Sant (2) The original Sant's of Malta.

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Mahomed bin ...  of Malta, with son.
1. Abdullah bin Mahomed, (c. 1430) from a Muslin family descendant of the Arabic Maltese.
Coverted to Christianity due to the King of Sicily declaration of ridding Muslins and Jews from his kingdom.
Abdullah became Petrus of Santi or Sanctu, A Village west of Dingli and Fiddien. Had many wives and children
1.1. Simon (Ali bin Abdullah) Sanctu, (c 1487) employed under the services of the Gatto's. Married Gioanella Schembri, with issue.
1.1.1. Perona Sanctu, married 1519 to Lereo Bartolo.
1.1.2. Georgius sives Bartolomeo Sanctu, married with issue. Simone Sanctu, married Inguterra Micallef. N Sanctu, married 1578 Naxxar to Giorgio Borg. Giuseppe Sanctu, married 1560 Naxxar to Agnese Portelli. Caterina Sanctu, married 1557 Siggiewi to Zaccaria Tabone. Marietta Sanctu, married 1589 Zejtun to Domenico Frances.
1.1.3. Petrus Sanctu, married (1) 1548 to Eleanore Bartolo, married (2) 1554 Naxxar to Lena Samut, married (3) 1567 to Isabella Vella, with issue. (First Marriage) Nicola Sanctu, married 1580 to Agnese Portelli, with issue. Gio Paolo Sant, married 1631 to Gerolama.., with issue. Lazzaro Sant, married 1651 Valletta to Barbara Caranto, with issue. Andrea Sant, marrid 1680 Valletta to Margarita Abela, with issue. Aloisea Sant, married 1702 Valletta to Antonio Moreau (Morello), with issue Aloiseo Moreau/Morello, married 1777 Valletta to Caterina Zammit. Elena Moreau, married 1728 Valletta to Giuseppe Vassallo. Giuseppe Moreau/Morello, married 1764 Valletta to Anna Cachia. Vincenza Moreau, married 1741 Valletta to Michele Gauci. Mario Sant, 'Abbott', dunm. Dun. Lazzaro Sant, dunm. Maria Sant, married 1695 Valletta to Salvatore Grech. Claudio Sant, married (1) to N., married (2) 1740 Valletta to Grazia Chetcuti. Elizabetta Sant, married 1711 Valletta to Gio Batta Pizzuto, with issue. Antonio Pizzuto, married 1734 Valletta to Rosalinda Grima, with issue. Teresa Pizzuto, married 1754 Valletta to Sig. Giuseppe Troisi. Suor. Gerolama Sant, dunm. Gio Paolo Sant, dunm. Stefano Sant, 'Abbott', dunm. Carlo Sant, (1661-1723), married (1) 1678 to Giuseppina Tanti, (died 1695), Married (2) 1697 to Filippa Galea, with issues. (First Marriage) Lazzaro Sant, died 1695 with their mother in an accident., dunm. Emmanuele Sant, died 1695 with brother and mother., dunm. Maria Sant, married 1699 to Tomaso Barbara. (Second Marriage) Carlo Sant, dunm. Giuseppina Sant, married 1712 to Stefano Tanti. Dun. Nicola Sant, dunm. Suor. Agnese Sant, dunm. Bartolomea Sant, dunm. Marietta Sant, married 1646 Matrice Gozo to Ignazio Genuisi. Battista Sant, married 1660 Valletta to Sevastualla Tulla. Matteolo Sant, married 1643 Matrice Gozo to Lazzarina Deldiaco, with issue. Anna Sant, married 1682 Valletta to Gabriele di Adriano. Giuseppe Sant, married 1693 Mdina to Paolina Farrugia. Dun. Petrus Sant, dunm. Suor. Leonora Sant, dunm. Isabella Sant, married 1614 to Filippo Vella. Suor. Gioannella Sant, dunm. Dun. Simone Sant, dunm. Suor. Perona Sant, dunm.
1.1.2. Biagio Sant, 'Abbott', dunm.
1.1.3. Dun. Leonardo Sant, dunm.
1.2. Filippo Sanctu, 'Abbott', mistress to Imperia, an ex-slave of the Gatto-Inguanez, with a son.
1.2.1. Petrus Sanctus, 'Abbott', mistress to Agata, an ex-slave of the De Guevara's., with issue. Filippo Sant, (c 1560-1623), dunm. Imperia Sant, married 1575 to Giorgio de Xerri, an ex-slave.

1.2.2. Matteo Sanctus, married (1) 1555 Naxxar to Margherita Borg, married (2) 1585 Naxxar to Caterina de Cumbo (Her father was an ex-slave), with issue.

1.3. Imperia Sanctu.
1.4. Perona Sanctu.
1.5. Maruccia Sanctu.
1.6. Paolo Sanctu, married 1482 to Bernardina, an ex-slave, with issue.
1.6.1. Petrina Sanctu, married c.1500 to Simone Bartolo.
1.6.2. Francesco Sanctu, married 1508 to Mattea Camilleri, with issue. Paolo Sant, married 1536 to Antonella Gatto, with issue. Suor. Francescina Sant, dunm. Dun. Leonardo Sant, dunm. Pietro Sant, married (1) 1583 to Isabella de Cassia, an ex-slave., married (2) 1594 Lija to Antonia N, with issue. Dun. Paolo Sant Cassia, (1586-1643), dunm. Francesca Sant Cassia, married 1602 to Leonardo Vassallo, an ex-slave. Mario Sant Cassia, 'Abbott', dunm. Filippa Sant Cassia, married 1610 to Cristino Ralli. Dun. Mario Sant, dunm. Suor. Maria Sant., dunm. Francesco Sant, married with issue. Imperia Sant, married 1587 Naxxar to Cola Samut. Teramo/Giuliano Sant, married 1548 Naxxar to Maria Busuttil, with issue. Vincenza Sant, married 1577 Naxxar to Giacobo Decace.

1.6.3. Luca Sant, married to Giovanna Marchesa N, with issue. Geronima Sant, married 1580 Siggiewi to Sigismondo Cutajar.

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