitimate daughters by Perrette Darnichot, and 4 illegitimate sons by
unknown mothers:], chatelain de Saint-Aubin, d.1400, captain of Auxerre, d.1402, Abbot of Baume-les-Moines, d.1431, Prior of Jouhe, d.1399 de Chalon, sn de Chavannes, Gov of Auxerre, d.a hostage in England 1360;
m.Jeanne, dau.of Jean de Chateauvilain de Chalon, sn de Montjay, d.after 1362 de Chalon, sn de Chatelbelin, murdered 1369; m.1st Jeanne (d.1365) dau.of
Philippe de Vienne, sn de Pymont; m.2d Beatrix (d.1368) dau.of Guillaume de la Baume de Chalon, sn de Chatelbelin, d.in Hungary 1396; m.ca 1382 Jeanne, dau.of
Jean de Ghistelles de Chalon; m.1st Francois de Sassenage; m.2d Guillaume de Saulieu de Chalon, Dame de Courtenot. etc, d.1378; m.1329 John of Savoy-Vaud
(d.1339) de Chalon, Dame de Nancuise, d.1342; m.1335 Thibaut V, Sire de Neufchatel
(d.1366) de Chalon, Dame de Mongefond; m.1342 Humbert de Thoire et de Villars de Chalon, Dame de Binant, d.after 1373; m.1338 Hugues de Vienne, sn de
Pagny de Chalon, Abbess of Baume-les-Dames, d.1394 de Chalon, Abbess of Remiremont, d.1374 de Chalon, a nun at Chateau-Chalon 1385[illegitimate by Alix de Thiellay] Jean, sn de Oliferne 1345, Cts de Tonnerre; m.1321 Robert de Bourgogne, Cte de Tonnerre (d.1334)
2.7.Robert de Bourgogne, d.after 1245
2.8.Etienne de Bourgogne, sn de Rouvres, d.1302; m.before 1262 Jeanne, dau.of Gautier de
2.8.1.Jean de Bourgogne, sn de Vignory; m.1293 Margaret (d.1313) dau.of Louis of Savoy, Baron
of Vaud
2.8.2.Etienne de Bourgogne, sn de Saint-Laurent-de-la-Roche; m.Jeanne de Saint-Verain
2.8.3.Jeanne de Bourgogne; m.Guillaume de Dampierre, sn de Saint-Dizier
2.9.Pierre de Bourgogne, dit le Bouvier, sn de Chatelbelin, d.1272/4; m.1258 Beatrix (d.1292)
dau.of Ct Amadeus IV of Savoy
2.10.Mahaut de Bourgogne, a nun at Sauvement
2.11.Guillemette de Bourgogne, Abbess of Battaut 1261
2.12.Marguerite de Bourgogne, Abbess of Chateau-Chalon 1263
[by 3d m.]:
2.13.Jean I de Chalon, sn d'Arlay, Marshal of the Bp of Liege, b.1259, d.after 16 Apr 1316; m.1st
1272 Marguerite, Dame de Viteaux (d.after 1300) dau.of Duc Hugues IV de Bourgogne; m.2d ca
1312 Alix, dau.of William of Flanders, Lord of Dendermonde and Crevecoeur; for his descendants
See Part 3.
2.14.Hugues de Bourgogne, "le Sourd", Archbishop of Besancon, d.1312
2.15.Marguerite de Bourgogne, Dame de Montreal, d.1328; m.1285 Hugues de Bourgogne, sn de
Villains-en-Duesmois (d.1288)
2.16.Agnes de Bourgogne, d.1350; m.Ct Amadeus II of Geneva (d.1308)
3.Agnes de Bourgogne, d.1223; m.Richard de Montfaucon, Ct von Moempelgard (d.1227)
4.Clementia de Bourgogne, d.after 1235; m.1212 Duke Bertold V of Zaehringen (d.1218)
5.Beatrix de Bourgogne, d.1260; m.Simon de Joinville (d.1233)
6.[illegitimate by Blandine de Cicon] Etienne, b.1208, d.after 1267; for his descendants, See Part

End of Part 2

Part 3.
Jean I de Chalon, Sire d'Arlay (see Part 2) had issue:
by 1st m.]:
1.Hugues I de Chalon, Sire d'Arlay et de Vitteaux, d.1322; m.1302 Beatrix (d.1347) dau.of
Humbert de la Tour du Pin, Dauphin de Viennois
1.1.Jean II de Chalon, Sire d'Arlay, etc, d.1362; m.1st before 1332 Marguerite, Dame de l'Hermine
(d.1350) dau.of Dreux de Mello; m.2d 1361 Marie, dau.of Ct Amadeus III of Geneva; all kids were
by 1st m.
1.1.1.Jean de Chalon, sn d'Auberive, murdered 1360; m.1355 Margaret, dau.of Duke Frederick IV
of Lorraine
1.1.2.Hugues II de Chalon, Sire d'Arlay (1334-1388); m.1363 Blanche, Dame de Frontenay
(d.1420) dau.of Ct Amadeus II of Geneva
1.1.3.Louis I de Chalon, Sire d'Arguel, d.1366; m.Marguerite (d.after 1399) dau.of Philippe de
Vienne, sn de Pymont III de Chalon, Sire d'Arlay, etc, Prince d'Orange, d.of the Plague in Paris 1418;
m.1386 Marie, Pss d'Orange (d.1417) dau.of Raymond des Baux, Pr d'Orange II "le Bon" de Chalon, Pr d'Orange (1390-1463); m.1st 1411 Jeanne de
Montfaucon (d.1445); m.2d 1446 Eleonore (d.1456) dau.of Cte Jean IV d'Armagnac; m.3d
Blanche (d.1475) dau.of Guillaume de Gamaches
[by 1st m.]: de Chalon, Pr d'Orange, d.1475; m.1438 Catherine, Dame de l'Epine-Gandin (d.ca 1476) dau.of Richard de Bretagne, Cte d'Etampes IV de Chalon, Pr d'Orange, d.1502; m.1st 1467 Jeanne (d.1493) dau.of
Charles I, Duc de Bourbon; m.2d 1494 Philiberte de Luxemburg, Cts de Charny (d.1539) de Chalon, Pr d'Orange, Duca di Gravina, Cte de Tonnerre, de Charny et
de Penthievre, Viceroy of Naples, b.1502, k.a.Florence 1530 de Chalon (1498-1521); m.1515 Ct Heinrich III of Nassau (1483-1538);
her son Renatus of Nassau succeeded Philibert as Pr d'Orange; on the death of Renatus, Orange
went to hispaternal cousin, William of Nassau, who was not related to the previous Princes
[by 2d m.]: de Chalon, sn de Chateau-Guyon, k.a.Grandson 1476 de Chalon, sn de Chateau-Guyon, d.1490; m.1479 Louise, beatified (1461-1503) dau.of Duke Amadeus II of Savoy de Chalon, a nun at Ste-Clarisse d'Orbe de Chalon, d.1483; m.1472 Louis de Seyssel, Cte de la Chambre (d.1483) de Chalon, Sire de Vitteaux, d.1462; m.1st 1424 Jeanne (d.1454) dau.of Guy de la
Tremoille, Cte de Guines; m.2d Marie (d.after 20 Jun 1461) dau.of Englebert d'Enghien; all kids by
1st m. de Chalon, Cte de Joigny; m.Jeanne de Banquetin (d.after 1495) de Chalon, Cts de Joigny; m.1st 1480 Adrien de Sainte-Maure Cte de
Nesle et de Joigny (d.1504); m.2d Francois de Tourzel, sn de Precy de Chalon, Bp of Autun, d.1500 de Chalon, sn de l'Isle-sous-Montreal 1467 de Chalon, sn de Grignon 1467; m.Marie de Rougemont de Chalon, sn de Grignon, d.1511 de Chalon, sn de l'Orme 1494 de Chalon; m.1st 1439 Jean de Bauffremont, sn de Mirebeau; m.2d Jean
de Rye de Chalon; m.Liebaud de Choiseul, sn de Dracy-le-Fort de Chalon; m.Guillaume de Valangin de Chalon, Sire de Cuiseaux, d.1426 de Chalon, Dame de Bussy, d.1457; m.1410 Guillaume de Vienne, sn de St-Georges de Chalon, Dame de Cerlier, d.1465; m.1416 Johann von Freiburg, Ct of
Neuchatel (d.1458) de Chalon, sn d'Arguel, k.a.1396
1.1.4.Marguerite de Chalon (1338-1392); m.1356 Stephen de Montfaucon, Ct von Moempelgard
1.1.5.Meatrix de Chalon, Dame de Broyes, d.after Jul 1402; m.1362 Antoine de Beaujeu (d.1374)
1.1.6.Jeanne de Chalon, d.1380; m.Jean de Vergy, sn de Champlitte
1.2.Louis de Chalon, living 1322
1.3.Hugues de Chalon, sn de La Riviere, d.1340
1.4.Jacques de Chalon, Sire de Vitteaux
2.Jean de Chalon, Bp of Langres and Basel (1300-1334)
3.Isabelle de Chalon, Dame de Joigny, d.1352/9; m.1309 Louis of Savoy, Baron of Vaud (d.1349)
[by 2d m.]:
4.Catherine de Chalon, d.1355; m.Thibaut de Neuchatel
5.Jeanne de Chalon; m.Jean, Cte de la Chambre

End of Part 3.

Part 4.
Geraud de Bourgogne, Cte de Macon et de Vienne (See Part 1) had issue:
1.Guillaume IV, Cte de Macon et de Vienne, d.1224; m.1st Pontia, dau.of Humbert III de Beaujeu;
m.2d Scholastica (d.1219) dau.of Cte Henri I de Champagne; all kids were by 2d m.
1.1.Geraud II, Cte de Macon et de Vienne, d.ca 1224; m.Alix Guigonne de Forez
1.1.1.Alix, Cts de Macon et de Vienne, d.1258/61; m.Jean de Dreux, Cte de Macon et de Vienne
(d.1239); after Jean's death, Alix sold Macon and Vienne (or at least that part not belonging to the
Archbishop of Vienne) to the French crown
1.2.Guillaume de Macon, a priest in Besancon
1.3.Henri de Macon, sn de Montmorot, d.Geneva 1223; m.Marguerite de Beaujeu
1.4.Beatrix, Cts de Vienne 1224; m.before Feb 1219 Hugues d'Antigny
2.Gaucher IV de Macon, sn de Salins, d.1219; m.1st ca 1180 (div 1195) Mahaut (d.1228) dau.of
Archambault de Bourbon; m.2d ca 1200 Adelaide (1189-1258) dau.of Cte Robert II de Dreux
2.1.Marguerite, Dame de Salins, d.1257/9 (she sold Salins to Duc Hugues IV de Bourgogne in
1225); m.1st 1211 Guillaume de Sabran, Cte de Forzalquier (d.1219); m.2d 1221 Joceran de
2.2.[illegitimate] Geraud batard de Salins, sn de Lemuy 1267
2.2.1.Colin de Salins, d.ca 1306; m.Guyotte de Saint-Louthain de Salins de Salins, dit Chambier, living 1308; m.before 1306 Etienette Chambier de Salins; m.Oda ___ de Salins; m.before 19 Jan 1374 Willemette de Nozeroy de Salins, living 1388 de Salins, Dame de Marnoz; m.1st Jean Galafin, sn de Coges; m.2d
Rolz de Vuippens de Salins dit Chambier, sn de Vaux; m.Jeanne d'Usie de Salins dit Chambier, sn de Lemuy, etc, living 1417; m.Etienette de Pasquier de Salins, sn de Nevy, etc; m.Marguerite de Tenarre de Salins, sn de Nevy, etc, d.1486; m.1st Dijon 1442 Johanna, illegitimate
dau.of Duke Ludwig VII of Bavaria-Ingolstadt; m.2d 1453 Peronne de Laitre[by 1st m.]Philibert de Salins, sn de Nevy, etc, d.1496; m.Marguerite de
Chaumergy de Salins, sn de Nevy, etc de Salins; m.Jean de Longeville, sn de Chevigney de Salins, d.ca 1528; m.1504 Claude de Fallerans, sn de
Fronteney[by 2d m.]Isabelle de Salins; m.1st 1484 Henri de Salins (below); m.2d 1491
Jean de la Verchiere de Salins, d.ca 1416 de Salins, sn de Vincelles; m.before 1430 Jeanne Bouton de Salins, sn de Vincelles, d.ca 1484; m.Marguerite de Fetigny de Salins, sn de Vincelles; m.1484 Isabelle de Salins (above) de Salins, sn de Vincelles, d.ca 1538; m.1st Jeanne de Rochebaron
(d.ca 1508); m.2d 1508 Anne de Vaugrigneuse; m.3d Antoinette de Seyturier de Salins, d.young de Salins, d.young de Salins, Baron de Vincelles et de marigny; m.Jeanne de Balay de Salins, Baron de Vincelles; m.1573 Francoise de Staniville de Salins de Salins de Salins, Baron de Vincelles; m.Adrienne Bernard de Salins, d.young de Salins; m.1622 Jean Charles du Tartre, sn de Chilley de Salins de Salins, sn de Vaugrigneuse, d.ca 1550 de Salins; m.Claude de Beaurepaire de Salins; m.1551 Francois de Poligny, sn d'Augea de Salins de Salins de Salins, sn de Vincelles de Salins, a monk at Tournus, d.1511 de Salins, a monk at Tournus, d.1532 de Salins, sn de Pasquier, etc, living 1440 de Salins, Abbot of Baume, living 1448 de Salins, a priest at Joux 1415 de Salins; m.1411 Jean de Montrichard, sn de Saint-Aubin de Salins; m.Jean de Chissey, sn de Buffard de Salins, d.after 1434; m.1st Jean Mangeroz; m.2d Jean de Poligney, sn de
Coges de Salins, d.1397/8; m.Hugues Duchamp de Salins; m.Amedee de Nozeroy de Salins; m.Jean d'Estavayer (d.ca 1404) de Salins, a priest, d.ca 1385 de Salins de Salins de Salins
3.Geraud de Macon, sn de Vadans; m.Perrette von Pfirt
4.Etienne de Macon, Archbishop of Besancon, d.1193
5.Renaud de Macon
6.Beatrix de Macon, d.1230; m.ca 1175 Ct Humbert III of Savoy (d.1189)
7.Alexandrine de Macon, d.1242; m.1188 Olivier de Bauge, sn de Brosse (d.ca 1220)
8.Ida de Macon, d.1224; m.1st ca 1170 Humbert de Coligney (d.1190); m.2d Duke Simon II of
Lorraine (d.1206)

End of Part 4.

Part 5.
Raimond de Bourgogne (see Part 1) and his wife Queen Uracca of Castile and Leon had issue:
1.King Alfonso VII of Castile and Leon, b.1105, d.Fresneda 1157; m.1st Saldana 1128
Berenguela (d.Palencia 1149) dau.of Ct Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona; m.2d 1152 Richeza
(d.1185) dau.of Pr Wladislaw II of Cracow and Silesia
1.1.King Sancho III "el Deseado" of Castile, b.1134, d.Toledo 1158; m.Calahorra 1151 Blanche
(d.1156) dau.of King Garcia IV of Navarre
1.1.1.King Alfonso VIII of Castile, b.Soria 1155, d.Gutierre Munoz 1214; m.Burgos 1177 Eleanor
(b.1162, d.Las Huelgas 1214) dau.of King Henry II f England, b.and d.1181, b.1189, d.Madrid 1211 Enrique I of Castile, b.1204, d.Palencia 1217; m.1215 Mafalda (d.Arruca, nr Lisbon
1257) dau.of King Sancho I of Portugal Berenguela I of of Castile, b.1180, d.Las Huelgas 1246); m.1st 1188 (later
annulled) Konrad von Hohenstaufen, Duke of Swabia (d.1196); m.2d Valladolid 1197 (annulled
1204) King Alfonso IX of Leon (see below), b.1182, d.after 3 Feb 1184, b.1186, d.Lisbon 1220; m.1206 King Affonso II of Portugal (d.1223), b.Palencia 1188, d.Paris 1252; m.nr Pont-Audemer 1200 King Louis VIII of
France (d.1226), b.after 1191, d.Salamanca 1204, b.1202, d.Burgos 1244; m.Agreda 1221 (annulled 1229) King Jaime I of Aragon
(d.1276), Abbess of Las Huelgas, d.there 1243
1.2.Raimundo, b.before 12 Apr 1136, d.young
1.3.King Fernando III of Leon, b.1137, d.Benavente 1188; m.1st 1165 (annulled 1175) Urraca,
dau.of King Affonso I of Portugal; m.2d before 7 Oct 1178 Teresa (d.Leon 1180) dau.of Cde
Fernando de Trava, sn de Trastamara; m.3d 1187 Urraca (d.after 1226) dau.of Cde Lope Diaz de
Haro, soberano de Vizcaya
1.3.1.[by 1st m.]King Alfonso IX of Leon, b.Zamora 1171, d.Villanueva de Sarria 1230; m.1st
Guimaraes 1191 (annulled 1198) Teresa (beatified 1705) dau.of King Sancho I of Portugal; m.2d
1197 Queen Berenguela I of Castile (above)
[by 1st m.]:, b.after 1192, d.1214, b.after 1193, d.before 1243, b.1194, d.after 1243
[by 2d m.]: Fernando III of Castile and Leon, and of Cordoba, Jaen and Seville, etc, b.1201,
d.Seville 1252; m.1st 1219 Elisabeth (d.Toro 1235) dau.of Philipp von Hohenstaufen, German
King; m.2d Burgos 1237 Jeanne, Cts de Ponthieu (d.Abbeville 1279) dau.of Simon de
Dammartin, Cte de Ponthieu Alfonso X of Castile and Leon, German King 1257-75; b.Toledo 1221, d.Seville
1284; m.Valladolid 1248 Violante (d.Roncevalles 1301) dau.of King Jaime I of Aragon "el de la Cerda", Infant of Castile, b.after 1255, d.Ciudad Real 1275;
m.Burgos 1268 Blanche (b.Jaffa 1253, d.Paris 1320/2) dau.of King Louis IX of France de la Cerda, Infant of Castile, b.after 1270, d.Piedrahita shortly after 23 Dec
1324; on the death of his grandfather he was bypassed for the succession because of his young
age; m.after 1294 Mafalda, Dame de Lunel (d.after 1348) dau.of Vcte Aimery IV de Narbonne Luis de la Cerda, Pr of the Canary Islands, Cte de Clermont et de Talmont,
Admiral of France, b.after 1296, d.ca 1348; m.1st 1306 Leonor, dau.of Alfonso Peres de Guzman,
sn de Medina Sidonia; m.2d 1346 Guyotte (d.after 1399) dau.of Vcte Robert d'Uzes; all kids were
by 1st m. Alfonso, d.young Luis, Cte de Talmont, d.ca 1351 Fernando, d.ca 1341 Juan, sn de Huelva, b.after 1325, executed at Seville 1357; m.1351 Maria
Coronel, sna de Aguilar (d.after 1411) Isabel, sna de El Puerto de Santa Maria, b.1322, d.ca 1383; m.1st Rodrigo
de Asturias, sn de Norona, Giron y Trastamara (d.1334); m.2d Rodrigo Ponce, sn de Puebla
Cangas y Tineo; m.3d 1368 Bernard de Foix, batard de Bearn, Cde de Medinaceli Juan Alfonso de la Cerda, sn de Gibraleon, etc, b.after 1304, d.ca 1347; m.1st
after 1320 Maria (d.ca 1340) illegitimate dau.of King Diniz of Portugal; m.2d Gibraleon 1340 Maria
(d.after 1347) dau.of Artal de Luna Beatriz, d.after 1325[illegitimate]Alfonso, batard de la Cerda, sn de Punete y Sardoal; m.1st Luisa de
Meneses; m.2d Mayor Martinez de Sousa, sna de Lavega Alfonso de la Cerda, sn de Punete y Sardoal, d.after 1393; m.Maria de
Albornoz, sna de Villoria de la Cerda, sn de Villoria; m.Isabel de Rojas de la Cerda, sn de Villoria, d.1469; m.Francisca de Castaneda, sna
de Penalba (d.Seville after 13 Dec 1503) de la Cerda, sna de la Cerda, etc, d.1503; m.Diego de Zuniga,
Duque de Bejar de la Cerda de la Cerda, k.a.1415 de la Cerda, sna de la Vega de Armijo; m.Luis Messia Alfonso de la Cerda, dit l'Espagne, sn de Lunel, Gov of Languedoc, b.ca 1310,
d.Gentilly 1327; m.ca 1325 Isabelle d'Antoing, Burggravine of Ghent (d.1364) d'Espagne, Cte d'Angouleme, Gov of Picardy and Artois, b.after 1326,
murdered at l'Aigle 1354; m.1351 Marguerite de Blois-Chatillon (d.1354) Margarita de la Cerda, b.after 1300, d.1330; m.before Nov 1315 Inft Felipe of
Castile, sn de Cabrera y Ribera (d.1327) Ines de la Cerda, sna de Bembribre, b.after 1302, d.shortly after 24 Oct 1362;
m.after 1325 Fernando de Villalobos, sn de Autillon Maria de la Cerda (1306-ca 1354); m.after 1330 Alfonso de Guzman (d.1342) Fernando of Castile, sn de Lara, b.1275, d.shortly after 1 Jun 1322; m.1308
Juana Nunez de Lara "la Palomilla", sna de Lara y Herrera (b.1285, d.Palencia 1351) Juan de la Cerda, sn de Lara y Vizcaya, b.1313/4, d.Burgos 1350; m.1331
Maria de Haro, sna de Vizcaya (d.1351) Diaz de Haro, b.after 1336, d.1343 Diaz de Haro, sn de Lara y Vizcaya, b.1348, d.Bermeo 1352 de Lara, sna de Lara y Vizcaya, b.after 1335, murdered 1359; m.Segovia
1353 Tello de Castilla, sn de Aguilar y Castaneda (d.1370) de Lara, sna de Lara y Vizcaya, b.1340, murdered Jerez 1361; m.1354
Inft Juan of Aragon (d.1358)[illegitmate by Mayor de Leguizamon]Pedro de Lara, Cde de Mayorga, b.after
1348, d.Lisbon 1384; m.there 1384 Beatriz de Castro Blanca de la Cerda, b.after 1311, d.1347; m.1328 Juan Manuel de Castilla,
sn de Villena y Escalona (d.1348) Margarita de la Cerda, a nun at Calaruega (1312-ca 1373) Maria de la Cerda, Dame de Lunel, b.after 1315, d.1379; m.1st 1335 Charles
d'Evreux, Cte d'Etampes (d.1336); m.2d 1336 Charles, Cte d'Alencon (d.1346) Sancho IV "el Bravo" of Castile and Leon, b.1258, d.Toledo 1295; m.there 1281
Maria Alfonsa, sna de Molina y Mesa (d.Valladolid 1321) dau.of Inft Alfonso of Castile, sn de
Molina y Mesa Fernando IV "el Ajurno" of Castile and Leon, b.Seville 1285, d.Jaen 1312;
m.Valladolid 1302 Costanca (b.1290, d.Sahagun 1313) dau.of King Diniz of Portugal; for their
descendants see Part 6 Alfonso, b.Valladolid 1286, d.there 1291 Enrique, b.Vitoria 1288, d.1299 Pedro, Regent of Castile, sn de los Cameros, etc, b.Valladolid 1290, k.a.Vega de
Grenada 1319; m.Calatayud 1311 Maria, dau.of King Jaime II of Aragon Blanca, Abbess of Las Huelgas, b.after 1315, d.there 1375; m.Alfayete 1325
(annulled 1330) King Pedro I of Portugal (d.1367) Felipe, sn de Cabrera y Ribera, Regent of Castile, b.Seville 1292, d.Madrid 1327;
m.before Nov 1315 Margarita de la Cerda (above) Isabel, Vcts de Limoges, b.Toro 1283, d.1328; m.1st Soria 1291 (annulled
1295) King Jaime II of Aragon; m.2d Burgos 1310 Duc Jean III de Bretagne (d.1341) Beatriz, b.Toro 1293, d.Lisbon 1359; m.there 1309 King Affonso IV of Portugal
(d.1357)[illegitimate by Maria de Meneses, sna de Ucero] Violante Sanchez, b.before 1280,
d.after 1327; m.1293 Fernan de Castro, sn de Lemos[illegitimate by Maria Perez] Alfonso Sanchez; m.Maria Diaz de Haro[illegitimate]Teresa Sanchez; m.Juan de Meneses, Cde de Barcelos (d.1304) Pedro, sn de Ledesma, etc, b.before 1261, d.Ledesma 1283; m.Burgos 1281
Marguerite, dau.of Vcte Aimery de Narbonne Sancho "el de La Paz", sn de Ledesma, etc (1283-1312) Juan, sn de Valencia de Campos, etc, b.before Apr 1264, k.a.Vega de Granada
1319; m.1st Burgos 1281 Margareta (d.after 1286) dau.of Mgve William of Montferrat; m.2d before
11 May 1287 Maria Diaz de Haro, sna de Vizcaya (d.Perales 1342)[by 1st m.] Inft Alfonso of Castile, sn de Valencia de Campos, etc, b.1282/3,
d.Morales 1315; m.1st Palencia 1303 Teresa Nunez de Lara (d.ca 1314); m.2d Juana de Castro de Valencia, sn de Valencia de Campos, b.1316, k.a.Lisbon 1384;
m.Maria, illegitimate dau.of King Affonso IV of Portugal, sn de Valencia de Campos, etc, Marshal of Castile, d.after 1412; m.1st
Beatriz de Acuna; m.2d Maria Cabeza de Vaca, sn de Valencia de Campos, etc, Marshal of Castile, d.after 1462;
m.Aldonza de Brancamonte, sn de Valencia de Campos, etc, Marshal of Castile; m.Juana de
Sotomayor de Valencia; m.Fadrique Manrique, sn de Fuenteaguinaldo de Valencia, d.1522; m.Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza de Valencia; m.Juan de Benavides, sn de Jabalquinte de Valencia; m.Garcia de la Cuadra, sn de Pina y Penalba Tellez Giron, sn de Piqueras; m. NN de Valencia, sn de Piqueras; m.Beatriz de Villegas de Valencia de Valencia de Valencia; m.Enrique de Acuna, sn de Villalba del Alcor[illegitimate] Alonso de Valencia de Valencia; m.Mencia de Carcamo y Quesada de Valencia, a priest de Valencia, Bp of Zamora, b.1316
[by 2d m.]: Diaz de Haro, b.after 1288, d.ca 1295 Juan "el Tuerto" sn de Vizcaya, b.after 1293, murdered Toro 1326; m.Isabel, sna
de Pinella e Miranda (b.1292, d.shortly before 1367) dau.of Inft Affonso of Portugal Diaz de Haro, sna de Vizcaya, b.after 1320, d.1348/9; m.`331 Juan Nunez
de Lara [de la Cerda] sn de Lara (d.1350) Diaz de Haro, b.1292, d.Torrelobaton before 1299; m.1295 Juan de Lara, sn
de Lara Jaime, sn de los Cameros, b.before 11 Aug 1268, d.1284 Berenguela, a nun at Las Huelgas, b.Seville before 6 Dec 1253, d.Guadalajara
1300 Beatriz, b.1254, d.after 1280; m.1271 Mgve William of Montferrat (d.1292) Violante, b.after 1270, d.ca 1308; m.Diego Lopez de Haro, soberano de vizcaya
(d.1310) Isabel, b.after 1272, d.young Leonor, b.after 1274, d.young
[illegitimate by Maria Guillen de Guzman]: Alfonso, Abbot of Valladolid Alfonso, sna de Alcozea, etc (1242-1303); m.1253 King Affonso III of
Portugal (d.1279) Alfonso; m.Pedro Nunez de Guzman[illegitimate by Maria, illegitimate dau.of King Alfonso IX of Leon (below)] Berenguela
Alfonso[illegitimate by Maria de Aulada] Alfonso Nino, b.before 1254, d.1281; m.Blanca de
Molina, sna de Molina (d.1293) dau.of Inft Alfonso de Leon, sn de Molina Nino de Molina, d.1292; m.1290 Juan Nunez, Cde de Lara (d.1315) Nino de Molina, d.young[illegitimate] Constanza Alfonso, a nun at Las Huelgas, d.1280 Fadrique, b.Guadalajara before 6 Jun 1224, executed 1277; m.ca 1274 Catherine
(1248-ca 1294) dau.of Nikephoros Dukas Komnenos, Despot of Epirus Beatriz, b.after 1241; m.1st Tello Alfonso de Meneses, sn de Montealagre; m.2d
Simon Ruiz, sn de Los Cameros (d.1277) Fernando, b.Cuenca before 15 Jan 1227, d.after 1243 Enrique "el Senador" sn de Ecija, etc,b.after 1230, d.Roa 1304; m.1300 Juana
Nunez de Lara "la Palomilla" (d.Palencia 1351) Felipe, sn de Valdecorneja, Archbishop of Seville, b.after 1231, d.1274; m.1st 1258
Pss Christine of Norway (b.1234, d.Seville 1262); m.2d before 1269 Leonor (d.Santaolalla after 27
Apr 1275) dau.of Alvar de castro, sn de Cigales Fernandez, d.ca 1284 Alfonso, d.after 1284 Sancho, Archbishop of Toledo and Seville, b.1233, d.Toledo 1261 Manuel, sn de Escalona, Penafiel y Villena, b.Carrion 1234, d.Penafiel 1283; m.1st
Soria 1260 Constanza (d.ca 1269) dau.of King Jaime I of Aragon; m.2d ca 1274 Beatriz (d.1292)
dau.of Ct Amadeus IV of Savoy
[by 1st m.]:, b.after 1260, d.1276; m.1266 Guilemette (d.1306) dau.of Vcte Gaston de
Bearn, sna de Elche y Medellin, d.Lisbon 1314; m.ca 1287 Inft Affonso of Portugal
[by 2d m.]: Manuel "el Scritor" sn de Penafiel, Escalona y Villena, etc, b.Escalona 1282,
d.Cordoba 1348); m.1st Perpignan 1299 Isabel (d.Alicante after 10 Oct 1301) dau.of King Jaime
II of Majorca; m.2d Jativa 1312 Constanza (d.Chateau de Garci Munoz 1327) dau.of King Jaime II
of Aragon; m.3d 1329 Blanca de la Cerda (d.1347)
[by 1st m.]:, b.after 1315, d.Santaren 1345; m.1st Valladolid 1325 (annulled 1327)
King Alfonso XI of Castile; m.2d Lisbon 1339 King Pedro I of Portugal (d.1367), d.young
[by 2d m.]:, sn de Escalon,e Penafiel y Villena, etc, d.after 8 Aug 1350; m.Castellon
de Ampurias 1346 Juana (d.Toledo 1395) dau.of Ramon Berenguer of Aragon, Cde de Ampurias, sna de Villena, Escalona y Penafiel, b.after 1348, d.Seville 1361, sna de Villena, Escalona y Penafiel, sna de Lara y Vizcaya, b.1339,
d.Salamanca 1381; m.1350 King Enrique II of Castile (d.1379), sn de Infantado y Carrion, b.1283, d.after 1320; m.after 1315 Maria de
Castaneda, Cde de carrion, b.after 1325, d.Alcaraz 1390; m.after 1350 Juana, dau.of
Pedro de Aragona, Baron de Ejerica, Cde de Carrion, d.after 1393, Cdsa de Carrion; m.Juan de Padilla; m.Garci de Villodre, Bp of Calahorra, d.1407 Leonor, b.after 1232, d.young Berenguela, a nun at Las Huelgas, b.after 1233, d.there 1279 Maria, b.and d.before 5 Nov 1235
[by 2d m.]: Fernando, Cte d'Aumale, b.after 1239, d.in France before 1269; m.after 1256 Laure
de Montfort, Dame d'Espernon (d.shortly before Aug 1270) I de Ponthieu, Cte d'Aumale, b.after 1264, k.a.Kortrijk 1302; m.Ide (d.1324)
dau.of Amaury de Mellent II de Ponthieu, Cte d'Aumale, d.1340; m.before Sep 1320 Catherine
(d.Normandy 1368) dau. of Robert d'Artois, Cte de Beaumont de Ponthieu, Cts d'Aumale, d.1387; m.1340/1 Jean, Cte d'Harcourt
(d.1355) de Ponthieu, Dame d'Espernon, d.1376; m.Cte Jean de Vendome de Ponthieu; m.Guy de Mauvoisin Luis, sn de Marchena, b.before 1243, d.after 1269; m.Juana de Manzanedo, sna
de Gaton, sn de Marchena, etc, b.before 1269, d.ca 1279 de Castilla, d.ca 1279 Leonor, Cts de Ponthieu, b.after 1242, d.Herdeby, Lincs 1290; m.Burgos 1254
King Edward I of England (d.1307) Alfonso, sn de Molina y Mesa, b.1203/4, d.Salamanca 1272; m.1st 1222 Mafalda, sna
de Molina y Mesa (d.ca 1242) dau.of Gonzalo de Lara; m.2d after Sep 1244 Teresa (d.after 1246)
dau.of Cde Gonzalo Nunez de Lara; m.3d after 1246 Mayor, sna de Montealegre y Tiedra, dau.of
Alfonso Tellez de Meneses
[by 1st m.]:, b.after 1242, d.ca 1272, sna de Molina y Mesa, b.after 1240, d.Molina 1293; m.Alfonso Nino batard de
Castilla (d.1281)
[by 2d m.]: de Molina, b.ca 1246, d.after 1280; m.1269 Lope Diaz de Haro, soberano de
Vizcaya (d.1288)
[by 3d m.]: de Meneses, sn de Meneses, etc, d.1314; m.Teresa Perez de Asturias de Meneses, sn de Meneses, etc, d.Tardejas 1315; m.Maria, dau.of Inft Affonso
of Portugal de Meneses, sn de Meneses, etc, d.after 1318, sna de Meneses, etc, d.after 1354; m.Juan Affonso de Albuquerque, batard
de Portugal (d.1354) de Molina, sna de Molina y Mesa, b.after 1260, d.1321; m.Toledo 1280 King
Sancho IV of Castile (d.1295)
[illegitimate by Teresa Perez de Braganca]: Alfonso; m.Alfonso de Villamayor, sn de Celada, d.Narbonne 1272; m.Gonzalo Froilaz; m.Garcia Carillo Berenguela, b.1198/9; m.Toledo 1224 Jean de Brienne, Emperor of Constantinople
(d.1237) Constanza, b.1200, d.Las Huelgas 1242, b.1202, d.Leon 1202
[illegitimate kids of Alfonso IX]:
[by Teresa Gil de Sousa]: Alfonso de Leon, d.ca 1274; m.1st Sancha de Ortanega; m.2d Maria Giron; m.3d
Maria de Sousa; he left issue of whom I have no details de Leon; m.1st Alvaro de Lara (d.1239); m.2d Suero Arias Sarraza de Leon, d.Cervatos 1270; m.Simon Ruiz, sn de los Cameros de Leon; m.1st Garcia Romeu; m.2d Pedro de Guzman, sn de Derrunanda y San
[by Aldonza Martinez de Silva]:, sn de Aligez; m.Ines de Cabrera; they left issue of whom I have no record; m.N de Villamayor, d.1242 de Leon, d.after 1267; m.1st Diego Froilaz, sn de Mansilla y Rueda; m.2d 1235
Pedro Ponce de Cabrera; m.before 1259 Nuno, Cde de Lara (d.1275)
[by Ines Iniguez de Mendoza]: de Leon; m.Lope Diaz de Haro, soberano de Vizcaya (d.1236)
[by unknown mother]:, d.Salamanca 1279; m.Aldara Ulloa, "Caballos de Oro", d. Salamanca 1303/4; m.1st Maria de Castro (d.1282); m.2d
Juana de Lara, sna de Valdenebro, living 1304, living 1304
1.3.2.[by 2d m.]Inft Fernando, b.after 1179, d.1187
1.3.3.[by 3d m.]Inft Sancho, sn de Monteagudo y Aguilar (1188-1220); m.after 1210 Teresa Diaz
de Haro Sanchez, sn de Fines, etc, d.1260; m.1246 Teresa Gomez de Roa Diaz de Fines Diaz de Fines, sn de Fines, etc, d.1296; m.after 1270 Juana Ruiz de Haro Diaz de Fines, sna de Fines, etc; m.Rodrigo Iniguez de Biedma, sn de Otalonca Diaz de Fines; m.Gome Enriquez, sn de Probaos Sanchez, sn de Valenguela Sanchez de Fines; m.Pedro Fernandez de Castro (d.1214)
1.3.4.Garcia Fernandez, b.1181/3 (before his parents married), d.1184
1.4.Inft Garcia, b.before Mar 1142, d.ca 1146
1.5.Inft Alfonso, d.ca 1149
1.6.Infta Sancha, b.1177; m.Carrion 1153 King Sancho VI of Navarre (d.1194)
1.7.Infta Constanza, b.after 1140, d.1160; m.before 18 Nov 1153 King Louis VII of France
[by 2d m.]:
1.8.Inft Fernando, b.1153/4, d.after 1155
1.9.Infta Sancha, b.1155/7, d.Sijena 1208; m.Saragosa 1174 King Alfonso II of Aragon (d.1196)
1.10.[illegitimate by Gontrada Perez (d.1186)] Urraca, b.after 1126, d.Palencia 1189; m.Leon
1144 King Garcia VI of Navarre (d.1150)
1.11.[illegitimate by Sancha Fernandez] Estefania, b.after 1150, murdered 1180; m.1162/4
Fernan Ruiz de Castro (d.1185)
2.Infta Sancha, b.after 1102, d.1159

End of Part 5.

Part 6.
King Fernando IV of Castile and Leon (see Part 5) had issue:
1.King Alfonso XI "el Justo" of Castile and Leon, b.Salamanca 1311, d.of the plague at Gibraltar
1350; m.1st Valladolid 1325 (annulled 1327) Constanza, dau.of Juan Manuel de Castilla, sn de
Villena, Escalona y Penafiel; m.2d Alfayete 1328 Maria (d.of poisoning at Evora 1357) dau.of King
Affonso I of Portugal
1.1.Inft Fernando, b.Valladolid 1332, d.1333
1.2.King Pedro I "el Cruel" of Castile and Leon, b.Burgos 1334, murdered at Montiel 1369; m.1st
Valladolid 1353 Blanche (b.1339, d.of poisoning at Medina Sidonia 1361) dau.of Pierre, Duc de
Bourbon; m.2d, secretly, and while his first wife lived, in 1353 Maria de Padilla (d.Seville 1361);
m.3d Cuellar 1354 (when he had 2 wives living) Juana de Castro (d.Galicia 1374)
[by 2d m.]:
1.2.1.Inft Alfonso, b.Tordesillas 1359, d.1362
1.2.2.Infta Beatriz, a nun, b.Cordoba 1354, d.Tordesillas 1369
1.2.3.Infta Constanza, b.Castrojeriz 1354, d.Leicester 1394; m.Roquefort 1371 John of Gaunt,
Duke of Lancaster (d.1399)
1.2.4.Infta Isabel, b.Morales 1355, d.1393; m.Hertford 1372 Edmund, Duke of York (d.1402)
[by 3d m.]:
1.2.5.Juan de Castilla (1355-1405); m.Elvira de Eril; for his descendants see Part 8
1.2.6.[illegitimate by Maria de Henestrosa] Fernando de Castilla, sn de Niebla, b.before 1361,
1.2.7.[illegitimate by Teresa de Ayala (d.1424)] Maria de Castilla, a nun, d.Toledo 1424
1.2.8.[illegitimate by Isabel de Sandoval] Sancho de Castilla, sn de Almazan (d.ca 144)
1.2.9.[illegitimate by Isabel de Sandoval] Diego de Castilla; m.Isabel de Salazar; for their
descendants see Part 8
[King Alfonso XI had the following illegitimate kids by Leonor de Guzman, sna de Medina Sidonia
1.3.Pedro, sn de Aguilar, Great Chancellor of Castile, b.Valladolid 1330, d.Guadalajara 1338
1.4.Sancho, sn de Ledesma, etc, b.1331, d.after 1343
1.5.King Enrique II "el de las Mercedes" of Castile and Leon, b.Seville 1333, d.Santo Domingo de
la Calzada 1379; m.1350 Juana, sna de Lara y Vizcaya (d.Salamanca 1381) dau.of Juan Manuel
de Castilla, sn de Villena, Penafiel y Escalona
1.5.1.King Juan I of Castile and Leon, b.Epila 1358, d.Alcala de Henares 1390; m.1st Soria 1375
Leonor (b.Santa Maria del Puig 1358, d.Cuellar 1382) dau.of King Pedro IV of Aragon; m.2d
Badajoz 1383 Queen Brites of Portugal (d.after 1409) Enrique III "el Doliente" of Castile and Leon, b.Burgos 1379, d.Toledo 1406;
m.Madrid 1393 Katharine (b.1372/3, d.Valladolid 1418) dau.of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster Juan II of Castile and Leon, b.Toro 1405, d.Valladolid 1454; m.1st Avila 1420 Maria
(d.Villacastin 1445) dau.of King Fernando I of Aragon; m.2d Madrigal 1447 Isabel (d.Arevalo
1496) dau.of Inft Joao of Portugal Enrique IV "el Impotente" of Castile and Leon, b.Valladolid 1425, d.Madrid 1474;
m.1st Valladolid 1440 (annulled 1453) Blanca (b.Olite 1424, d.of poisoning at Orthez 1464) dau.of
King Juan II of Aragon; m.2d Cordoba 1455 Juana (b.Monte Oliveto nr Almada-Tojal 1439,
d.Madri 1475) dau.of King Duarte I of Portugal "Beltranaja" Pss of the Asturias, b.Madrid 1462, d.Coimbra 1530; her
paternity was disputed by her enemies and she was blocked from succeeding her purported father
as Queen. Alfonso, Pr of the Asturias, b.Tordesillas 1453, d.Cardenosa 1468 Catalina, b.Illescas 1422, d.Madrigal 1424 Leonor, b.Burgos 1423, d.La Espina 1425 Maria, b.after 1428, d.after 1429 Isabel I of Castile and Leon, b.Madrigal de las Altas Torres 1451, d.Chateau de
la Mota 1504; m.Valladolid 1469 King Fernando II of Aragon (see below) Maria, b.Segovia 1401, d.Valencia 1458; m.there 1415 King Alfonso V of Aragon
(below), Duquesa de Villena, b.1403, d.Zaragoza 1439; m.Torre de Alamin 1420 Inft
Enrique of Aragon, Cde de Ampurias y Albuquerque (d.1445) Fernando I "el de Antequera" of Aragon and Sicily, b.Medina del Campo 1380,
d.Igualada 1416; m.1393 Leonor Urraca de Castilla, Cdsa de Albuquerque (1374-1435) Alfonso V "el Magnanimo" of Aragon, Naples and Sicily, b.Medina del Campo
1394, d.Naples 1458; m.Valencia 1415 Infta Maria of Castile (above); he left illegitimate kids by
Giraldona Carlino: Ferrante I of Naples, d.Naples 1494; m.1st 1444 Isabel (d.1465) dau.of Tristan
de Clermont, Cte de Capertino; m.2d 1476Infta Juana of Aragon (below) Alfonso II of Naples, b.Naples 1448, d.Messina 1495; m.Milan 1465 Hippolyta
(d.1484) dau.of Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan Ferrante II of Naples, b.Naples 1469, d.1496; m.1496 his aunt (who was
younger than he) Giovanna of Naples (below), Pr di Rossano, b.1471, d.Naples 1491, Duchess of Bari (1470-1524); m.1489 Gian Galeazzo Sforza, Duke of
Milan (d.1494)[illegitimate by Trogia Gazzela]Alfonso d'Aragona, Pr di Salerno, Duca di Biscaglia,
b.Naples 1481, murdered Rome 1500; m.Rome 1498 Lucrezia Borgia (1486-1519) d'Aragona di Borgia, Pr di Biscaglia, Duca di Sermoneta (1499-1512)[illegitimate by Trogia Gazzela]Sancha d'Aragona, b.Gaeta 1478, d.Naples 1506;
m.there 1494 Goffredo Borgia, Pr di Squillache Federigo IV of Naples, b.1452, d.imprisoned in Tours 1504; m.1st 1478 Anna
(1455-1480) dau.of Ct Amadeus IX of Savoy; m.2d 1487 Isabella (d.1533) dau.of Piero del Balzo,
Pr di Altamura, Duca di Calabria, b.Andria 1488, d.Valencia 1550; m.1st Seville 1526
Germaine de Foix (b.1490, d.Liria 1538); m.2d 1540 Mencia de Mendoza, Marquesa de Cenete
(d.1554)[illegitimate]Juan Pablo de Matarredona "de Aragon"; m .Maria de Moncada
(d.after 1535) de Aragon; m.Ana de Zatrillas, with issue. Marguerite d'Aragona, married to Dr Natale Cuzkeri JUD dei Baroni di Frigenuini. de Moncada; m.Alfonso de Espana of Naples, d.young of Naples, d.young of Naples, d.1506; m.1500 Cte Guy XV de Laval (d.1531) of Naples, d.Valencia 1550 of Naples, d.Valencia 1542; m.Ferrara 1533 George Sebastian, Mgve of
Montferrat (d.1533), Cardinal, Archbishop of Tarento (1456-1485), Duca di Sant'Angelo (1461-1486) of Naples (1480-1486) of Naples (1450-1493); m.1473 Ercole I d'Este, Duke of Ferrara and
Modena (d.1505) of Naples, b.1457, d.Ischia 1508; m.1st 1476 Matthias Hunyady "Corvinus",
King of Hungary and Bohemia (d.1490); m.2d 1490 (div 1500) King Wladislaw II of Poland and
Hungary (1478-1518); m.1496 her nephew King Ferrante II (above)
[illegitimate children of King Ferrante I]: d'Aragona, Duca di Montalto; m.1st Anna Sanseverino; m.2d Castellana
de Cardona d'Aragona, Duca di Montalto (1506-1543); m.1st 1531 Ippolita della
Rovere; m.2d Giulia Antonia de Cardona, Cts di Collisano d'Aragona, Duca di Montalto, d.after 1543 d'Aragona, Duca di Montalto, b.1543, d.Naples 1583; m.1st Naples after
7 Feb 1562 Maria de la Cerda (b.1542); m.2d Aloisia de Luna, Duchesa de Bivona (d.1619); kids
by 2d m.: d'Aragona, Duchesa di Montalto; m.1590 Francesco de Moncada, Pr di
Paterno Antonia d'Aragona Maria d'Aragona; m.Francisco de Moura, Marques de Castel Rodrigo
(d.1677) d'Aragona, d.1578; m.1565 Juan de la Cerda, Duque de Medinaceli
(d.1594) d'Aragona (1502-1575); m.Ascanio Colonna, Duca dei Marsi (d.1557) d'Aragona (1505-1568); m.Alfonso d'Avalos, Marques del Vasto (d.1546) d'Aragona (1440-1460/1); m.1458 Antonio Todeschini, Duque de Amalfi,
nephew of Pope Pius II (Piccolomini) (d.1493) d'Aragona; m.1472 Lionardo della Rovere, Duca di Sora, brother of Pope
Julius II (d.1475) d'Aragona (1473-1513); m.1487 Gian Giordano Orsini d'Aragona, Cte di Arsena d'Aragona, Marchese di Gerace, d.1478; m.Polixena de Centellas d'Aragona, Cardinal, Bp of Leon & Aversa, Marchese di Gerace (1474-1519); m.at the Vatican 1492 (annulled 1494) Battistina Usodimari, niece of Pope Innocent VIII d'Aragona, Marchese di Gerace; m.Ipolita d'Avalos d'Aragona; m.Baldassaro Caracciolo, sn di Pisciotta d'Aragona, murdered 1510 on orders of her brother Luigi; m.1st
Alfonso Piccolomini, Duca di Amalfi; m.2d ca 1509 Antonia Bologna d'Aragona; m.Carlo Pandonei, Cte di Venastri d'Aragona; m.Gentile Orsini (d.1504) d'Aragona, Marchese di Santa Agata, d.1501; m.Caterine della Ratta, Ctsa
di Caserta (d.1511) d'Aragona d'Aragona; m.Onorato Caetani, Pr di Altamura (d.1528), d.1449; m.1444 Leonello d'Este, Mgve of Ferrara (d.1450); m.ca 1443 Mariano Marzano, Duca di Squillache, Pr di Rossano Juan II of Aragon and Navarre, b.Medina del Campo 1398, d.Barcelona 1479;
m.1st Pamplona 1420 Queen Blanca II of Navarre (b.1391, d.Santa Maria de Nieva 1441); m.2d
Torrelabaton 1444 Juana Enriquez (d.Zaragoza 1468), Pr of Viana, b.Penafiel 1421, d.Barcelona 1461; m.Olite 1439 Agnes of Cleves
(b.1422, d.Olite 1448); Carlos had 3 illegitimate kids:[by Maria de Armendariz] Ana de Navarra, d.1477; m.1471 Luis de la Cerda, Duque
de Medinaceli (d.1501)[by Brianda de Vaca] Felip de Navarra, Archbishop of Palermo, b.1456, k.a.Granada
1488[by Cappa N] Juan Alonso de Navarra, Bp of Huesca, b.Palermo 1459, d.Huesca
1529[illegitimate]Carlos d'Aragona Fernando II of Aragon, Sicily and Naples, b.Sos 1452, d.Madrigalejo 1516; m.1st
Valladolid 1469 Queen Isabel I of Castile (above); m.2d Blois 1505 Germaine de Foix (d.Liria
1538), Pr of the Asturias, b.Seville 1478, d.Salamanca 1497; m.Burgos 1497
Archduchess Margareta of Austria (b.Brussels 1480, d.Malines 1530) Isabel, b.Duenas 1470, d.Zaragoza 1498; m.Inft Affonso of Portugal (d.1491);
m.2d Valencia de Alcantara 1497 King Manoel I of Portugal (d.1521) Juana of Spain, b.Toledo 1479, d.Tordesillas 1555; m.Lille 1496 Philip of
Austria [King Felipe I of Spain] (d.1506) Maria, b.Cordoba 1482, d.Lisbon 1517; m.Alcazar de Sal 1500 King Manoel I
of Portugal (d.1521), b.Alcala de Henares 1485, d.Kimbolton Castle 1536; m.1st London 1501
Arthur, Pr of Wales (d.1502); m.2d Greenwich 1509 King Henry VIII of England (d.1547), Pr de Gerona, b.and d.Valladolid 1509
[Fernando II had the following illegitimate kids]:[by Aldonza Ruiz de Iborre i Alemany]Alonso de Aragon, Regent of Aragon,
Archbishop of Zaragoza, b.Cervera 1470, d.Lecera 1520; he had illegitimate kids by Ana de
Gurrea (d.1527), sn de Argabieso; m.Juana de la Cavalleria de Gurrea y de Aragon, sn de Argabieso (d.1544), Archbishop of Zaragoza, b.1492, d.Madrid 1530, Archbishop of Zaragoza, b.there 1498, d.there 1577; he had an
illegitimate son by Maria Jimenez Cerdan: de Aragon, sn de Ballobar; m.1st Rafaela de Hijar; m.2d Zaragoza 1569
Leonor Luisa de Gurrea (d.1592) de Aragon, sn de Ballobar (1575-1598); m.1586 Juliana de Aragon de Aragon, sn de Ballobar de Gurrea; m.Pedro de Altarriba, Baron de El Huerto de Gurrea, sna de Ballobar; m.Alfonso Veldran, Abbot of Montearagon, d.Monzon 1552 de Aragon, d.1520; m.Valladolid 1509 Juan de Borgia, Duque de Gandia
(d.1543) de Aragon; m.1st Alonso Perez de Guzman, Duque de Medina Sidonia; m.2d
1518 Juan de Guzman, Duque de Medina Sidonia (d.1559)[by Aldonza Ruiz de Iborre i Alemany] Juana de Aragon, b.1471; m.Bernardino de
Velasco, Duque de Frias (d.1512)[by Toda de Larrea] Maria de Aragon, a nun, d.after 1530[by N de Pereira]Maria de Aragon, a nun, d.Madrigal 1550 Juana, b.1423, d.Olite 1425, Pss of Viana, b.Olite 1424, d.of poisoning at Orthez 1464; m.Valladolid 1440
(annulled 1453) King Enrique IV of Castile (above) Leonor of Navarre, b.1425, d.Tudela 1479; m.1436 Gaston, Cte de Foix et de
Bigorre (d.1472) Leonor, b.1446/8, d.young Juana, b.Barcelona 1454, d.Naples 1517; m.1476 King Ferrante I of Naples
(above) Maria, b.1455, d.young
[King Juan II of Aragon had the following illegitimate kids]: de Aragon, Duque de Villahermosa (1417-1495); m.1477 Leonor de
Sotomayor; for their descendants see Part 10. de Aragon, Arcgbishop of Zaragoza, b.1429, d.Albalate de Cinca 1475 de Aragon, d.1452 de Aragon; m.1468 Luiz de Beaumont, Cde de Lerin (d.1508) de Aragon (d.young) Enrique, Duque de Villena, b.1400, d.Calatayud 1445; m.1st Torre de Alamin 1420
Catalina, Duquesa de Villena, Infta of Castile (above); m.2d Medina del Campo 1443 Beatriz
Pimentel (d.1498) Enrique "Fortuna", Duque de Segorbe, b.Calatayud 1445, d.Castellon de
Ampurias after 2 Jul 1522 de Aragon, b.1488, d.Mora 1490 de Aragon, Duque de Segorbe, b.Segorbe 1489, d.Puig 1562; m.Segorbe
1516 Juana, Duquesa de Cardona (d.Segorbe 1564) de Aragon, b.1533, d.young de Aragon, b.1536, d.Arbeca 1550 de Aragon, b.1537, d.young de Aragon, Duque de Segorbe y Cardona, b.Segorbe 1539, d.1575;
m.Angelica de Cardenas (d.1576) de Aragon, b.1540, d.Mora 1557; m.Fadrique de Toledo, Duque de Alba
(d.1585), Duquesa de Segorbe y Cardona, b.Segorbe 1542, d.Barcelona 1608;
m.Diego Fernandez de Cordoba, Marques de Comares (d.1601) de Aragon, d.1637; m.Vespasiano Gonzaga, Duca di Sabuioneta (d.1593) de Aragon, d.young de Aragon, d.young de Aragon; m.Juan Ximenez de Urrea, Cde de Aranda (d.1576) de Aragon, d.1623; m.Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Pr do Melito
(d.1578) de Aragon, d.young de Aragon, d.young[illegitimate]Pedrode Aragon, Bp of Lerida, d.there 1597 de Aragon, b.1491; m.Guadalajara 1513 Inigo de Mendoza, Duque de El
Infantado (d.1566), Duca di Noto, b.1406, k.a.Naples 1438 Sancho, Gr Master of the Orders of Calatrava and Alcantara, b.1410, d.Medina del
Campo 1416 Maria, b.1396, d.Villacastin 1445; m.Avila 1420 King Juan II of Castile (above) Leonor, b.1402, d.Toledo 1445; m.Coimbra 1420 King Duarte I of Portugal
(d.1438) Leonor, b.Cuellar 1382, d.young Miguel, Crown Pr of Portugal (1384-1385)
1.5.2.Infta Leonor, b.after 1363, d.Olite 1415; m.Soria 1375 King Charles III of Navarre (d.1425)
1.5.3.Infta Juana, b.before 1367, d.ca 1374
[NOTE: King Enrique II had many illegitimate children; for them See Part 9]
1.6.Fadrique Alfonso, sn de Haro, b.Seville 1333, murdered there 1358; he had illegitimate kids:
1.6.1.Pedro de castilla, Cde de Trastamara, Constable of Castile, b.1355, d.Orense 1400; m.1385
Isabel de Castro de Castilla, Duque de Arjona, b.1388, d.Penafiel 1430; m.Aldonza de Mendoza de Castilla[illegitimate]Pedro Enriquez, Bp of Mononedo de Castilla de Castilla de Castilla de Castilla de Castilla (1398-1455); m.1st Diego Lopez Davalos; m.2d 1430 Pedro Osorio,
Cde de Lemos
1.6.2.Alonso Enriquez, sn de Medina de Rioseco, Admiral of Castile, b.Guadalcanal 1354,
d.Guadalupe 1429; m.Juana de Mondoza; for their descendants See Part 7
1.6.3.Leonor de Castilla; m.Diego Sarmiento, Marshal of castile
1.7.Fernando Alfonso, sn de Ledesma, etc, b.1336, d.after 1342
1.8.Tello Alfonso, sn de Aguilar, Cde de Castaneda, b.1337, d.Cuenca de Campos 1370;
m.Segovia 1353 Juana de Lara, sna de Lara y Vizcaya; he left illegitimate kids:
1.8.1.Juan Tellez de Castilla, sn de Aguidar de Campo, k.a.Aljubarrota 1385; m.Leonor de la
Vega, sn de Aguilar de Campo, d.young, sna de Aguilar de Campo, d.1448; m.1395 Garci Manrique, Cde de Castaneda
1.8.2.Alfonso de Castilla, sn de Portiello; m.Isabel de Haro de Baeza Enriquez de Castilla, sn de la Reina, d.1444; m.Constanza Sarmiento, sna de la Reina; m.1447 Juan de Tovar, sn de Velamazan (d.1490)
1.8.3.Pedro Enriquez de Castilla, sn de Camporedondo; m.Maria de Cisneros, sna de San Roman, sn de Camporedondo; m.Isabel de Quinones, sn de Camporedondo; m.Isabel Vaca de Castro, sn de Camporedondo (146-1530); m.Maria de Cisneros, sna de Valcubero, sn de Camporedondo; m.Francisca de Mendoza, sn de Camporedondo; m.Luisa de Zuniga, sn de Camporedondo; m.Isabel de Peralta, sna de Camporedondo; m.Alonso de Zuniga, sna de Camporedondo; m.1st Juan de Miery Teran; m.2d Juan Diaz; m.Juan de los Rios, sn de Mazuelas; m.1st Maria de Saldana; m.2d Ana de Sandoval, sn de Mazuelas; m.Ines de Villarroel, sn de Mazuelas; m.Ana de Quiros, sn de Mazuelas; m.Antonia de Albornoz, sn de Mazuelas; m.Antonia Vazquez de Coronado y Anaya; m.Antonio de Quinones, sn de Castellanos, sna de Mazuelas; m.Manuel de Orense, Vzcde de Amaya; m.Juan de Chaverri, Baron de Purroy; m.Marina de Luna, a priest dau., m.Ruy Perez de Ribera
1.8.6.Constanza; m.Juan de Albornoz
1.8.7.Maria; m.1st Alvar de Albornoz, sn de Utiel; m.2d Juan Furtado de Mendoza, sn de Almazan
1.8.8.Isabel; m.Pedro Valez de Guevara, sn de Onate
1.8.9.Elvira; m.Juan de Tovar, sn de Berlanga (d.1385)
1.8.10.Juana; m.Juan de Baeza, sn de Ampudia
1.9.Juan, sn de Badajoz, b.1341, murdered at Carmona 1359
1.10.Sancho, Cde de Albuquerque, b.1342, d.Burgos 1374; m.1373 Beatriz (b.1347, d.Ledesma
1381) dau.of King Pedro I of Portugal
1.10.1.Fernando, Cde de Albuquerque, b.1373, k.a.Aljubarrota 1385
1.10.2.Leonor Urraca, Cdsa de Albuquerque, b.1374, d.Medina del Campo 1435; m.1393 King
Fernando I of Aragon (above)
1.10.3.[illegitimate]Leonor de Castilla, b.before 1373, d.Toro; m.1st Diego de Rojas, sn de Monzon
(d.1393); m.2d Fadrique de Castilla, Duque de Benavente (d.1394)
1.11.Pedro, sn de Aguilar, b.1345, murdered at Carmona 1359
1.12.Juana; m.1st Toro 1354 Fernando de Castro, sn de Lemos (d.1375); m.2d Tamarit de Litera;
m.3d Felipe, sn de Castro
2.Infta Leonor, b.1307, murdered at Chateau de Castroheriz 1359; m.1st 1319 Inft Jaime of
Aragon; m.2d Tarazona 1329 King Alfonso IV of Aragon (d.1336)
3.Infta Constanza, b.after 1308, d.after 1310

End of Part 6

Part 7.
Alonso Enriquez, sn de Medina de Rioseco (see Part 6) had issue (surnamed Enriquez unless
otherwise noted):
1.Fadrique Enriquez, Admiral of Castile, Cde de Melgar y Rueda, etc, d.1473; m.1st 1430 Mariana
Ayala de Cordoba, sna de Casarrubios (d.1431); m.2d Teresa de Quinones
[by 1st m.]:
1.1.Juana, sna de Casarrubios, etc, d.Barcelona 1468; m.Torrelobaton 1444 King Juan II of
Aragon (d.1479)
1.2.Marina, d.after 1431
[by 2d m.]:
1.3.Alonso, Admiral of Castile, sn de Medina de Rioseco, etc, d.Valladolid 1485; m.Maria, dau.of
Pedro de Velasco, Cde de Haro, by Beatriz Manrique de Castilla
1.3.1.Fadrique, Admiral of Castile, Cde de Melgar y Rueda, etc (1457-1537); m.1477 Anna,
Vcdsa de Cabrera y Bas, Cdsa de Modica y Osona (d.1526/9)
1.3.2.Fernando, Admiral of Castile, Duque de Medina de Rioseco, d.1542; m.Maria Giron, Admiral of Castile, Duque de Medina de Rioseco, d.Valladolid 1572; m.1518 Ana,
Vcdsa de Cabrera y Bas, Cdsa de Modica y Osona (d.1565), Admiral of Castile, Duque de Medina de Rioseco, d.Madrid 1596; m.Ana de
Mendoza (d.Valladolid 1595), Admiral of Castile, Duque de Medina de Rioseco, d.1599/1612; m.1587 at
Vicque, Donna Vittoria Colonna (d.1633) Alonso, Admiral of Castile, Duque de Medina de Rioseco, Viceroy of Naples,
b.1599, d.Madrid 1647; m.there 1612Luisa de Sandoval y Padilla (d.1664) Gaspar, Admiral of Castile, Duque de Medina de Rioseco, b.Madrid 1625,
d.there 1691/2; m.1st 1641 Elvira de Toledo (d.1681); m.2d Leonor de Rojas Tomas, Admiral of Castile, Duque de Medina de Rioseco, Gov of Milan,
Viceroy of Catalonia, b.Genoa 1646, d.in exile at Estremos, Portugal 1705; m.1st 1663 Ana
Catalina de la Cerda (d.1697); m.2d Madrid 1697 Ana de la Cerda (1663-1698), Admiral of Castile, Duque de Medina de Rioseco, d.Toledo 1713; m.Teresa
Enriquez de Almansa (d.1713), Duque de Medina de Rioseco, b.Madrid 1682, d.1736; m.Almazan
1709 Maria Josefa de Pacheco y Rojas (d.Madrid 1751) Almudena, Marquesa de Alcanices, etc, d.1741, d.young, d.1716; m.1st 1671 Gaspar de Haro Sotomayor, Duque de Olivares
(d.1687); m.2d 1688 Joaquin Guadelupe Ponce de Leon, Duque de Arcos (d.1730); m.1687 Antonio Bernuy de Mendoza, Marques de Benameji (d.1693)[illegitimate]Rosa[illegitimate]Gaspar, Marques de Villabragima (d.1712)[illegitimate]Baltasar, a priest[illegitimate]Juan Simon, d.1704[illegitimate]Melchor Alfonso, Marques de Villabragima; m.Constanza de Guardiola, Cdsa de
Campo Rey, d.young, d.1658; m.1614 Francisco de la Cueva, Duque de Albuquerque (d.1637); m.Francisco de Sandoval, Duque de Lerma (1569-1597), Marques de Valdunquillo; m.Francisca Osorio Valdes y Ayala, Marquesa de
Mirallo, Marquesa de Valdunquilla y Mirallo (1617-1683); m.1631 Francisco de Zuniga
Avellaneda, Duque de Peneranda de Duero (d.1661); m.Fernando Arias de Saavedra, Cde de Castellar; m.1636 Gaspar de la Cueva, Marques de Bedmar, d.Madrid 1607; m.there 1578 Luis Ramon Fernandez de Cordoba, Cde de
Prades, a nun, a nun, a nun[illegitimate]Pedro, an Augustinian monk[illegitimate]Luisa; m.Francesco Enriquez de Guzman, sn de Bolanos; m.Inigo de Mendoza, Duque del Infantado (d.1601); m.Pedro de Zuniga, Marques de Aguilafuente; m.Francisco de Rojas, Marques de Poza; m.Juan Ximenez de Urrea, Cde de Aranda (d.1578), d.1584; m.1545 Juana Manrique, Gov of Galicia, d.1622; m.Catalina de Lujan, sn de Lujan, d.1660, d.Milan 1630, a nun in Valladolid, sna de Lujan; m.Manuel Manrique de Lara, Cde de Paredes de Nava (d.1626); m.Pedro de Velasco, sn de Villerias (d.1590), a priest in Madrid, d.1573; m.Antonio de Pimentel, Duque de Benavente (d.1575)[illegitimate]Alonso, Abbot of Valladolid (d.1527)[illegitimate]Beatriz; m.Alonso de Aguilar, sn de Aguilar
1.3.3.Bernardino, Cde de Melgar y Rueda, d.1516; m.1st Isabel de Cabrera (d.1493(; m.2d
Beatriz de Mendoza
1.3.4.Enrique; m.Francisca Sarmiento, Cds de Ribadivia
1.3.5.Juana, d.1530; m.Diego Lopez-Pacheco, Duque de Escalona (d.1529)
1.3.6.Beatriz, d.1486; m.Diego Fernandez de Cordoba, Cde de Cabra (d.1525)
1.3.7.Teresa; m.1480 Gutierre de Sotomayor, Cde de Belalcazar (d.1485)
1.3.8.[illegitimate]Alonso, Bp of Osma[illegitimate]Francisco, Abbot of Matalana[illegitimate]Maria; m.Pedro de Calatayud
1.3.9.[illegitimate]Teresa, d.1528; m.Gutierre de Cardenas, sn de Maqueda (d.1493)
Pedro, sn de Tarifa, etc; m.1st Beatriz de Ribera; m.2d Catalina de Ribera ------ SEE ISSUE.
1.5.Enrique, Admiral of Sicily, sn de Orce, etc, d.Medina del Campo 1504; m.Maria de Luna
(d.Baza 1530)
1.5.1.Teresa, sna de Villeda; m.1486 Enrique Enriquez (d.1497)
1.5.2.Francisca; m.Bernardo de Sandoval, Marques de Denia (d.1536)
1.5.3.Elvira, d.Montilla 1512; m.Pedro Fernandez de Cordoba, Marques de Priego (d.1517)
1.5.4.Maria (1474-153(0; m.1st Pedro de Borja, Duque de Gandia (d.1488); m.2d Juan, Duque
de Gandia (d.1497)
1.6.Francisco, sn de la Vega de Ruy Ponce, d.1491; m.Elvira Lasso Manrique
1.6.1.Juana, sna de la Vega de Ruy Ponce, d.Osorno 1503; m.Ecija 1503 Garci Manrique, Cde
de Osorna (d.1546)
1.7.Maria; m.Garcia Alvarez de Toledo, Duque de Alba de Tormes (d.1488)
1.8.Leonor, d.1471; m.1st 1462 Pedro Osoria, Marques de Astorga; m.2d N, Cde de Trastamara
1.9.Ines, d.1485; m.Lope de Acuna, Cde de Buendia (d.1489)
1.10.Aldonza, sna de Elche y Crevillente, b.1450; m.1467 Juan Ramon Folch de Cardona, Duque
de Cardona (d.1513)
1.11.Blanca, a nun
2.Enrique, Cde de Alba de Liste , d.1489; m.Maria de Guzman, sna de Alba de Liste (d.1479)
2.2.Alonso, Cde de Alba de Liste, d.1502; m.Juana Perez de Velasco
2.2.1.Enrique, d.Perpignan 1497; m.Teresa Enriquez, sna de Villada, Cde de Alba de Liste , d.1550; m.1st Aldonza de Toledo; m.2d Catalina de Toledo, Cde de Alba de Liste, d.1562; m.Maria de Toledo, Cde de Alba de Liste, Viceroy of Sicily, d.1604; m.Maria de Urrea, Cde de Alba de Liste, d.1610, Marques de Malagon; m.Pedro Pimentel Osorio, Marques de Tavara; m.Pedro Davila Zuniga, Marques de Las Vavas; m.Guiomar de Villena; m.Leonor de Silva, Cde de Alba de Liste, d.1617; m.Isabel Mejia, Cde de Alba de Liste, d.1632; m.Catalina Fajardo (d.1657); m.Garcia Alvarez de Toledo, sn de Higares, a priest, b.1535; m.Juana de Acebedo, Cdsa de Fuentes de Valdepero Fernando, d.1583; m.Fernando de Toledo, Duque de Alba de Tormes (d.1582); m.Sancho Davila; m.Rodrigo Pacheco-Osorio, Marques de Carralbo; m.1553 Garcia Manrique, Cde de Osorno (d.1587); m.Pedro de Vega, sn de Grajal, sn de Cortes, etc, d.Baza 1538; m.1516 Francisca Manrique (d.1538), sn de Orce, etc, d.Baza 1569; m.Juana Fajardo, sn de Orce, etc, d.1585, sna de Orce, etc; m.1582 Pedro Portocarrero, Marques de Alcala de la
Alameda; m.Luis Portocarrero, sn de la Monclova, d.Madrid 1591, a nun in Calabazanos, a nun in Baza, a nun in Baza; m.Diego de Avila, sn de Villatoro
2.2.2.Francisca; m.Francisco de Monroy, Cde de Deleitosa
2.3.Diego; m.Maria de Silva
2.4.Juan, sn de Velver y Cabreros; m.Constanza de Almansa
2.4.1.Francisco, Marques de Alcanices; m.Isabel de Ulloa, Maques de Alcanices; m.Elvira de Rojas, Marques de Alcanices, Marques de Alcanices; m.Valladolid 1550 Juana de Borja (b.Madrid 1535/6,
d.1575) (1551-1596); m.1st Miranda-do-Douro, Portugal 1564 Alvaro de Borja de
Aragon (d.1580); m.2d 1592 Juan de Tovar, sn de la Reina (d.1594); m.3d Hernando de Vega, Cde de Almansa y Villaflor; m.Ignacia de Coresma, Cde de Alba de Liste, Viceroy of Mexico and Peru, d.1667; m.1st Hipolita de
Cordoba; m.2d Juana de Lanza Forteza y Juarez, Cde de Alba de Liste, d.1671; m.Andrea de Velasco (d.1685), Cde de Alba de Liste, d.1691; m.Isabel de Borja (d.1729); m.Antonio Rubi de Brancamonte; m.her uncle Juan Enriquez de Guzman, Cde de Alba de Liste, Cde de Alba de Liste, d.1709; m.1st Isabel Enriquez (d.1689); m.2d 1689
Vicente Tellez-Giron (d.1695); m.3d Isabel de Borja (d.1729), b.Madrid 1634; m.there 1675 Bernarda de Morales, b.Santiago de Guatemala 1684, b.Santiago de Guatemala 1686, d.Zaragoza 1695; m.Madrid 1656 Carols de Aragon de Borja y Gurrea,
Duque de Villahermosa (d.1692); m.Juana Enriquez de Sotomayor; m.Gonzalo de Ledesma, sn de Valderrabano, Viceroy of Peru, d.1572; m.Maria Manrique, Marques de Valderrabano, Viceroy of Mexico; m.Maria de Zuniga, Cdsa de
Nieva, Archbishop of Granada, a priest; m.1568 Alvaro de Luna dau., a nun; m.Ramiro de Guzman, sn de Montealegre, Bp of Coria; m.Sancho de Rojas, a nun, a nun; m.Diego de Zuniga, Cde de Nieva (d.1564)
2.4.2.Juan, sn de Brecianos; m.Juana de Orense, sn de Brecianos, d.1575; m.Antonia Enriquez, sn de Brecianos; m.Francisca de Tovar, sn de Brecianos, a Jesuit; m.N de Monsalve; m.Antonio Doro Campo, sn de Santa Cruz de Goeda, a nun in Sahagun, a nun in Sahagun; m.Enrique Enriquez de Guzman, sn de Bolanos; m.Francisco de Prado, sn de Valdetuexa[illegitimate] Antonio
2.5.Enrique, sn de Bolanos; m.1st Ana de Guzman; m.2d Maria de Figueroa Ponce de Leon
2.5.1.Alonso, sn de Bolanos; m.Ana de Fonseca, sn de Bolanos; m.Ana Enriquez; m.Luis Enriquez, sn de Brecianos (d.1575); m.Pedro Osorio
2.5.2.Pedro Ponce de Leon
2.5.4.Lorenzo de Figueroa, a priest in Toro and Zamora
2.5.5.Enrique, d.1563
2.5.6.[illegitimate]Francisco, a priest
2.6.Teresa; m.Joao de Acunha e Portugal, Duque de Valenca
2.7.Juana; m.Diego de Quinones, Cde de Luna
2.8.Guiomar; m.1466 Luis Fernandez de Hijar, Cde de Belchite
2.9.Ines; m.Pedro Pimentel, sn de Tavara
2.10.Maria; m.Diego Lopez de Zuniga, Vcde de Monterrey
3.Pedro, d.young
4.Beatriz; m.Pedro Portocarrero, sn de Moguer (d.1439)
5.Leonor; m.1410 Rodrigo Pimentel, Cde de Benavente (d.1440)
6.Aldonza; m.1410 Rodrigo Osorio, sn de Cabrera y Ribera
7.Isabel; m.Juan de Avellano, sn de Aguilar (d.1469)
8.Ines; m.Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, sn de Almazan
9.Blanca; m.1415 Pedro de Herrera, sn de Pedraza
10.Constanza; m.Juan de Tovar, sn de Berlanga
11.Maria; m.Juan de Rojas, sn de Monzon
12.Mencia, d.1480; m.1430 Juan Manrique de Lara, Cde de Castaneda (d.1493)
13.[illegitimate]Juan; m.Leonor de Mendoza
13.1.Maria; m.Alvaro de Luna, sn de Carvajalos y Escamilla (d.1441)

End of Part 7.

Part 8.
King Pedro I of Castile had, besides other kids (see Part 6) the following 2 sons:
1.Pedro de Castilla, Bp of Osma and Palencia, d.Valladolid 1461
[illegitimate by Isabel Drochelin]:
1.1.Alonso de Castilla, sn del Mayorazgo de Valladolid; m.Juana de Zuniga
1.1.1.Pedro de Castilla, sn del Mayorazgo de Valladolid; m.1st Francisca Osorio; m.2d Catalina
[by 1st m.]: de Castilla, sn del Mayorazgo de Valladolid; m.Ines de Acuna de Castilla, sn del Mayorazgo de Valladolid; m.Isabel de Vargas de Castilla, sn del Mayorazgo de Valladolid; m.Elena Gudiel de Castilla; m.1st Juan Manuel Gudiel; m.2d Luis Roco de Castilla; m.Juan Nino de Castro de Castilla; m.Juan de Granada de Castilla, d.Mexico before 1609; m.Juana de Sousa de Castilla; m.N de Chaves de Castilla, a priest de Castilla; m.Bernardino Vazquez de Tapia de Castilla; m.1st Jose de Sousa; m.2d Hernan Gutierrez de Altamira de Sousa de Castilla; m.Lopo Affonso de Sousa de Castilla; m.Juan Rodriguez Vaca de Castilla; m.Luis de Cepeda
[by 2d m.]: de Castilla; m.Isabel de Alderete de Castilla; m.Juana de Castilla de Castilla; m.Pedro Zapata de Castilla, a nun de Castilla, a nun de Castilla; m.Francisco Pesoa de Castilla; m.1st Luis de Torres; m.2d Diego de Cordova de Castilla de Castilla, a nun de Castilla, a priest de Castilla; m.1st Maria de Cardenas Zapata; m.2d Catalina de Mendoza de Castilla de Castilla, a priest de Castilla; m.Mayor de Cardenas de Beteta de Castilla; m.Francisco de Vega, sn de Grajal de Castilla, a priest de Castilla de Castilla, d.young de Castilla; m.Jorge de Beteta, sn de Solpena de Cardenas; m.Diego de la Cueva de Castilla; m.Juan de Vozmediano de Castilla, a nun de Castilla, a nun de Mendoza de Castilla, a priest de Castilla, Archdeacon of Toledo; he had 2 illegitimate sons: de Castilla, a priest in Toledo de Castilla, a priest in Cuenca de Castilla, Bp of Calahorra de Castilla; m.Catalina de Guevara Lizon de Castilla; m.Margarita de Avalos de Castilla; m.Juan Vazquez Fajardo de Castilla de Castilla; m.Ana de Aguayo y Ponce de Leon de Castilla; m.Ana de Velasco de Castilla, sn de Malabrigo; m.Maria de Hoces y Figueroa de Castilla, sn de Malabrigo, b.Cordoba 1603; m.there 1641 Elvira de
Godoy de Castilla, b.Seville 1651; m.there 1670 Isabel de Guzman y Ponce
de Leon Ignacio de Castilla, sn de Cadoso y Malabrigo, b.Seville 1678; m.1694
Francisca Fernandez de Cordoba, Marquesa de la Granja Laurencio de Castilla, Marques de la Granja, b.Seville 1695; m.there
1718 Leonor Paez Cansino de Castilla, Marques de la Granja, b.Seville 1719; m.there 1740
Constanza de Valenzuela y Valcarcel de castilla, Marques de la Granja, b.Seville 1749; m.Maria Luisa
Tous de Monsalve, Cdsa de Benagiar (d.1825) de Castilla, Marques de la Granja, d.1800; m.Ramona de
Quevedo Luisa de Castilla, Marquesa de la Granja; m.1823 Tulio O'Neill
de Tyrone de Castilla; m.Ana Maria de Aguado; m.Seville 1840 Maria Dolores Velazquez Gaztelu de Castilla, b.Seville 1841; m.1860 Rafaela Velazquez
Gaztelu de Castilla, Marques de Campo Ameno, b.Seville 1861; m.there
1889 Maria Regla Sanchez de Castilla Gloria de Castilla, b.Seville 1849; m.1869 Enrique de Pinal y
Alba Dolores de Castilla de Castilla, a priest de Castilla; m.Beatriz Perez Pedrero de Castilla; m.Juana de Castilla de Castilla; m.Isabel de Infante de Castilla, b.Aracena 1611; m.Jeronima Parrales y Martel de Castilla, Cde de Palancar, b.Aranca 1639; m.Luisa Infante Paniagua de Castilla, d.Aroche 1749; m.there 1721 Isabel Boza de Chaves
(d.1751) de Castilla, b.Aracena 1661; m.Juan de Flores Rancon de Castilla, b.Aracena 1641; m.Gonzalo Sanchez Arjona de Castilla; m.Carlos de Sesao de castilla de Castilla, sna de Arenillas
1.1.2.Luis de Castilla, Prior of Aroche, d.1506
1.1.3.Isabel de Castilla, a nun
1.1.4.Aldonza de Castilla; m.Rodrigo de Ulloa, sn de la Mota
1.1.5.[illegitimate by Maria Fernandez Bernal] Sancho de Castilla (legitimized 1450) sn de Herrera
de Valdecanas y Gor; m.Beatriz Enriquez Hurtado de Mendoza de Castilla, a priest de Castilla, sn de Gor, etc; m.Beatriz de Mendoza de Castilla, sn de Gor, etc; m.1st Margarita Chacon; m.2d Ana de Cardenas;
m.3d Ana de Cepeda de Castilla, sn de Gor, etc; m.Leonor de Benavides de Castilla, sn de Gor, etc; m.1st Maria de Mendoza; m.2d Maria de la
Cueva, sna de Bedmar de Castilla, sn de Gor, etc; m.Isabel Lasso de Castilla de Castilla; m.Ana de la Madrid de Castilla, sn de Gor, etc; m.1st Francisca Lasso de Castilla; m.2d Isabel
de la Cueva de Castilla de Castilla de Castilla, sn de Gor, etc; m.Isabel Lasso de Castilla Ana de Castilla; m.Pedro de Segovia, Marques de Gramosa Maria de Castilla; m.1684 Pedro Verdugo de Albornoz, Cde de
Torreplama de Castilla; m.1st Gabriel Tellez-Giron, sn de Cardela; m.2d Alvaro de
Cordoba, Marques de Valenzuela de Castilla; m.N, Cde de Sevilla de Nueva de Castilla de castilla; m.Maria de Silva de Castilla, a priest de Castilla, d.young de Castilla; m.Enrique de Toledo, sn de Mancera de Castilla; m.Luis de Velasco, Viceroy of Mexico and Peru de Castilla, sn de Gor, d.Espina 1503 de Castilla, Bp of Salamanca de Castilla; m.Gome Manrique de Castilla, d.young de Castilla, d.young
1.1.6.[illegitimate]Pedro de Castilla; m.Catalina de Mendoza Lasso de Castilla; m.Aldonza de Haro; their descendants bore the surname "Lasso
de Castilla"; m.Francisca de Silva y Mendoza; m.Maria Coello, sna de Montalvo, sn de Montalvo; m.Catalina Pacheco, sn de Montalvo; m.Catalina Yanez, sna de Montalvo; m.Diego Davila, sn de Navamorcuende; m.Bernardino Manrique, sn de Amayuelas; m.Pedro de Mendoza; m.Clara Pacheco; m.Antequera 1642 Antonio Mansilla Chacon y Ordonez; m.Juan Franquis de Burgos, a priest, d.1558, bur Vienna; m.Polyxena Ungnad (d.1578), sn de San Martin de Valbeni, d.Madrid 1585; m.Maria de Zuniga, sna de San
Martin de Valbeni, sna de San Martin de Valbeni; m.Alvaro de Mendoza Sarmiento, Cde de
Ribadavia Maria, d.Madrid 1598; m.Diego de Cordoba, sn de Almuna (d.1598); m.Antonio de Cordoba y Aragon, sn de Valenzuela (d.1579), sn de Villamanrique y Villacastillo; m.Catalina Ramirez de Castilla, sn de Villamanrique y Villacastillo, d.1599; m.Isabel de Toledo; m.Maria de Guzman; m.Sancho de Castilla, sn de Gor Isabel; m.Diego de Castilla, sn de Gor, sn de Villamanrique y Villacastillo, d.1626; m.Juana de Ribera y Quintanilla, Cde de Villamanrique de Tajo, d.Madrid 1679; m.Maria de Villaroel, d.young, Cde de Villamanrique de Tajo, d.young, Cdsa de Villamanrique de Tajo, b.1642; m.1657 Antonio Fernandez de
Cordoba, Marques de Valenzuela (d;1713); m.Diego de Salazar, sn de Penalva; m.Bernardino de Velasco, Cde de Salazar; m.Diego de Castilla, sn de Gor; m.Diego de Salazar, sn de Penalva; m.Hernan Perez de Lujan; m.Fernan Ramirez, sn de Bornoz de Castilla; m.Garci Lopez de Cardenas de Castilla; m.Rodrigo Manrique[illegitimate]Maria de Castilla; m.Juan Fernandez de la Madrid
1.1.7.[illegitimate]Catalina de Castilla; m.Diego de Rojas Manrique, sn de Poza
1.1.8.[illegitimate]Constanza de Castilla, a nun
1.2.Constanza de Castilla, a nun, d.Toledo 1478
2.Diego de Castilla y Sandoval; m.Isabel de Salazar
2.1.Pedro de castilla "el Viejo"; m.Beatriz de Fonseca y Ulloa
2.1.1.Pedro de Castilla "el Mozo"; he had 2 illegitimate sons by Juana of Portugal, Queen of
Castile: de Castilla; m.Mencia de Quinones de Banares; their descendants bore the
surname "de Castilla y de Portugal"; m.Juana de Mendoza; m.Francisca de Zuniga; m.Isabel de Alvarado, sna de Gucin; m.Luisa de la Camara, Cde de Salvatierra de Alava, Viceroy of Flanders, d.ca 1727, b.Vittoria 1694; m.Valladolid 1725 Maria Dominga de Lerma, b.Valladolid 1730, d.ca 1811; m.1st Francisca Tomasa van
Asbrock; m.2d Robladillo 1781 Angela de Guzman (b.1752), b.1770, b.1782; m.Nicolas Alvarez de Toledo, b.1775; m.1801 Ignacio de Garsi y Queralt Basilia Juana
2.2.Maria de Castilla; m.1434 Gome Carrillo de Acuna, sn de Pinto
2.3.Isabel; m.Gonzalo de Guzman, Cde Palatino, sn de Torija

End of Part 8

Part 9.
King Enrique II of Castile {see Part 6) had issue (surnamed "Enriquez de Norona"):
[by Elvira Iniguez de Vega]:
1.Alfonso Enriquez, Cde de Gijon y Norona, b.1355, d.after 1395; m.Burgos 1373 Isabel (b.1364,
d.after 1395) illegitimate dau.of King Fernando I of Portugal
1.1.Pedro Enriquez, Archbishop of Lisbon; he left illegitimate issue:
1.1.1.Joao; m.Felipa de castro de Ataide; m.Isabel de Sousa de Vasconcelhos; m.Guiomar Correa; m.Felipa de Vivar[illegitimate]Brites; m.1st Jeronymo de Ferreira; m.2d Ruy Dias; m.Tristao Goncales Daminha; m.Goncalo Vasqus Coutinho
1.1.2.Pedro; m.Catalina de Tavera; m.Guiomar de Castro de Noronha, a priest; m.Branca de Castro Coutinho; m.Elena Yanez de Acosta; m.Maria Enriquez de Acosta, Cde de Arcos; m.Magdalena de Borbon, Cde de Arcos; m.Maria Josefa de Tavora, b.Lisbon 1699, d.after 1745; m.1712 Antonio de Sousa, Marques das
Minas (d.1723); m.N, Cde de Villarmayor; m.1st N, Cde de Atouia; m.2d N, Vzcde de Ponte de Lima Antonia; m.N, Cde de Abintes; m.N, Cde de San Miguel Yanez; m.Joao de Almeida; m.Juan Manrique de Lara, sn de San Lorenzo; m.Nuno Fernandes Cabral, sn de Asures; m.Guiomar de Albuquerque; m.Catalina de Noronha da Silveira, sn de Villaverde; m.1st Ana de Castro Lobo, Baron de Alvito; m.2d Catalina de
Ataide Gama; m.Joao Pereira de Santarem; m.Antonio Goncales de Camara; m.Luiz de Menezes, a priest; m.Margarida da Cunha, Viceroy of India, an Abbess, a nun, a nun, a nun, a nun; m.Ruy Telles de Menezes, sn de Unhon
1.1.3.Fernando; m.Costanca de Castro de Albuquerque, sn de Villaverde; m.Leonor Jacome; m.1st Ana de Acosta; m.2d Joana de Menezes de Acunha; m.Lope de Sousa Coutinho; m.Vasco Martins Moniz, sn de Arquerra da Bemposta; m.Alvar Paes da Acunha; m.Maria da Silveira; m.Guiomar de Castro Coutinho, Viceroy of India; m.Inez de Noronha de castro; m.Joana de Noronha da Acunha; m.Joana de Albuquerque de Saa dau., m.Antonio de Castelbranco; m.Pedro Alvares Cabral; m.Martim Vasques Mascarenhas
1.1.5.Isabella, d.after 4 Jun 1511; m.1462 Joao de Braganca, Marques de Montemayor (d.1484)
1.1.6.Inez; m.Joao de Almeida, Cde de Abrantes
1.1.7.Leonor; m.Lope de Albuquerque, Cde de Penamacor
1.3.Fernando, Cde de Villareal; m.Brites de Menezes
1.3.1.Pedro, Marques de Villareal, Lord of the canary Islands, d.1499; m.1462 Brites, dau.of
Fernando, Duque de Braganca, Marques de Villareal; m.Maria Freire, Cdsa de Alcoutim, Marques de Villareal; m.1519 Brites, dau.of Affonso batard de Portugal, Duque
de Viseu, Marques de Villareal; m.Filipa, dau.of Affonso de Lencastre de Portugal-Castro, sn de Selir, Duque de Villareal; m.Maria da Silva Coutinho, Duque de Caminhas, d.Leiria 1637; m.1st 1604 Isabel (b.1562, d.Leiria
1626) dau.of Theodosio, Duque de Braganca; m.2d Maria Brites de Menezes e Noronha,
Duquesa de Caminhas, Duque de Caminhas, beheaded in Lisbon 1641; m.Juliana de Menezes, Duque de Caminhas, beheaded in Lisbon 1641; m.ca 1630 Joana Juliana,
Cdsa de Faro, dau.of Diniz de Faro, Cde de Faro Brites, Duquesa de Caminhas; m.1st Miguel de Menezes, Duque de
Caminhas; m.2d Pedro Portocarrero, Cde de Medillin; m.Pedro de Medicis; m.1598 Sancho de Noronha, Cde de Odemira (d.1641), a nun, a nun[illegitimate]Ines "la marquesina", a nun; m.Almeirim 1547 Joao de Lancastre de Portugal, Duque de Aveiro (d.1571); m.Antonio de Ataide, Cde de Castanheira, a nun, Cde de Linhares; m.NN; he was ancestor of the Duques de Linhares, of whom I
have no details; m.Leiria 1500 Affonso batard of Portugal, Duque de Viseu (d.1504)
1.3.2.Joao, sn de Sortella, Cde de Monsanto; m.Henrique Enriquez de Noronha
1.4.Sancho, Cde de Odemira; m.Maria de Sousa, sna de Mortagua
1.4.1.Maria, Cdsa de Odemira; m.1465 Affonso de Portugal, Cde de Faro (d.1483)
1.5.Enrique; m.NN
1.5.1.Nino; m.Maria de Rivadeneyra; m.Mecia N; m.Sebastiao de Matos; m.Joana de Macedo; m.Maria Alvares Carvalho; m.Gregorio Serminches; m.Branca de Seiges; m.Joao Alvares; m.Joao de Mascarenhas
1.5.2.Maria; m.Pedro Vasques de Mello, Cde de Atalaya
1.6.Constanza, d.Guimaraes 1480; m.Sintra 1420 Affonso batard de Portugal, Duque de
Braganca (d.1461)
1.7.[illegitimate]Fernando, sn de Alcacovas; m.Branca de Sousa, sna de Barbacena
1.7.1.Henrique, sn de Alcacovas; m.1st Felipa de Noronha de Camara; m.2d Leonor da Silva, sn de Alcacovas; m.Branca de Sousa de Melo, sn de Alcacovas; m.Branca de Vilhena Pereira, sn de Alcacovas; m.Joao Mendes de Vasconcelhos; m.Rodrigo Manuel, a nun; m.Paula de Sousa; m.Pedro Correa de la Cerda dau., m.Simao de Miranda, a priest; m.Antonia de Miranda; m.Maria Figueiro; m.Joao de Mendoca; m.Isabel de Abreu, a priest; m.Isabel Pereira; m.Martim Vasques Mascarenhas; m.Diogo Moniz, sn de Angriga; m.Simao de Sousa, sn de Montesanto
1.7.2.Alonso, sn de Barbacena; m.Lucrecia Pereira de Barrdeo Vasconcelhos, k.a.Azamor; m.Maria da Sylveira de Sousa, sn de Barbacena; m.1st Maria de Calatayud; m.2d Maria de Menezes da Silva; m.Isabel de Albuquerque; m.Garcia Enriquez de Norona; m.Leonor Enriquez de Norona; m.Brites de Acebedo; m.Pedro da Silva Menezes; m.Garcia de Melo; m.Antonio Borges, sn de Carvalhaes; m.Jorge de Brito; m.Jorge de Albuquerque
1.7.4.Isabel; m.Fernando da Silveira
1.7.5.Violante; m.Ayres de Miranda
1.7.6.Joana; m.Joao da Silva, sn de Chamusca
1.7.7.Brites; m.Nuno Pereira
1.7.8.Catalina; m.Henrique de Albuquerque, sn de Geiria
1.9.[illegitimate]Diego; m.Maria Brites de Guzman
1.9.1.Diego; m.1st Juana de Borja; m.2d Maria Venegas da Silva; m.Cecilia de Brito, d.after 1555; m.ca 1552 Goncalo Vasconcelhos e Menezes (d.1555); m.Mecia de Soto, d.in Flanders, d.in Flanders, a priest; m.1575 Leonor Daseyxas; m.Alonso da Silva Orellana; m.Lourenco da Silva; m.Maria de Vargas; m.Isabel Sotomayor; m.Maria Marever; m.Francisco de Porres; m.Mecia Sotomayor; m.Francisco da Silva; m.Martim de Sepulveda[illegitimate] Joao; m.Brites Mirabel; m.Catalina de Guevara; m.Ines de Abreu de Andrade; m.Felipa Pereira de las Coverturas; m.Catalina Dias; m.Isabel Correa; m.Alvaro Martins; m.Goncalo Mendes Sacote; m.Pedro Ponce de Leon, a nun, a nun; m.Constanca de Anasco; m.Leonor Correa; m.Francisca de Mora; m.N de Acosta; he had illegitimate kids:; m.Joao Goncales de Camara
1.9.3.Leonor; m.Diego de Cacera y Solis (d.1434)
1.10.Beatriz; m.Ruy Pereira
1.11.Maria; m.Inigo de Zuniga
2.Juana de Castilla, b.1357; m.1378 Pedro de Aragon, Marques de Villena (d.1385)
3.Constanza de Castilla, sna de Alba de Tormes; m.Valencia 1379 Inft Joao of Portugal, Duque
de Valencia (d.1397)
[by Juana de Cifuentes]:
4.Juana de castilla; m.1376 Inft Diniz of Portugal (d.1397)
[by Beatriz Ponce de Leon]:
5.Fadrique de Castilla, Duque de Benavente, d.Almodovar del Rio 1394; m.Leonor de
Albuquerque, b.1373
5.1.Leonor de Castilla, b.1392, d.Calabazanos 1470; m.1408 Pedro Manrique de Lara, sn de
6.Enrique de Castilla, Duque de Medina Sidonia (1378-1404)
7.Beatriz de Castilla, sna de Niebla, d.Seville 1409; m.1371 Juan Alfonso de Guzman, Cde de
Niebla (d.1396)
[by Beatriz Fernandez]:
8.Fernando de Castilla, sn de Puenas e Alcacovas (1365-1438); m.Leonor Sarmiento
9.Maria de Castilla, sna de Villafranca; m.Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
[by Leonor Alvarez (d.1369)]:
10.Leonor de Castilla, b.Guadalajara 1375
[by unknow nothers]:
11.Pedro de Castillo, d.Segovia 1366
12.Isabel de Castilla, d.Almagro 1404; m.Gonzalo de Guzman
13.Isabel de Castilla, a nun

End of Part 9.

Part 10.
King Juan II of Aragon and Navarre (See Part 6) had illegitimate issue:
1.[by Leonor de Escobar]Alfonso de Aragon, Duque de Villahermosa (1417-1495); m.1477
Leonor, dau.of Juan de Sotomayor by Isabel de Portugal
1.1.Fernando, b.1478, d.after 1481
1.2.Alfonso, Duque de Villahermosa, b.1479, d.Valladolid 1513; he had an ilegitimate dau.:
1.2.1.Leonor de Aragon; she did not marry, but had illegitimate kids by Fernando Jimenez de
1.3.Mariana (1485-1513); m.1st Zaragoza 1506 Roberto di Sanseverino, Cte di Marsico (d.1508);
m.2d 1510 Jacopo d'Appiano, Pr di Piombino (d.1511)
[illegitimate by Maria Junquers (d.1506)]:
1.4.Juan de Aragon, Duque de Luna, Viceroy of Naples, b.Benabarra 1457, d.Monzon 1528;
m.1479 Maria Lopez de Gurrea (d.ca 1492)
1.4.1.Juan, b.1484, d.young
1.4.2.Diego, b.1486, d.young
1.4.3.Alfonso, Duque de Luna, b.Zaragoza 1487, d.there 1550; m.1st Isabel de cardona; m.2d
Isabel de Espes; m.3d Ana Sarmiento
[by 1st m.]:; m.Zaragoza 1523 Guillermo Raimundo de Castro de So, Vzcde de Ebol; m.1526 Baron Antonio de Eril; m.Juan de Torellas Bardaji, sn de Naval; m.Gonzalo de Paternoy, d.after 1550, a nun
[by 3d m.]:, Duque de Luna y Villahermosa, b.Pedrola 1525, d.1581; m.1st Medina Sidonia
1541 Luisa de Borja (b.Gandia 1520, d.Zaragoza 1560); m.2d 1568 Maria Perez de Pomar Alfonso, Cde de Ribagorza, b.Zaragoza 1543, d.Torrejon de Velasco 1573;
m.Toledo 1569 Luisa de Cabrera (murdered at Los Fayos 1571), Duque de Luna y Villahermosa, b.Pedrola 1546, d.Miranda de Ebro 1592;
m.Zaragoza 1582 Bss Johanna von Pernstein (d.Madrid 1531) Luisa, Duquesa de Luna y Villahermosa, d.1663; m.Madrid 1610 Carlos de
Borja, Cde de Ficalho (d.1647), d.young, d.young, Baron de Etenza y Capella, b.Zaragoza 1549, d.Barcelona; he had illegitimate
kids by Hipolita de Coscon, a monk in Salamanca, Baron de Entenza y Capella; m.Tomasina de Aibar, Bss de Entenza y Capella; m.Barcelona 1638 Jose de Ardena, Cde de Illas
(d.1677); m.Raimundo d'Eslpa (d.1651), Duque de Luna y Villahermosa, b.Pedrola 1551, d.Zaragoza 1622; m.1st
there 1574 Leonor de Zaporta (d.there 1590); m.2d there 1597 Luisa de Alagon (d.there 1633), d.young, Cde de Luna, d.young; m.Juan de Borja, Marques de Santiago (d.1634), Cdsa de Luna, d.Zaragoza 1652; m.there 1623 Fernando de Borja, Duque de
Villahermosa (d.1665), a nun[illegitimate]Martin, b.Zaragoza 1592, d.Italy 1593[illegitimate]Francisco d'Aragona de Luna y Villahermosa, married 1658 Valletta Malta to Maria Barbara Giacobina Attard, with issue
. Teresa d'Aragona, married 1687 Valletta to Gio Antonio Cacciatore-Passionei, with issue. Isabella Cacciatore-Passionei, married 1720 Valletta to Mco. Michel'Angelo Attard, with issue. Antonio Attard, married 1749 Valletta to Anna Darmenia, with issue. Maria Anna Attard, married 1749 Valletta to Mco. Gio Francesco Xuereb
. Maddalena Cacciatore Passionei, married 1712 Valletta to Notary Domenico Bonavita.[illegitimate]Gabriel, a monk, b.Pedrola 1547; m.Felipe Galceran de Castro de So, Vzcde de Ebol, a nun, b.Pedrola 1554; m.1586 Juan de Aragon, sn de Ballobar (d.1598)[illegitimate]Maria Gabriela de Aragon (1522-1523) (1523-1549); m.Juan Perez Coloma, Cde de Elda; m.Juan de Valterra, sn de Montanges, d.young, d.young
1.4.4.Maria, b.1483, d.young
1.4.5.Ana, b.1490, d.young
1.4.6.[illegitimate]Juan, d.1539[illegitimate]Juan[illegitimate]Juana; m.Pedro Ortiz
1.4.7.[illegitimate]Juana, d.after 5 Jul 1580; m.1st Garcia Perez de Veraiz; m.2d ca 1523
Francisco de La Caballeria (d.1580)
1.5.Leonora, d.1478; m.Jaime Milan, Cde de Albayda
[illegitimate by Maria Sanchez Conejo]:
1.6.Alfonso de Aragon, Archbishop of Tarragona, b.1455, d.Tarragona 1513
1.7.Fernando de Aragon; he had an illegitimate son:
1.7.1.Fernando de Aragonl he had an illegitimate son: de Aragon, a monk de Aragon, murdered
[illegitimate by Elvira de Maldonado]:
1.8.Catalina de Aragon, a nun
1.9.Enrique de Aragon, Bp of Gallipoli, d.there 1509
2.Juan de Aragon, Acrhbishop of Zaragoza, b.1429, d.Albalate de Cinca 1475
3.Leonor de Aragon; m.1468 Luiz de Beaumont, Cde de Lerin (d.1508)
4.Fernando de Aragon, d.1452
5.Maria de Aragon, d.young

End of Part 10

Part 11.
Etienne, Baron d'Oiselet (see Part 2) had issue:
1.Jean, d.young
2.Guillaume I, Baron d'Oiselet, d.1270; m.Marguerite, dau.of Cte Hugues de Vienne
2.1.Etienne II, Baron d'Oiselet et de Chamblay, d.1324; m.before 1297 Yolande de Choiseul
2.1.1.Etienne III, Baron d'Oiselet et de la Villeneuve et de Seveux, d.1335; m.ca 1310 Marguerite
de Rougemont (d.1350) I, Baron d'Oiselet, d.1372; m.before 1335 Isabelle de Villersexel (d.1368) (1335-1355); m.1349 Jeanne de Beaujeu, Gr Prior of Auvergne, b.1337 IV, Baron d'Oiselet (1338-1402); m.before 1372 Marie de Frolois (d.1406); for
their descendants see Part 12., Abbot in Besancon, b.1374, sn de Villeneuve (1348-1399); m.1st Molinot 1372 Alix de Frolois; m.2d
Yolande de Dinteville, sn de Villeneuve, b.1375, d.after 5 Jul 1436; m.1406 Isabelle de Bauffremont
(d.after 5 Jul 1436), sn de Villeneuve, d.after 1472; m.1427 Philipotte Rolin, sn de Villeneuve, d.ca 1499; m.before 1489 Anne de Ternant, a priest in Besancon, d.1519, dame de Villeneuve, d.ca 1508; m.1495 Baron Guillaume II d'Oiselet
(d.1528), Dame de Villeneuve, d.1547; m.1st 1495 Henri de Neufchatel, sn de
Chemilly (d.1517/8); m.2d 1518 Wolf Dietrich von Pfirt (d.1540), a nun; m.1459 Aymar Bouton, sn du Fay, a nun, sn de Lavigney, d.1453; m,Maria Bayer von Boppard (d.ca 1487), a priest, sn de la Chassagne, b.1355, Dame de la Resie (1340-1426); m.1st Jean d'Arcey (d.1395); m.2d Jean
Poignant du Trembloy (1342-1400); m.Jean de Vienne, sn de Roulans, a nun at Remiremont
2.1.2.Thibauld, sn de Cordiron, d.after 1309; m.Jeanne, Dame de Frasnois (d.1339), sn de Cordiron; m.Marguerite de Thoraise, sn de Cordiron, d.ca 1378; m.Jeanne de Scay-la-Tour; m.1st Albertin de la Chapelle; m.2d 1396 Renaud de Lievremont; m.3d Jean
d'Aubugney, sn de Brans, living 1350; m.Thierry d'Avenne, sn de Fresnoy, a nun
2.1.3.Regnaud,a Knight of St.John
2.1.4.Isabelle, a nun at Remiremont
2.1.5.Guillemette, a nun at Remiremont
2.1.6.Renaulde, d.1350; m.1st Jean II, Sire de Thoraise; m.2d Othon de Vaites
2.2.Thiebaut, sn de Chamblay et de Cordiron
2.5.Clemence, Princess-Abbess of Remiremont, d.1326
3.Etienne, sn de Villeneuve, d.1310; m.1st before 1287Alix=Yolande de Choiseul (d.1303); m.2d
1310 Jacquette de Grandson
4.Jean, sn de Flagey, d.1310; m.1st Guilemette d'Andelot; m.2d Helvis de Bauffremont (d.after
131) dau.of Liebaut IV de Bauffremont; all kids were by 2d m.
4.1.Guillaume, sn de Flagey, d.1370
4.3.Etienette, Dame de Flagey; m.Thiebaut, sn de Cusance
4.4.Clemence, Dame de Bourguignon; m.1312 Hugues de Cicon
5.Ferry, a priest
6.Clemence, d.1297/9; m.Amedee, Sire d'Arguel et de Rozet
7.Marguerite, d.1290; m.1st Philippe, Sire de Chauvirey (d.1270); m.2d before 1274 Guy II de
Joinville sn de Sailly

End of Part 11.

Part 12.
Baron Etienne IV d'Oiselet (see Part 11) had issue:
1.Jean II, Baron d'Oiselet, d.1442; m.1st Marguerite de Pontailler; m.2d 1404 Marguerite de
Vergy; all kids were by 2d m.
1.1.Antoine, Baron d'Oiselet, d.1472; m.Marie de Coucy
1.1.1.Jeanne, Dame d'Oiselet, d.1532; m.1469 Jean d'Oiselet (below)
1.1.2.Claudine, d.young
1.2.Richarde, d.1477; m.before 1453 Pierre de Choiseul, Sire d'Aigremont (d.1465)
1.3.Simone; m.1st Louis Morel, sn d'Escrille; m.2d Jean de Montfort
2.Vauthier; m.Marguerite de Chauviray
3.Guillaume, sn de Clervans, etc, d.1431; m.Jeanne de Crux
3.1.Philipe, sn de Clervans, etc, b.1408/9, d.after 1469; m.1st Antoinette de Mailly; m.2d 1466
Cecile de Grozon
3.1.1.[by 1st m.]Guillaume, sn de Clervans; m.Louise de Scey, d.young
3.2.Charles, sn de la Chassagne; m.1439 Jeanne de Clugny
3.2.1.Jean, Baron d'Oiselet, d.1503; m.Jeanne d'Oiselet (above), sn de Pont-de-Planches[illegitimate]Louis d'Oiselet; m.1530 Marguerite de Fontette Baptiste, sn de Pont-de-Planches Baptiste Louis Louis; m.1617 Marguerite de Chantrans Jacques; m.Anna Charlotte de Visemal, k.a., sn de Pont et de Grachaux, k.a., Prior in Baume, d.1727 Claude; m.1683 Louis Luquet de Grange Beuve Therese, sn de Fontaine-Nouvelle, d.after 1540 II, d.1528; m.1st 1495 Antoinette d'Oiselet, Dame de Villeneuve; m.2d 1508
Catherine de Serocourt; all kids were by 2d m., Baron d'Oiselet, d.1567; m.1st 1538 Philiberte de Plaine; m.2d 1562 Anne de
Fallerans, Dame de Montarlot; all kids were by 1st m. III, Baron d'Oiselet, d.1581; m.1570 Edmonde de Cusance Francois I, Baron d'Oiselet (1575-1646); m.1594 Anne d'Orsans (d.ca
1640) Francois II, Baron d'Oiselet, b.1602, k.in a duel in Brussels 1634;
m.1632 Caroline de la Baume-Saint-Amadour (d.1685) Francois III, Baron d'Oiselet (1633-1652) Antoine, a knight of St. John, k.a.in Alsace 1635 Francois, d.while a student of theology at Salamanca; m.Philibert de Poligney, b.1615, d.after 1650; m.Jean Cajetan de Padillo Ursula, a nun Francoise, a nun; m.1st 1589 Louis d'Oiselet (below); m.2d Claude Benigne Damas, Baron de
Melay, sn d'Oricourt, sn de Bussieres, sn de Dombrot; m.N de Barisey, Dame de Beuillon, d.after 1 Mar 1585; m.Andre de Chaudenay; m.N, sn de Chalant; m.before 10 Aug 1540 Pierre de Choiseul, sn d'Isches, sn de Frasne et de Villers-Chemin, d.1547; m.1528 Huguette Damas, Baron de Villeneuve, d.1602; m.1st 1541 Benigne de Pontailler; m.2d 1582
Peronne Perrenot de Grandevelle (d.after 17 Sep 1599)[by 1st m.]Claude, Baron de Frasne, d.1579[by 2d m.]Francois Thomas, Prince de Cantecroix, b.1589, d.Besancon 1629; m.1608
Charlotte, Margravine of Austria (d.Malines 1662), illegitimate dau.of Emperor Rudolf II Leopold, Pr de Cantecroix, d.of the plague at Besancon 1637; m.Brussels
1635 Beatrice de Cusance, Bss de Belvoir (1614-1663) (1637-1638), b.1636, d.young, sn de Villers-Chemin, d.1579; m.1556 Christine de Pontailler (d.after 1584), Baron de Villers-Chemin et de Lavigney, d.1607; m.1589 Claude d'Oiselet
(above) Francois, sn de Villers-Chemin, d.aged 22 Eve; m.Elyon de Brie, Baron de Landres et de Tichemont Francoise; m.Henri Lallemand, sn de Vaites Claude, sn de Lavigney, d.in Rome; m.Antoine d'Haraucourt, sn du Fresnoy; m.Antide de Gramont, sn de Gramont; m.Claude Henri de Gramnot, sn de Villers-Chevreux Paule; m.Marc de Salives, sn de Cerc Peronne; m.1597 Charles de Laubespin, sn de Chilley Baptiste; m.Jacques de Chenuz, sn de Souleau-en-Champagne; m.1st 1498 Claude de la Baume-Montrevel, sn de l'Abergement; m.2d Charles de
Bouton, sn du Fay; m.1504 Nicolas de Thuillieres, sn de Montjoie (d.1537), d.ca 1540; m.Remy de Thuillieres, sn de Hardemont (d.ca 1564); m.before 1505 Jean de Ligneville, sn de Tantonville, Dame d'Artaufontaine; m.1518 Etienne de Lambreyen; m.1515 Guillaume de Fontette, a nun
3.2.2.Louis, sn de la Chapelle
3.2.3.Philippe, d.ca 1520; m.Hans Pantaleon von Flachslanden, sn de Thevemanac (d.1533)
4.Guilemette, living 1391

End of Part 12.


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