"Libro d'Oro di Melita"

"Title of Marchese Mattei (1899) "

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Capitano Francesco Mattei, Merchant from Corsica, married 1681 to Contessa Evangelista Cornelio - a Hereditary Byzantine Contessa through the Vassallo-Paleologo family, with issue.
1. Conte Aloiseo Mattei., (1683-1764), married 1719 Senglea to Nobile Maria Abela, with issue.

1.1. Conte Carlo Mattei, married 1751 Senglea to Filippa Scarloni, with issue.

1.1.1. Conte Gio Batta Mattei (d. 1813) Cr 1800: Duca di Mondello in Naples, married 1780 to Rosalea Zerafa, dsp.

1.1.2. Conte Don. Ferdinando Mattei, (1761-1829), Bishop of Rhodes Island and of Malta, (r. 1807), dunm.

1.1.3. Conte Gregorio Mattei, (d. 1813), Minister in Malta for Sicily, dunm.

1.1.4. Contessa Francesca Mattei, (d. 1846), dunm.

1.1.5. Contessa Margherita Mattei, married 1772 Cospicua to Francesco Mercieca.

1.2. Contessa Marcella Mattei, married 1757 Senglea to Xaverio di Pares, with issue.

1.2.1. Conte Giuseppe de Pares, married 1774 Vittoriosa to Teresa Zammit, with issue. Conte Antonio de Pares, married (1) 1790 Senglea to Nobile Benedetta Caruana Orsini, married (2) 1808 Valletta to Margherita Pisani de Fournier de Pausier, married (3) 1812 Senglea to Maddalena Trangona, with issue. (First Marriage) Fra Antonio de Pares, Abbott, dunm. Suor Marcella de Pares, Nun, dunm. Suor Fortunata de Pares, Nun, dunm. (Second Marriage) Conte Giuseppe de Pares, married 1844 to Lucrezia Cutajar, with issue. Contessa Carmela de Pares, married 1883 to Conte Salvatore Zarb dei Baroni Inguanez., with issue. Conte Fra Francesco de Pares, Priest, dunm. Suor Marcella de Pares, Nun, dunm.

1.3. Conte Antonio Mattei (d. 1805),   married 1760 Senglea to Teresa Cini, with issue.

1.3.1. Conte Francesco Mattei, (d. 1854), married 1794 Senglea to Fortunata Cachia, with issue. Conte Carlo Mattei, (d. 1825), married 1821 Valletta to Tecla Scifo, with issue. Conte Salvatore Mattei, (d. 1895), married 1856 to Carmela Metropoli, with issue. Conte Ferdinando Mattei, Duca di Mondello, dunm. Conte Gio Batta Mattei, married 1901 to Adelaide Borg Oliver dei Principe di Mistra, with issue. Conte Dr. Salvino Mattei, (1904-80), married 1936 to Elena Gollcher, with issue. Conte John Alexander Mattei, (1939-., Duca di Mondello, married 1972 to Philippa Arrigo, with issue. Countess Emma Mattei, (1973-. Count Alexander Mattei, (1976-. Contessa Marion Mattei, married to Louis Gatt. Contessa Astrid Mattei, married to Major Edward Xuereb RMA, dsp Contessa Diana Mattei, married to Peter Toledo. Contessa Sandra Mattei, married to David Zarb Mizzi. Conte Francis Mattei, (1909-83), Duca di Mondello, dunm. Contessa Yolanda Mattei, (1911-., married 1940 to Ronald Louis Cecil Smith., with issue. Contessa Stella Mattei, married to N. Montanaro. Conte Gio Batta Mattei, married 1860 to Maria Micallef, with issue. Conte Vincenzo Mattei, (1856-1946), married 1878 Valletta to Carmela Fenech, with issue. Conte Alfredo Mattei (d. 1944), married 1920 to Constantina Mattei (see Below), with issue. Contessa Alexandria Mattei (1922 - 2009),  married 1943 to Hon. Dr George Borg Olivier LLD, Prime Minister of Malta. Countess Veronica Mattei, (1924 - 2012), married 1946 to Lt.Col Edward Micallef Eynaud, with issue. Contessa Carol Anne Micallef Eynaud, (1949-2009), married 1974 to Alexander Aloisio, with issue. Contessa Chantelle Aloisio, (1974-. Contessa Amanda Aloisio, (1978-. Contessa Cecily Micallef Eynaud, (1951-., married 1974 to Federico Egidio, with issue. Conte Christian Egidio, (1975-. Conte Jean Paul Egidio, (1978-. Contessa Greta Micallef Eynaud, (1952-, married to Anthony Nicholl, with issue. Conte Patrick Nicholl. Contessa Nicola Nicholl. Contessa Eliza Nicholl. Conte Philip Charles Micallef Eynaud, (1954-, married to Fiona Tripp, with issue. Conte Simon Micallef Eynaud, (1980-. Contessa Stephanie Micallef Eynaud, (1989-. Conte Gerald Mattei, married 1957 to Lydia Mausfield Bray, with issue. Contessa Celia Mattei, (1958-, married 1986 to Drostan John Grant, (s/o of Sir Duncan Alexander Grant of Dalvey, 13th Baronet),with issue. Contessa Antonia Grant, (1987-. Contessa Christina Grant, (1989-. Conte Alexander Mattei, (1960-, married 2002 to Heidi Carol Peel. Conte Roberto Mattei, (1964-, married 1992 to Nicola Page. Contessa Marina Mattei, (1969-, married 1993 to Ian Morrison. Contessa Catherine Mattei, married 1921 to Luigi Caruana Dingli dei Marchesi di Fiddien. Contessa Maria Mattei, married 1902 Valletta to Ruggerio Peralta Rocco. Contessa Lucia Mattei, married 1902 Valletta to Alfonso Peralta Rocco. Contessa Giovanna Mattei, (1895-1981), married to Conte Salvatore Ellul (See Below). Conte Carlo Mattei, A&CE. Conte Alessandro Mattei. Contessa Giuseppina Mattei, (1867-1887), married to Giuseppe Degiorgio, with issue. Conte Federico Degiorgio, dunm 1901. Conte Giuseppe Degiorgio, (d. 1955), married to Marchesa Eugenia dei Marchesi Testaferrata, with issue. Contessa Marguerite Degiorgio, married to Victor Mercieca. Contessa Josephine Degiorgio, married (1) to Joseph Edwards, married (2) to Joseph Terrensi, with issue. (First Marriage) Conte Andre Edwards. Conte Brian Edwards. Contessa Barbara Edwards, married to Christopher Cassar-Torreggiani. Contessa Mary Degiorgio, married to Maurice Degiorgio. Contessa Rita Degiorgio, married to Laurie Ferro. Conte Enrico Degiorgio, dunm 1924. Contessa Luisa Degiorgio, dunm 1952. Conte Major General Antonio Mattei CMG, (1805-88), married (1) 1843 Valletta to Adelaide Montanaro, married (2) 1849 Valletta to Contessa Maria Leszczynska-Cenezka, with issue. Conte Senator Dr. Alfredo Matteo LLD (1853-1930), Cr 22 March 1899 by Pope Leo XIII, MARCHESE., married 1901 to Teresa Bagshawe (daughter of the Famed Judge Bagshawe), with issue. Conte Anthony Mattei, (1902-), 2nd Marchese Mattei, married to Georgette Madill, dsp. Conte Francis Mattei, (1905-89), married 1932 to Primrose Humphreys, with issue. Conte Lt.Col. John Bagshawe Mattei RA, 3rd Marchese Mattei, (1935 - 09-1- 2014)., Founding President of Foreign Titles Holders Assocation of Malta, married 1969 to Cressida Gillespie, with issue. Conte Joseph Mattei, (1977-., 4th Marchese Mattei. Contessa Jessica Mattei, (1970-. Contessa Lisa Claire Mattei, (1971-. Contessa Teresa Mattei, (1901-), married to Capt. Roger Talbot. Contessa Mary Mattei, (1908-)., married to Capt. John Tothill RN, with issue. Conte Francis Tothill. Conte Hugh Tothill. Contessa Jean Tothill. Conte Joseph Mattei, (1911-60), married to Annette Riccardo, dsp. Conte Dr Charles Mattei MD, (1864-1939 Sydney Australia), married (1) Mary McKay, married (2) Mary Foster, dsp. Conte. Alessandro. Mattei, married Emma Howard-Mills., with issue. Contessa Constantina Mattei, married 1920 to Alfredo Mattei (See above). Conte Alessandro Mattei, (1847-1919), married 1914 to Emma Willets. Contessa Guilia Mattei, married 1884 to Nobile Salvatore Sceberras Trigona dei Baroni di Castel Ciccano. Contessa Eugenia Mattei, married to Gilbert Greenore, dsp. Contessa Emilia Mattei, (d. 1947), married to Major Latham Charles Miller Blacker, with issue. Conte Lt. Col Latham Valentine Blacker, OBE, (1887-1964), maried 1927 to Lady Doris Peel, (d/o 1st Earl Peel), with issue. Conte David Stewart Wellesley Blacker, (1927 -, married 1960 to Hon. Mary Rose O'Neill, (d/o 2nd Baron Rathcavan), with issue. Conte Barbaby Stewart Hugh Blacker, (1961 -, married to Colleen M. McConnell, with issue. Contessa Julia Adelaide Blacker, (1989-. Conte William O'Neill Blacker, (1962 -. Conte Rohan David Peel Blacker, (1966 -, married to Katherine N, with issue. Contessa Daisy Peel Blacker, (2002-. Conte Lt. Brian Latham Peel Blacker, (1927 -, married to Jillian Anne Stacey, with issue. Contessa Catherine Blacker, (1955 -. Contessa Charlotte Blacker, (1957-. Contessa Amanda Blacker, (1959 -. Contessa Louise Blacker, (1960 -. Contessa Brigid Alice Blacker, (1931 -, married 1954 to Nicholas Kendall Crace. Contessa Diana Mary Blacker, (1934 -, married to Capt. Robin Francis Cavendish, with issue. Conte Jonathan Stewart Cavendish, (1959 -, married to Lesley A. Rogers, with issue. Conte Theodore Robin Cavendish, (1996 -. Contessa Polly Elinor Cavendish, (1996 -. Contessa Willow Alice Cavendish, (1996 -. Conte Harold Alfred Blacker, Judge of the Punjab High Court, (1889 - 1944), married to Barbara Graeme Leash, with issue. Contessa Nina Graeme Blacker, married to Lt. Peter Henwayne Harper, with issue. Contessa Evelyb Mattei, married to Lt.Col John de Courcy O'Grady, dsp. Contessa Maria Anna Mattei, married 1817 Senglea to Conte Tomaso Lanzon (See below), with issue. Contessa Maria Speranza Lanzon, married 1851 Senglea to Vincenzo Farrugia. Contessa Benedetta Lanzon, married 1844 Senglea to Notary Salvatore Ellul, with issue. Contessa Francesca Ellul, married to Nobile Luca Miceli of Sicily, with issue. Conte Marco Antonio Miceli, married to Erminia Farrugia, with issue. Contessa Susanna Miceli, married (1) to G. Azzopardi, married (2) to S de Pasquali. Contessa Carmelina Miceli, married to M.G Argurio, with issue. Contessa Paolina Argurio, married to Michele Rigano, with issue. Contessa Pippa Rigano, married to Pino Debella. Contessa Franca Rigano, married to Nicolo Brancat. Conte Tommaso Rigano, married to Domenica Viola. Contessa Melina Rigano, married to Francesco Abata. Conte Eugenio Rigano, married to Grasiella Colabro. Contessa Giovanna Ellul, married 1880 Senglea to Luigi Farrugia. Conte Luigi Ellul, married to Isabella Micallef, with issue. Contessa Francesca Ellul, married to John Cachia, with issue. Conte Francis Cachia, married to Rosemary Borg, with issue. Contessa Monique Cachia, married to Lawrence Gatt, with issue. Contessa Sarah Gatt, married to Jeffrey Wismayer, with issue. Contessa Tara Wismayer. Conte Alexander Wismayer. Contessa Ella Gatt, married to Nigel Curmi, with issue. Conte David Curmi. Conte Sam Curmi. Contessa Jacqueline Cachia, married to Antonio Farrugia, with issue. Conte George Cachia, married to Bernadette Ellul Sullivan, with issue. Contessa Liza Cachia, married to Michael Parlato Trigona. Contessa Lucia Cachia, married to Darren Balzan. Conte Andrea Cachia. Contessa Beatrice Cachia, married to Simon Gatt, with issue. Conte James Gatt. Conte Julian Gatt. Conte Antoine Cachia, married to Joyce Borg, with issue. Conte John Cachia, married to Anne Farrugia. Conte Anton Cachia, married to Contessa Anna Maria Attard Montalto, with issue. Contessa Marina Cachia, married to David Mifsud. Conte Joseph Cachia. Contessa Rita Cachia. Conte Louis Ellul. Conte Dr Fortunato Ellul LLD, married to Elizabeth Blenkinsop, with issue. Contessa Carolina Ellul, married to G. Ruggier, with issue. Contessa Alice Ruggier, married to Joseph Brincat, with issue. Conte Robert Brincat, married to Rose N, with issue. Contessa Elizabeth Brincat. Contessa Caroline Brincat, married to Ethesto de Matties, with issue. Conte Roberto de Matties. Conte Michelle de Matties. Contessa Rosetta de Matties. Conte Josie Brincat, married to Dolnies Lavell, with issue. Contessa Nadine Brincat. Contessa Erica Brincat. Contessa Sylvia Ruggier, married to N. de Medici. Contessa Fortunata Ruggier, married to A. Xuereb Montalto, with issue. Contessa Alice Xuereb Montalto, married to Laurence Flask, with issue. Conte Wayne Flask. Contessa Josephine Xuereb Montalto, married to Spiridone Zerafa. Conte Victor Ruggier,. married to Saveria Muscat, with issue. Conte Joseph Ruggier, married to Mary Grima, with issue. Conte Austin Ruggier. Conte Jamie Ruggier. Contessa Helen Ruggier, married to Anthony Muscat, with issue. Conte Marvic Muscat. Conte Mark Muscat. Conte Anthony Muscat. Contessa Caroline Ruggier. Contessa Anna Ruggier. Conte Salvatore Ellul, A & CE, (1890-1961), married to Contessa Giovanna Mattei (See Above), with issue. Conte Joseph Ellul, (1918-, married (1) to Julia Rutter, married (2) to Iris Jasper. Contessa Elizabeth Ellul, (1919-., married to Joseph Anastasi, with issue. Conte Joseph Anastasi, married 1973 to Carolyn Scott, with issue. Contessa Deborah Anastasi. Conte Joshua Anastasi. Contessa Elizabeth Anastasi, married to Conte Anthony Sant Fournier. Conte David Anastasi, married 1974 to Nadia Abela, with issue. Contessa Julia Anastasi. Conte Daniel Anastasi. Contessa Anna Maria Anastasi. Contessa Johanna Anastasi, married 1974 to Alexander Zammit, with issue. Conte Matthew Zammit. Contessa Inana Zammit. Contessa Noella Anastasi, (1956-, married 1978 to Joseph Scicluna, with issue. Contessa Joanna Scicluna. Conte Samuel Scicluna. Contessa Mark Anthony Anastasi, married 1984 to Nathalie Trenchard Lane, with issue. Contessa Maxine Anastasi. Conte Nigel Anastasi. Contessa Anne Ellul, (1923-2006), dunm. Contessa Victoria Ellul, d.inf. Contessa Maria Ellul, d.inf. Contessa Dolores Ellul, (1925-2016)., married 1948 to Graham Hennessy, with issue. Conte Michael Hennessy, (1949-., married 1995 to Rosana Cayetano, with issue. Conte Nicholas Hennessy, (1995-. Conte Richard Hennessy, (1953-., married 1979 to Angela Carthew, with issue. Conte Dominic Hennessy. Jennifer Hennessy. Conte Peter Mark Hennessy, (1960-, married (1) 1988 to Melanie Farley, married (2) 2008 Novato, CA, USA to Claire Fowler, with issue. (First marriage) Conte Benjamin Hennessy. Conte Oliver Hennessy. (issue from Laurie Ozone) Rachel Hennessy, (1994 Santa Rosa, CA, USA -. Contessa Carmen Ellul, (1932-.2010), married to Victor Portanier, with issue. Contessa Susan Portanier, (1962-2014), dunm. Contessa Ruth Portanier, married 1990 to Maurice Stallbert de Deckere, with issue. Conte Luke Stalkbert. Contessa Carmela Lanzon, married 1850 Senglea to Salvatore Spiteri. Contessa Michelle Mattei, married 1831 Senglea to Giuseppe Mirabito, with issue. Contessa Madelina Mirabito, married 1864 Valletta to Conte Peter Paul Bernard. Contessa Eloise Mirabito, married 1865 Valletta to Alberto Farra Roncali. Contessa Giuseppa Mattei, married 1837 Senglea to Don Gio Batta Castaldi. Contessa Venera Mattei, married 1838 Senglea to Gaetano Xiriha (Sciriha), with issue.

1.3.2. Conte Giuseppe Mattei, married to Carolina Mattei, dsp.

1.3.3. Conte Don. Ferdinando Mattei, dunm.

1.3.4. Contessa Fortunata Mattei, married 1797 Senglea to Giuseppe Cassar.

1.3.5. Conte Salvatore Mattei, married 1802 Senglea to Pascha Cachia.

1.3.6. Contessa Veronica Mattei, amrried 1788 Senglea to Carlo Lanzon, with issue. Contessa Concetta Lanzon, married 1821 Valletta to Ferdinando Bonello. Conte Tomaso Lanzon, married 1817 Senglea to Contessa Maria Anna Mattei (See Above), with issue. Contessa Vittoria Lanzon, married 1814 Senglea to Ignazio Muscat.

1.3.7. Conte Vincenzo Mattei, married (1) 1791 Valletta to Antonia Formosa de Fremaux dei Conti di Santa Sofia, married (2) 1838 to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. (Second Marriage) Contessa Maria Antonia Mattei, married to Luigi Caruana Dingli, with issue. Contessa Maria Antonia Caruana Dingli.

1.4. Conte Giovanni Mattei, married to Maria N., with issue.

1.4.1. Conte Rosario Mattei, married 1790 Valletta to Teresa Pellisari, with issue. Conte Francesco Mattei, married 1811 Valletta to Giovanna Gerada.

1.4.2. Contessa Rosalia Mattei, married 1783 to Aloiseo Mazzei.

1.5. Contessa Rosaria Mattei, married 1744 Senglea to Pasquale Galea, with issue.

1.5.1. Conte Francesco Galea, married 1776 Senglea to Francesca Ghiott, with issue. Contessa Maria Galea, married 1804 Valletta to Gaetano Savona.

1.5.2. Contessa Teresa Galea, married 1775 Senglea to Chco. Aurelio Zahra.
2. Contessa Maria Mattei, married 1718 Valletta to Gio Andrea Zeafarit.

3. Contessa Marcella Mattei, married (1) NN, married (2) to Michele Angelo Locano, with issue.

3.1. Conte Donato. Gioaccchino Locano., married to Maria Teresa Ciantar, with issue.

3.1.1. Conte Dr Frasco Giorgio Locano JUD., married 1760 Valletta to Maria Xerri., with issue. Conte Dr Emanuele Locano JUD., married 1794 to Contessa Emanuela Assenza., with issue. Conte Francesco Saverio Locano, (1807 – 1865)., married to Giovanna Cutajar, with issue. Conte Alfonse Locano, (1843 – 1908)., married to Maria Carmela Josephine Caruana, with issue. Contessa Emma Locano, dunm. Conte Emmanuel Locano       1885 - 1885 Contessa Isolina Locano       1886 - 1967 Conte Joseph John Edward (nee Locano)
Logan  (Migrated to USA 1887 – 1967., married Mary Huhn., with issue. Contessa Josephine Locano       1889 - 1959 Conte Giovanni Vittorio Francesco Locano       1891 - Conte John Edward Locano       1891 - 1936 Contessa Pauline Locano       1893 – 1962 Contessa Mary M. Locano       1895 - 1977 Conte Emanuele Locano       1842 - Contessa Melitena Locano       1841 -  Conte Aemelius Locano       1838 - Conte Antone  Locano       1837 Conte Salvatore Locano       1835 – Contessa Maria Antonia Locano., married 1813 to Emmanuele Caruana. Contessa Francesca Locano., married 1818 to Dr Pasquale Grungo JUD. Conte Cav Antoine Locano, Cavalry of the Royal Sicilian Army, married 1824 to Elizabetta Viani Tomasi dei Baroni di Tabria., with issue. Conte Emanuele Locano. Conte Giorgio Locano. Conte Enrico Locano. Conte Octavio Locano. Contessa Yolanda Locano. Contessa Richella Locano. Conte Violanta Locano. Contessa Giovanna Locano., married 1803 to Captiano Nicolao Sassi of Ragusa. , Sicily . Contessa Elena Locano., married 1777 to Giuseppe Zerafa. Conte Alessandro Locano., married 1800 to Maria Regina Vassallo, with issue. Conte Carolo Locano, married 1853 Senglea to Maria Ellul, with issue.

3.1.2. Conte Paolo Locano., married to Anna Giliberti., with issue. Contessa Maria Teresa Locano., married 1793 Valletta to Vincenzo Pace, with issue. Contessa Caterina Pace, married 1815 Valletta to Matteo Fenech.
3.1.3. Contessa Diane Locano., married 1763 to Antonio Lanfranco.

3.1.4. Contessa Francesca Locano., married 1766 to Stefano Assenza.

4. Pietr'Antonio Mattei, married to Anna N, with issue.

4.1. Maria Mattei, married 1761 Senglea to Niccolo Martin, with issue.

4.1.1. Marianna Martin.

4.1.2. Anna Martin, married 1810 Valletta to Emidio Vella.

5. Gio Battista Mattei, married 1713 Vittoriosa to Marcella Pons, with issue.

5.1. Rosa Mattei, married 1747 Senglea to Lenando Brignone, with issue.

5.1.1. Marcella Brignone, married 1777 Valletta to Felice Bonnici.

Footnote: The 1899 title of Marchese Mattei was obviously granted after the conclusion of the 1878 Commission. Therefore there can be no reference to that title in the 1878 report. It should be remembered that the purpose of that report (as the report reads) was to identify those titles which were granted or recognized by the sovereign authorities of Malta during the Government of the Knights of Saint John. Some may argue that this title is not one of those titles ?recognised by the British Monarch?. That argument is flawed because the purpose of the 1878 Commission was not to ?recognize? but to ?identify? those titles which had already been granted or recognized during the Government of the Order (1530-1798). This is better explained by the terms of reference to the Commissioners that ?the Secretary of State for the colonies decided that the heads of the families who, before the annexation of Malta to the British Dominions, obtained tiles of nobility, should in accordance with a precedent during the administration of the late Governor, Sir Henry K. Storks, have precedence of the Chamber of Commerce, and in order to ascertain (etc)?. In this case, the title of Marchese Mattei is simply not one of those titles that were obtained during the Government of the Order. See: Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.): see letter of Chief Secretary to Government to Commissioners dated March 8, 1877 (page 52) and http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/referencegrants.html.



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