Sir Michelangelo Refalo, Kt.Bach., 1921.

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Giovannu Refalo, married with issue.

1. Leonardo Refalo, married 1566 Matrice Gozo to Imperia Haber, with issue.

1.1. Matteo Refalo, married to Agata Casha, with issue.

1.1.1. Salvatore Refalo, "Founder of the Marriage legacy".

1.1.2. Chco Leonardo Refalo, married to Marietta Xebisco, with issue. (only child) Rosa Refalo, married to Giuseppe 'de Refalo' (Manumesso), with issue. Alessandro de Refalo, married 1657 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Xuereb, with issue. Gio Maria Refalo, married 1718 to Teresa Teuma, with issue. Alessandro Refalo, married (1) 1740 Nadur Gozo to Orazia Vella, Married (2) 1757 Xaghra Gozo to Graziulla Vella,  with issue. Michele Refalo, married 1768 Matrice Gozo to Veronica Valletta, with issue. Francesco Refalo, married 1795 Rabat Gozo to Rosina Farrugia, with issue. Michelangelo Refalo, married 1815 Rabat Gozo to Maria Saveria Mizzi with issue.' Notary Vincenzo Refalo, married 1859 Rabat Gozo to Agata Cachia, with issue. Sir Michelangelo Refalo, Kt.Bach, (1876-1923), Chief Justice of Malta., married 1900 Valletta to Maria Giuseppa Debono, (1879-1917), with issue. Magistrate Vincent Refalo, married to Elena Stilon de Piro, with issue. Mariella Refalo, married to Albert E. Abela. Perit Michael Angelo Refalo (1933- 2011), married to Anne Caze de Caumont, with issue. Rev. Gordan Refalo. Ian Refalo. Maud Refalo, married to Victor Vella. Edward Refalo, married to Laura Vassallo, with issue. Dr Michael Refalo LLD, MP, Ambassador to the UK, (1936 -2015). married to Blanche Smith, with issue. Edward Refalo, married to Charmaine N. Angela Refalo, married to Chris N. Tina Refalo, married to Douglas N. Nicola Refalo, married to Anthony N. Mary Refalo m. Major Anthony Camilleri, with issue. Dr. Andrew Camilleri. Alexi Sauer Peter Camilleri. John Refalo, dunm. Ena Refalo, dunm. Giuseppa Refalo, married 1838 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Xuereb. Lucio Refalo, married 1801 Gharb Gozo to Giovanna Apap, with issue. Salvatore Refalo, married to Antonia Cassar, with issue. Giuseppe Paul Refalo (1823-), married to Angelica Boccone, with issue. Maria Therese Refalo, (1853-1890), married to Giovanni Maria Pace. Giuseppe Refalo, married 1835 Matrice Gozo to Antonia Farrugia. Grazia Refalo, married 1827 Valletta to Annunziato Grech. Maria Realfo, married 1816 Rabat Gozo to Michel Angelo Abela. Antonina Refalo, married 1820 Rabat Gozo to Agostino Camilleri. Paola Refalo, married 1828 Rabat Gozo to Felice Zerafa. Veronica Refalo, married 1835 Rabat Gozo to Michele Grech. Maria Refalo, married 1796 Xewkija Gozo to Giuseppe Zammit, with issue. Cosmano Zammit, married 1827 Rabat Gozo to Rosina Busuttil. Publio Zammit, married 1834 Rabat Gozo to Anna Grima. Salvatore Zammit, married 1834 Rabat Gozo to Anna Gatt. Caterina Zammit, married 1830 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Grech. Teresa Refalo, married 1770 to Xeuchia Gozo to Paolo Cauchi. (Second Marriage) Francesco Refalo, married 1774 Matrice Gozo to Giulia Farrugia, with issue. Giuseppe Refalo, married 1838 Matrice Gozo to Rosette Abela. Gio Domenico Refalo, married (1) 1764 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Agius, married (2) 1766 Zebbug Malta to Teresa Camilleri. Eugenio Refalo, married 1700 Xaghra to Grazua Sultana., with issue. Giuseppe Refalo, married (1) 1745 Gozo to Angelica Azzopardi., married (2) 1769 Valletta to Maria Mangion. Grazio Refalo, married 1701 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Cassar. Alonsa Refalo, married 1680 Matrice Gozo to Luca Farrugia Gio Battista Refalo, married 1689 Xewkija Gozo to Caterina Aquilina, with issue. Grazia Refalo, married 1715 Xaghra Gozo to Antonio Mizzi. Rosa de Refalo, married 1648 Matrice Gozo to Valerio Laurer. Nataliza de Refalo, married 1633 Matrice Gozo to Domenico Vella. Petronilla de Refalo, married 1642 Matrice Gozo to Luca Buttigieg. Matteolo de Refalo, married 1658 Matrice Gozo to Giulia Xiberras. Salvatore de Refalo, married 1646 Matrice Gozo to Maria Ellul. Paolo de Refalo, married 1646 Matrice Gozo to Rosette Laurer., with issue Orsolica Refalo, married 1660 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Busuttil. Teresa Refalo, married 1662 Matrice Gozo to Alessandro Gatt.

1.2. Pietro Refalo, married 1617 Matrice Gozo to Domenica Vella., with issue.

1.2.1. Gio Paolo Refalo, married 1632 Matrice Gozo to Laura Mercieca.

1.2.2. Caterina Refalo, married 1638 Matrice Gozo to Antonio Hili.

1.2.3. Mro Paolo Refalo, married 1641 Matrice Gozo to Francesca Metallo, with issue. Teresa Refalo, married 1662 Matrice Gozo to Alessandro Gatt. Orsolica Refalo, married 1675 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Busuttil.

1.2.4. Grazia Refalo, married 1643 Matrice Gozo to Angelo Dandalona.

1.2.5. Angelica Refalo, married 1645 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Gatt.

1.2.6. Clemenzio Refalo, married 1671 Matrice Gozo to Giovanella Cassar, with issue. Grazia Refalo, married 1693 Matrice Gozo to Clemenzio Portelli.

1.3. Giovanni Refalo, married 1623 Senglea to Maria Lazzarina Tomasello, with issue.

1.3.1. Teresa Refalo, married 1645 Senglea to Antonio Mamo, with issue. Teresa Mamo, married 1665 Senglea to Nobile Francesco Cornari.

2. Caterina Refalo, married 1570 Matrice Gozo to Giovanni Buttigieg.

3. Nardo Refalo, married 1575 Matrice Gozo to Marietta Bisco., with issue.

3.1. Imperia Refalo, married 1604 Matrice Gozo to Leonardo Attard, with issue.

3.1.1. Maria Attard, married 1626 Attard to Francesco Bugeja.

3.2. Emilia Refalo, married 1609 Matrice Gozo to Giovanni Cumbo (s/o Bernardo and Clara).

3.3. Laurea Refalo, married 1618 Matrice Gozo to Salvo Xerri.

3.4. Domenico Refalo, married 1620 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Cremona, with issue.

3.4.1. Maria Refalo, married 1644 Matrice Gozo to Pietro Carceppo.

3.4.2. Orsola Refalo, married 1648 Matrice Gozo to Domenico Bigeni.

3.4.3. Prudenza Refalo, married (1) 1649 Matrice Gozo to Pietro Bonello, married (2) 1675 Matrice Gozo to Mattiolo Pace.

3.4.4. Caterina Refalo, married 1655 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Micallef.

3.4.5. Grazia Refalo, married 1661 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Cremona.

3.4.6. Speranza Refalo, married 1653 Matrice Gozo to Michele Agius.

3.4.7. Salvatore Refalo, married 1668 Matrice Gozo to Margherita Pace, with issue. Alonsa Refalo, married 1687 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Galea.

3.5. Santoro Refalo, married 1639 Matrice Gozo to Clara Spiteri.

3.6. Isabella Refalo, married 1620 Matrice Gozo to Andrea Vella, with issue.

3.6.1. Lorenzo Vella, married 1667 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Cassar, with issue.

4. Salvo Refalo, married 1585 Matrice Gozo to Donna Caterina Pontremoli (d/o Salvo).

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