"Metropoli Family"

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Giorgio Metropoli of Greece, married to Teresa.., with issue.

1. Giorgio Metropoli. (Arrived in Malta),  married 1729 at Valletta to Giacobina Cappari, with issue.

1.1. Maria Metropoli., married 1770 to Pietro Briffa.

1.2. Lucrezio Metropoli., married 1781 Valletta to Felicita Triganza., with issue.

1.2.1. Giuseppe Metropoli., married 1831 Valletta to Giovanna Calleja (d/o Francesco and Maria Farrugia)., with issue. Carmela Metropoli, married 1856 to Salvatore dei Duchi Mattei, with issue. (See Foreign titles under Mattei). Lucrezia Metropoli, married 1858 to the Noble Leandro dei Conti Preziosi, with issue. (See Maltese titles under Preziosi). Maria Metropoli, married 1861 to Dr. Annetto A. Caruana Th.D, with issue.
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1.2.2. Michele Metropoli, dunm.

1.2.3. Rosalea Metropoli., married 1811 to Remigio Critien, with issue. Enrico Critien, married 1845 Valletta to Giovanna Zarb, with issue. Joseph Henry Critien, married 1873 Valletta to Carmela Azzopardi, with issue. Erminia Critien, married 1912 Valletta to Anthony Diacono.

1.2.4. Teresa Metropoli., married 1802 to Salvatore Casha, (s/o Silvestro and Caterina Mizzi), with issue. Antonia Casha. Vincenzo Casha, married to Maria Borg. Maria Casha, "Nun". Giovanna Casha, d.inf. Giovanna Casha, married 1847 Valletta to Paolo De Gaetano, with issue. Fortunata Casha. Dr Raffaele Casha JUD. Lucrezia Casha.

1.2.5. Giuseppa Metropoli., married 1805 to Domenico Corsone of Naples, with issue. Don Emmanuele Corsone, dunm. Paolo Corsone. Rocco Corsone. Sinforsa Corsone, married 1827 Valletta to Giuseppe Zarb, with issue. Anna Zarb, married 1851 Valletta to Emmanuele Farrugia., with issue. Gio Batta Farrugia. Guglielmo Farrugia. Maria Carmela Farrugia. Raffaele Farrugia. Isiderio Farrugia. Maria Giuseppa Farrugia. Giovanna Zarb, married to Errigo Critien. Domenico Zarb. Paolo Zarb, dunm. Francesca Zarb, married to Salvatore Pullicino.

1.3. Caterina Metropoli., married 1760 to Antonio Agius.

1.4. Rosalea Metropoli., married 1766 to Paolo Papa.


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