Olivier de Puget family.

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1. Laurent Oliivier of Brignoles, Provence., married to Marguerite Basalier., with issue.

1.1.  Andre Ollivier, Seigneur de Puget., married to Madaleine Grifelle., with issue.

1.1.1. Jacques Ollivier, Seigneur de Puget., married (1) NN., Married (2) Victorine Trovine., with issue. Marriage) Oratio "sives Agostino" Ollivier, Seigneur de Puget, married 1685 Cospicua to Anna Gatt, dsp. (Second Marriage) Jean Ollivier, Seigneur de Puget., married to NN de Prat., with issue.  Abbe. Josef Ollivier, dunm. Jean Honore Ollivier, Seigneur dePuget., married 1719 to Anne de Bonnacorse., with issue. Melchiorre Ollivier, Seigneur de Puget, married 1740 Valletta to Nobile Maria Axisa, with issue. Giovanni Ollivier, Seigneur de Puget, married 1773 Cospicua to Giacobina Ciangura, with issue. Anna Ollivier, married 1801 Cospicua to Paolo Schembri. Angela Ollivier, married (1) 1805 Cospicua to Michele del Ceppo, married (2) 1814 Cospicua to Gaetano Licari, married (3) 1822 Cospicua to Giovanni Agius. Giuseppe Ollivier, Seigneur de Puget, married 1799 Ghaxaq to Vittoria Psaila. Jean Aloysius Olliver., married 1691 to Generosa Garzin.

1.1.2. Francois Olliver de Puget., married Anne Sermette., with issue. Jean Ollivier de Puget.,  married 1653 to Veronica Viani., with issue. Niccolo Ollivier de Puget., married Anne dei Conti Preziosi., with issue. Fra. Jean Ollivier, Knight of Malta., dunm. Anna Ollivier de Puget., married 1678 to Barone Francesco Pissichi di Ragusa, Sicily. Antonio Ollivier de Puget., married 1685 to Anna Liberta Vassallo., with issue. Pietro Olivier, married Vincenza.., with issue.  Giuseppa Olivier., married 1729 to Paolo Ragusa of Messina , Sicily . Francesco Olivier, married 1743 Valletta to Graziella "Alunna". Jean Baptiste Ollivier de Puget., (1630-1721)., married 1662 to Persia Meysionat., with issue. Angelica Olivier de Puget., married to Carlo Borg., with issue. Dr Massimiliano Olivier de Puget JUD., married 1691 to Anna Viani., with issue. Domenico Olivier de Puget., married 1732 to Bernardina Ducoss., with issue. Rosa Olivier de Puget., married 1762 to Marquis Enrico Testaferrata de Noto. Vincenza Olivier de Puget., married 1766 to Gio Francesco Bonici., 2nd Barone di Qlejjgha. Giuseppa Olivier de Puget, married to Giuseppe Rizzani, with issue. Anna Rizzani, married 1835 Valletta to Giuseppe Karraba. Melchiorre Olivier de Puget., married 1725 Senglea to Agostina Zahra. Caterina Oliver, married 1725 Birgu to Michel'Angelo Costanzo dei Duchi di Pagnicia. Maria Olivier de Puget., married 1705 to Giuseppe Preziosi, 1st Count Preziosi. Dr. Aloysius Ollivier de Puget., (d. 1680)., married 1669 to Francoise Meysionat. Giacomo Antonio Olivier de Puget, married 1722 Tarxiem to Maria Angela Caruana, with issue. Caterina Olivier de Puget, married 1768 Cospicua to Giovanni Saliba, with issue. Orsola Saliba de Puget, married 1793 Senglea to Salvatore Glio. Antonio Olivier de Puget, married 1774 Vittoria to Felicita Ellul, with issue. Graziulla Olivier de Puget, married 1804 Vittoriosa to Michele Calleja. Giuseppe Olivier de Puget, married 1807 Valletta to Carmela Calleja. Francesca Olivier de Puget, married 1821 Senglea to Giuseppe di Giovanni. (illegitimate with Barbara Hamilton) Angelica Olivier, married 1802 Vittoriosa to Vincenzo Calleja, with issue.. Fortunata Calleja de Olivier, married 1822 Valletta to Giorgio Moscati. Antonina Calleja de Olivier, married 1823 Valletta to Vincenzo Bilocca. Michele Olivier, married 1656 Cospicua to Clemenza Vincenza Chircop, with issue. Lucrezia Generosa Olivier, married 1674 Cospicua to Angelo Grech.

1.1.3. Maria Olivier, dunm.l (illegitimate) Antonia de Olivier, married 1630 Valletta to Salvatore Zarb, with issue. Vittoria Zarb, married 1652 Valletta to Mro Pietro Micallef, with issue. Vincenzo Micallef, married 1664 Zejtun to Lorenzica Zerafa, with issue. Gioacchino Micallef, married 1715 Vittoriosa to Teresa Brincat, with issue. Maria Micallef, married 1740 Valletta to Mco Pietro Buhagiar. Orsola Micallef, married (1) 1752 Valletta to Ludovico Scifo, married (2) 1761 Valletta to Tomaso Magri. Felice Micallef, married 1751 Valletta to Maria Bonet, with issue. Teresa Micallef, married 1789 Senglea to Salvatore Mifsud. Gaetano Micallef, married 1753 Tarxiem to Domenica Zammit. Rosalia Micallef, married 1762 Valletta to Filippo Duranti. Anna Maria Micallef, married 1689 Valletta to Giovanni Peron. Antonia Micallef, married 1671 Valletta to Giuseppe Rapinett. Domenico Micallef, married 1671 Valletta to Caterina Agius, with issue. Gio Maria Zarb, married 1657 to Costanza Muscat. Maddalena de Olivier, married 1636 Vittoriosa to Gio Angelo Sacco.

 Slavery whom upon freedom took their master’s surname:

1. Maddalena di Olivier, Freed from Persia., married 1733 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Paolo Vella.



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