The Bastards of Moscati

First researched by Charles Said Vassallo, from the archives of the Late Baron di Bauvso, Malta. 1st of January 2000.
The original research carried out by my Great Grand Father in the Early 1920's, though never published.

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The History

The Barons of Frigenuini.

Le Bastards de Mezieres.


1. King Charles II of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

 (R 1660-87) To see all of his descendants - Press Here:
1.1. (His Mistress Renee de Penacourt de Keroualle, Duchesse d'Aubigny, Duchess of Portsmouth.)
Sir Charles Lennox, K.G., 1st Duke of Richmond & Lennox, died 1723.
1.1.1. (His mistress, Jacqueline de Mezieres) Renee de Lenox (1709-74), her lover was her cousin the 2nd Duke of St Albans.

1.2. [illegitimate by Eleanor [Nell] Gwynne] Charles Beauclerk, Duke of St.Albans, b.London 8 May 1670, d.Bath 10 May 1726; m.17 Apr 1694 Lady Diana de Vere (d.15 Jan 1742), with issue.
Sir Charles Beauclerk K.G, 2nd Duke of St Albans (died 1751.), married 1722 to Lucy Werden, with issue.  (from his lover Renee de Lenox) Diane de Beauclerk-Lenox (1727-London) (By Sir Simon, 1st Earl Harcourt) Christopher Harcourt ( 1740-74); Brought up by the Harcourts themselves, and served the army retired as a colonel. Married in London to a Trotter and left issue. Simon Harcourt (1770-Believed to have moved to the U.S Harcourt (1773-Believed to have moved to Canada
Alexander Harcourt (1775-Believed to have moved to U.S
Sophia Harcourt (1772-, married an American. Renee Harcourt (1778-married to a Steward in London. (By Charles de Bourbon, Comte de Charcolais) Marie de Bourbon 1741-68. Brought up by the Bourbon-Conti's and by her mother in Munich. She married a Bavarian Nobleman and left issue. Louis de Bourbon ( 1742-81) Grew up with the Bourbon-Conti's and served the army. Married an Heiress of Lordship status and took her surname and had issue. (d'Essenge !) .(By Baron Alessandro Mompalalao Cuzkeri, Baron di Frigenuni) Nobile
Rosalea Mompalao ( 1743-85), grew up with her Mompalao family, and became (2nd) Baroness di Friguenuni. Was Mistress to the Marquis Diegio Moscati di Xrobb il Ghagin, and Virissimo de Lancastre, Knight of Malta and the Future 3rd Earl of Orford. (By the Marquis Diegio Moscati)
Nobile Saveria Moscati, (3rd) Baroness di Frigenuni ( 1760-97), grew up with her mother in Valetta, Malta . Travelled to London and lived there between 1783 and 1795, returning with her children to Malta before dying in 1797.
Had two main lovers with children from. They were Marquis Antonio de Piro and the Lord Archibald Douglas-Hamilton. Likely to have had other lovers though none noted as the father of any of her children. (By Marchese Antonio de Piro)
Senatore Nobile Alexandre Moscati ( 1774-1826). Grew up in Valletta, Malta. Was forced to flee Malta, due to raping the Most Noble Maria Teresa Testaferrata, which sired a daughter. Alexandre, was a Senator in Messina, Sicily .. He married firstly to a British Girl called Louisa Campbell, and sired several children from her. She died in 1802. He married secondly to the Noble Rosa d'Alessandro and sired several more children. Alexander was also the de jure 3rd Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, (4th) Baron di Frigenuni. (By Maria Teresa Testaferrata)
Nobile Anna Moscati (1792-1853), (5th) Baroness di Frigenuni, grew up in a convent in Malta . Took up cleaning duties for the Government houses. In the beginning of the year 1808, a French Prince, took an interest in her while in Palermo, and asked if she could have her service with him, while in Malta..
The affair only lasted a short time due to his sickness, though joined them on board to Malta, as the Prince became more sickly and then died. Anna was pregnant by him, and was later married to a Michele Gauci in Mosta in 1810. (By Prince Louis-Charles d’Orleans, Comte de Beaujolais)
Nobile Teresa Gauci-Beaujolais (1808/09- 1874). (6th) Baroness di Frigenuni, "Styled Comtesse de Beajolais", though unsuccessfully through the Bourbon Orleans family to inherit,  Married in 1838 to Nobile Andrea dei Baroni Abela, with issue. (By the marriage of Michele Gauci) Gio Maria Gauci 1811-79 - Moved to Crete, married in 1838 to Maria dei Baroni Abela and has issue Michele Gauci, (1840 Crete - 1878) , married 1862 to Giovanna Maria Apap (cousin)., with issue. Michelle Gauci, (1864 Crete -), married 1898 to Giacobo Muscat (Cousin), with issue. Michael Gauci, (1901 Crete -). Alexias Gauci, (1904 Crete -). Carmen Gauci, (1906 Crete -). Stephanie Gauci, (1909 Crete -). Aloisea Gauci, (1865 Crete -), dunm. Nellie Gauci, (1869 Crete -), dunm. Fortunato Gauci, (1871 Crete -), married 1902 to Martha Papoloupolous, with issue. Paul Gauci, (1905 Crete -). Christine Gauci, (1908 Crete -), married 1926 to Carlo Gauci (Cousin below). Andrea Gauci, (1842 Crete -), married 1865 to Anna Tomasi (cousin)., with issue. Ferdinando Gauci, (1867 Crete -), dunm. Teresa Gauci, (1872 Crete -), dunm. Stefania Gauci, (1844 Crete -), married 1861 to Christoper Apap (cousin). Teresa Gauci, (1845 Crete -), married 1863 to Filippo Tomasi, (cousin). Alessandro Gauci, (1847 Crete -), married 1867 to Antonia Gauci, (cousin)., with issue. Vincenza Gauci, (1871 Crete -), married 1885 to Carlo Azopardi dei Baroni di Buleben. .Michele Gauci 1813-61, married 1839 to Susanne Elizabeth Zammit, and moved to Crete, Greece in about 1845. Michelle Gauci, (1842 Malta -)., dunm. Peter Gauci, (1844 Malta -)., dunm. Carlo Gauci, (1846 Crete -)., married 1865 to Elvira Tomasi, (cousin)., with issue. Michele Gauci, (1867 Crete -), dunm. Rosa Gauci, (1869 Crete -), dunm. Antonio Gauci, (1871 Crete -), married 1896 to Marianna Louisa Muscat (see below), with issue. Carlo Gauci, (1898 Crete -), married 1926 Crete to Christine Gauci (Cousin), with issue. Andrea Gauci, (1901 Crete -). George Gauci, (1904 Crete -). Sophia Gauci, (1906 Crete -). Alexandria Gauci, (1909 Crete -). Felicitia Gauci, (1875 Crete -), married 1899 to Niccolo Muscat (see below). Edgar Gauci, (1849 Crete -)., married 1868 to Doris Apap (cousin)., with issue. Michele Gauci, (1870 Crete -), dunm. Niccolo Gauci, (1873 Crete -), dunm. Maria Antonia Gauci, (1875 Crete -), dunm. Antoinette Gauci, (1876 Crete -), dunm. Antonia Gauci, (1851 Crete -), married 1867 to Alessandro Gauci, (Cousin). Alessandra Gauci 1814-91, married 1840 to Felicissmo Apap , moved to Crete, Greece in 1845, with issue. Giovanna Maria Apap, (1843 Malta -), married 1862 to Michele Gauci (cousin). Christopher Apap, (1845 Crete -), married 1861 to Stefania Gauci, (cousin)., with issue. Felicissmo Apap, (1865 Crete -), dunm. Louisa Apap, (1848 Crete -)., married 1864 to Davide Tomasi (cousin). Doris Apap, (1851  Crete -), married 1868 to Edgar Gauci (cousin). Christina Gauci 1815-85, married 1841 to Paulo Tomasi and has issue. Anna Tomasi, (1843 Malta -), married 1865 to Andrea Gauci (cousin). Filippo Tomasi, (1846 Crete -), married 1863 to Teresa Gauci (cousin)., with issue. Paulo Tomasi, (1865 Crete -), married 1887 Nicosia Cyprus to Gaetana Sceberras Trigona, with issue. Paulo Tomasi, (1889 Nicosia -). Lena Tomasi, (1891 Nicosia -). Xara Tomasi, (1893 Nicosia -). Freda Tomasi, (1895 Nicosia -). Lino Tomasi, (1898 Nicosia -). Ferdinando Tomasi, (1899 Nicosia -). Beniamiano Tomasi, (1902 Nicosia -). Lorenzo Tomasi, (1867 Crete -), dunm. Michele Tomasi, (1871 Crete -), dunm. Davide Tomasi, (1847 Crete -), married 1864 to Louisa Apap (cousin)., with issue. Angelo Tomasi, (1865 Crete -), dunm. Miriam Tomasi, (1875 Crete -), dunm. Elvira Tomasi, (1849 Crete -), married 1865 to Carlo Gauci (cousin). Tatiana Tomasi, (1851 Crete -)., dunm. Marianna Tomasi, (1854 Crete -)., dunm. (By the first marriage). Antonio Moscati (1796-Messina to 1861 Naples ). de jure 4th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, Grew up in Messina and went into the Royal Two Sicilies Army, and retired as Captain. Married in Naples 1832 to Marianna Lombardo dei Duchi di Cumia, with issue. Alexandre Moscati, (1833-36), d.inf. Antonia Moscati, (1834-69), married. Enrico Moscati, (1836-1885), de jure 5th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, married, sp. Pietro Moscati, (1838-1902), de jure 6th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, married, sp. Marianna Moscati, (1839-1877), "Nun". Antonio Moscati, (1841-1895), 'Priest'. Alexandria Moscati, (1843-1886), married. Louisa Moscati, (1845-1913), married. Giorgio Moscati, (1847-1908), de jure 7th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, 'Monk". Tommaso Moscati, (1848-1942), de jure 8th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, married with issue. Antonio Moscati, (1881 - 1954), de jure 9th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, married, sp. Alexandro Moscati, (1889 -1959), de jure 10th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, 'Priest', dunm. Enrico Moscati, (1898 - 1961), de jure 11th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, married with issue. Tommaso Moscati, (1926 - 78), de jure 12th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, married with issue. Enrico Moscati, (1956-., de jure 13th Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, married with issue. Stefano Moscati, (1978 -, de jure Marhesino di Xrobb-il-Ghajnmarried with issue. Augusto Moscati, (2005-. Caroline Moscati, (2008-. Carlo Moscati, (1986-. Janice Moscati, ( 1982-. Leonardo Moscati, ( 1964-., married. Elvira Moscati, (1849-1909), 'Nun'. Xaverio Moscati, (1851-1915), 'Priest'. Maria Antonia Moscati, (1855-1887), married. Louise Moscati (1798-1849 Messina)., married (1) 1817 Palermo to Raimondo Musmeci dei Baroni della Torre., married (2) 1848 to Cesare Averna dei Baroni di Centineo. Stefanie Moscati 1799-1891 Messina), married 1822 Messina to Girolamo Rospigliosi-Gioeni dei Signore di Trappeto. (From the Second Marriage) Rosario Moscati (1807-91 Messina). Served as a local authority in Messina married to Anna d'Alessandro and sired several children. Tommaso Moscati (1842-85) A Magistrate in Messina, married in 1871 to Isabella d'Aragona and sired several children. Rosario Moscati, (1873 Messina -1942), married 1902 Messina to Elizabetta de Pembroke, (grand daughter of Robert Herbert, 12th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery), with issue. Tommaso Roberto Moscati de Pembroke, (1905 Messina -1985)., married 1940 to Marchesa Alexandra Alessi Fontani, with issue. Rosaria Moscati, (1942-, married 1967 to Aldo Bianco, with issue. Enrico Bianco, (1969 -, married 1999 to Fiametta lo Duca, with issue. Octavius Bianco, (2003-. Peyton Bianco, (2006-. Alessandro Bianco, (1972 -, married (1) 1993 (Div) to Sandra Pelicano, married (2) 2009 to Yolanda Quirico, with issue. (First Marriage) Tommaso Bianco, (1992 -. (born to Carla Zrinco) Paolo Bianco, (2010-. Davide Bianco, (1975-. Elvira Moscati, (1945-, married 1972 to Andre de Cesare, with issue. Tommaso de Cesare, (1975-. Giorgiana de Cesare, (1977-. Isabella Moscati de Pembroke, (1907 Messina -1987)., married 1931 to Nobile Giuseppe Delicata. Eloise Moscati de Pembroke, (1910 Messina -1953)., marired 1939 to Don Louis dei Principe Said. Enrico Moscati de Pembroke, (1911 Messina -1992)., married 1930 to Donna Bianca Maria dei Principe Said, with issue. Patricia Moscati, (1932-. Christina Moscati, (1936-. Ronaldo Moscati, (1938-. Octavia Moscati, (1875 Messina - 1908)., married 1902 Messina to Don Henri de Pembroke e Montgomery, (grand son of Robert Herbert, 12th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery),with issue. Enrico de Pembroke, (1903 - 1915), dunm. Roberto de Pembroke, (1905-1944), Served for the Italian Navy, married 1941 to Porsia N, with issue. Maria Scilla de Pembroke, (1943-. Cristina de Pembroke, (1908-1953), 'Nun', dunm. Carlo Moscat, (1845-1906), moved to Egypt, was a lawyer, married 1879 to Fiamatta Cilia (see below), with issue.. Rosario Moscati, (died 1941), married 1930 Cairo to Margarita de Bourbon, late wife of Leopold Giappone. (illegitimate daughter of HRH, Princess Elvira of Spain, d/o HRH Prince Carlos of Spain, Ducque de Madrid, and Philippe Folchi), with issue. Anton Moscati, (1930-1979), married 1951 to Diane de Simone, with issue. Philippe Moscati, (1954-., 'monk'. George Moscati, (1956-., married 1983 to Marie Perignon, with issue. Anton Moscati, (1985-., married 2008 to Astrid Moine. Monica Moscati, (1987-., married 2009 to Mathieu de Vienne. Stefano Moscati, (1958-., married 1986 to Helene de la Palme, with issue. Ferdinando Moscati, (1988-., married 2009 to Dorothea Valancogne. Timothy Moscati, (1989 -. married (Barcelonia. Spain) to Carlos de la Vega. Mary Moscati, (1960-., married 1982 to Felix Winckler. Carolina Moscati, (1962-., married to Marchese Emmanuele Spinola. Frederica Moscati, (1964-., married 1987 to Ambrose Fofana. Davina Moscati, (1932-1990), married 1953 to Aimone de Simone. Nathalie Moscati, (1934-69), married 1955 to Luigi Guisti. Alexandre Moscati (1846-1931), A Priest in Messina , then Egypt., dunm.  Rosa Moscati (1841-, married in Messina., married to Giovanni Azzopardi. Antonia Moscati ( 1844-, married in Messina to Vincenzo Militello dei Baroni di Castagna. Maria Moscati ( 1847-, married in Messina to Enrico Chianello di Maria Zappino dei Baroni di Carcaci. Sylvia Moscati ( 1849-, married in Messina., married to Enrico Delicata. Diegio Moscati (1776-1801) Malta. Deacon of the Cathedral of Mdina. Had sired several children
(By Louise Stilon) Antonio Moscati (1795-99), d.inf. .Alexandre Moscati (1796-1818) A Franciscan Monk., dunm. Moscati ( 1777-1800) a Nun. Capt Carmelo Moscati de Piro ( 1778, Valetta- 1798 Frankfurt, Grand Duchy of Hesse). Served in several armies , though killed in battle in Frankfurt . Had sired one child by Princess Henrietta Sophie von Bentheim zu Steinfurt., (Princess married later to a Prince), with issue. (Only child) Antonia Moscati de Piro (1796 Steinfurt, to 1878, Malta ) - note the child was automatically styled Nobile, Brought to Malta upon her birth and looked after by the Moscati family. She was a cleaner to the Testaferrata de Noto Family, when she was raped by then teenager, Marchese Sir Giuseppe Vincenzo Testaferrata de Noto , and sired a child by him. Antonia was married 1820 Mdina Malta to a Domenico Sammut of Rabat , Malta. Marchese Giuseppe Tesateferrata de Noto - adopted by Gaetano and Caterina Sammut) Maria Sammut ( 1820-72) Brought up in the Sammut name , and married 1840 Naxxar to a Giuseppe Cilia of Rabat, Malta. Angelo Cilia ( 1837-95), married in Rabat, Malta , to Donna Laura Stagno, and left issue. Giuseppe Cilia, (1856-, married 1877 to Agnese Preziosi, with issue. Fiametta Cilia, (1859-, married 1879 to Carlo Moscat, (See below). Christina Cilia, (1860-, married 1879 to Natale Giappone. Marianna Cilia, (1862-, married 1885 to Patrick Giappone. Leonardo Cilia, (1864-, dunm. Stefano Cilia, (1866-, married 1887 to Elizabeth Sceberras Trigona, with issue. Anna Christina Cilia, (1867-, dunm. Paola Maria Cilia, (1869-, married 1888 to Aloiseo Cilia (See below). Carlo Cilia, (1871-, married 1937 to Louisa Alessi Fontani, with issue. Carmelo Cilia (1839-1914) , married Caterina Caruana Gatto, and migrated to Tunisia , with issue. Alessandro Cilia, (1855-, dunm. Vincenzo Cilia, (1857-, married 1879 to Lorenza Cilia, (See above), with issue. Carmelo sives Carlo Cilia, (1881-. Louisa Cilia, (1883-, married 1902 Port Said to Domenico Sammut, (See below). Alessandria Cilia, (1886-, married 1902 Port Said to Carlo Sammit, (See below). Bianca Cilia, (1889-. Davide Cilia, (1892-. Enrico Cilia, (1895-. Anna Cilia, (1898-. Freda Cilia, (1900-. Silvia Cilia, (1903-. Marianna Cilia, (1905-, Migrated to Perth, Western Australia, married 1937 to (Nephew) Carmelo Sammut (See below). Laura Cilia, (18580, married 1882 to Carmelo Sammut, (See below). Antonia Cilia, (1859-), d.inf. Samuele Cilia, (1859-), d.inf. . Dominque Cilia ( 1843-88), married in 1866 to Giovanni Galea, and left issue. Maria Cilia (1843-1917), married Daniel Mallia Tabone  and moved to Egypt . Anthony Cilia (1845-1925), married 1863 to Angelica Bernard and moved to the U.S.A. Aloisia Cilia (1865 Connecticut, USA -), married 1888 to Paola Maria Cilia (See Above), with issue. Lorenza Cilia, (1869 Connecticut USA), married 1879 to Vincenzo Cilia (see above). Marianna Cilia, (1872 Connecticut, USA-), dunm. Frederica Cilia, (1874 Connecticut, USA-), dunm. Josephine Cilia (1846-1939), married Giuseppe Galea and moved to Australia . Caterina Cilia, (1848-, married 1881 Naxxar to Antonio Xuereb. Gaspare Cilia, (1850-, married 1898 Mellieha to Gaetana Fenech. Vittorio Cilia, (1852-, married 1889 Mellieha to Anna Azzopardi. Domenico Sammut Marriage) Pietro Sammut (1821-78), married to Adele Giappone, moved to Egypt . Domenico Sammit, (1879 Port Said-), married 1902 Port Said to Louisa Cilia (See above), with issue. Carlo Sammut, (1882 Port Said -), married 1902 Port Said to Alessandria Clia, (See above), with issue
. Carmelo Sammut (1823-57), married to Elena Bonici Gatto, moved to Egypt ., with issue. Carmelo Sammut, (1888-1948), Migrated to Perth W.A, married 1905 to Bianca Cilia, with issue. Carmelo Sammut, (1907-1944 Cairo), married 1937 Port Said to Marianna Cilia (His Aunt), with issue. Carmelo Sammut, (1939-1991), married. Stefania Sammut, (1942-. Antonio Sammut, (1944-. Angelo Sammut, (1909-1988), 'Monk'. Elizabetta Sammut, (1911- 1995), married. Carmelo Sammut, (1857 Port Said-), married 1882 to Laura Cilia (See above), with issue. Orazio Sammut ( 1825-95), moved to Tunis and may have settled in Gozo,  married 1853 Tunisia to Marchesa Maria Teresa Testaferrata, with issue. Giuseppe Sammut of Gozo, (1855-)migrated to Algeria., married 1881 Algeria to Maria Rosia Camenzuli., with issue. Paolo Giuseppe Sammut, (1885 Constantine, Algeria - 1964 Mgarr, Malta)., married (1) 1909 Malta to Giovanna Schembri, (d. 1909)., married (2) 1910 Rabat, Malta to Paola Sammut., with issue. (First Marriage) N.N. Sammut, d.inf. N.N. Sammut "Twin" d.inf. (Second Marriage) Josephine Sammut, (1911-74 Sydney Australia), married 1931 to Joseph Muscat, with issue. Violet Muscat, (1932-2000 Sydney Australia)., married 1957 to Julian Bonici., with issue. David Bonici, (1962-., married 1989 to Jenny Simms, with issue. Dane Bonici, (1990-. Amy-Lee Bonici, (1992-. Jamie Bonici, (1994-. Jeffrey Bonici, (1963-., married 1989 to Susan Green, with issue. Jessica Bonici, (1987-. Michael Muscat, (1934-96 Sydney Australia)., married 1957 to Francis Overton., with issue. Joanne Muscat, (1963-., De Facto (1) Michael Bevan., married 1986 to Gary Parker, with issue. (Marriage) Rikki-Lee Parker, (1987-. (De Facto) William Bevan, (1992-. Daniel Bevan, (1994-. Gary Muscat, (1970-., married 1992 to Donna Rogers., with issue. Mikayla Muscat, (1999-. Edward Muscat, (1935-1998)., married 1957. (Div) to Colleen Norma Weston, with issue. Paul Muscat, (1958-., married 1971 to Theresa Zammit, with issue. Josephine Muscat, (1979-, married 1997 to David Farre. Francis Ann Muscat, (1981-. Anthony Paul Muscat, (1984-. Samuel Paul Muscat, (1987-. Vivian Janet Muscat, (1960-., married 1983 to William James Allen, with issue. Christine Lea Allen, (1980-. Jessie David Allen, (1981-. Deborah Josephine Muscat, (1961-., De Facto with Christopher Anthony Allen, with issue. Daniel Christopher Allen, (1981-. Joshua Anthony Allen, (1984-. Jennifer Patrica Muscat, (1964-., married 1996 (Div 2016) to Murray Bruce Barnett, with issue. Conor Bruce Barnett, (1992-. Sheridan Patricia Barnett, (1994-, Defacto relationship with Marcus Lenz, with issue. Haley May Lenz, (2015-. Jack Edward Barnett, (1997-. Frederick Muscat, (1937-., married 1964 to Joy Wright., with issue. Lee-Ann Muscat, (1965-. Rodney Muscat, (1969-. Aida Muscat, (1941-., married 1960 to Brian Brown., with issue. Peter Brown, (1961-., De Facto with Jeanene Hardy, with issue. Kayley Brown, (1997-. Reese Brown, (1999-. Sharon Brown, (1970-.,  De Facto with Neville Brown., with issue. Rebecca Anne Brown, (2003-. Dylan John Brown, (2005-. Rachel Elizabeth Brown, (2007-. Patrick Muscat, (1944-. Maria Iris Muscat, (1947-., married 1967 to Raymond John Boyd., with issue. Mark Darrin Boyd., (1969-., De Facto with Melissa Bell., with issue. Ashley Maryanne Boyd, (2005-. Dianne Maree Boyd, (1973-., married 2002 to Martin Joseph Caruana., with issue. Piper Iris Caruana, (2003-. Joel Felix Caruana, (2006-. Christina Boyd, (1979-., Engaged to Travis Baker. Edmund Muscat, (1951. Paul Muscat, (1954-., De Facto with (1) Donna Murphy., De Facto with (2) Linda Kelly., Married (1) 1977 to (Div) Sue Carrol., married (2) 1998 to Anita Majanda., with issues. (First Marriage) Adam Muscat, (1977-. (De Facto 1) Luke Muscat, (1979-. Christopher Muscat, (1980-. (De Facto 2) Josie Muscat, (1984-. Carmen Sammut, (1913-93 Malta)., married 1933 to Petro Sammut., with issue. Joseph Sammut, (1934-., married 1960 to Angela Vella, with issue. Peter Sammut, (1962-., married 1987 to Jane Storero, with issue. Leah Sammut, (1993-. Julia Sammut, (1995-. John Sammut, (1965-., married 1995 to Josie Baldo, with issue. Justine Sammut, (1998-. Michelle Sammut, (1974-. Pauline Sammut, (1935-). d.inf.
David Sammut, (1936-2001)., married 1957 to Celita Galea, with issue. Raymond Sammut, (1958-., married 1981 to Rita Camilleri, with issue. Nathaniel Sammut, (1985-. David Sammut, (1987-. Andrea Sammut, (1990-. Benjamine Sammut, (1997-. Laura Sammut, (1998-. Charles Sammut, (1961-., married 1987 to Doris Fenech, with issue. Mario Sammut, (1988-. Noel Sammut, (1990-. Antoiniette Sammut, (1993-. Feliceanne Sammut, (1995-. Bernard Sammut, (1997-. Marthese Sammut, (1962-., married (1) (Div) 1981 to John Mula, De Facto (1) Raymond Galea., with issue. (Marriage 1) Marie Clair Mula, (1990-. (De Facto 1) Mathew Galea-Mula, (1999-. David Sammut, (1964-., married 1990 to Joanne Caruana, with issue. (Adopted) Nicolai Sammut, (1998-. Doreen Sammut, (1965-., married 1990 to Charles Gatt, with issue. Isaac Gatt, (1998-. Pierre Ferdiand Sammut, (1967-., married 1992 to Angel Maria Scicluna, with issue. Gaberial Sammut, (1995-. Raphael Sammut, (2000-. Jane Sammut, (1938-., married 1960 to James Vella, with issue. Maria Vella, (1961-. John Vella, (1963-., married 1987 to Sandra Brown, with issue. Andrew Vella, (1981-. Heather Vella, (1989-. Thomas Vella, (1994-. Luke Vella, (1996-. Margot Vella, (1999-. Francis Vella, (1969-. Peter Vella, (1970-., married 1994 to Josephine Fenech, with issue. Elizabeth Vella, (1995-. James Vella, (1997-. Sarah Vella, (2001-. Carmen Vella, (1970-., married 1995 to Neil Duncan, with issue. Clarissa Duncan, (1996-. Mitchel Duncan, (1998-. Nicholas Duncan, (2000-. Nazzarena Sammut, (1940-., married 1961 to Emanuele Gauci, with issue. Charles Peter Gauci, (1962-., married 1987 to Lee Anne O'Neil, with issue. Mathew Peter Gauci, (1989-. Samuel Charles Gauci, (1989-. Peter Charles Gauci, (1964-., married 1986 to Carmen Anne Scerri, with issue. Kylie Anne Gauci, (1989-. Melissa Michelle Gauci, (1991-. Robert Peter Gauci, (1994-. Nichole Rachel Gauci, (1995-. Jennifer Mary Gauci, (1966-., married 1990 to Patrick Schembri, with issue. Eva Sammut, (1943-., married 1960 to John Mary Fenech., with issue. Joan Fenech, (1961-., married 1981 to Godfrey Vella, with issue. Alison Vella, (1982-. Reese Vella, (1986-. Miriame Fenech, (1964-., married 1986 to Ernest Vella, with issue. Deborah Vella, (1988-. Mathew Vella, (1992-. Peter Fenech, (1970-., married 1994 to Marushka Spiteri, with issue. Hayden Fenech, (1996-. Kelsy Fenech, (1997-. Nicole Fenech, (2000-. Ernesto Fenech, (1978-. Pauline Sammut., (1944-., married 1965 to Victor Fenech., with issue. John Peter Fenech, (1966-., married 1991 to Jill Griffien, with issue. Gordon Fenech, (1995-. Brandon Fenech, (1998-. Carmen Fenech, (1968-., married 1993 to Joe Muscat. Lisa Marie Fenech, (1978-. Adam Sammut, (1947-., married 1968 to Rita Galea, with issue. David Sammut, (1969-., married 1995 to Jane Gatt, with issue. Andrew Sammut, (1997-. James Sammut, (1998-. Peter Sammut, (1972-. Luigi Sammut, (1951-., married 1975 to Rita Vella, with issue. Sharon Sammut, (1976-. Peter Sammut, (1980-. Grace Sammut, (1916-86 Melbourne, Australia)., married 1937 to Michael Abela., with issue. Mary Abela, (1937-., married 1961 to Joe Pace, with issue. Charlie Pace, (1963-., married 1989 to Sue Warke, with issue. Lisa Pace, (1990-. Adrian Pace, (1993-. Emma Pace, (1998-. Francis Pace, (1966-., married 1989 to James Agius, with issue. Natalie Agius, (1991-. Mathew Agius, (1995-. Michael Pace, (1970-. Pauline Abela, (1938-., married 1958- to John Ellul, with issue. Rita Ellul, (1962-., married 1987 to James Paolucci, with issue. Andrew Paolucci, (1992-. Brandon Paolucci, (1995-. Lily Ellul, (1964-., married 1995 to Peter Maio, with issue. Monique Maio, (1996-. Jacob Maio, (1998-. Josie Ellul, (1967-., married 1992 to Mario Miranda, with issue. Rebecca Miranda, (1993-. Sarah Miranda, (1996-. Christopher Miranda, (1998-. Mary Ellul, (1967-., married 1994 to Gino Masaoli, with issue. Luke Masaoli, (1999-. Joe Abela, (1940-., married 1966 to Margret Bird., with issue. Georgina Abela, (1968-, married 1996 to Jamie McLoud. Susan Abela, (1970-., married 1994 to Brian Courigan, with issue. Stacy Courigan, (1997-. Olivia Courigan, (1999-. Gracie Abela, (1974-. George Abela, (1943-., married 1964 (Div) to Heather Hassle., with issue. Diane Abela, (1964-., De Facto with Leigh Parremor, with issue. (De Facto issue) Adam Parremor, (1983-. Damien Parremor, (1987-. Harley Parremor, (1992-. Tinixa Parremor, (1993-. Caren Abela, (1966-., De Facto with Mark Rusco, with issue. (De Facto issue) Bradlet Rusco, (1986-. Chantele Rusco, (1987-. Jason Rusco, (1991-. Bianco Rusco, (1993-. David Abela, (1968-., De Facto with Liz Larring, with issue. (De Facto issue) Amanda Abela, (1988-. Brandon Abela, (1992-. Crystal Abela, (1995-. Angela Abela, (1969-. Paul Abela, (1974-., De Facto with Linda Peterson with issue. (De Facto issue) Shayla Abela, (1998-. Philip Abela, (1944-., married 1966 to Christine Mulby, with issue. Sharon Abela, (1965-., married 1996 to Anthony Lorensini, with issue. Emma Lorensini, (1998-. Michelle Abela, (1972-., married 1996 to Glen Pearce, with issue. Rochelle Pearce, (1997-. Arthur Abela, (1946-., married 1969 to June Drake,. with issue. John Abela, (1969-., De Facto with Jody Parks, with issue. Luke Abela, (1998-. Donna Abela, (1971-., married 1996 to Robbie O'Sullivan, with issue. Brydie O'Sullivan, (1992-. Tori O'Sullivan, (1995-. Matti O'Sullivan, (1997-. Doris Abela, (1948-., married 1968 to Anthony Micallef, with issue. Joseph Micallef, (1971-. Jeffrey Micallef, (1972-. Charlie Abela, (1948-., married 1970 to Cecilia Cuspo, with issue. Michael Abela, (1971-., married 1997 to Maryann Tabone, with issue. Jessie Abela, (1999-. John Abela, (1972-., De Facto with Monica Alderson, with issue. (De Facto issue) Joshua Abela, (1993-. Jeremy Abela, (1997-. Andrew Abela, (1978-. Rita Abela, (1949-., married 1969 to Charles Caruana., with issue. Gerry Caruana, (1971-. Louise Caruana, (1978-. Tessie Abela, (1954-., married 1984 to Paul Cassar, with issue. Amanda Cassar, (1985-. Michael Cassar, (1987-. Felix Sammut, (1918-78 Sydney Australia)., married 1946 to Maria Vassallo, with issue. Paul Sammut, (1947-., married 1976 to Mary Vella, with issue. Felicity Sammut, (1979-., married John Sultana., with issue. Charles Sammut, (1980-. Grace Sammut, (1981-. Christopher Sammut, (1983-. Maree Sammut, (1985-. Carmen Sammut, (1948-., married 1965 to Joe Muscat, with issue. John Muscat, (1966-., married 1991 to Mary Portelli, with issue. Stacy Muscat, (1993-. Shannon Muscat, (1995-. Shane Muscat, (1997-. Mary Muscat, (1968-., married 1988 to Frank Galea, with issue. Rachel Galea, (1990-. Aaron Galea, (1993-. Alicia Galea, (1997-. Paul Muscat, (1970-., married 1990 to Josephine Azzopardi, with issue. Helen Marie Muscat, (1998-. Angela Muscat, (1999-. Michael Muscat, (1974-., married 1997 to Maria Debono, with issue. Nicholas Muscat, (2000-. Amanda Sammut, (1981-., married David Sammut. Philip Sammut, (1950-., married 1976 to Carmen Xuereb., with issue. Daniel Sammut, (1977-. Therese Sammut, (1979-. Adam Sammut, (1979-. Ben Sammut, (1982-. Joe Sammut, (1950-., married 1978 to Josephine Muscat., with issue. Nicholas Sammut, (1982-. Romana Sammut, (1984-. Damien Sammut, (1988-. Rosemarie Sammut, (1963-., married 1985 to Joseph Sammut, with issue. Michael Sammut, (1987-. Darren Sammut, (1990-. Jason Sammut, (1993-. Salvo Sammut, (1918- Malta., married 1942 to Emmanuella Bonaventura Grech., with issue. Paul Sammut, (1943-., married 1965 to Rose Josephine Gatt., with issue. Diane Sammut, (1966-., married 1986 to Percy Felix Vella, with issue. Jade Kristen Vella, (1988-. Elise Rose Vella, (1992-. Victoria Felicia Vella, (1995-. Denise Sammut, (1966-., married 1984 to Mario Louis Vella, with issue. Aaron Paul Vella, (1985-. Ashleigh Maree Vella, (1988-. James Andrew Vella, (1994-. Gary Joseph Sammut, (1969-., married 1994 to Tracy Leigh Adams, with issue. Lynleigh Rose Sammut, (1999-. Kylie Jade Sammut, (1974-, married 1998 to Sam Andrew Yaako. Troy Paul Sammut, (1978-, married 2002 to Manuela Papandrea. Mary Sammut, (1944-., married 1963 (Div) to Paul Joseph Portelli, with issue. Peter James Portelli, (1963-. Marion Portelli, (1967-., married 1995 to Laurence Robert Dougal. Vonnie Sammut, (1946-), d.inf. David Sammut, (1948-., married (1)(Div) 1970 to Doreen Cremona, De Facto (1) to Angela Uattsi., Married (2) 1994 to Lorraine Somerfield., with issue. (First Marriage) Cherie Therese Sammut, (1973-., married 1992 to Christopher Attard, with issue. Mathew Francis Attard, (1994-. Lauren Therese Attard, (1995-. Jarrod Patrick Attard, (2000-. Amanda Lillian Sammut, (1977-., De Facto with Erick Amaya, with issue. (De Facto issue) Jayden Samuel Sammut-Amaya, (1997-. (De Facto 1) Christopher David Sammut, (1983-. Doris Violet Sammut, (1954-., married 1973 (Div) to Neville John Micallef, with issue. Mark John Micallef, (1974-. Brad;ey Christopher Micallef, (1977-. Joe Sammut, (1957-., married 1980 to Helen Christina Cooper, with issue. (Adopted) James Won Yeong Sammut, (1986-. Steven John Sammut, (1965-., married 1992 to Christine Gail Onley., with issue. Erin Christine Sammut, (1993-. Blake Samuel Sammut, (1995-. Liam Steven Sammut, (1997-. Isla Ruby Sammut, (1999-. Saverio Sammut, (1921-2000 Malta), married Rosaria Muscat., with issue. Modestina Sammut, (1947-., married 1968 to Joe Galea, with issue. Raymond Galea, (1972-. Valerie Galea, (1976-. Ritienne Galea, (1979-. Greaziella Galea, (1982-. Marie Claire Galea, (1988-. Paul Sammut, (1948-., married 1974 to Mary Micallef, with issue. Julie Maree Sammut, (1975-., married Emanuel Portelli, with issue. Joshua Portelli, (1996-. Rochelle Maree Portelli, (1998-. Frank Sammut, (1977-. Rosanne Sammut, (1980-., married Martin Azzopardi, with issue. Patrica Maree Stella Azzopardi, (1999-. Joe Sammut, (1950-., married 1974 to Doris Vella, with issue. Daniel Sammut, (1975-., married Julie Anne Portelli. Javen Sammut, (1980-. Carmen Sammut, (1951-., married 1970 to Paolo Cilia, with issue. Richard Cilia, (1972-. Sonia Cilia, (1976-. Gordon Cilia, (1980-. Simona Cilia, (1987-. Maria Sammut, (1953-., married 1978 to John Cilia, with issue. Heathcliff Cilia, (1979-. Brian Cilia, (1981-. Shirley Cilia, (1993-. Doris Sammut, (1955-., married 1973 to Joe Muscat, with issue. Charles Muscat, (1975-. Rosalie Muscat, (1978-. Christian Muscat, (1987-. Aida Sammut, (1957-., married 1982 to Paul Schembri, with issue. Divert Schembri, (1983-. Oliver Schembri, (1991-. Grazzju Sammut, (1960-., married 1985 to Victoria Grima, with issue. Josef Sammut, (1986-. Alexia Sammut, (1989-. Edward Sammut, (1967-., married 1992 to Xivienne Agius, with issue. Glenn Sammut, (1995-. Emma Sammut, (1999-. Maria Teresa Sammut, (1886-). George Sammut, (1889-1944 London)., Migrated to London 1923, married with issue. Elvira Sammut., (1856-). Yolanda Sammut., (1857-). Enrico Sammut, (1860-). Carlo Sammut, (1861-). Ursula Sammut, (1864-). Domenico Sammut ( 1831-1912) , married in Mosta to Louisa Abela, and left descendants ( By Lord Archibald Douglas Hamilton) Archibald Moscati (1785 London -1843 Salerno), lived in Palermo as a court Official, married in 1801 to a Donna Antonia de Stefano, daughter and Heiress of a Sicilian Baron. Archibald changed his name to DE STEFANO upon marriage.
Baron Massimilaino de Stefano (1804-99), married in 1821 to Alessandra di San Severino and she died in childbirth in 1822. He married a second time in 1824 to Giovanna Ruffo (his cousin) and sired several children. Archibald de Stefano (1825-46) dspl Engaged to Filippa Tophia, with issue.. (Issue from Filippa Tophia of Palermo) Archibald de Stefano, De-Jure Barone de Stefano (1846-1903), married 1874 to Nadia von Hopperheim., with issue. Rocco de Stefano, De-Jure Barone de Stefano, (1877-1943 Killed in WWII), married 1901 to Antonia Maria dei Marchesi Drago., with issue. Archibald de Stefano, (1906-74), De-Jure Barone de Stefano., married 1931 to Louise Adami, with issue. Rocco de Stefano, (1934-, De-Jure Barone de Stefano (Migrated to Sydney Australia)., married 1968 to Anna Capobianca., with issue. Archibald de Stefano, (1969-., married 1992 at Mosman, Sydney to Yvonne Ines Cremona., with issue. Max de Stefano, (1996-. Lisa de Stefano, (1998-. Anthony de Stefano, LLB., (1973-., married 2008 Vaucluse Sydney to Laura Russo. Stacey de Stefano, (1936-., married 1970 to John Zampieri., with issue. Andrew Zampieri, (1975-. Ursula Zampieri, (1979-. Vincent Zampieri, (1983-. Charles de Stefano, B.Com., (1941-., married 1975 to Henrietta Fairmont., with issue. Claire de Stafano, (1978-., married 2002 Liverpool Sydney to Alexander Selwood., with issue. Jesse Selwood, (2005-. Maria Antonia de Stefano, (1879-), married 1914 to Biagio Drago. Carmelo de Stefano ( 1827-29), dsp Saveria de Stefano, (1828- 92), married to Francesco Scandurra, Barone di Salsetta e Montagna. Antonia de Stefano ( 1830-88), married to Pietro Cali dei Baroni di Fabio. Archibald de Stefano (1831-48) Killed in Battle. Massimilano de Stefano ( 1833-48), killed in Battle as well, dunm. Tristiano de Stefano ( 1834-39) dsp Elisabetta de Stefano (1806-31), married 1825 Messina Sicily to Riccardo Barbara, and had issue. Maria de Stefano ( 1808-74), a nun in Palermo., dunm. Antonia Moscati ( 1786 London -, married to Don. Claudio Fabre, with issue. Massimiliano Fabre, (1812 Valletta -., dunm. Stefano Fabre, (1813 Valletta -., dunm. Giorgio Fabre, (1815 Valletta -., married 1842 to Nobile Antonia Azopardi dei Baroni di Buleben., with issue. Nathalia Fabre, (1817 Valletta -., married 1839 to Davide Ruffo (See below). Fiametta Fabre, (1818 Valletta -., married 1845 to Stefano Zammit. Rosalea Moscati ( 1787 London -, adopted by the GALEA family, and married in 1804 to Giuseppe Moscati. Giacobo Moscati ( 1805-68), married firstly to Anna Vella in 1832, she died in 1848, had several issues. He later married secondly to Victoria Somerville with further issue. (First Marriage) Giuseppe Muscat, (1833-46), dunm. Antonio Muscat, (1834-79 Cairo), married 1863 to Giuseppa Muscat (cousin)., with issue. Giacobo Muscat, (1864 Cairo-., married 1898 to Aloisea Gauci, with issue. (Egypt). Antonia Muscat, (1867 Cairo-., married 1899 to Antonio Gauci, with issue. Petronilla Muscat, (1869 Cairo-., dunm. Maria Louisa Muscat, (1871 Cairo-., dunm. Niccolo Muscat, (1873 Cairo-., married 1899 to Felicita Gauci, with issue. (Egypt). Clara Muscat, (1836- 93 Cairo)., dunm. Davide Muscat, (1840-46), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Lawrence Muscat, (1851-98 Cairo)., dunm. Stephanie Muscat, (1853-1912 Cairo), married 1879 to Thomeo Muscat (cousin). Giuseppa Muscat, (1856-1949 Cairo)., dunm. Angelo Moscati ( 1807-72) married to Maria Galea, with issue. Giuseppa Muscat, (1836-1915 Cairo), married 1863 to Antonio Muscat (cousin). Thomeo Muscat, (1839-93 Cairo), married 1879 to Stephanie Muscat (cousin), with issue. Angela Muscat, (1880 Cairo-., dunm. Giacoba Muscat, (1883 Cairo-., dunm. Louisa Muscat, (1885 Cairo-., married 1909 to Jacopo Stagno. Bianca Muscat, (1886 Cairo -., dunm. Vincenzo Muscat, (1889 Cairo-., dunm. Tomasa Muscat, (1892 Cairo-., dunm. Elvira Muscat, (1841-1935 Cairo)., dunm. Rosalea Moscati ( 1809-81), married to Francesco Sant Carmelo Moscati ( 1811-46), married to Isabella Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe Moscati, (1841-), dunm. Antonia Moscati, (1843 -), dunm. Maria Louisa Moscati, (1845 -), 'Nun', dunm. Antonia Moscati ( 1814-57), married Francesco Xerri Josephine Moscati ( 1816-1900), married Mario Cassar Catherine Moscati ( 1818-98), married Bartolomeo Vassallo, Baron di Bavuso Fiametta Moscati ( 1789 London -, married in 1804 to Giovanni Ruffo in Messina., with issue. Ferdinando Ruffo, (1806 Calabria-., married 1826 to Angelina Azopardi dei Baroni di Buleben., wth issue. Antonia Ruffo, (1807 Calabria-., dunm. Fiametta Ruffo, (1809 Calabria-., dunm. Davide Ruffo, (1812 Calabria-., married 1839 to Nathalie Fabre (See Above)., with issue. Scilla Ruffo, (1814 Calabria-., married 1838 to Vincenzo Barbaro. Lorenzo Ruffo, (1817 Calabria-., "Monk", dunm. Stephano Ruffo, (1819 Calabria-., married 1840 to Caroline Zammit, with issue. (illegitimate from George Walpole, 3rd Earl of Orford, 16th Baron Clinton) Bartolomeo Walpole Attard 'Alunno', (1766 Livorio, Italy- 1837 Malta), married 1794 Birkirkara to Anna Xiberras, with issue. Giorgio Walpole Attard, (1796-. Margarita Walpole Attard, (1797-. Saveria Walpole Attard, (1799-. Guglielmo Walpole Attard, (1802-. Francesca Walpole Attard, (1804-. Rosaria Walpole Attard, (1805-. (illegitimate from Virissimo de Lancastre, Knight of Malta.) Philippa de Lancastre (Cushieri) (1769-, married 1784 Vittoriosa to Pietro Caruana, with issue. Alessandro Caruana, (1785-., dunm. Pietro Caruana, (1787-., dunm. Antonia Caruana, (1789-., married 1816 to Carlo de Carlo (see below). Ferdinando Caruana, (1791-., dunm. (illegitimate from Prince George Augustus Cowper). Aloisea Spiteri, 1795-1884, married with issue. (see Cowper). (illegitimate from Virissimo de Lancastre, Knight of Malta.) Antonia de Lancastre ( Cushieri) (1772-, married to Giorgi Magro Sant (illegitimate from Virissimo de Lancastre, Knight of Malta.) Elizabetta de Lancastre (Cushieri) (1775-, married to Paulo de Caro, with issue. Carlo de Carlo, (1789-., married 1816 to Antonia Caruana (see above), with issue. Vincenza de Carlo, (1791-., married 1815 to Giacomo Preziosi. Maria de Carlo, (1794-., dunm. Edgardo de Carlo, (1796-., married 1819 to Maddalena Mariani, with issue. Pietro Paolo de Carlo, (1821 -. Angelica de Carlo, ( 1824 -. Carlina de Carlo, (1828 -. Pietro de Carlo, (1799-., married 1823 to Angelica Mariani., with issue. Enrico de Carlo, (1826 -. Henrietta de Carlo, (1831 -. Virginia de Carlo, (1835 -. Tommaso de Carlo, (1837 -. Leonardo de Carlo, (1838 -. (By Conte de Candolo) Antonio Ferrero,(1744- lived in Genoa, Italy, with issue Pia Maria Ferrero ( 1744/5, married  1756 to Marco Antonio Sant. ( By The Count Antoine Levin de Gosberg-Bavievre) Renee Levin (1748 -, married and lived in Bavaria. Charles Levin (1751-1826) Created a Count Levin, and recognised as the Bastard of the Count Antoine, married 1772 Munich to Baroness e Princess Catalina von Neuhoff of Corsica, (d/o Frederick von Neuhoff, (1725-1796) who was the son of King Theodore I of Corsica, (r. 1736-)), with issue, lived in Bavaria. (from the marriage) George Beauclerk, (1720 - 86), 3rd Duke of St Albans, married 1752 to Jane Roberts, with issue. Lady Anne Amelia/Marie‑Frangoise Beauclerk, (1756-1826); married to Simon Fromont (d.1830), dsp. Lady Rose Beauclerck  (Brussells 1 Dec 1758-Pont‑`‑Mousson 5 Aug 1829); m.Brussells 7 Jan 1787 Hubert Offhuys (Brussels 12 Jan 1751-Pont‑`‑Mousson 14 Apr 1822) Anna Amilie Offhuys (Brussels 1 Aug 1787-Pont‑`‑Mousson 13 Mar 1870); m.Pont‑`‑Mousson 10 Jul 1811 Hubert‑Cyprien Guillaume de Rogeville (1770-1851)  "dont descendance dans les familles frangaises Magot, Lefebvre de Montjoie et Pierson de Brabois".

1.3. (from Mistress Lady Barbara Villiers) Lady Barbara Fitzroy, (1672-1737) later became a nun, mistress to James Douglas-Hamilton, 4th Duke of Hamilton, 1st Duke of Brandon, with issue.

1.3.1. Charles Hamilton, (1691 -1754 Paris France), Styled Comte de Arran, "Author of Transactions" during the period of Queen Anne of Great Britain, married 1735 Vittoriosa to Helene Zammit-Alexandri, with issue. Charles Hamilton, (1738 -1800 Paris), Styled Comte de Arran, mistress was Donna Chiara Sayd di Bibino Magno, with issue. Charles Hamilton, (1776 -1854 Paris), Styled Comte de Arran., dunm.l. (ilegitimate with Margherita Sacco) Maria di Sacco (1813 -)., married 1826 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Tabone. Alice Hamilton, (1774 - 1837 Valletta), mistress to Barone Vella di Baccari. Philippa Leonarda Hamilton, (1779 - 1860 Valletta), married 1808 Valletta to Antonio Lorini Forini. Maria Hamilton, (1776-1847 Palermo, Sicily), married 1794 to Carlo Dudley, (1749-1795), 11th Duca di Northumbria. Caterina Hamilton, (1741-)., married 1760 Vittoriosa to Conte Leonardo Preziosi. Barbara Hamilton, (1743 -89), 'nun', Mistress to Melchiore Olivier de Puget. Pauline Hamilton, (1745-1810), 'nun'..



* Giuseppe Sammut of Gozo and his descendants were provided by Joseph Sammut of Canberra, ACT, Australia.

First researched by Charles Said Vassallo, from the archives of the Late Baron di Bauvso, Malta. 1st of January 2000. The original research carried out by my Great Grand Father in the Early 1920's, though never published.

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The Barons of Frigenuini.

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