Sir Salvatore Naudi, Kt.Bach.1878 and family.


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Antonio Naudi of France, married 1626 Senglea to Angeluzza Saracino, with issue.

1. Desiderio Naudi, married 1656 Valletta to Anna Maria Bezzina, with issue.

1.1. Giuseppe Naudi., married 1699 Valletta  to Teresa Abela,  with issue.

1.1.1. Mro Agostino Naudi., married 1724 at Valletta to Teodora Martin, with issue. Matteo Naudi, married (1) 1756  to Anna Maria Muscat.., married (2) 1768 Axiaq to Eugenia Mamo, with issue. (First Marriage) Dr Gio Battista Naudi JUD.,  married 1780 at Axiaq to Maria Antonia Mamo., with issue  Notary Fortunato Naudi., married 1804 to Teresa Bianco., with issue.  Pietro Paolo Naudi,. Married 1842 to Francesca Dingli, with issue.  Salvatore Naudi, married 1875 to Carmela Camilleri., with issue. Romeo Naudi., married 1900 to Angela Diacono., with issue. Emanuele Naudi., married Bessie NN, with issue. Beatrice Naudi., married Carmelo Demanuele, dsp.  Mary Naudi., married Tom Worley. Violet Naudi, (1909-2003)., married to Paul Abela., with issue.  Chev. Paul Naudi. KM, (1920-2007)., married (1) to Marie Micallef, with issue, maried (2) to Karmen Azzopardi. (First Marriage) Louis Naudi (1943-., married 1969 to Margaret Rossi, with issue. Dr Antoine Naudi LLD, (1970-, married 1998 to Dr Kathleen Mizzi LLD, with issue. Karla Naudi, (2002-. Luca Naudi, (2005-. Gordon Naudi (1973-, married 2004 to Christine Bonello, with issue. Jamie Naudi, (2008-. Robyn Naudi, (2014-. Stephen Naudi (1946-., married 1975 to Angela Fleri. Angele Naudi, (1952-. Carmelo Naudi. Fortunata Naudi, married 1886 Floriana to Alfredo Casolani.  Dr Luigi Aloiseo Naudi, married 1838 to Marianna Zahra., with issue.  Filomena Naudi., married Chev. Antonio Muscat-Fenech., with issue.  Fortunato Naudi, married 1864 Valletta to Annette Vidal., with issue.  Alfredo Naudi., married 1893 to Giovanna Gouder., with issue.  Dr Joseph Pietro Naudi, married 1932 to Maude Ganado., with issue. June Mary Naudi, married to Lt. Col. Duirmid Gunn OBE., with issue. Patricia Naudi., married Michael Young.  James Naudi, (d.1942) married to Augusta Bianchi. Rosemary Naudi, (1930-. Alfred Naudi, (1931-88), married 1956 to Lena Debono, with issue. Alfred Naudi, (1957-. Simone Naudi, (1962-, married 1992 to Hilary Glass, with issue. Loura Naudi, (1993-. Max Naudi, (1996-. Mario Naudi, (1934-80), married 1960 to Monica Kissaun, with issue. Malcom Naudi, (1961-, married 1980 to Cecilia Pizzuto, with issue. Thomas Naudi, (1992-. Becky Naudi, (1992-. Paula Naudi, (1993-. Julian Naudi, (1996-. Steven Naudi, (1962-, married 1998 to Josette Olivieri, with issue. Christina Naudi, (1999-. Michael Naudi, (2005-. James Naudi, (1969-, married 2000 to Marcella Woodruff, with issue. Benjamin Naudi, (2003-. Daniel Naudi, (2005-. Francis Naudi, (1935-, married 1961 to Theresa Sciortino, with issue. Veronica Naudi, (1961-, married 1985 to Jeremy Camilleri, with issue. Matthew Camilleri, (1989-. David Camilleri, (1991-. Charlotte Camilleri, (1994-. Edward Camilleri, (2002-. Naudi, (1964-, married 1993 to Kirste Phipps, with issue. Robert Naudi, (1999-. Andrew Naudi, (2000-. Michael Naudi, (2003-. Francesca Naudi, (1968-, married 1994 to Paul Debono, with issue. Peter-Paul Debono, (1994-. Simon Debono, (2004-. Theresa Naudi, (1938-. Lilly Naudi.  Mary Naudi.  Alfonso Naudi., (d. 1930)., married 1879 to Regina Muscat-Fenech., with issue.  Maria Naudi, (1880-1953)., married 1906 to Alfredo Galea., with issue.  John Naudi, married Adelina Rizzi., with issue. Lillian Naudi, (1921-., married 1949 to Oscar Agius.  Mary Naudi, (1923-86)., married John Micallef. Violet Naudi, married firstly to (1) John Pace., married (2) Adolf Musztyfaga.  Joyce Naudi, (1928-96)., married (1) to Reuben Mifsud-Bonnici., married (2) to Joseph Giosserano.  Shirley Naudi., married to Ronald Said. Joseph Naudi, (1932-, married to Lina Delia.  Giuseppe Naudi, (1882-1952)., married Juliet Fenech., with issue.  Lucy Naudi, (1914-., married (1) 1937 to Carol Peralta., married (2) 1988 to Roy Fleri.  Hector Naudi, (1915-93)., married Carmen Frendo.  Emily Naudi., (1917-., married 1940 to George Turner.  Edward Naudi, (1919-89)., married Marian Caruana Montaldo., with issue. Louis Naudi, (1965-2004)., married Anne Camilleri., with issue.  Matthew Naudi.  Peter Naudi.  Michael Naudi.  Marcella Naudi., married Peter Degiorgio., with issue.  Marcelina Naudi., married Trevor Corcoran.  Joseph Naudi, married 1987 to Victoria Mifsud., with issue.  Edward Naudi.  Paula Naudi.  Sister Mary Magdalen Naudi.  Blanche Naudi, (1923-94)., married to Marchese Franz Sammut Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia.  Louis Albert Naudi, (1925-2016). Giorgina Naudi, (1884-1965)., married Joseph Rizzo. Vincenza Naudi, (d.1887), dunm.  Giga Naudi., (1887-1957)., married Paul Cassar.  Stella Naudi, married 1920 to Vincenzo Rizzo.  Giusa Naudi, (1894-1987)., married 1923 to Carmelo Rizzo.  Arturo Naudi, (d.1957)., married Giovanna Manche, with issue. Lina Naudi Manche, (d. 2017), married to Bertram Padovani, with issue. Natalie Padovani. Anna Padovani. Silvana Padovani, married to Aldo Losco. Marie Therese Padovani, married to Patrick N. Lucy Naudi Manche. John Naudi Manche.  Giuseppa Naudi., married 1830 Valletta to Nobile Dr Francis Vassallo JUD.  Giuseppe Francesco Naudi., married 1831 to Giuseppa Micallef-Eynaud.  Vincenza Naudi., married 1839 to Serafino Zammit, with issue. Serafino Zammit, married 1866 Valletta to Giorgina Engerer. Pietro Paolo Zammit, married 1866 Valletta to Adelaide Galea, with issue. Susanna Zammit, married 1895 Valletta to Salvatore De Marco. Michele Zammit, (d. 1941).  M’Anna Naudi., married 1824 to Aurelio Micallef.  Giuseppe Naudi, (1784 – 1864), married 1808 to Maddalena Portelli., with issue.  Antonio Cleardo Naudi, married 1855 to Maria Teresa Portelli., with issue.  Carolina Naudi, married 1878 to Alexander Vella., with issue.  Gavino Naudi., married Ludgarda Brignone dei Marchesi di Fiddien., with issue. Giuseppina Naudi-Brignone dei Marchesi di Fiddien., married Reggie Cassar-Torreggiani.  Agostino Naudi., dsp.  Judge Dr. Francesco Naudi, LLD, married 1814 to Antonia England., with issue. Judge. Agostino Naudi LLD., (d.1895)., married Octavia Montanaro., with issue.  Dr Roberto Naudi., married Amelia Galizia., with issue.  Mary Naudi., married Joseph Galea., with issue.  Helene Naudi., married Charles Strickland Bologna dei Conti di Catena., with issue Victoria Naudi., married Pio Sammut., with issue. Sir Salvatore Naudi, Kt.Bach. (1820-1900), married daughter of Maj.Gen Saverio Gatt, CMG.  Prof Dr Agostino Naudi, MD.(1783-1830)., married 1813 to Antonia England. Cleardo Naudi, married (1) 1815 to Nobile Maria Teresa dei Baroni Azopardi., Married (2) 1827 Axiaq to Elizabeth Walker., with issue.  (Second Marriage) Ferdinanda Josepha Naudi, (1837-1844), dunm.  Augiolina Naudi, married (1) 1816 Axiaq to Ignazio Leiler, married (2) 1822 Valletta to Dr Francesco Risler JUD. Franco Naudi, married 1819 Axiaq to Teresa Cachia.  Rodrigo Naudi., married 1761 to Anna Maria Creni., with issue. Maria Maddalena Naudi Creni., married 1784 to Lazzaro Biglione. Michele Naudi, married 1789 Cospicua to Giovanna Simiana., with issue. Giuseppe Naudi, married 1824 Valletta to Margherita Zammit, with issue. Maria Naudi, married 1848 Valletta to Francesco Cassar. Vincenza Naudi, married 1850 Valletta to Francesco Cauchi. Carmela Naudi, married 1852 Valletta to Giuseppe Gerada. Giovanna Naudi, married 1856 Valletta to Pietro Zammit. Carmela Naudi, married 1834 Valletta to Guillaumier.  (Second Marriage) Liberto Naudi., married 1806 to Cristina Magro. Antonio Naudi, married 1802 Zeitun to Maria Bugeja. Giuseppe Naudi, married 1749 Cospicua to A'Maria Mallia, with issue. Vincenza Naudi, married 1772 Valletta to Dr Egidio Salamone JUD, with issue. Emmanuela Salamone, married 1820 Valletta to Salvatore Coen, dsp. Franca Salamone, married 1795 Valletta to Antonio Carcas Carbone, with issue. Aloisea Carcas Carbon, married 1830 Valletta to Carlo Satarinos. Clementine Salamone, married 1793 Valletta to Aloiseo La Porta. Giuseppe Salamone, married 1804 Valletta to Concetta Debono. Angelica Naudi, married 1778 Valletta to Dr Pietro Zammit JUD. Beatrice Naudi, married 1745 Borgo to Michele Spataro. Antonio Naudi, married 1730 Valletta  to Caterina Scala, with issue. Giuseppe Naudi, married 1766 Borgo to Anna Grech., with issue. Vittorioa Naudi, (1777-1864). Rosa Naudi, married 1747 Borgo to Filippo Farrugia. Aloiseo Naudi, married to Giovanna NN, with issue. Anna Maria Naudi. Teresa Naudi  Avendri "Sives Andrea" Naudi., married 1733 Vittoriosa to Lazzarina Russiotto (d/o Giovanni and Camilla Spatara), with issue.  Giuseppe Naudi., married 1763 to Maria Rizzo., with issue.   Andrea Naudi., married (1) 1779 to Margaret Xicluna, married (2) 1803 to Marianna Cilia., with issue. (Second Marriage) Vincenzo Naudi., married 1837 to Aloisea Micallef. Giuseppe Naudi, married (1) 1836 Valletta to Marguerite Letard, married (2) 1840 Valletta to Antonia Letard, with issue. (First Marriage) Marie Anne Annette Naudi, (1837-1853 to Joseph Andre Pagnol, with issue. Joseph Pagnol, (1869-1951), married to Pauline Lansot, with issue. Marcel Pagnol, (1895-1974). (Second Marriage) Gio Battista Naudi, married 1859 to Marie Suzanne Heitmann, with issue. Joseph Philippe Naud, (1860-1942), married 1888 to Marie Torgue, with issue. Claire Marguerite Naud, (1892 Fort National, Algeria - 1937 Constantine Algeria), married 1912 Constantine Algeria to Camille Marcel Yvon Georges Sayd. Gio Batta Naudi, married 1792 to Maddalena Caruana.           Regina Naudi., married 1792 to Giuseppe Mannarino           Gio Batta Naudi., married 1792 to Maddalena Caruana., with issue. Vincenzo Naudi., married 1817 to Laura de Gabrieli. Salvatore Naudi., married 1836 to Orsolica Balbi.           Pietro Paolo Naudi., married 1796 to Teresa Fabri. Antonio Naudi, married 1809 Valletta to Monica Bourghiero.

1.2. Pietro Naudi, married 1682 to Grazia Casha.

1.3. Antonio Naudi, married 1685 Valletta to Caterina Cunieri., with issue.

1.3.1. Aloisea Naudi, married 1715 to Simone Meli.

1.3.2. Flora Naudi, married 1712 Valletta to Silvestrino Muscat, with issue.




Genealogical reference 11: Adami Collection, vol 41, pp 182.

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