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Principi e Noble Tornearius and Armiger of the Holy Roman Empire, Patrizio Genoa, Ferrera e Reggio, seems to have lasted for the senior line and never used for the cadet branch, but I doubt there is any restrictions to the male to male descendants

The Title of Baccari in Malta succession.

The Barony of Ghajn Rihani succession.

Sovereign representation of de Lusignan of Cyprus;

Barony of Frigenuini succession;

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Artwork by Andrea Sacco Baldacchino Cascun.

* Conte Francesco Saverio Said, (1867-1956), ("Styled 15th Principe de Sayd, 10th Principe di Bibino Magno), 15th Barone di Baccari", married 1910 at Rabat, Malta to Contessa Helena Farrugia (Byzantine Right of Descent).

Francesco Saverio travelled with his elder brother Salvatore to Egypt and nearly settled there, engaged to a French Aristocratic lady (Claire d'Avout d'Auerstedt) but things broke off after a couple years and FS ended up coming back to Malta upon hearing his father was sick around 1906.
Travelled to Italy in his twenties, enjoying a full bachelor life travelling to favourite places in Sicily, until settling down to marry in 1910, where he focused on family landed properties around Mosta, Santi, Dingli and Mgarr (all in Malta). Served as an Officer in World War One with the British Army.
(To see Principe Francesco Saverio Said's six generations of Ancestors, click here)



1. (Mistress, Fortunata Zammit) Giuseppe Zammit, married 1909 Birkirkara to Felicita Gauci.

2. Conte Giovanni Maria Said Testaferrata (1912-2004), 16th Barone di Baccari,. Renounced in 1940 all succession of the Said succession, to himself and descendants Migrated to Sydney Australia .Married to Teresa Galea, with issue.
Conte Francis Xavier Said, 17th Barone di Baccari, (1946-, married to Carmen Sammut., with issue
2.1.1. Conte Paul Said (1975-, Baroncino di Baccari married in 1998 to Julie Vella, with issue.
2.1.2. Conte Michael Said (1981-
2.2. Contessa Helen Said ( 1948-, married Jerome Attard, with issue.
2.3. Contessa Maria Said (1950-, married Charles Pisani, with issue.
2.4. Contessa Doris Said (1952-, married Joseph Deguara, with issue.
2.5. Contessa Emmanuela Said (1954-, married Anthony Camilleri, with issue.
Conte Carmelo Said, (1916-73),  (Styled 16th Principe de Sayd, 11th Principe di Bibino Magno), married 1947 Mgarr, Malta to Contessa Maria Vassallo, Lineal heiress of de Lusignan, Signorina di Mugiarro, Styled Baronessa di Djar il Bniet e Buqana e Ghajn Rihani.., with issue.

3.1. Conte Giuseppe Said, (1949-. Successor of his father then mother  (styled 17th Principe de Sayd e 12th Principe di Bibino Magno, Lineal heir to Djem Osmani, Prince of Ottoman, Lineal heir to de Lusignan of Cyprus, de jure Barone di Djar il-Bniet e Buqana, Barone di Ghajn Rihani and Signore di Mugiarro)., married 1970 Sydney, Australia to Nobile Mary Doris Vassallo dei Baroni di Bauvso, Baronessa di Frigenuini, with issue.
3.1.1. Conte Charles Said Vassallo, K.St.G, Dip.Mgt., Grad.Cert.Busin. Adm.(UWS), (1971 Sydney -.
3.1.2. Contessa Lisa Marie Said, (1974 Sydney -.,  married 1994 at Kellyville, N.S.W, Australia to Paul.A. Bigeni, Dip.Build., with issue.
3.1.3. Conte David A. Said, (1975 Sydney -, married (1) 2003 (Divorce 2008) at Kellyville, N.S.W, Australia to Alison Grima-Carr. (Niece of Virgina Grima, the wife of Paul Said), .married (2 ) Civil 2009 Sydney to Nobile Carolina Vivaldo of Leichhardt, and with issue. (First Marriage) Contessa Monique Giorgia Said., (2004 Sydney -. Conte Joel Isaac Said, (2005 Sydney -. (Second Marriage) Conte Darcy David Said, (2009 Sydney -. Contessa Bronte Anne Said, (2011 Sydney -.
3.1.4. Countess Natalie Said, (1978 Sydney -., engaged to Elvin Sammut. (Issue of Conte Elvin Sammut dei Baroni Inguanez) Contessa Naima Sammut, (2008 Malta -.
3.2. Conte Angelo Said of Sydney Australia,  (Company Director) ,(1952-, married to Grace Borg, with issue.
3.2.1. Conte Matthew Said ( 1976 Sydney -), married 1999 Sydney to Diane Sultana, with issue. Conte Joachim Said, (2001- Conte Aaron Said, (2004- Contessa Renee Said, (2008-, (Twin). Conte Ryan Said, (2008-, (Twin).

3.2.2. Conte Daniel Said ( 1981-
3.2.3. Conte Sean Said (1984-., married (Civil) 2012 at Sebel Resort, Hawkesbury Valley, NSW, Australia to Rebecca Cunningham, with issue. Conte Joel Brian Said, (Oct 2009 -. Contessa Mia Rose Said, (June 2013 -. Conte William Charles Said, (Nov 2016-, (Twin). Conte James Said, (Nov 2016-, (Twin).
3.3. Conte Paul Said of Sydney Australia, (Company Director), (1954- , married Virgina Grima, with issue.
3.3.1. Contessa Leila Said. Dip. Mkt (1976-, married 1998 to James Sammut, (Descendant of the Sammut-Castelletti's) , with issue.
3.3.2. Contessa Cheryl Said, LL.B, B.Com., ( 1980 -., married 2011 to Michael J. Nomarhas.
3.3.3. Contessa Amanda Said, B.Com., (1983-
3.4.  Conte David Said of Malta, Some time President of Mgarr United Football, (1956-, married to Mary Chetcuti, Formerly a Local Council Councillor of Mgarr Malta (2009-2014), with issue.
3.4.1. Conte Gordan Said ( 1981 Malta -), Soccer Player, married 2016 to Annmarie Ebejer.
3.4.2. Conte Johann Said ( 1983 Malta -) Soccer Player.
3.4.3. Contessa Lorraine Said (1979 Malta -).
3.4.4.  Contessa Francesca Xaveria Said ( 1998 Malta -).
3.5.  Conte Moses Said of Malta, (1958-, married Miriam Calleja-Scicluna,  with issue.
3.5.1. Conte Charles Alexander Said (1983 Sydney -)
3.5.2. Conte Olivier Said (1985 Sydney -) , Chess Player in Malta.
3.5.3. Conte Fabien Said (1998 Malta -)
3.5.4. Contessa Alicia Said, MA., (1987 Sydney -)
3.5.5. Contessa Maria Said (1991 Malta -).
3.6.  Conte Orazio Said of Sydney Australia, (Company Director), ( 1960-, married Josephine Bezzina, with issue.
3.6.1. Conte Charles Orazio Said ( 1987 Sydney -).
3.6.2. Conte Micheal Said ( 1991 Sydney -).
3.6.3. Contessa Stephanie Said ( 1983 Sydney -). (Fashion Designer/Jeweller in Sydney, Australia) - Web site:.
3.6.4. Contessa Samantha Said (1985 Sydney -), married 2015 to Luke Baldacchino.
3.7.  Conte Emmanuele Said of Sydney Australia, (1961-, married to Teresa Grech , with issue.
3.7.1. Conte Julian Charles Said (1991 Sydney -).
3.7.2. Contessa Carla Marie Said (1988 Sydney -).
3.7.3. Contessa Mariah Frances Said ( 1995 Sydney -).
3.8.  Conte Rev. Mario Said of Malta, ( 1969-, "Parish Priest".
3.9. Contessa Francesca Xaveria Said ( 1948-1994 England), married to Arthur Lynn of Norfolk England, with issue
3.10. Contessa Agnes Said of Malta, ( 1950-, married to Charles Bezzina, with issue.
3.11. Contessa Helene Said of Malta, (1966-, married to Jesmond Vassallo, with issue.
4 . Conte Paulo Said of Malta, (1917- 2012), married Teresa Muscat, with issue.
4.1. Conte Giuseppe Said.

4.2. Contessa Saveria Said, married to Zaren N.

4.3. Contessa Carmen Said, married to Charlie N.
4.4. Conte Emmanuel Said of Sydney Australia,  ( 1948 -, married to Rose Marie Micallef, with issue
4.4.1. Conte Paul Angelo Said (1974-, married 2002 to Monica Vella, with issue Conte Daniel Said, (2003-.
4.4.2. Contessa Margaret Said ( 1976-, married John Grech, with issue.
4.3. Contessa Helen Said, married to Karmenu N

4.4. Conte Zaren Said, married to Mary N.

4.5. Conte Edgar Said, married to Carmen N.

4.6. Conte Luigi Said, of Sydney Australia,  married Mary Bugeja, with issue.

4.6.1. Conte Paul Said, (1985-.

4.6.2. Conte Michael Louis Said, (1986-2006), dunm.

4.6.3. Conte Joseph Said.

4.6.4. Conte Daniel Said.

4.6.5. Contessa Lisa Marie Said.
4.7. Conte Louis Said, married to Mary N.
4.8. Conte Giovanni Said, married to Rose N.

4.9. Contessa Mary Said, married to Saviour N.

4.10. Contessa Lucy Said, married to Aurelio N.

4.11. Contessa Joan Said.
5 . Conte Samuele Said of Malta, (1919- married .. Vella
5.1. Conte Saverio Said.
6 . Contessa Josephine Said of Gozo, (1914-99), married Saverio Buttigieg, with issue
7. Contessa Maria Teresa Said of Malta, (1920-2003), married Orazio Vella, with issue
7.1. Conte Saverio Vella
7.2. Conte Pietru Vella
7.3. Conte Carmelo Vella., married to Rita Vassallo., with issue.

7.3.1. Conte Michael Vella.

6.3.2. Conte Daniel Vella.

7.3.3. Conte Paul Vella., (1980-2005)., married 2005 to Veronica …, dsp.

7.4. Conte Joe Vella
7.5. Conte Leli Vella
7.6. Conte Cecilia Vella
7.7. Conte Paul Vella
7.8. Contessa Goretti Vella
7.9. Contessa Rita Vella
7.10. Conte Edgar Vella
7.11. Conte Mario Vella
7.12. Conte David Vella
7.13. Contessa Antida Vella
7.14. Contessa Doris Vella
8. Contessa Teresa Maria Said of Sydney Australia, ( 1923- , married Saverio Galea (d. 2009), with issue



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