Dom Mintoff, Prime Minister of Malta.

(r 1955 -1958; 1971 - 1976; 1976 - 1981; 1981 -1984)

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Johannes de Manueli "Sives Mintoff", migrated to Gozo 1574 from Cospicua, married with issue.

1. Simone Mintoff, married to Angelica N, with issue.

1.1. Giovanni Mintoff, married 1639 Matrice Gozo to Paolica Camilleri, with issue.

1.1.1. Simone Mintoff, married 1690 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Attard, with issue. Lorenzo Mintoff, married (1) 1711 Matrice Gozo to Margherita Xiberras, married (2) 1718 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Gauci, with issue. Ludovico Mintoff, married 1739 Zebbug Gozo to Evangelista Demanuele, with issue. Gio Maria Mintoff, married 1804 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Attard, with issue. Aloiseo Mintoff, married 1834 Matrice Gozo to   Caterina Xicluna, with issue. Daniele Mintoff, married 1867 Matrice Gozo to Maria Refalo, with issue. Federico Lorenzo Mintoff, (1883-), married 1909 Cospicua to Concetta Farrugia, with issue. The Hon Dom Mintoff, B.Sc, B.E. & A., M.A. (Oxon), A. & C.E., M.P, (1916 - 2012), Prime Minister of Malta (r 1955 - 1958, 1971 - 1976, 1976 - 1981, 1981 - 1984),  married Baroness Moyra de Vere Bentick of the Earls and Dukes (Extinct) of Portland (UK title) and Barons (Netherlands), with issue Ann Mintoff, ( 1949-, married 1971 to Bernard McKenna, with issue Emma McKenna, (1984- Joan Mintoff, (1951-, married 1991 to David Bland, with issue. Danny Xandru Bland, (1984- Cetta Sian Bland, (1982-. Raymond Mintoff, (1926- 2013)., married to Josephine N, with issue. Perit Lawrence Mintoff, BE&E (Hons), MSC (Lond), DIC, A&CE., ( 1958 - 2009), married to Michelle Saydon, with issue. Christopher Mintoff. Stephanie Mintoff. Marcelle Mintoff, married to John N. Joseph Mintoff, married to Victoria N. Daniel Mintoff, married to Astrid N. Fr. Dionyius Mintoff. Sr. Mary Mintoff, 'Nun'..1 Orazio Mintoff, married 1808 Gozo to Maria Camilleri. Gio Maria Mintoff, married 1746 Gozo to Flaminea Caruana, with issue. Michele Mintoff, married 1786 Gozo to Maria Cini., with issue. Giovanni Maria Mintoff, married 1819 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppa Curmi. Giuseppe Mintoff, married 1787 Rabat Gozo to Margareta Cordina. Domenica Mintoff, married 1750 Rabat Gozo to Andrea Cassar. Giovanni Mintoff, married 1720 Gozo to Maria Xiberras., with issue. Giuseppe Mintoff, married 1749 Rabat Gozo to Maria Gatt, with issue. Giovanni Maria Mintoff, married 1783 Rabat Gozo to Evangelista Pisano, with issue. Maria Mintoff, married 1808 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Grech. Giuseppa Mintoff, married 1834 Rabat Gozo to Michele Angelo Grech. Michele Mintoff, married 1783 Rabat Gozo to Angelica Grima. Rosaria Mintoff, married 1780 Rabat Gozo to Rocco Galea. Andrea Mintoff, married 1788 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Galea. Anna Mintoff, married 1758 Rabat Gozo to Marcello Kili (sives Hili). Angelica Mintoff, married 1751 Rabat Gozo to Giacomo Tabone.

1.2. Mariano Mintoff, married 1646 Gozo to Angelica Attard.




Reference: Regarding Johannes de Manueli, noted in "The 1551 Seige of Gozo and the Repopulation of the Island" by Stanley Fiorini, page 6..

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