Cav. Prof. Salvatore Luigi Pisani CMG, 1895.

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Web-Master's Note About Parishes and Marriages

1.  Mco. Simone Pisani (Ancestors Press Here), married 1642 Matrice Gozo to Barbara Gambin, with issue.

1.1. Filippo Pisano, married 1684 Mosta to Maria Gilestri, with issue.

1.1.1. Gio Maria Pisano, married 1707 Xaghra to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Michelangelo Pisano, married 1740 to Caterina Scati, with issue. Dr Gaetano Pisano JUD, married 1772 Cospicua to Natalizia Vella, with issue. Dr Salvatore Pisano JUD, married 1804 Vittoriosa to Francesca Camilleri, with issue. Luigi Pisani, married 1827 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Inglott, with issue. Cav. Prof. Salvatore Luigi Pisani CMG, 1895, dunm. Felicita Pisani, married 1846 Cospicua to Giuseppe Sayd. Maria Pisani, married 1807 Lija to Chco. Giuseppe Micallef. Maddalena Pisani, married 1813 Vittoriosa to Notary Antonio Mifsud Bonnici.  Graziulla Pisani, married 1739 Cospicua to Angelo Fiteni. Caterina Pisani, married 1738 Cospicua to Gio Maria Grima. Maria Pisani, married 1771 Mosta to Paolo Grech, dsp.

1.2. Domenico Pisano, married 1673 Matrice Gozo to Angelica Mercieca, with issue.

1.2.1. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1712 Matrice Gozo to Anna Galea-Cumbo, with issue. Francesco Pisano, married 1745 Gharb Gozo to Angelica Cassar, with issue. Michele Pisano, married 1778 Sannat Gozo to Vittoria Attard, with issue. Francesco Pisano, married 1804 Rabat Gozo to Maria Buhagiar, with issue. Rosa Pisano, married (1) 1825 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Grech, married (2) 1827 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Gatt. Nicola Pisano, married 1810 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Magro, with issue. Rosanna Pisano, married 1833 Rabat Gozo to Fortunato Grech. R osa Pisano, married 1817 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Buhagiar. Regina Pisano, married 1818 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Xicluna. Rosina Pisano, married 1812 Rabat Gozo to Angelo Gatt. Dorina Pisano, married 1817 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Buhagiar. Antonia Pisano, married 1825 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Grech. Appollania Pisano, married 1807 Valletta to Antonio Mercieca. Giuseppa Pisano, married 1823 Valletta to Giuseppe de Martino. Salvatore Pisano, married (1) 1744 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Grima, married (2) 1752 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Agius, with issue. (Second Marriage) Maria Pisano, married 1780 Matrice Gozo to Agostino Azzopardi. Evangelista Pisano, married 1783 Rabat Gozo to Giovanni Mintoff. Anna Pisano, married 1777 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Stellini. Grazia Pisano, married 1778 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Madiona. Gio Maria Pisano, married 1746 Matrice Gozo to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1784 Zebbug Gozo to Anna Cini. Alessandro Pisano, married 1785 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Portelli. Angelica Pisano, married 1772 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Buttigieg. Michele Pisano, married 1751 Zebbug Gozo to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Teresa Pisano, married 1783 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Galea. Maria Pisano, married 1780 Matrice Gozo to Michele Gauci. Giuseppe Pisano, married (1) 1778 Rabat Gozo to Maria Farrugia, married (2) 1801 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Zammit. Francesco Pisano, married 1778 Sannat Gozo to Grazia Galea. Angelo Pisano, married 1780 Nadur Gozo to Francesca Mizzi. Giovanni Pisano, married 1780 Nadur Gozo to Maria Portelli, married (2) 1787 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Grech. Lorenzo Pisano, married 1786 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppa Portelli. Pasquale Pisano, married 1795 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Formosa. Giovanni Pisano, married 1753 Gharb Gozo to Maria Spiteri.

1.3. Andrea Pisani, married 1683 at Matrice Gozo to Domenica NN, with issue.

1.4. Barbara Pisani, married 1706 Matrice Gozo to Paolo Bonici.

1.5. Maria Pisani, married 1680 Xeuchia Gozo to Ignazio Galea.

1.6. Gio Maria Pisani, married 1674 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue.

1.6.1. Grazia Pisani, married 1706 at Xeuchia Gozo to Gio Maria Bezzina.

1.7. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1677 Valletta to Anna Maria Russiotta, with issue.

1.7.1. Alticunda Maria Pisani, married 1707 Valletta to Paolo Marcoviz.

1.8. Alonsica Pisani, married 1689 Xewkija Gozo to Giuseppe Mercieca.

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