Dr Joseph Said Pullicino, LLD. Chief Justice of Malta, 1995-2002.

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1. Arturo Said, married 1903 Valletta to Maria Luigia Pullicino, with issue.

1.1. John Said Pullicino, married 1934 Valletta to Hilda Pace, with issue

1.1.1. Rev Arthur Said Pullicino.

1.1.2. Dr Joseph Said Pullicino LLD, Chief Justice of Malta 1995-2002, married 1977 Floriana to Geraldine Micallef, with issue. Lara Said Pullicino, married to Andrew Mallia, with issue. Beppe Mallia, (2014 -.

1.1.3. Antoine Said Pullicino, (1938-2015), married to Jane Stafrace, with issue. Rachel Said Pullicino. Rebecca Said Pullicino., married to Ian Willers, with issue. Juan Willers. John Paul Said Pullicino. (issue from Anna Dungan) Eli Said Pullicino.

1.1.4. Louis Said Pullicino, married to Agnes Buttigieg, with issue. Ivan Said Pullicino. Alexia Said Pullicino.

1.1.5. Philip Said Pullicino, married to Lizette Azzopardi, with issue. Daniel Said Pullicino. Maria Said Pullicino. Veronica Said Pullicino.

1.1.6. Mary Anne Said Pullicino, married to Joseph Tabone Adami, with issue.

1.1.7. Margaret Said Pullicino.

1.2. Evelyn Said Pullicino.

1.3. Mary Said Pullicino.

1.4. Bice Said Pullicino.

1.5. Sr. Antoinette Said Pullicino.



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