"The House of Mannarino"

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1. Francesco Mannarino, married 1594 Valletta to Paolina N, with issue.

1.1. Gio Angelo Mannarino, married 1615 Senglea to Dianora (former wife of Cesare Lafonte), with issue..

1.1.1. Gusmano / Cosimo Nicola Mannarino., married 1651 Vittoriosa  to  Antonella Veronica Xiriha , with issue.  Giuseppe Mannarino., married 1729 Valletta to Giovanna Schembri., with issue Don Paolo Mannarino., dunm. Don Gaetano Mannarino, (1733-1814),  dunm. Bartolomeo Mannarino.,  married 1759 Valletta to Saveria Segond, with issue. Rosa Mannarino., married 1784 Valletta to Dr Giuseppe Grech JUD., with issue. Giovanni Grech Mannarino., married 1823 Valletta to Rosa Spiteri. Saverio Grech Mannarino., married Margarita Ellul. Dr Antonio Grech Mannarino JUD., married Rosa Ardonio.  Giuseppe Mannarino., married 1792 Valletta Regina Naudi., with issue. Giuseppa Mannarino., married Ferdinando Ventura. Virginia Mannarino., married Giovanni German., with issue. Alessandro German Mannarino. Luigia  Mannarino., married 1829 Birkirkara to Vittorio Maistre. Giuseppe Maistre, married 1846 Birkirkara to Mariana Rizzo. Guilia Mannarino., married Emmanuele Leone.  Saverio Mannarino., married Carlotta Salvine. Francesca Mannarino., married 1784 Valletta to Sig Giuseppe Farrugia., with issue. Margarita Farrugia Mannarino., married 1805 Valletta to Conte Gio Batta Ciantar-Paleologo. Antonio Mannarino. Gio Battista Mannarino. Chiara Mannarino., married 1757 Valletta to Dr Federico Gatt JUD., with issue. Diana Mannarino., married 1762 Valletta to Dr Carlo Azzopardi JUD. Anna Maria Mannarino., married 1759 Valletta to Carlo Segond, with issue. Giuseppe Segond, married 1777 Valletta to Elena Pizzuto. Anna Maria Segond, married 1777 Valletta to Dr Giacomo Daniele Pizzuto JUD. Felice Mannarino., married  1739 Valletta to Fortunata Cachia., with issue.   Notary Emmanuele Cachia Mannarino., married 1770 Valletta  to Antonia Ricca., with issue.  Marianna Cachia Mannarino., married 1796 Valletta to Gio Nicola Gauci Azopardi. Felice Cachia Mannarino, married 1808 to Lucrezia N, with issue. Emmanuele Cachia Mannarino. Paolo Cachia Mannarino, married 1800 Valletta to Ernesta Reno, (illegitimate daughter of Giacomo Reno and Maria Grech), with issue. Emanuela Cachia Mannarino. Aloiseo Cachia Mannerino. Paola Cachia Mannarino., married 1807 Valletta to Dr Not. Cristoforo Frendo JUD, Member of Government during the French rule in Malta 1798-1800,., with issue. Notary Vincenzo Frendo, married 1838 Cospicua to Maddalena Camenzuli, with issue. Dr Cristoforo Frendo JUD, married 1872 Birkirkara to Nobile Leonelda Vella Bonavita dei Conti di San Paolino d'Aquilejo. Marianna Frendo. Giuseppe Frendo. Antonio Frendo. Gaetano Cachia Mannarino, (1775-1860), migrated to Imperia Russia and Created COUNT CACHIASKY and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1799 to Countess Isola von Brumer., with issue. Countess Philippa Cachiasky, (1800-), married 1817 to Baron Wilhelm von Ascheberg, with issue. Baroness Isola von Ascheberg, (1820-., married  1840 to Prince Vladimir Odoevsky, with issue. Prince Andre Odoevsky, (1851-, married 1884 to Baroness Rosaria Mielov, with issue. Countess Tatiana Cachiasky, (1803-), married 1820 to Baron Grigor Wrede. Countess Olga Cachiasky, (1805-), married 1822 to Baron Nicolas Munck. Margherita Cachia Mannarino., married Joachim Mamo., with issue. Antonia Mamo Mannarino., married 1806 to Vincent Casolani Melita Mamo Mannarino, married to Antonio Sammut. Felica Mamo Mannarino, married to Antonio Reno Carcay. M'Angelo Mamo Mannarino, married to Carolina Bruno, with issue. Giovanna Mamo Mannarino. Margherita Mamo Mannarino. Anna Maria Mamo Mannarino. Emmanule Mamo Mannarino Vincenzo Mamo Mannarino. Gio Nicolo Cachia Mannarino. Martina Cachia Mannarino. Maria Cachia Mannarino. Don Vincenzo Cachia Mannarino. M'Angelo Cachia Mannarino. Filippo Mannarino, married 1755 Valletta to Rosalia d'Armania. Francesca Mannarino, married 1724 Senglea to Gio Francesco Bonnici, with issue. Salvatore Bonnici, married 1776 Ghaxaq to Anna Mifsud, with issue. Matteo Bonnici, married 1807 Valletta to Vincenza Zarb, with issue. Carmela Bonnici, married 1830 Valletta to Michele Bonello, with issue. Maria Bonello, married 1858 Valletta to Giuseppe Caruana. Maria Anna Bonnici, married 1838 Valletta to Vincenzo Benedetti. Salvatore Bonnici, married 1843 Valletta to Giuseppa Benedetti.

1.1.2. Paolo Mannarino, married to Caterina N, with issue. Sinforia Mannarino, married 1689 Valletta to Natale Giuseppe Zammit.

1.2. Lucrezia Mannarino, married 1617 Valletta to Tomaso d'Aversa.

1.3. Geronima Mannarino, married 1624 Valletta to Baldassare Matrenza.

1.4. Gioannella Mannarino, married 1633 Valletta to Baldassare Borg.

1.5. Speranza Mannarino, married 1633 Valletta to Germanino Scivoli.



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