"Muscat-Fenech family"

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Antonio Muscat Fenech.

Francesco Muscat's ancestors - Press Here:
1. Francesco Muscat, married 1769 Valletta to Maria Teresa Morales, with issue.
1.1. Dr. Antonio Muscat JUD, married 1801 Valletta to Regina Sammut, with issue.
1.1.1. Rev. Rosario Muscat, dunm.
1.1.2. Fedele Muscat, (1801-56).
1.1.3. Maria Concetta Muscat, (1804-60), married 1829 Cospicua Francesco Ciappara, with issue. Antonia Ciappara, (1830-).
1.1.4. Dr Vincenzo Muscat LLD, (1822-79), married 1840 to Emanuela Fenech, with issue. Josephine Muscat-Fenech, (1859-1940), married Alexander Palmier, (see issue under Palmier) Regina Muscat-Fenech, (1856-1924), married Alfonso Naudi, with issue. Maria Naudi, (1880-1953), married 1953 to Alfredo Galea, with issue. Giuseppina Galea Naudi, (1909-55), married 1928 to Henry Filletti, with issue. Victor Filletti, (1929-, married 1953 to Censina Attard, with issue. Fr. Vittorio Filletti, (1954-. Pierre Filletti, (1957-, married Ruth Boardman, with issue. Rebecca Filletti. Alexandra Filletti. Stephanie Filletti. Ivan Filletti, (1969-. Maronna Filletti, (1960-. Henrietta Filletti, (1932-, married (1) 1955 to Wilfred Scicluna, married (2) 1998 to Joseph Aquilina, with issue. (First Marriage) Corinne Scicluna, (1956-, married 1977 to Roger La Ferla, with issue. Giselle La Ferla Mylene La Ferla. Henri Scicluna, (1959- married 1982 to Leonita Borg, with issue. Deborah Scicluna. Kurt Scicluna. Bernard Scicluna, (1962-, married Alison Zammit, with issue. Nicolas Scicluna. Tina Scicluna. Andrew Scicluna. James Scicluna. Marion Filletti, married George La Rosa, with issue. Stephen La Rosa, ((1963 -2012), married 1989 to Louise Pace-Ross, with issue. Daniel La Rosa. Joanna La Rosa. Henry Galea Naudi, married Lucy Zammit Bonett, with issue. Monica Galea Naudi, (1946-., married Austin Agius, with issue. Stephen Agius. Lana Agius. Alan Agius. Nicola Agius. Peter Galea Naudi, married Maxine Owen-Rodriques, with issue. Matthew Galea Naudi. Luke Galea Naudi. Katherine Galea Naudi. Alfred Galea Naudi, married 1991 to Rosa Debono, with issue. Emma Galea Naudi. Marika Galea Naudi, married Stephen dei Conti Stagno Navarra. (See Maltese titles under Bahria). John Galeas Naudi, married Giusa Sciortino, with issue. Chev. Juanito Galea Naudi, married 1982 to Anna Marie Xuereb, with issue. Lisa Marie Galea Naudi. Tara Anna Galea Naudi. Mariella Galea Naudi, married 1981 to Simon Cosby, with issue. Marguerita Cosby. Michaela Cosby. Greta Cosby. Luke Simon Cosby. Alfio Galea Naudi. John Naudi, married Adelina Rizzo, with issue. Lilian Naudi, (1921-49), married Oscar Agius, with issue. Austin Agius, married Monica Galea, with issue. Stephen Agius. Lana Agius. Alan Agius. Nicole Agius. Marcella Agius, amrried Peter Nicholson, with issue. Adam Nicholson. Petra Nicholson. Mary Rosa Agius, married John Gardner, with issue. Sean Gardner. Austin Gardner. Marlene Agius, married Michael Kozak, with issue. Jason Kozak. Lorraine Kozak. Michelle Kozak. Mary Naudi, (1923-86), married John Micallef, with issue. Raymond Micallef, married Molly Caruana, with issue. John Micallef. Donna Micallef. Violet Naudi, married 1947 to John Pace, married (2) to Adolf Musztyfaga, with issue. (First Marriage) John Pace, married Judy Hornsby, with issue. Nicole Pace. John Pace. Aaron Pace. Joseph Pace, married Diane Russell, with issue. Daniel Pace. Samantha Pace. Shirley Naudi, married Ronnie Said, with issue. Elizabeth Said Ronnie Said, married Denise Aquilina. Joyce Naudi, (1928-96), married (1) Reuben Mifsud-Bonici, Married (2) Joseph Giosserano, with issue. (First Marriage) Liliana Mifsud-Bonici, married Graeme Mortimor, with issue. Simone Mortimer. Godwin Mifsud-Bonici, married Jacqueline Smith, with issue. Corinne Mifsud-Bonici. Roberto Mifsud-Bonici, married Tanya Honeyset, with issue. Chloe Mifsud-Bonici. Edwin Mifsud-Bonici, married (1) Lydia Turenko, married (2) Teresa Kindras, with issue. (Second Marriage) Monique Mifsud-Bonici. Joseph Naudi, (1932-, married Lina Delia, with issue. Diane Naudi, (1959-, married (1) Dimitri Sher, married (2) Scott Christiansen, with issue. (Second Marriage) Joshua Christiansen. Karen Naudi, (1964-, married Christopher Brazier, with issue. Luke Brazier. Ashley Anne Brazier. Sharon Naudi, (1965-, married (1) Glenn Thompson, Married (2) Adrian Hillier, with issue. (Second Marriage) Zachary Hillier. Cassandra Hillier. Jade Courtney Hillier. Giuseppe Naudi, (1882-1952), married 1913 to Juliet Fenech, with issue. Lucy Naudi, (1914-, married (1) Carol Peralta, married (2) 1988 to Roy Fleri. Hector Naudi, (1915-93), married Carmen Frendo, with issue. Magda Naudi, (1948-, married 1976 to Sandro Magri, with issue. Anne Marie Magri. Sylvie Magri. Hector Naudi, (1949-, married 1976 to Marika Hili, with issue. Karl Naudi. Josette Naudi, (1953-, married 1980 to Francis Vassallo La Rosa, with issue. Pierre Vassallo La Rosa, (1983-. Emily Naudi, (1917-, married George Turner, with issue. Valerie Turner, (1941-, married Vanni Cremona, with issue. Juliette Cremona, (1966-, married 1995 to George Attard, with issue. Oliver George Attard. Felix Cremona, (1967-, married 1990 to Susan Meteyard. Robert Cremona, (1972-. Edward Naudi, (1919-89), married Marion Caruana Montaldo, with issue. Mariella Naudi, (1956-, married 1978 to Peter Degiorgio, with issue. Mark Degiorgio. Rachel Degiorgio. Lisa Degiorgio. Claire Degiorgio. Marcelline Naudi, (1958-, married 1989 to Trevor Corcoran. Joseph Naudi, (1961-, married 1987 to Victoria Mifsud, with issue. Edward Naudi. Paula Naudi. Louis Naudi-Montaldo, (1965-, married 1990 to Anne Camilleri, with issue. Matthew Naudi-Montaldo. Peter Naudi-Montaldo. Michael Naudi-Montaldo. Nelli Naudi, 'Nun'. Blanche Naudi, (1923-, married Francis Sammut-Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia. (See Maltese titles under Taflia). Louis Naudi, (1925-. Giorgina Naudi, (1884-1965), married Joseph Rizzo, with issue. Vincenza Naudi, (1887-). Olga Naudi, (1887-1957), married Paul Cassar, with issue. Stella Naudi, married 1920 to Vincenzo Rizzo. Giuseppina Naudi, (1894-1987), married 1923 to Carmela Rizzo. Arturo Naudi, marrried Giovanna Manche.
Chev. Antonio Muscat-Fenech, Vice-Consul of Austria in Malta, (1854-1910), married Filomena Naudi, with issue. John Muscat-Fenech, (1893-), married Mary Psaila-Manche, with issue. Maurice Muscat-Fenech, (1924-83), married 1947 to Evelyn Zammit, with issue. Denise Muscat-Fenech, (1948-, married Michael Simcik, with issue. Annette Muscat-Fenech, (1951-. Alexandra Muscat-Fenech, (1956-. George Muscat-Fenech, (1927-, married Terry Martin, with issue. Marcelle Muscat-Fenech. Dr. Claire Muscat-Fenech, Ph.D, married 1991 to Robert de Marco. Esther Muscat-Fenech, married Giuseppe Mizzi, with issue. John Anthony Mizzi, (1925-. Victor Mizzi, married Kirsten.. Lucy Muscat-Fenech, married 1923 to Joseph Manduca, Baron of Buleben, (see Maltese titles under Mont'Alto). Marietta Muscat-Fenech, married Professor Joseph Hyzler MD, (see Hyzler). Giuseppina Muscat-Fenech, married 1946 to Joseph Sant-Cassia, (See Maltese titles under Sant) Giovanni Muscat-Fenech, married Alfonsa Borg, with issue. Margot Muscat-Fenech, married NN. Demiglio. Dr Emmanuele Muscat-Fenech, (1861-90). Concetta Muscat-Fenech, married Michael Calleja, with issue. Emmanuele Calleja MBE, (1900-52), married Nina Portelli, with issue. Dolores Calleja. Edward Calleja. Esther Calleja. Giuseppina Calleja. Rosa Muscat-Fenech, married Lorenzo Goulder, with issue. Giuseppina Gouder, married Giuseppe Bartolo, with issue. Luisa Gouder, married Giuseppe Attard, with issue. Alfredo Gouder, married Molly.. Dr. Filiberto Gouder, married Mary Caruana, with issue. France Gouder, married Mary Carbonara, with issue. Pauline Gouder. Philibert Gouder. Patrick Gouder. Margaret Gouder, married Joseph Sultana Maria Gouder, married William Muscat. Helen Gouder, married Mario Gatt. Rosa Gouder. Giuseppe Gouder, died 1996. Miram Gouder, married William Scicluna, with issue. Renzo Gouder, married Margarita .., with issue. Robert Gouder. Emma Gouder. Nazzema Gouder, 'Nun'.
1.1.5. Dr Giuseppe Muscat, (1811-59).
1.1.6. Bartolomeo Muscat, (1813-73).
1.1.7. Maria Antonia Muscat, (1815-83).
1.1.8. Rosa Muscat, (1817-32).
1.1.9. Calcedonia Muscat, (1820-47).
1.1.10. Dr Giovanni Muscat, (1837-).
1.1.11. Francesco Muscat, (1824-75), married Caroline Grima, with issue. Regina Muscat, (1856-). Vincenza Muscat, (1859-). Antonio Muscat, (1861-). Giuseppe Muscat, (1869-).

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