Said Coat of Arms


(in the arms) The Cat on top of a tree on top of a hill represents that the meaning of SAID formerly SAYD means LEADER OR PRINCE sometimes as the son of Muhammad.

(lion) Guards of protection. When you have two Lions, means of Major importance.

(Crown) in essence placed upon the arms as a royal crown in the late 15th century during the Borgian reign of the Vatican, recognizing Prince Djem as the True heir to the Ottoman Empire.

(hat) This shows the importance's of the family and being of Turkish origin.

(Land) Representing again and reinforcing protection from the European powers of the exiled family.


The history of this coat of arms firstly created on the year of 1492 when Principe Pierre Mehmed Sayd was born and recognised as Prince by blood. But because his father Prince Djem was in exile in Rome, the Pope Alexander VI Borgia recognized and provided a new "coat of arms" for Djem's descendants.


This coat of arms was used right up to the end of the 19th century, when Napoleon had Giovanni Maria Said and a group of loyal supporters executed for trying to oust the French from Malta in 1799.

Commonly used are the arms with the cat on a tree.

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