"The family of Sammut".

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Both pictures of Baroness Gladys Florence Sammut d'Erlanger. The First Picture provided by Baroness Elizabeth d'Erlanger.


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1. Dr Giuseppe B. Sammut MD of Sliema, (1822-1892) Buried at Ta Braxia Cem Malta, married 1852 London to Janette White, with issue.

1.1. Thomas Arthur Pilkington Sammut, (1853-1854), d.inf.

1.2. Alice Harriet Sammut, (1854-), d.inf.

1.3. Julia Josephine Sammut, (1855-1880), dunm.

1.4. Agnese Henrietta Sammut, married (1) 1880 to Surgeon-Major George Clerk Irving, (d. 1885 in Malta), married (2) 1894 to Thomas Carlyle Skinner.

1.5. Ada Constance Sammut, married 1891 to John Bremridge Melhuish.

1.6. Amy Janette Sammut, (1859-1945), dunm.

1.7. Nina Amelia Sammut, (1862 -1942 Hampden Court London), married 1888 Farnsborough Hampshire to Major Slade Thomson.

1.8. Laura Evelyn Sammut, (1864-., married 1888 Bombay India to Hugh Kennedy, (s/o Gen. Sir Michael Kennedy), with issue.

1.8.1. Evelyn Kennedy.

1.9. Major Herbert Joseph Sammut, (1867 Naples - 1915 Gallapoli Turkey), married 1904 Calcutta India to Florence Wylly, with issue.

1.9.1. Gladys Florence Sammut, (1907-1985), married 1937 to Sir Gerard d'Erlanger, Baron d'Erlanger in Portugal, Austrian Empire and Saxe-Meiningen, with issue. Baroness Penelope d'Erlanger, (1939-., married 1959 to William Douglas Wilson, with issue. William Matthew Wilson, (1959-. Georgiana Wilson, (1960-. Baroness Mary Caroline d'Erlanger, (1940-., married 1964 (Div 1997) to Winston Spencer Churchill, with issue. Randolph Leonard Spencer Churchill, (1965-., married 1992 to Catherine Lancaster, with issue. Serena Barbara Spencer Churchill, (1996-. Zoe Spencer Churchill, (1998-. Alice Spencer Churchill, (2003-. John Winston Spencer Churchill, (2007-. Jennie Spencer Churchill, (1966-., married 1993 to James Repard, with issue. George Repard, (1994-. Arabella Repard, (1996-. Mariana Spencer Churchill, (1967-., married 1999 to David Brounger, with issue. Henry Brounger, (1998-. William Brounger, (2003-. Olivia Clementine Brounger, (2003-. John Gerard Averell Spencer Churchill, (1975-., married 2005 to Charlotte Baber, with issue. Edward Ian Spencer Churchill, (2008-. Emilia Rose Spencer Churchill, (2010-. Robin Gerard d'Erlanger, Baron d'Erlanger, (1943-.,. married 1969 to Hon Mary Elizabeth Pellew, with issue. Baron Gerard Pownoll d'Erlanger, (1970-. Baroness Josephine Louise d'Erlanger, (1972-., married to Alastair Ian Clark, with issue. Eve Stella Marietta Clark, (2005 -. Lali Louisa Emilia Clark, (2008 -. Baroness Marietta Elizabeth d'Erlanger, (1974-. (issue from Adharanand Finn) Lilia Elizabeth Moonbeam d'Erlanger Finn, (2004-. (issue from Adharanand Finn) Uma Ocean Lily d'Erlanger Finn, (2006-. (issue from Adharanand Finn) Ossian Jon Forest d'Erlanger Finn, (2009 -. Baron Hugh Robin d'Erlanger, (1976-. Baroness Emilia Mary d'Erlanger, (1982-, God Mother to HRH, Prince George of Cambridge (3)., married 2010 to David Jardine-Paterson, with issue. Leo Arthur Pownell Jardine-Paterson, (2014 -. Alexander Louis Prospero Jardine-Paterson, (2016-.

1.10. Jessie Geraldine Sammut, (1869-., married 1887 to Lt-Col Algernon Winn Chaldecott, with issue.

1.10.1. Iris Myrtle Grace Chaldecott, (1894-, married 1925 Shalford, Surrey UK to Sir Harold Rawdon Briggs KCIE, KBE, (1894-1952), with issue. (1s/1d).




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