Sir Antonio Micallef, G.C.M.G-1853


Sir Richard Micallef KCMG 1906.


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Pasquale Micallef of Gozo, married (1) 1561 Gudja to Leonora Vella (d/o Bartolomeo), married (2) 1576 Birkirkara to Margherita Galea, with issue.

1. (First marriage) Gregorio Micallef, married 1605 Gudja to Agata Mallia (d/o Luca), with issue.

1.1. Agostino Micallef, married 1637 Naxxar to Valenzia Portelli, with issue.

1.1.1. Grazio Micallef, married 1672 Birkirkara to Caterina Buhagiar, with issue. Antonio Micallef, married 1696 Valletta to Rosa Maria Debrincat, with issue. Gio Battista Micallef., married 1723 Valletta to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Notary Giuseppe Gaetano Micallef, married 1776 Valletta  to Maria Fabri (d/o Giuseppe and Agata Gadineo)., with issue Sir Antonio Micallef, G.C.M.G, President of the Court of Appeal (1810-89), married 1800 Valletta to Francesca Xerri (d. 1847), married (2) to Modesta NN., with issue (First Marriage) Maria Alfonso Micallef, (1840-1920), married 1862 Birkrikara to Maria Anna Pace., with issue. Hermina Micallef, married 1895 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Maria Chetcuti. Virginia Micallef, married 1895 Birkirkara to Poalo Antonio Galdes. Maria Micallef, married 1896 Birkirkara to Publio Micallef de Caro. N. Micallef, married to N, with issue. Dr Alphonse Micallef (died 2008)., married to (Lady) Zeralda Lala Dunhill., with issue. Patrice Micallef. Diana Micallef. Alexandra Micallef. Anne Micallef, married to Godfrey Critien, with issue. Anthony Critien, (1944-2007)., with issue. Godfrey Critien. Alexander Critien. Jeremy Critien, (1989-. Michael Critien., (1945-. Philippa Critien, (1947-, married to John Roberts. Peter Critien, (1948-. Francis Saviour Micallef, (1924-1996), married to Violet Borg Cardona, with issue. Sandra Micallef, (1954-., married to Joseph Serge. Clive Micallef, (1958-, married to Brigitte Attard, with issue. Dorian Micallef, (1991-. Michaela Micallef, (1996-. Joseph Micallef, (1962-. Carmen Micallef, married to Ethelwald Cassar Olivier. Marika Micallef, (1927-., married to Roger Degiorgio dei Baroni di San Giovanni. Maria Micallef, married (1) 1838 Valletta to Dr Giuseppe Regnaud LLD. (2) 1849  to Salvino Constantine Magri., married (3) 1860 to Gio Batta Mattei,  with issue. (Second Marriage) Fr. Manwel Magri,
SJ - eminent archaeologist, ethnographer and Rector of the Gozo Seminary (1851-1907), dunm. Salvatore Magri. Teresa Micallef, (d. 1862), dunm. Paolo Micallef. Michelina Micallef, married to Dr Giuseppe Falzon JUD. (Second Marriage) Annetta Micallef, married to Luigi Borg. Agnese Micallef, married 1867 to Conte Giuseppe dei Conti Sant Manduca. Gio Batta Micallef., married 1813 to Regina Buttigieg, with issue. Gaetano Micallef, married 1840 Valletta to Giovanna Sammut, with issue. Sir Riccardo Micallef, KCMG 1906, married 1872 Valletta to Elena Micallef. (As Below), with issue. Edgar Micallef, (1875-76), d.inf Lt-Col Albert Micallef RMA, (1876-1996), married 1908 to Lucy Jackson, with issue. Lena Micallef, (1909-2008), married to Louis Ganado, with issue. Rita Micallef, (1913-., married (1) to Stephen Hebble-Thwaite, married (2) to Sir Admiral William Donough O'Brien KCB, DSO, with issue. (First Marriage) Louise Hebble-Thwaite, (1940-., married to Edward Hallinan. (Second Marriage) Susan O'Brien, (1944-. Timothy O'Brien, (1947-. Victor Charles Micallef, (1877-1954), married 1903 to Mathilda Portelli, with issue. Ada Micallef, (1903-97), married 1929 to Walter Bonello, with issue. Michael Bonello, (1940-., married (1) 1962 to Linda Tyacke, married (2) to Kate Sullivan, with issue. (First Marriage), Guy Bonello, (1964-. Daniel Bonello. (Second Marriage) Adam Bonello. Andrew Bonello. Richard Micallef, (1906-08), d.inf. Harold Micallef, (1909-1972), married 1941 to May Sammut, with issue. Richard Micallef, (1946-., married 1970 to Elizabeth Powell, with issue. Amanda Micallef, (1971-, married 1997 to Anthony Brennan, with issue. Adam Brennan, (2000-. Katy Brennan, (2002-. James Micallef, (1974-., married 2004 to Rebecca Turner, with issue. Charlotte Micallef, (2006-. Isobel Micallef, (2008-. Mary Micallef, (1912-1999), married 1938 to John Stodart RN, (1913-1973), with issue. Anthony Stodart, (1939-., married (1) 1964 to Angela Winter, married (2) 1971 to Prudence Miles, with issue. (Second Marriage) Emma Stodart, (1971-. Jessica Stodart, (1976-. Angela Stodart, (1944-., married 1965 to Richard Smallwood, (1941-2017), with issue. Mark Smallwood, (1966-., married 1994 to Elizabeth Sutcliffe, with issue. Jennifer Smallwood, (1997-. Alexander Smallwood, (1999-. Patrick Smallwood, (1967-. Victoria Smallwood, (1973-., married 2001 to Mark Collings, with issue. Hannah Louise Collins, (2006-. Jonathan Michael Collings, (2006-. Rachel Grace Collings, (2012 -. Brig. George Micallef, (1918 - 2012)., married 1944 to Yvonne Maxwell, (1920-2008), with issue. Jacqueline Micallef, (1944-., married to Nobile Adrian dei Conti Strickland, with issue. Peter George Micallef, (1947-, married 1970 to Elizabeth de Marco, with issue. Robert Micallef, (1971-., married 2002 Ireland to Claire Liddy, with issue. Luke Robert Martin Micallef, (2004-. Elsa Brigid Pietra Micallef,  (2006-. Finn Patrick Micallef, (2009-), d.inf. Ross Peter Micallef, (2010-. Michael George Micallef, (1973-., married 2001 England to Audrey Laverty, with issue. Cara Isabelle Micallef, (2002-. Evelyn Elizabeth Micallef, (2004-. Elena Yvonne Micallef, (2009-. Iain Rowland Micallef, (1978-., married (1) 2006 (Div) to Clare McCabe, married (2) 2013 to Jessica Bannister, with issue. (Second Marriage) Noah George Iain Micallef, (2013-. Suzanne Micallef, (1956-., married 1977 (Sep) to Joseph Vella, with issue. Carla Vella, (1979-. (issue from G. Salomone Reynaud) Sam Salomone Reynaud, (2014 -. (issue from G. Salomone Reynaud) Eva Salomone Reynaud, (2016-. Dr Luca Vella LLD, (1983-, married 2010 to Louisa Vella Bardon, with issue. Alexander Vella, (2011-. Sascha Vella, (2014 -. Lisa Vella, (2016-. Renata Vella, (1986-. Maria Micallef, (1886-), d.inf. Elena Micallef, (1851-1925), married 1874 to Tommaso Micallef, with issue. Charles Micallef, (1875-1938). Gustav Micallef, (1876-1847), married 1915 to Frances Ciappara, with issue. Beatrice Micallef, (1915-1981), married 1946 to James Farrugia, with issue. Jacqueline Farrugia, (1946-., married to Anthony Calleja. Patrick Farrugia, (1948-, married to Lilian Schembri. Norman Farrugia, (1950-, married to Rose Calleja. Edgar Micallef, (1917-), married 1945 to Theresa Naudi, with issue. Geraldine Micallef, (1946-., married to Joseph Said-Pullicino, with issue. Brian Micallef, (1950-., married to Corinne Ellul. Maud Micallef, (1918-84), married 1949 to Joseph Busuttil, with issue. Raymond Busuttil, (1950-., married to Nadia Zammit. Margaret Busuttil, (1951-., married to Mario Lapira. Mario Busuttil, (1957-., married to Rita Galea. Hilda Micallef, (1922-., married 1943 to Anthony Degeorgio Lowe. Giovanna Micallef, (1878-79), . d.inf. Roger Micallef, (1880-1943), married 1940 to Maria Diacono. Emilia Micallef, (1888-1974). Giorgina Micallef, (1853-., married to Ottone Cutugno. Gaetano Andrea Micallef, married 1862 Valletta to Camilla Rapinett. Tommaso Micallef, married 1844 Valletta to Giovanna Inglott, with issue. Elena Micallef, married 1872 Valletta to Sir Richard Micallef. (As Above). Teresa Micallef, married 1850 Valletta to Stefano Micallef. Carla Micallef, married 1837 Valletta to Giuseppe Grech. Carmelo Micallef., married (1) 1813 Valletta to Teresa Cassar., married (2) 1819 to Clementina Arrighi. Serafina Micallef, married 1797 Valletta to Dr Saverio Fenech JUD. Teresa Micallef, married 1805 Valletta to Patrizio White. Giuseppe Micallef, married 1800 Valletta to Angela Farrugia, with issue. Salvatore Micallef, married 1831 Valletta to Anna Cauchi, with issue. Vincenzo Paolo Micallef, married 1860 Valletta to Susanna Engerer. Carmelo Micallef, married 1823 Valletta to Teresa Camilleri. Modesta Micallef, married 1770 Valletta to Gaetano Testa. Caterina Micallef, married 1759 Valletta to Gaetano Pollacco. Gaetana Micallef, married 1749 Valletta to Domenico Palazzolo. Donato Alfano Domenico Micallef, married (1) 1721 Valletta to Rosa Buhagiar, married (2) 1744 Valletta to Evangelista Curmi, with issue. (Second Marriage) Sig. Vincenzo Micallef,  married 1769 Ghaxaq to Rosa Maria Mamo, with issue. Sig. Gio Antonio Micallef, married 1802 Valletta to Rosa Ricaud, with issue. Giulia Micallef, married 1827 Valletta to Calogero Mizzi. Goacchina (Joachina) Micallef, married 1837 to Baron Lewis Dominic von Brockdorff. Epifania Micallef, married 1801 Valletta to Sig. Cesare Righettini, with issue. Paolo Righettini, married 1829 Valletta to Antonia Cruci. Anna Micallef, married 1808 Valletta to Aloiseo Fidone of Sicily. Vincenzo Micallef, married 1762 Valletta to Margherita de Bertis.

1.2. Marietta Micallef, married 1629 Lija to Lorenzo Agius.

2. Silvestro Micallef, married 1589 Birkirkara to Giovanna Borg.

3. Imperia Micallef, married 1589 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Vincenzo Xeldeman.

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