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N. Mifsud, married to Costanza Ruffo Romano, with issue.
1. Domenico Mifsud, with issue.
1.1. Leonardo Mifsud, married (c 1530) to Paola Portelli, with issue.
1.1.1. Domenico Mifsud, married 1563 to Agnese Xeberras, with issue. Chco. Andrea Mifsud, married 1625 to Caterina Zammit, with issue Matteola Mifsud, married 1644 to Giovanni Maria Sant. (See Counts Sant) Luca Mifsud, married 1690 to Valenza dei Principe Sayd, with issue. Michele Mifsud, married 1713 Mosta to Eugenia Zammit, with issue. Luca Mifsud, married 1738 Mosta to Maria Gauci, with issue. Michele Mifsud, married 1776 Mosta to Teresa Buhagiar, with issue Maria Mifsud, married 1802 Mosta to Chev. Maruzzo Camilleri. Domenico Mifsud, married 1720 Mosta to Maria Scerri, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud, married 1743 Mosta to Agata Pisani, with issue. Maria Mifsud, married 1764 Mosta to Lazzaro Camilleri. Gio Paolo Mifsud, married 1632 Zebbug to Grazia Bonnici, with issue. Angelo Mifsud, married 1667 Mqabba to Maria Zammit, with issue. Palmo sives Gio Paolo Mifsud, married 1680 Mdina to Maria Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud, married 1712 Valletta to Elena Agius, with issue. Francesco Mifsud, married 1757 Valletta to Maddalena Cremona, with issue. Rosa Mifsud, married 1771 Cospicua to Bartolomeo Parlar, with issue. Gio Andrea Parlar, Migrated to Constantinople to start a business which didn't succeed, then returned back to Malta, married 1829 Senglea to Carmela d'Amato, with issue. Francesca Teresa Parlar, (1842-1927), Nun. Pietro Paolo Parlar, married 1842 Senglea to Giovanna Sposito. Lorenzo Parlar, married 1855 Vittoriosa to Michaela Farrugia. Maria Anna Parlar, married 1842 Senglea to Geronino Castaniolo. Orsola Parlar, married 1847 Senglea to Michele Cassar. Vincenza Parlar, married 1857 Senglea to Paolo Fiorentino. Bartolomeo Parlar, married 1821 Senglea to Saveria Montaldo. Maria Antonia Parlar, married 1839 Senglea to Bonaventura Infante. Maria Parlar, married (1) 1791 Senglea to Sebastiano Portughes, married (2) 1835 Senglea to Vincenzo d'Amato. Vincenza Parlar, married 1807 Senglea to Gennero Foschi of Naples, with issue. Antonia Foschi, married 1830 Senglea to Mariano Sposito. Carmela Foschi, married 1838 Senglea to Gio Battista Zammit. Rosa Foschi, married 1839 Senglea to Philippus Sposito. Paolo Mifsud, married 1786 Senglea to Margherita Pace. Giovanna Mifsud, married 1778 Valletta to Antonio Pisano.

1.1.2. Imperia Mifsud, married 1564 to Antonio Xiberras.

1.1.3. Giorgio Mifsud, married to Nobile Magherita Nicolao Rapa, with issue (Mifsud-Bonnici Family).

1.1.4. Domenico Mifsud, married 1553 Gharghur to Margherita Bezzina, with issue. Andrea Mifsud, married 1604 Gharghur to Nobile Vittoria Butta of Sicily, with issue. Giovanni Mifsud, married 1645 Qormi to Maria di Bartolo, Manumessa, with issue. Pietro Mifsud, married 1676 Qormi to Caterina Casha, with issue. Giovanni Mifsud, married 1706 Qormi to Eugenia Casha, with issue. Matteo Mifsud, married (1) 1732 to Gusmana Alonza Seichel, marriage (2) 1737 Zebbug to Nobile Maria Vassallo, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Mifsud, married 1754 Zejtun to Domenico Baldacchino. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Mifsud, married 1772 Mosta to Grazia Attard, with issue. Andrea Mifsud, married 1792 Mosta to Teresa Sant, with issue. Orsola Mifsud, married 1824 Mosta to Andrea Attard, with issue. Maria Attard, married 1833 Zejtun to Nobile Giuseppe Abela.

1.2. Giovanni Mifsud, married Madalena .., with issue.
1.2.1. Bernardo Mifsud, married 1639 to Angelica Galea, with issue. Maria Mifsud, married 1670 to Lorenzo Galea. Giovanni Mifsud, married 1673 to Caterina Mangion.
1.3. Angese Mifsud, married 1593 to Claudio Tonna.
1.4. Matteo Mifsud, married 1586 Zejtun to Marietta Mallia, with issue.
1.4.1. Mario Mifsud, married 1605 to Caterina Zammit, with issue. Caterina Mifsud, married 1639 to Notary Simone Attard. Evangelista Mifsud, married 1655 Naxxar to Gio Maria Mifsud.

1.4.2. Michele Mifsud, married 1633 Senglea to Natalizia Grech, with issue. Pietro Paolo Mifsud, married 1677 Qrendi to Maria Bonello, with issue. Gaetano Mifsud, married 1701 Senglea to Anna Penit, with issue. Felice Mifsud, married 1731 Senglea to Maddalena Attard, with issue. Salvatore Mifsud, married 1775 Valletta to Florenza Zammit, with issue. Ignazio Mifsud, married 1804 Valletta to Contessa Francesca Taliana, with issue. Conte Francesco Mifsud, married 1844 Valletta to Caterina Mercieca, with issue. Conte Antonio Mifsud, married 1882 Tarxien to Emilia de Camilleri, with issue. Conte Carmelo Mifsud, married 1917 Sliema to Perla Tonna Stagno Navarra dei Conti di Bahria e Cassandola, with issue.
1.5. Andrea Mifsud, with issue.
1.5.1. Lorenzo Mifsud, with issue. Matteo Mifsud, married (1) Marietta Borg. Married (2) Dianora Abela., with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni Andrea Mifsud. (Second Marriage) Agata Mifsud, married 1632 to Dr. Cirillo Portelli JUD. Bartolomeo Mifsud, married 1614 to Agata Testaferrata.
1.5.2. Domenica Mifsud, married 1603 to Domenico Muscat.
1.6. Giovanni Mifsud, with issue.
1.6.1. Giovanni Mifsud, married Caterina Gauci, with issue. Gio Maria Mifsud, married 1624 to Agata Xerri dei Baroni di Castel Cicciano, with issue. Domenico Mifsud, married 1660 to Grazia Cortis, with issue. Giovanni Mifsud, married 1703 to Isabella Fenech, with issue. Lorenzo Mifsud, married (1) to Laurica Ciappara, married (2) 1744 to Rosa Danastro, with issue. (First marriage) Modesta Mifsud, married 1752 Mdina to Angelo Bonnici. Maria Mifsud, married 1760 Mdina to Lazzaro Grima. (Second Marriage) Agatha Mifsud, married 1772 to Giuseppe Farrugia. Matteo Mifsud, married to Rosa Zarb, with issue Grazia Mifsud, married (1) to Angelo Calleia, married (2) Franco Nicola dei Principe Caracciolo della Roccella di Calabre, married (3) 1803 Valletta to Vincenzo Rosano of Messina, Sicily. Angelo Mifsud, married 1728 Mdina to Domenica Camenzuli., with issue. Giovanni Mifsud, married 1764 Mdina to Grazia Mifsud, with issue. Paolo Mifsud, married 1808 Mdina to Costanza Vella, with issue. Antonio Mifsud, married 1833 Mdina to Costanza Camilleri, with issue. Paolo Mifsud, married 1875 Mdina to Maria Agius, with issue. Costanzo Mifsud, married 1904 Rabat Malta to Grazia Sammut, with issue. Teresa Mifsud, married 1918 Rabat Malta to Conte Saverio Mifsud. Maria Carmela Mifsud, married 1860 Mdina to Giovanni Gauci. Gio Maria Mifsud, married 1686 Mdina to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Domenico Mifsud, married 1715 Mdina to Caterina Galea. Gioalla Mifsud, married 1719 Mdina to Giuseppe Gauci. Vincenzo Mifsud, married 1694 Mdina to Grazia Calleja,  with issue. Giacinto Mifsud, married 1701 to Grazia Pace, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud, married (1) 1724 Mdina to Gioconda Chetcuti, married (2) 1725 Mdina to Speranza Camilleri, married (3) 1738 Mdina to Claudia Teresa Cortis, with issue. (Third Marriage) Giovanni Mifsud, married 1760 Mdina to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Teresa Mifsud, amrried 1783 Mdina to Paolo Tanti. Teresa Mifsud, married 1729 Mdina to Nicola Vassallo. Angela Mifsud, married 1729 Mdina to Felice Sapiano. Andrea Mifsud, married 1732 Mdina to Rosa Seichel Anna Mifsud, married 1736 Mdina to Gio Maria Fenech. Rosa Mifsud, married 1741 Mdina to Giovanni Xerri. Caterina Mifsud, married 1637 Naxxar to Matteo Vella. Domenico Mifsud, married Clara Xerri, with issue. Lorenza Mifsud, married 1673 to Giovanni Camilleri.
1.6.2. Mariano Mifsud, married 1592 to Agnese Gauci, with issue. Caterina Mifsud, married 1612 to Lazlo Chetcuti. Simon Mifsud, married to Jiada N, with issue. Antonio Mifsud, married 1655 Qormi to Giuseppa Psaila, with issue. Angelo Mifsud, married 1690 Valletta to Elisabetta Gatt, with issue. Andrea Mifsud, married 1729 Qormi to Anna Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud, married 1760 Valletta to Flora Galea, with issue. Rosaria Mifsud, married 1794 Valletta to Filippo Meli.

2. Orlando Mifsud.

3. Bendo Mifsud, married with issue.

3.1. Bernardo Mifsud.


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