Meli, Meilach, Meilac family

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1. Nicola Meilach, married 1584 Rabat Gozo to Agnese Spiteri, with issue.

1.1. Pietro Meilach, married 1607 Rabat Gozo to Paolina Teuma, with issue.

1.1.1. Tommaso Meilach, married 1661 Zurrieq to Girolima Mizzi, with issue. Maruzzo Meilak, married 1687 Zabbar to Grazia Cassar, with issue. Filippo Meilak, married 1717 Vittoriosa to Caterina Sapiano Fiteni, with issue. Teodoro Mieli., married 1760 Vittoriosa to Rosaria Cassar., with issue.  Filippo Meli., married (1) 1786 to Angela Calleja., married (2) 1794 to Rosaria Mifsud., with issue. (First Marriage) Antonio Meli, married 1813 to Teodora Scicluna.  (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Meli., married 1819 to Ubaldesca Bartolo., with issue. Gio Antonio Meli., married 1851 to Maria Teresa Bartolo. Francesco Meli., married 1858 to Paola Cesal., with issue. Vincenzo Meli., married 1894 Valletta to Amalia Bugeja Axiach., with issue. Giuseppe Meli-Bugeja., married 1934 to Antonia Cassar-Torreggiani., with issue. Mary Meli-Bugeja, married to Louis Cachia Caruana. Stella Meli Bugeja, marred to N. Zammit. Maud Meli Bugeja, married to Godfred Zammit Tabone. Francis Meli Bugeja, married to Teresa Tonna. Emilia Meli, married to Alfred Rizzo Marich, with issue. Arthur Rizzo Marich, (d. 1966). Josephine Rizzo Marich, married to Charles Wirth. Emmanuele Meli, married to Frederick William Camilleri, with issue. Evelyn Camilleri, married to Dr Joseph Wirth MD, (See below). Mary Camilleri. Elisa Meli, married to Henry Wirth, with issue. Dr Joseph Wirth MD, married to Evelyn Camilleri, (See above), with issue. William H. Wirth. Henry W. Wirth. Lawrence Wirth. Olivier Wirth. Mollie Wirth. Yvonne Wirth, married to N. Rizzo Marich. Irene Wirth. Phyllis Wirth, married to N. Pace Decesare. Monica Wirth, married to N. Testaferrata. Theresa Wirth. Josephine Wirth, married to N. Cutuemo. Paul Wirth, (d. 1976) married with issue. Alfred Wirth. Henry R. Wirth. Lewis Wirth. Dr Edgar Wirth MD, married with issue. Adrian Wirth. Gerard Wirth. Dr Francis Wirth LLD, married to Elena Caruana Dingli, with issue. Charles Wirth, (d. 1972), married to Josephine Rizzo Marich, with issue. Rita Wirth, married to N. Diacono. Therese Wirth, married to N. Sullivan. Salvatore Meli., married 1827 to Giuseppa Bartolo.   Francesco Meli., married 1828 to Giovanna Pullicino. Teodoro I Mieli, (1769-1805), migrated to Imperia Russia and Created Baron Mieliov and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1799 to Baroness Sophia Marie von Ludinghausen-Wolff, with issue. Baron Teodoro II Mieliov, 2nd Baron (1802-49), married 1829 to Countess Ernestina Merkov, with issue. Baron Teodoro III Mielov, 3rd Baron (1832-50), dunm. Baron Andre Mielov, 4th Baron (1804-78), married 1832 to Countess Elizabeth Iviatiouchkine-Wielhorski, with issue. Baron Teodoro IV Mielov, 5th Baron (1835-98), married 1855 to Duchess Vittoria Bonnicsky., with issue. Baron Teodoro V Mielov, 6th Baron (1857-98), married (1) 1882 to Princess Dagmar Kourov, married (2) 1909 to Princess Marie Kourov, with issue. (First Marriage) Baron Teodoro VI Mielov, 7th Baron (1885-1949), Fled to France.1917 married 1909 to Princess Georgiana Odoevsky, with issue. Baron Teodoro VII Mielov, 8th Baron, President of the Chamber of Nobility in Exile 1954-59, (1913-72), married 1949 to Baroness Tatiana Gauciski, with issue. Baron Teodoro VIII Mielov, 9th Baron, (1951-2015). President of the Chamber of Nobility in Exile 1999-2004, married 1992 to Baroness Yolanda Desierov, with issue. Baroness Nathalie Mielov, (1994-, married 2010 St Petersburgh Russia to Count Russell Isouardov. Baroness Marie Christine Mielov, (1997-. Baron Andre Mielov, (1955- 2012)., married 1987 to Ursola Grimaov, with issue. Baron Teodoro IX Filippo Mielov, (1990-, 10th Baron, married 2015 to Baroness Georgiana Damatov, with issue. Baroness Tatiana Mielov, (2016 -. Baroness Christine Mielov, (1994-., married 2013 St Petersbugh, Russia to Baron Quenten Damatov. Baroness Anastasia Mielov, (1957-., married 1979 to Christopher Odoeus, with issue.. Baron Edwin Mielov, (1916-65), married Princess Olga Molojsky, with issue. Baroness Anne Mielov, (1946-, married 1970 to Prince Ivan Molojsky. Baroness Richilde Mielov, (1948-, married 1972 to John Reynolds. Baroness Bianca Mielov, (1951-., married 1973 to Nathan Packard. Baroness Alice Mielov, (1919-2011), married Prince Odoeusky. Baroness Elvira Mielov, (1889-1967)., married Prince Youkhotsky. Baroness Antonia Mielov, (1860-1938), married Prince Iaroslavov. Baron Michael Mielov, (1862-1919), married Princess Olga Iaroslavov, with issue. Baron Nicolas Mielov, (1890-1947), fled to Prussia, married 1912 to Princess Tatiana Brity-Rostousky, with issue. Baron Carol Mielov, (1892-1962), fled to Prussia , married 1915 to Princess Marie Dagmar Chafyrov, with issue. Baron Michael Mielov, (1917- 45), dunm. Baron Frederick Mielov, (1919-44), dunm. Baron George Mielov, (1922-45), dunm. Baron Davide Mielov, (1924-45), dunm. Baron Teodoro Mielov, (1929- 2012), married 1970 to Countess Leonora Isouardov, with issue. Baron Carl Mielov, (1973-. Baroness Michele Mielov, (1976-., married 2006 to Chev Carlo Grimaov, with issue. Baroness Victoria Mielov, (1898-), married 1918 to Prince Nougorodsky, with issue. Baron Nicolas Mielov, (1837-85), married 1859 to Duchess Catherine Bonnicsky., with issue. Baron Andre Mielov, (1863-99), married 1890 to Princess Catherine Tokmakov, with issue. Baron Paul Mielov, (1892-1918), dunm. Baroness Catherine Mielov, (1895-), married 1915 to Prince Vadbolsky. Baroness Rosaria Mielov, (1866-), married 1884 to Prince Odoevsky. Baron Gregori Mielov, (1838-1915), Knight of Malta in Russia , dunm. Baroness Catherine Mielov, (1807-), married 1825 to Baron Philip Damatov. Baron Michael Mielov, (1803-58), Knight of Malta in Russia , dunm.. Giuseppe Meli, married (1) 1787 Valletta to Antonia Minuta, married (2) 1797 Vittoriosa to Maria Cassar, with issue. (First Marriage) Carmelo Meli, married 1816 Valletta to Vincenza Muscat, with issue. Michele Meli, married 1845 Valletta to Carmela Micallef, with issue. Vincenzo Meli, married 1868 Valletta to Maria Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Meli, married 1909 Floriana to Marianna Galea, with issue. Carmelo Meli, married 1956 Sliema to Antonia Simiana, with issue. Joseph M Meli, married 1983 Gharghur to Helen Attard, with issue. Joseph Meli Attard. Paula Antonia Meli Attard. Reginald Meli Attard. (Second Marriage) Antonia Meilach, married 1821 Cospicua to Salvatore Chetcuti. Giovanni Meilach. Lorenzo Meilach "sives Meli", married to a Grazia N, with issue. Paolo Meli, married 1778 Zejtun to Margherita Buttigieg, with issue. Maria Anna Meli, married 1797 Zejtun to Mro Salvatore Cachia, with issue. Margherita Cachia, married 1822 Zejtun to Vincenzo Cumbo. Pascale Meilach. Salvatore Meilach. Benedetto Meilach. Margherita Meilach. Anna Meilach. Aloisea Meilach, married 1720 Cospicua to Franceco Caruana. Maria Meilach, married 1712 Cospicua to Vincenzo Darmanin Margherita Meilach, married 1707 Cospicua to Ipplito Calleja.

1.1.2. Veronica Meilach, married 1632 Rabat Gozo to Giuliano Pace.

1.1.3. Marcello Meilach, married 1640 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Farrugia.

1.1.4. Nicola Meilach, married 1650 Rabat Gozo to Maria Metello.

1.1.5. Giovanni Meilach, married (1) 1654 Rabat Gozo to Innocenza N, married (2) 1659 Rabat Gozo to Maddalena d'Armenia, married (3) 1661 Rabat Gozo to Elisabetta Incontri. (Second Marriage) Marietta Meilach, married 1676 Matrice Gozo to Costanzo Attard.

1.1.6. Perino Meilach, married 1654 Rabat Gozo to Angelica Sayd, with issue. Domenico Meilach, married (1) 1696 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Teuma., married (2) 1698 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Attard, married (3) 1711 Xaghra Gozo to Flamina Bigeni. (Second Marriage) Giovanna Meilach, married 1716 Nadur Gozo to Tomaso Bonello. Girolamo Meilach, married 1699 Nadur Gozo to Caterina Camilleri., with issue. Francesco Meilach, married 1733 Nadur Gozo to Battista Bonello. Aloisia Meilach, married 1720 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Attard. Maruzza Meilach, married 1679 Matrice Gozo to Ludovico Portelli. Orsola Meilach, married 1682 Matrice Gozo to Paulo Teuma. Caterina Meilach, married 1690 Nadur Gozo to Paolo Xerri. Domenichella Meilach, married 1696 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Attard. Silvestra Meilach, married 1699 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Innocenzia Meilach, married 1701 Nadur Gozo to Gio Maria Portelli. Giuseppe Meilach, married 1707 Nadur Gozo to Maddalena Borg, with issue. Paolo Meilach, married 1742 Nadur Gozo to Maria Magro, with issue. Michele Meilach, married 1768 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Bonello, with issue. Modesta Meilach, married 1794 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Muscat. Angelona Meilach, married 1732 Nadur Gozo to Simone Mizzi.

1.2. Andrea Meilach, married 1610 Mdina to Domenica Galea.



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