Montalto and Montaldo, the Ancient Noble family of Sicily.

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Count LOUIS SCERRI MONTALDO, Comte de Modon, Prince Grand Master of the "Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem", "Hospitaller Knights of Saint John", "Knights of Malta". Prince Grand Master Louis Scerri Montaldo is descendant of an antique aristocratic family: In the 14th century, Leonardo Montaldo and Antoniotto di Montaldo were Dukes who reigned in Genoa, Italy.
The Montaldo family is also linked with the French and English aristocracy through the Montault family. In 1248 Bérard de Montault took part in the Crusades under the French King Saint Louis IX. This line extends up to Philippe de Montault, Duke of Navailles, Marshall of France, during the reign of King Louis XIV.
Another branch of the Montault family which settled in England with Eustace de Montault, took part with William the Conqueror in the battle of Hastings in 1066.
Trasimondon Montalto, son of Unfrido, Lord de Montault, was Commander-in-Chief of Count Roger of Normandy.
The family of Prince Grand Master Louis Scerri Montaldo was also previously known as Montalto and has centuries-long connections with the Knights of Malta. 12 members of the Montalto family joined the Order of the Knights between 1441 and 1784.
In 1530 Antonio Montalto signed at Messina, Sicily, the "Exequatur" for the donation of the islands of Malta and Gozo, and the city of Tripoli, to the Order of the Knights of Saint John from the Emperor Charles V.
Other members of the Montalto family who distinguished themselves with the Order of the Knights of Malta, were Chev. Giovanni Battista Montalto who took part in the Great Siege of Malta of 1565, and Chev. Michele Montalto who was named Captain of the galleon "Magistrale" of the Knights.
Another direct descendent of Prince Grand Master Louis Scerri Montaldo is Antonio Montalto who was the main protagonist of an exploit in 1749 in which he captured the galleon "La Lupa" of the Pasha of Rhodes, in Rhodes, liberated 140 Christian slaves on board, and returned with "La Lupa" in triumph back to the Knights in Malta. This exploit is fully described in the book entitled "The Nobles of Malta".


1. Milite. Riccardo Montalto, Created Barone di Buccheri 1313 by King Louis of Sicily., married Dona Maria d’Alagona., with issue.

1.1.   Milite. Gerardo Montalto, Barone di Buccheri., with issue.

1.1.1.    Milite. Giovannuzzo Montalto, Barone di Buccheri 1339., Trioso o Turgisio e Casalagerado 1369. Captaino di Giustizia di Siracusa 1406., married to Nobile Stefania Ventimiglia, with issue. Noble Corrardo Montalto, Barone di Buccheri., Guirato 1400-04. Noble Marco Montalto, Barone di Trioso o Turgisio e Casalagerado, Senator of Siracusa 1406-07., married to N. Barrese, with issue. Noble Giovanni Montalto, Barone di Milocca 1453., (d. 1478), with issue. Noble Francesco Catlado Montalto, Barone di Milocca., (d. 1542), with issue. Noble Antonio Montalto, Barone di Castagerado 1508., with issue. Noble Gutterre Montalto., Barone di Castagerado., married Giovanna dei Baroni d’Daniele., with issue. Noble Girolamo Montalto., Barone di Milocca 1522., Giurato di Siracusa 1530-31., Senatore of Siracusa 1531-59., married to Adriana Barbi, with issue. Noble Vincenzo Montalto, Barone di Buccheri 1542., dunm. Noble Isabella Montalto, Baroness di Buccheri, married to Don Girolamo Morra e Galeoto, with issue. Don Fabrizio Morra, Barone di Buccheri 1586, married to Donna Violante Bellomo e Platamone, with issue. Don Girolamo Morra, created 1st Principe di Buccheri 1627, Principe dell'Ordine della Stella 1613, maried to Giovanna Rizzo, Baroness di Miri, with issue. Don Visconte Morra, 2nd Principe di Buccheri 1640, Principe dell'Ordine della Stella 1649, married (1) to Laura Marziano, married (2) to Donna Isabella di Giovanni dei Principi di Castrorao, with issue. (Second marriage) Don Francesco Morra, 3rd Principe di Buccheri, (d. 1708), married to Donna Felice dei Principi di Castelnuovo, with issue. Donna Isabella Morra, married (1) to Don Domenico di Giovanni dei Principe di Trecastagne, married (2) 1703 to Don Francesco Bonanno, Principe di Roccafiorita e Duca di Montalbano, with issue. (First marriage) Donna Anna Maria di Giovanni e Morra, (1695-1777), 4th Principessa di Buccheri, di Castrorao e Trecastagne, married 1710 to Don Giuseppe Alliata, 4th Principe di Villafranca, with issue. Donna Francesca di Giovanni, (1698-1768), married 1710 to Don Alessandro Filingeri, 4th Principe di Cuto, with issue. Donna Giovanna Morra, married to Don Ercole Branciforte, 2nd Principe di Scordia. Don Giulio Morra, possedeva il Castello di Foria che lasci. Don Federico Morra, Patrizio Napoletano. Don Francesco Morra, Patrizio Napoletano. Noble Beatrice Montalto, married 1577 to Don. Giovanni Notarbartolo., with issue. Noble Antonia Montalto, married Antonio Montalto, Barone di Milocca. (See below). Noble Elizabetta Montalto, married 1562 (Notary Bastiano de Panormo) to Don Giovanni de Guevara. Noble Fra. Francesco Montalto, Knight of Malta. Noble Constanza Montalto, (Testament 1542), married Don. Artaluccio d’Alagona. Noble Girolamo Montalto., ‘Celebre Medico e Filosofo’., married to Adriana Baldi, with issue. Noble Fra. Agostino Montalto., Knight of Malta. Noble Fra. Angelo Montalto., Knight of Malta. Noble Elisabetta Montalto, married 1544 to Don Giovanni de Guevara Grasso. Noble Antonia Montalto, married to Francesco Montalto (see below). Noble Costanza Montalto., married Nobile Arfio Capo di Ferro., with issue. Noble Antonio Montalto, Barone di Casalagerado 1448., with issue. Noble Giovanni Battista Montalto, Giurato di Siracusa 1457-58., Senator 1463-64., Capitano di Giustizia 1469-1506., Barone di Milocca, Prata e Arcimusa., with issue. Noble Antonio Montalto, Giudice della Gran Corte 1525., Vice Tesoriere General del Regno di Sicilia 1530., Avvocato Fiscale del Tribunale della Gran Corte e di Lui il Mengitore., Barone di Milocca, Prato e Arcimusa., married to Maria de Acuna, with issue. Noble Ludovico Montalto., Giureconsulto fu Avvocato fiscale del Tribunale della Gran Corte 1507., Deputy del Regno 1499-1508.., Reggente de Supremio Consiglio d’Aragona e di Sicilia, Reggente della Cancelleria del Regno di Napoli., Barone di Milocca, Prato e Arcimusa., (d. 1528), married to Vincenza di Sabia, with issue. Noble Massimo Montalto, (d. 1553), Signore d'Arienzo, married 1537 to Aurelia Caracciolo Pisquizi, with issue. Noble Giuseppe Montalto., Giurato di Siracusa 1554-59., Barone di Milocca, Prato e Arcimusa., married to Donna Isabella Bellamo dei Baroni di San Cosimo., with issue. Noble Antonio Montalto., Barone di Milocca, Prato e Arcimusa 1581., Captaino di Giustizia., married to Antonia Montalto dei Baroni di Buccheri, (See above), with issue. Noble Giuseppe Montalto, Barone di Milocca, Prato e Arcimusa, Senatore di Siracusa. 1626., married to N. Abela, with issue. Noble Antonio Montalto, Barone di Milocca, Prato e Arcimusa, 1670., Barone di Busulmone, Captaine di Giustizia 1743-44., Giurato Nobile 1746-58., with issue. Noble Giuseppe Montalto., Barone di Milocca, Prato, Arcimusa e Busulmone. 1763., married to Nobile Maria Grimaldi., with issue. Noble Antonio Montalto, Barone di Milocca, Prato, Arcimusa e Busulmone, 1776. Noble Francesco Maria Montalto, Giurato 1792-93., married Anna de Ribera dei Baroni di San Paolino., with issue. Noble Gaetano Montalto, Maestro Razionale del Tribunale del Real Patrimono. Noble Ferdinando Montalto, 1811. Noble Mariano Montalto., with issue. Nobile Vito Montalto., with issue. Nobile Federico Montalto., with issue. Nobile Mariano Montalto., with issue. Nobile Marianna Montalto, (c.1928) Nobile Mariano Montalto., with issue. Nobile Michele Montalto dei Baroni di Buccheri., (c 1928). Noble Giacinto Montalto, married (c. 1580), married to Maddalena Abela, with issue. Noble Mariano Montalto dei Baroni di Milocca, Prato e Archimusa,  married (c. 1600) to N.N. Cassar, with issue. Noble Giacomo Montalto, married (2) 1626 Valletta to Caterina Cosentino, with issue. Noble Marco Montalto, married 1652 to Noble Caterina Pontremoli, with issue. Noble Nicola Montalto, married 1707 to Lorenza Strafrag, with issue. Noble Antonio Montalto, married 1733 Senglea to Anna Indiano, with issue. Noble Francesco Montalto "sives Montaldo", married (1) 1760 Valletta to Angela Grima, (married two) 1776 to Grazia Frendo., with issue. (First Marriage) Noble Vincenzo Montaldo, married 1789 Senglea to Antonia Gilibert, with issue. Noble Giovanni Montaldo, married 1809 Senglea to Paola Ebejer, with issue. Noble Giovanni Montaldo, married (1) 1851 Senglea to Rosa Ferreri, married (2) 1884 to Anna Ciamone-Massa, with issue. (First Marriage) Noble Salvatore Montaldo, married 1884 at Alexandria, Egypt to Lorenza Richichi, with issue. Noble George Montaldo, married 1929 at Alexandria, Egypt to Antoinette Scerri, with issue. Noble Louis Scerri Montaldo, (1934- Alexandria, Egypt - 2016 Malta), Created 1994 by H.I.H, Prince Henri Constantine Paleologue III as COUNT OF MODON. Created 2002 by H.I.H Don Roberto II Paterno Castello e Guttadauro di Carcaci d'Emmanuele Ayerbe Aragona the title of MARQUIS DI SANTA LUCIA. 31st January 2003, Elected Prince Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Hospitaller Knights of Saint John. Hon Consul of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Malta from 1994., married 1987 to Marie Louise Schembri Orland, with issue. Noble George Scerri Montaldo., (1991-. Marie Therese Scerri Montaldo, (d. 2017), married to Joseph Pisani, with issue. Ariette Pisani. Dorian Pisani. Noble Margherita Montaldo, married 1812 to Costantino Svarese. Noble Marianna Montaldo, married 1817 to Giacomo Stocker. Saveria Montaldo, married 1821 to Bartolomeo Parlar. Noble Vincenzo Montaldo, married 1826 to Rosina Cassar. Margherita Montalto, married 1788 to Michele Nigrett. Noble Salvatore Montalto, married 1757 to Regina Galea. Noble Maria Montalto, married 1778 to Antonio Pace. Noble Carmina Montalto, married 1777 to Francesco Cugnett. Noble Giuseppe Montalto, married (1) 1779 to Maria Buttigieg., Married (2) 1809 to Laura O'Kara. Carmela Montalto, married 1786 to Giuseppe Spiteri. Noble Giacomo Montalto, married 1736 to Margherita Pace, with issue. Noble Caterina Montalto, married 1755 to Nicola di Stefano. Noble Maria Montalto, married 1736 to Luigi Pace. Noble Caterina Montalto, married 1726 to Giovanni Ventura. Noble Agata Montalto, married to Andrea V Vassallo, Barone di Bauvso. Laurea Montalto, married 1658 to Mario Pontremoli. Noble Lucia Montalto, married Rosario Testaferrata. Noble Leonardo Montalto, married 1691 to Maria Rosina Testaferrata, with issue. Noble Maria Diana Montalto Testaferrata, married 1787 to Dr. Pietro Paolo Carbott JUD. Noble Giuseppe Montalto, married 1681 to Paulica Rico N. Montalto, married to Nobile Andrea Abela. Noble Costanza Montalto., married 1539 to Scipione dei Baroni Gambacorta, with issue. (Princes di Frasso). Noble Fra. Francesco Montalto, Knight of Malta. Noble Beatrice Montalto., married to Don Antonio Lagunna JUD. Noble Lucrezia Montalto, (d. 1541), married 1522 to Luigi Caetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona, Signore di Montepeloso, married (2) 1528 to Cesare Cavaniglia, Signore di San Marco. Noble Fra. Ruggero Montalto, Knight of Malta. Noble Giambattista Montalto. Noble Francesco Montalto, married to Antonia Montalto, (see above). Noble Onofrio Montalto. Noble Luigi Montalto. Noble Lucrezia Montalto. Noble Eleanora Montalto. Noble Margherita Montalto., married Angaraldo Capo di Ferro, with issue.

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