Mifsud Bonnici family.

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1. Giorgio Mifsud (Press Here for his Ancestry), married to Nobile Margherita Nicolao Rapa, with issue.
1.1. Gio Maria Mifsud, married to Enziona N, with issue.
1.1.1. Giovanni Mifsud, married 1641 (Matro by Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Domenica Bezzina, with issue. Gio Batta Mifsud, married 1695 Siggiewi to Clara Buttigieg, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud, married 1732 Zejtun to Olimpia Bonnici, with issue. Clemente Mifsud Bonnici, married (1) 1771 Caltanisetta Sicily to Francesca Gudagnino, married (2) 1816 Valletta to Maria Teresa Falzon, with issue. (Second Marriage, though born out of wedlock) Notary Antonio Mifsud Bonnici, married 1813 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Pisani, with issue. Lorenzo Mifsud Bonnici, married 1837 Cospicua to Giuseppa Buhagiar, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici, married 1888 Cospicua to Concetta Cordina, with issue Dr Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici LLD, (1897-1948), known as Il_Gross and author of the Nationalist Anthem and MP for the Nationalist Party from the 30?s till his death., married 1927 Cospicua to Maria Ros-Testaferrata, with issue. Dr Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici LLD, (1930-, Chief Justice of Malta, married to Maria Cremona, B.Pharm, with issue. Josette Mifsud Bonnici (1961-, married 1987 to Joseph Calleja, with issue. Giulio Calleja, (1988-. Michela Calleja, (1991-. Daniela Calleja. Gabriela Calleja, (1995-. Maricarm Mifsud Bonnici (1963-, married to Tonio Darmanin, with issue. Andrea Darmanin. Maria Pia Darmanin. Anna Mifsud Bonnici. Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici LL.D, (1932-, President of Malta, married 1959 Valletta to Gemma Bianco, with issue. Dr. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici LL.D. M.P. Nationalist Party (Parliamentary Sec. 2003 to 2008 in the Ministry of Justice, and Minister for Justice 2008-), married to Sandra N. Dr. Anton Mifsud Bonnici LL.D, married to Anya N. Dr. Jeanne-Pia Mifsud Bonnici LL.D. Dr Lorenzo Mifsud Bonnici MD, married 1929 Cospicua to Caterina Buttigieg, with issue. Dr Carmelo Mifsud Bonici LLD, (1933-. Prime Minister of Malta 1984-87. Josette Mifsud Bonnici, married 1958 Sta Venera to Paul Galea Curmi. Elizabetta Mifsud Bonnici, married 1842 Senglea to Paulo Ciantar. Dr Felice Mifsud Bonnici, MD,  married (1) 1829 Curmi to Vincenza Grech, married (2) to Luisa Inglott, with issue. (Second Marriage) Dr. Pietro Paolo Mifsud Bonnici LLD., (1841-81), married Virginia Vassallo., with issue. Vincenzo (Censu) Mifsud Bonnici, (1871-1929), ‘Poet’. Rikard Mifsud Bonnici,(1877-1948). Salvatore Mifsud Bonnici, married at Humrun to Marianna Formosa, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici, married to Giovanna Calleja, with issue. Olive Mifsud Bonnici, married to Herman Webber, with issue. Cornelia Webber. Jacqueline Webber. Neville Mifsud Bonnici, married to Doris Bartolo, with issue. Mark Mifsud Bonnici, (1961-., married (1) 1987 Southend on Sea, England to Natalie Jones, married (2) 2013 to Amanda Richards, with issue. (First Marriage) Natasha Mifsud Bonnici, (1992-. Sophia Mifsud Bonnici, (1992-. Frederic Mifsud Bonnici, (1992-. Andrew Mifsud Bonnici, (1964-, married 1988 London England to Maria Bowden., with issue. Jessica Mifsud Bonnici, (1995-. Daniel Mifsud Bonnici, (2002-. Irene Mifsud Bonnici., married to Alfred Matter, with issue. Daniel Matter. Maria Mifsud Bonnici, married to Vincent Grech. Pio Mifsud Bonnici, married to Maria Antonia (sive' Antie) Ellul, with issue. Jeanne Antide Mifsud Bonnici, married to Saviour Seisun. Salvino Mifsud Bonnici, married (Div) to Lorenza (sive' Laura) Aquilina, with issue. Dr Ken Mifsud Bonnici LLD. Marion Mifsud Bonnici, married to Charles Attard Bezzina. Isabel Mifsud Bonnici, married to Ben Muscat. Christopher Mifsud Bonnici., married (Sep) to Anna Marie Zammit Cordina, with issue. Thomas Mifsud Bonnici. Francesco Mifsud Bonnici. Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, married to Inez Mangion, (d. 2014), with issue. Richard Mifsud Bonnici, married to Victoria N. Dorothy Mifsud Bonnici, married to Mark Anastasi. Martin Mifsud Bonnici, married to Doris N. Miriam Mifsud Bonnici, married to Lolly Camilleri. Marco Mifsud Bonnici, married to Silvana N. Joanne Mifsud Bonnici, married to Benny Spiteri. Noel Mifsud Bonnici, married to Irene N. Rueben Mifsud Bonnici, married to N. Naudi. Helen Mifsud Bonnici, married to Victor Xuereb. Evelyn Mifsud Bonnici. Rachele Mifsud Bonnici. Giuditta Mifsud Bonnici. Cesaruba Mifsud Bonnici. Klement Mifsud Bonnici, (1844-87), "Poet". Ganni Mifsud Bonnici, (1856-1934), "Poet", married Teresa Bondin, with issue. Robert Mifsud Bonnici,(1884-1967), "Author of Maltese prose". Pia Mifsud Bonnici, (died 1960). Guze Mifsud Bonnici, (1892-1970), "Poet", married Elvira Samut, with issue. Antoine Mifsud Bonnici, (1922-2014)., married to Contessa Emma Felice Gay, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, with issue. Contessa Nevise Mifsud Bonnici, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1953-2015), dunm. Contessa Olivia Mifsud Bonnici, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1956-., married to Mario Barthet. Contessa Helga Mifsud Bonnici, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1959-., married to Arch. John Rizzo Naudi. Contessa Jacqueline Mifsud Bonnici, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1964-., married to Dr John Cauchi MD. Contessa Souzanne Mifsud Bonnici, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1964-, married to Dr Simon Micallef Strafrace LLD. Conte Josef Mifsud Bonnici, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1962-., married to Karen Tonna, with issue. Conte Robert Mifsud Bonnici, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1990-. Conte Karl Mifsud Bonnici, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1994-. Doris Mifsud Bonnici, (1924-., married to Basil Rosser. Mary Mifsud Bonnici, (1928-., married to Joseph Gatt. Lina Mifsud Bonnici, (1929-, married to Mario Wismayer. Henriette Mifsud Bonnici, (1932- 2012)., married to Conte Philip Felice Gay. Ing. Maurice Mifsud Bonnici, (1926-, "Engineer and Poet", married to Lucia Pizzuto, with issue. Mark Mifsud Bonnici, (1956-., married to Veronica Fenech, with issue. Nicholas Mifsud Bonnici, (1993-. Lisa Mifsud Bonnici, (1997-. Alberto Mifsud Bonnici, married 1766 Valletta to Anna Borg. Gio Battista Mifsud Bonnici, married 1781 Valletta to Eugenia Falzon, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici, married 1807 Zejtun to Caterina Galea, with issue. Rosa Mifsud Bonnici, married 1830 Zejtun to Grazio Gatt. Eugenia Mifsud Bonnici, married 1830 Valletta to Paolo Azzopardi. Gio Battista Mifsud Bonnici, married 1829 Valletta to Carmela Chetcuti. Salvatore Mifsud Bonnici, married 1828 Zejtun to Margherita Fenech. Gilberto Mifsud Bonnici, married 1801 Zejtun to Teresa Galea.
1.2. Isabella Mifsud, married to Mro Notary Simone Azzopardi, with issue.
1.2.1. Grazia Azzopardi, married 1635 Naxxar to Giacomo Moscati.


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Dr Antoine Mifsud Bonnici, married Rosa Fava. (d. 2005), with issue.

1. Tonio Mifsud Bonnici, married Pamela…

2. Maria Mifsud Bonnici .

3. Paula Mifsud Bonnici., married Carlos…

4. Roberta Mifsud Bonnici.

5. Clara Mifsud Bonnici., married Adrian…


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