"Sardo family"

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1. Guillelmus Sardo, created Barone di Pietra Longa 1417., (Reference: Documentary Sources of Maltese History - Part II - Documents in the State Archives Palermo; No 1. Cancelleria Regia 1259 -1400: edited by Stanley Fiorini, Malta University Press 1999, page 261-262), married to Antonia Bagna., with issue.
1.1. Franco Sardo. (c.1450). , 2nd Barone di Pietra Longa  married to Stephana Spetere., with issue.
1.1.1. Guillelmus Sardo. (c.1480). , 3rd Barone di Pietra Longa married to Imperia de Nava., with issue. Franco Sardo. (c.1520)., 4th Barone di Pietra Longa,  married Maria de Calafato., with issue. Carlo Filippo Sardo. (c.1560), 5th Barone di Pietra Longa, married 1566 Vittoriosa to Nobile Grazia Psinga dei Baroni di Grua, with issue. Giovanni Andrea Sardo, 6th Barone di Pietra Longa married (c. 1590) to Antonella Axisa, with issue. Veronica Sardo,  7th Baronessa di Pietra Longa  married 1609 to Giovanni Maria Gandolfo. Violante Sardo, married 1610 to Costanzo de Squires. Maddalena Sardo, married 1596 to Giovanni Rosetto. Girolama Sardo, married 1602 Vittoriosa to Bartolomeo Strafrach. Laura Sardo, married 1589 to Achilles Castriota. Imperia Sardo, married to Dioniso Psinga dei Baroni di Grua. Giovannella Sardo, married to Mro Giuliano Zimech, with issue. Roggerio Zimech, married 1559 Zebbug to Margherita Portelli, with issue. Mco Pietro Zimech, married 1606 Zejtun to Margherita Tabone, with issue. Domenica Dorotea Caterina Dimech, married 1667 Zebbug to Matteolo Farrugia. Antonia Sardo., married Giacomo de Nava.
1.1.2. Orsola Sardo, married to Pietro Chilona.

1.2. Covella Sardo, married to Francesco Caracciolo, Patrizio Napoletano, Ciambellano del Re di Napoli.
1.3. Bartolomeo Sardo. (c.1418-20)., married Philomena Caracciolo., with issue (in Sicily and Naples).

1.4. Louisa Sardo, married to Paolo de Nasis.

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