The Sayd family (2)

This small branch of the Sayd family originated from the Arabic descendants of Malta. This branch were quite wealthly and perhaps with their surname's meaning of "Lord or Leader" perhaps were descendants of the Arabic/Maltese Masters prior to the arrival of the Normans. Also Note, Arabics in the 13th and 14th centuries perhaps had harems, which is difficult to determine their wives. Towards the latter part of the 14th century, most converted to christianity or were enslaved.
One suggestion noted was that the SAIJD were Arabic overlords of Malta and these shown may perhaps be the descendants.

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"Noble" Albano Saijd (c1370) Arabic Lord in Malta converted to Christianity, married to Richilde Parisi, with issue
1. "Noble" Lemu Sayd of Kibir, Malta, (1419-20 Militia List)., married Corrada Girbinus, with issue.
1.1. "Noble" and "Cavello" Albano Sayd of Kibir, Malta, (1419-20 Milita List), married Ursula Murina., with issue.
1.1.1. Dionisio Sayd, (1456-1544), Married Contanza de Bandino, with issue Luca Sayd m 1. (c 1540) to Cilia Cusburella m 2. Agnese Cusburella, with issue. Caterina Sayd m. 1575 Gudica, Malta to Domenico Camilleri Publio Sayd m. 1575 Gudica, Malta to Paula Zammit Matteo Sayd m. 1575 Gudica, Malta to Maria Gatt Albano (Giulio) Sayd m. 1574 Gudica Malta to Domenica Falca m. 1600 Zurico, Malta to Agata Sammut Vincenza Sayd. m. 1612 Siggiewi to Domenico Vella Dianora Sayd (Testo 1660: Not Fabrizio Bigeni) m 1617 Siggiewi to Domenico Psaila Giacobina Sayd m. 1627 to Siggiewi to Pasquale Pace, with issue. Maria Pace, married 1670 Siggiewi to Salvatore Bugeja. Bartolomeo Sayd (Testo 1676: Not Gio Domenico Gatt) m. 1627 Siggiewi to Caterina Pace. Agata Sayd m. Zurico Malta to Gio Maria Debono Caterina Sayd m. 1619 Zurico to Francesco Barbaro Bernardina Sayd m. 1628 to Gio Paolo Camilleri Angelica Sayd Matro 1597: Not Ferdinand Ciappara, to Antonio Cutajar Gaspare Sayd, (Testo 1612: Not. Bernardo Azzopardi)(Testo 1611: Not Gio Simone de Lucia) Matro 1587: Not Nicola Xeberras, to Maddalena Azopardi Gio Luca Sayd Marietta Sayd-Testo 1677/1684: Not Gio.Dom Gatt m to Gio Maria Mamo Domenica Sayd Agata Sayd Imperia Sayd m1. 1575 Matro: Not Gioannello Falson to Domenico Gatt m2. 1586 Matro: Not Gioannello Falson to Marino Psaila Paolo Sayd, (Testo 1589: Not Niccolo Xeberras) m. 1541 Matro- Not Giorgio Buttigieg to Agata Balzon Matro 1543: Not Giuliano Muscat, to Angela Farrugia Vennera Sayd m. 1562 to Pancrazio Mangion Clemenza Sayd (Donazione 1630: Not Andrea Allegritto) m Notary. Domenico Portelli Giovanna Sayd m. Matteo Camilleri Vincenzo Sayd m. Bernardina Capo di Ferro, (Dau of Antonio and Giovannella)-Testo 1596: Not Pietro Calleja. Paolo Sayd, (Testo 1628: Not Bernardo Azzopardi) Division 1632: Not Bernardo Azzopardi, Matro: 1605: Not Ferdinand Ciappara, to Bartolomea Bonnano-Testo 1638: Not Mario Attard Caterina Sayd Clemenza Sayd m. Damieno Portelli Bartolomea Sayd, (Testo 1638: Not Mario Attard) Donazione 1632, 1642: Not Gio Paolo Fenech, Testo 1644: Not Gio Paolo Fenech Matro 1635: Not Mario Attard to Lorenzo Pachi (Son of Salvo and Laura Azzopardi, dau of Not. Bernardo Azzopardi) Gioannella Sayd Matro 1604: Not Matteo Dingli, to Marianno Attard Caterina Sayd, (Division 1638: Not Mario Attard) m. Antonio Capo di Ferro Agnese Sayd, married 1568 Siggiewi to Giuseppe Saliba. Agata Sayd m. 1544 to Giovanni Camilleri Paolo Sayd, married to Clerica.., with issue Giovanni Sayd (Division 1631: Not. Bernardo Azzopardi) married to Isabella… Vincenza Sayd, dunm. Leonora Sayd m. Domenico Psaila Giacobina Sayd-Testo 1681: Not Gio.Dom Gatt m. Pasquale Pace Bartolomeo Sayd Filippo Sayd, married 1613 to Geronima Sayd (See Said), with issue Giovanni Saydon, married 1656 to Caterina Cassar, with issue Giovanni Maria Saydon, married 1694 to Margherita Micallef, with issue Gio Batta Saydon, married 1730 Valletta to Teresa Chircop, with issue. Chco. Pietro Paolo Saydon, married 1770 Zurrieq to Teodora Sammut., with issue Dr. Gaetano Saydon JUD, married to Marianna Dalli, with issue Gio Batta Saydon, married 1801 to Vincenza Delicata. Giuseppe Saydon, married 1822 at Birkirkara to Rosalea Muscat Gregorio Saydon, married 1854 at San Paolo, Valletta to Adelaide Galzicia. Guseppe Saydon., married 1802 at Qormi to Orazia Mifsud, with issue. Pietro Paolo Saydon, married 1843 at Zurrieq to Giuzzeppa Mallia Michelangelo Saydon, married 1892 at Qormi to Giorgia Coleiro Lawrence Saydon, married to  Maximilla Cutajar Joseph Saydon, married to M’Ann Camilleri Catherine Saydon Orazio Saydon, married 1952 to Maria Damaxxena Attard at Zurrieq Joseph Saydon, married to Tessie Farrugia Arthur Saydon married to Sharon Chacia Catherine Saydon married to Frankie Zammit Cynthio Saydon married 1989 at Naxxar to Nathalie Vella James Saydon 1990 Luke Saydon 1994 Rachel Saydon 1998 Gulina Saydon Lukarda Saydon Emanuel Saydon Gorgia Saydon Charles Saydon Doris Saydon Peter Saydon Reverend Vincent Saydon Joseph Saydon Peter Paul Saydon Gio Maria Saydon, married 1936 at Sliema SM to Pawlina Pullicino Guzeppa Saydon, married Alfonzo N Elena Saydon, married Guzeppi N. Catherine Saydon Reverend Paul Saydon Grazia Saydon, married to Dr Notary Farrugia Joseph Saydon, married to Catherine Bugeja Gejtan Saydon Dolor Saydon Professor Monsignor Pietru Pawl Saydon (1895 to 1971) Maria Saydon. Gio Maria Saydon, married 1842 Naxxar to Angela Attard. Dr Gio Batta Saidon JUD, married 1801 Cospicua to Noble Giuseppa Ros-Testaferrata, with issue. Paolica Saidon, (1805 -). Tomaso Sayd, married 1654 to Maria Sayd, with issue Giuseppe Sayd, married 1690 at Vittoriosa to Grazia Mallia, with issue Grazio Sayd, married 1724 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giuseppina Chetcuti, with issue Michele Sayd,. married 1767 Mdina to Caterina Mercieca, with issue Felice Sayd, married 1804 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Grazia Camenzuli, with issue Maria Said, married 1824 at Birkirkara to Carmelo Dalli Antonio Said, married 1828 at San Paolo, Valletta to Maria Camenzuli. Orazio Said, married 1794 at San Paolo, Valletta to Teodora Fenech. Luca Sayd, married (1) Porto Salvo, Valletta to Teodora Mifsud, married (2) 1783 to Teresa Grech. Carlo Said, married 1765 at San Paolo, Valletta , to Polixemia Muscat, with issue. Giuseppe Said, married 1782 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Natalie Psaila. Teresa Said, married 1793 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Stefano Sceberras, with issue. Gaetana Sceberras, married 1815 Valletta to Dr Aloiseo Gravagna JUD. Aloisea Sceberras, married (1) to Antonio De Salvo, married (2) 1824 Valletta to Dr Luigi Gravagna JUD. Liberta Said, married 1806 at Porto Salvo, Valletta , to Pasquale Petrofila. Gio Maria Sayd, married 1716 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giovanna Dingli. Salvatore Sayd, married 1700 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Rosalia Vella. Aloiseo Sayd, married 1730 Porto Salvo Valletta to Margherita Chircop. Pasquale Sayd, married 1762 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giovanna de Galea, with issue. Aloiseo Said, married 1785 at San Paolo, Valletta to Caterina Pace. Anna Said, married 1796 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Angelo Psaila. Maria Said, married 1791 San Paolo, Valletta to Giuseppe Portelli. Giuseppe Said, married 1769 at San Paolo, Valletta to Liberta Borg, with issue. Anna Said, married 1799 at Porto Salvo, Valletta , to Giuseppe Serra. Vincenzo Said, married (1) 1791 at San Paolo, Valletta to Maria Caruana, Married (2) to Saveria Morello., with issue. (First Marriage) Salvatore Said, married 1818 at San Paolo, Valletta to Carmela Gasan. Gio Maria Said, married 1708 at San Paolo, Valleta to Teodora Debono, with issue. Tomaso Said, married 1763 at San Paolo, Valletta , to Maria Cutajar, with issue. Salvatore Said, married 1806 at San Paolo, Valletta , to Caterina Pace. Silvestra Sayd, married 1688 Rabat Gozo to Felice Cumbo. Margherita Sayd m. Giuseppe Farrugia Caterina Sayd m. Giorgio Mallia Lorenza Sayd m. Giordanio Jordajna Bartolomeo Sayd m. Dulcia.... (Donazione 1552: Not Giorgio Buttigieg) Giovanna Sayd m. Giovanni Gandolfo
1.1.2. Gregorio Sayd, married Agata de Cantore with issue. Giacomo Sayd, married 1498 to Agnese Manjura
1.1.3. Caterina Sayd, married Pasquale de Cantore, Founder del Gius di San Giorgio e del Giuseppe dell S.S. mo Salvatore de Mirechel., with issue.

1.1.4. Richilde Sayd, married to Andrea Sayd, (Cousin - see below).
2. Julianu Sayd. (Militia List 1419-20), married his neice to Bartolema Sayd.
2.1. Brancat Sayd. (Milita List 1419-20)
2.2. Paulu Sayd. (Milita List 1419-20)
3. Orlando Sayd, married Guglielma Bastardo di Ragusa, with issue.
3.1. Martinu Sayd. (Milita List 1419-20), married to Ursula de Bellara, with issue.
3.1.1. Andrea Sayd of Buzubudi. (Milita List 1419-20), married Richilde Sayd (cousin), with issue. Lucia Sayd, married c.1418. to Don Cataldo Cusburella Roggerio Sayd, 'Founder of the benefit of Cossin 1458" (Moved to Gozo c 1450), married Imperia .., with issue. Antonia Sayd, married 1501 to Bernardo Sayd (her uncle), with issue Bernardo Sayd, married Antonia Sayd (his neice), with issue Matteo Sayd, married 1549 to Francesca di Manuele, with issue Giovanni Sayd, married to Imperia di Manuele, with issue. Giovanna Sayd, married to Don. Gio Maria Bavascandalo. Don. Giovanni Sayd, (c1549), Priest. Antonio Sayd, married with issue. Marietta Sayd, married 1577 Birkirkara to Matteo Greco/Grech, with issue. Angelica/Enziona Grech, married 1597 Birkirkara to Giacomo Micallef. Salvatore Sayd, married 1479 to Paula La Malina,  with issue Stefano Sayd, married 1512 to Francesca Imbroglio, married 1522 to Vennera Mallia. Dulcia Sayd, married 1479 to Lemo La Malina, Founder del Gius di San Agata del Zurrico.

3.2. Bartolomea Sayd, married (her Uncle) Julianu Sayd.

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