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The family of Sceberras

(a.k.a. "Xeberras”, or Scriberras")


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This family is NOT listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647)

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Nobile Manfredo Xiberras, (Testamento 1449 by Notary Luca de Sillato), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420, married with issue.


1. Don Leonardo Xiberras - See below.



Don Leonardo Xiberras, (Testamento 1449 by Notary Luca de Sillato), married to Donna Antonia di Blundio, with issue.
1. Antonio Xiberras, married to Noble Imperia d'Avello Monbron, (On the 22 January 1519, Antonio Xeberras was invested in the monetary fief of 11 oncie which had come to his wife’s possession after it was devolved to her from her uncle Don Pietro Mombron who had succeeded in the feudatory rights originating from a grant made in favour of the Vaccaro family), with issue.
1.1. Guiseppe Xiberras, married to Clercia Elizabetta Bernardo,  with issue.
1.1.1. Domenico Xiberras, married 1577 to Margherita Dolonto, with issue. Gio Luigi Xiberras, married 1603 to Maria Agius, with issue. Dr Gio Domenico Xiberras, JUD, married to Agata Cassar, with issue. Gio Paolo Sceberras, married 1664 (Notary Michele Attard) to Nobile Maria Testaferrata Cassar, with issue. Pietro Paolo Sceberras, married 1693 to Noble Eugenia Xara., dsp.l.  (illegitimate issue from a Caterina) Bartolomeo Sceberras., married 1709 to Evangelista Fenech.  Domenico Sceberras., married 1723 to Anne Deguara, with issue. Maria Xiberras, married 1752 Naxxar to Chco Mco Giovanni Mifsud. Rosa Xiberras, married 1757 Naxxar to Giuseppe Bezzina. Chco. Paolo Xiberras, married 1758 Naxxar to Teresa Sant, with issue. Giovanni Xiberras, married 1790 Mosta to Giovanna Chetcuti, with issue. Paolo Xiberras, married (1) to Grazia Sammut, married (2) 1845 Birkirkara to Margherita Zarb. Francesco Xiberras, married 1821 Mosta to Maria Galea. Domenico Xiberras, married 1794 Mosta to Maria Chetcuti. Pietro Xiberras, married 1780 Naxxar to Maria Borg. Domenico Sceberras, Bishop of Epiphania, Archdeacon of the Cathedral, (1670-1744), dunm. Simone Sceberras, married Grazia Sant,. Margherita Sceberras, married Emmanuele Moscati. Paolo Sceberras,  married 1725 to Maria Borg, with issue. Elena Maria Sceberras, married 1748 to E'Batta Casha. Carlo Sceberras., married Antonia…, with issue. Salvatore Sceberras., married 1733 to Speranza Calleja., with issue. Simone Sceberras., married 1751 to Grazia Azzopardi. Don Matteo Sceberras, dunm. Don Franco Sceberras, dunm. Bonaventura Sceberras, married Dr. Pietro Paolo Bonici JUD. Margherita Sceberras, married Pasquale Attard. Caterina Sceberras, married Gio Maria Axac. Dr. Michele Sceberras JUD, married Nobile Caterina Testaferrata, with issue. Elena Sceberras, "Nun", dunm. Don Luigi Sceberras, dunm. Dr. Pasquale Sceberras JUD, married 1677 to Nobile Antonia Cassia, with issue. Nobile Michele Sceberras,  married 1729 (Notary Agostino Marchese) to Nobile Clara Testaferrata dei Baroni di Castel Cicciani, with issue. Nobile Pasquale Sceberras Testaferrata, (1735-1812), married 1755 (Notary Vittorio Griscti) to Lucrezia Dorell, with issue Nobile Antonio Sceberras Testaferrata, (1756-1843), 13th (recte: 4th) Baron of Castel Cicciano, (1798: R ecognised as Baron (Freiherr) von Cicciano by the King of Bavaria), Barone di Montagna di Marzo in Sicily, Married 1792 (Notary Calcedonio Bonello) to Gerolama Trigona dei Baroni di Montagno di Marzo, with issue Nobile Sir Pasquale Sceberras Testaferrata, KCMG, (1793-1869), 14th (recte: 5th) Baron of Castel Cicciano, Barone di Montagna di MarzoAppointed Lord Lieutenant of Malta (1815-1839: office abolished) as "Baron Pasquale Sciberras", later "Baron Pasquale Sceberras Trigona", Married firstly in 1811 to Nobile Rosalea D'Amico Inguanez, dei Baroni di Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana,(died 1841) with issue Married Secondly in 1844 to Gaetana Sceberras Testaferrata,- (See below for Ancestry), with further issue. Marriage) Nobile Alexander Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, (1821-80), 15th (recte: 6th) Baron of Castel Cicciano, Barone di Montagna di Marzo, Married (1) Teresa dei Marchesi de Piro, Married (2) 1864 to Frances Ann Whittuck, with issue (Second Marriage) Nobile Maria Francesca Carmen Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, (1865-1947), 16th (recte: 7th) Baroness of Castel Cicciano, 20th Baroness of Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana, and married 1890 to Col. Alexander Chalmers McKean, CMG, and dsp. Nobile Rosalea Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, (1867-1946), married 1895 to Col. Alexander Chesney, with issue. Nobile Alexander Chesney Sceberras D'Amico Inguanez, (1896-1960), 17th (recte: 8th) Baron of Castel Cicciano, 21st Baron of Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana, dunm Nobile Frances Mary Carmen Chesney D'Amico Inguanez,(1898-1981) 18th (recte: 9th) Baroness of Castel Cicciano, 22nd Baroness of Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana, dunm. Nobile Mario John Chesney, (1901-38), dunm. Nobile Norah Elma Chesney, (1904-77), dunm. Nobile Ines Mary Geraldine D'Amico Inguanez, (1870-., married 1910 to Capt. Valetine Egerton Bagot Phillimore, D.S.O., R.N., dsp. (illegitimate with Marie Said-Testaferrata) Carmelo Trigona, (1838-1888 Naples, Italy), Priest, dunm. Marriage) Nobile Gerolama Sceberras D'Amico Ingaunez, married 1844 to Dr Carmelo de Piro, - See Marquis's de Piro. , with issue. Marriage) Nobile Salvatore Sceberras Trigona, CLAIMANT TO THE  BARONY OF  CASTEL CICCIANO (1695)  married 1884 to Contessa Giulia Mattei, with issue Conte Pasquale Waldemar Sceberras Trigona, dunm. Conte Alfred Sceberras Trigona, married 1946 to Mary Johnston, and dsp. Conte Eleanore Sceberras Trigona, dunm. (Second Marriage) Nobile Antonio Sceberras Trigona, married 1881 to Maria Assunta Bellia, with issue. Nobile Pasquale Sceberras Trigona, (1882-1960), married Maria Bove, with issue Nobile Edwin William Sceberras Trigona, (1908-73), Barone di Montagno di Marzo, married 1938 to Alma Turner, with issue. Nobile Barrie Sceberras Trigona, (1939-62), dunm. Nobile Carole Ann Sceberras Trigona, (1942-,  Acknowledged by the "Committee of Privileges of the Maltese Nobility" (n.b.a private group) as the present "Baroness of Castel Cicciano (in Naples)" (but see other claim (this page) based on revised Italian Law of Succession which disallows succession to, or through, females. Nobile Ronald Frederick Trigona (1924-2007), CLAIMANT TO THE  BARONY OF  CASTEL CICCIANO (1695), Baron di Montagna di Marzo, -See That Title., Married 1950 to Madeleine Sophie de Bono, with issue. Nobile Anne Marie Trigona, Baronessina di Castel Cicciano, (1951-), married 1978 to William Harany, with issue. Benjamin Trigona Harany, (1978-, married 2009 to Banu Deniz Sener. Luke Harany Trigona,(1986- Simon Harany Trigona, (1989- Julian Harany Trigona, (1992- Nobile Jennifer Trigona, (1953-2018), married 1986 to Charles William Masefield, with issue. George Masefield, (1987-., married 2014 to Andrea Zierner, with issue. Alfred Masefield. Jeni Masefield. Nobile Celia Trigona, (1957-, married 1982 to Dr Martin Debattista, with issue. Stefan Debattista, (1985-. Veronica Debattista, (1989-. Nobile Evelyn Sceberras Trigona, (1907-78), married Nobile Lt.Col. Joseph V. Abela, OBE, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, with issue Nobile Major Albert Abela MBE, F.R. Hist. S, (1932-2007),, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1956 to Mariella Refalo, with issue Nobile Jocelyne Abela, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1984 to Charles Hennen of the Netherlands, with issue. Nobile Nadine Hennen, (1989-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Fiona Hennen, (1993-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Caroline Abela,  Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1984 to Andrew Magri Overend, with issue. Nobile Michael Magri Overend, (1985-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Amanda Magri Overend, (1990-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Lisa Magri Overend, (1998-., Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Margaret Abela, (1937-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1959 to Albert Borg. Nobile Berto Sceberras Trigona, married Elisabetta Gonzi, with issue Nobile Oscar Sceberras Trigona, dunm. Nobile Nellie Sceberras Trigona, (1924-2003)  married to Edgar Azzopardi., with issue. Nobile Michael Azzopardi Trigona, married to Jennifer NN, with issue. Nobile Marguerite Azzopardi Trigona, married to Mark Clokey. Nobile Doris Sceberras Trigona, married to Major Joseph Attard Montalto RMA., with issue. Nobile Maria Rita Sceberras Trigona (d. 2008), married to Rosario Ferro Attard Montalto, dsp. Nobile Ugo Sceberras Trigona, married Giovanna Grech Dimech, with issue Nobile Dr Alexander Sceberras Trigona, LL.D., (1919-2000), married 1949 to Constance Enriquez, with issue. Nobile Dr Alexander Sceberras Trigona, M.A. (Oxon), LL.D, Present Baron di Montagna di Marzo, and CLAIMANT TO THE  BARONY OF  CASTEL CICCIANO (1695), married 1985 to Johanna Borg, with issue Nobile Dr Alexia Sceberras Trigona LLD, (1986-, married 2015 to Steven Zammit Briffa. Nobile Angela Sceberras Trigona, (1989-. Nobile Anna Sceberras Trigona. Nobile Violetta Sceberras Trigona, married to Arturo Parlato, with issue Charles Parlato-Trigona, married to Lina Attard, with issue. Joseph Parlato Trigona, (1943-2018), married to Anna Vella Zarb, with issue. Christina Parlato Trigona, (1970-2013), married to Jean-Pierre Aquilina, with issue. Michela Aquilina. Lisa Aquilina. Greta Parlato Trigona, married 2003 to Peter Ripard. Anthony Parlato Trigona, married to Ingrid Pace, with issue. Vanessa Parlato Trigona, married to Paul Galea, with issue. Hannah Galea. Emily Galea. Mark Parlato Trigona, married (sep) to Clara Guillaumier, with issue. Joshua Parlato Trigona. Sara Parlato Trigona. Michael Parlato Trigona, married to Contessa Liza Cachia, with issue. Conte Tomas Parlato Trigona. Conte Sebastian Parlato Trigona. Tania Parlato Trigona, married to Joseph Mizzi A&CE. Victor Parlato-Trigona Lily Parlato Trigona, married Giovanni Soler, with issue Ronnie Soler Walter Soler Arthur Soler Mary Anne Soler, married to N. Sciaccha Bice Parlato Trigona, married to Architect Bertu Vassallo, with issue. Nobile Stella Maria Sceberras Trigona, married 1912 to Robert Augustus de Beneducci., (Sives Martin).,with issue. Ralph Beneducci Martin-Trigona, (1913 -1994) (m 1). 1945 to. Helen Vasiliou., (m2) 1952 to Serena Ines Valli,  with issue. (First Marriage) Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona, (1945-., with issue. Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona, (1984-. Elizabeth Martin-Trigona, (1986-.  George Martin-Trigona (Second Marriage) Roanna Ines Stella Maria Martin-Trigona, (1953-. Nobile Gaetana Sceberras Trigona., dunm. Nobile Mary Sceberras Trigona, married to Sig.Walter Micallef dei Conti Lepre, with issue. Joseph Micallef  Sceberras Trigona, married to Doris Borg Cardona, with issue.  Marcelle Micallef Trigona, married to Joseph Grech., with issue. Andrew Grech. Michael Grech. Stephen Grech. Michael Micallef Trigona, married to Marie Ellul-Sullivan, with issue. Dr Beppe Micallef Trigona MD, MRCPsych. MSc, (1982-, married to Luise Reichmuth. Robert Micallef Trigona. Andrew Micallef Trigona, (1992-. Lilian Micallef  Sceberras Trigona (died 2009), married (1)1943 to Ivo Anastasi, married (2) to Arturo Anastasi, with issue. (First Marriage) Victoria Anastasi, married to Joseph Lauri, with issue. Marcus Lauri. David Lauri. Notary John Micallef  Sceberras Trigona, married to Eve Desira Buttigieg (d. 2010), with issue. Magistrate Anthony Micallef Trigona, married to Angele N, with issue. Gabriella Micallef Trigona, married to Nicola Pratellesi. Marisa Micallef Trigona, (d. 2018), married to Frederick Borg Oliver dei Principi di Selimbria, with issue. Anna Micallef Trigona, (1957-2017), dunm. Grace Micallef  Sceberras Trigona, married to John Purdy, with issue. John Purdy, married with issue. Marisa Purdy. Marcella Purdy. Monica Purdy Geoffrey Purdy. David Purdy. Albert Micallef  Sceberras Trigona, d.inf. Anthony Micallef  Sceberras Trigona, married to Maria Messina Ferrante, with issue. Raphael Micallef Trigona, married to Marisa Jaccarini, with issue. Luke Micallef Trigona. Sean Micallef Trigona. Angelica Micallef Trigona, married to John P. Vassallo, with issue. Adam John Vassallo. Nobile Bacchi Sceberras Trigona. Nobile Pio Sceberras Trigona. Baron Corrado Sceberras Trigona, Barone di Vallegrande e Budunetto 1822, married 1822 to Maria Teresa dei Baroni Trigona. Married 1844 to Clorinda Sceberras (See Above), with further issue. (First Marriage) Nobile Gaetana Sceberras Trigona, (1829-89), married 1844 to her Uncle, Sir Pasquale Sceberras Trigona. (See Below). Nobile Gerolama Sceberras Trigona, married (1) to Antonio dei Conti Manduca., married (2) 1865 to Vincenzo Mamo, with issue. Nobile Antonio Sceberras Trigona. Barone di Vallegrande e Budunetto., married 1857 to Marchesa Antonia Testaferrata, with issue. Nobile Corrardo Sceberras Trigona, Barone di Vallegrande e Budunetto., (1860 -), married 1882 to Baroness Ersila von Brockdorff, with issue. Nobile Giorgio Sceberras Trigona, Barone di Vallegrande e Budunetto., (1895 - 1943 Messina Sicily), married 1920 to Marianna Giappone, with issue. Nobile Eloise Sceberras Trigona, Baronessa di Vallegrande e Budunetto., (1939 - ), married 1957 to Ricard Said, De Jure Principe di Bibino Magno. Nobile Gaetano Sceberras Trigona, (1862 -), married 1887 to Paulo Tomasi. Nobile Elisabetta Sceberras Trigona, (1865 -), married 1887 to Stefano Cilia. Nobile Natalia Sceberras Trigona, (1867 -), married 1889 to Enrico Gravina Guttadiero. (Second Marriage) Nobile N. Sceberras, married with issue (May have migrated to NYC, USA). Nobile Attilio Sceberras, (1896-., married with issue. Nobile Conrad Sceberras, (1925-., marrued with issue. (Heirs to the Barony of Castel Cicciano in the male line). Nobile Filippa Sceberras Trigona., married 1851 to Emmanuele Testaferrata. Nobile Antonia Sceberras Trigona, married 1825 to Stefano Viani. Nobile Fabrizio Sceberras Testaferrata, (1757-1843), Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church., dunm. Nobile Ursula Sceberras Testaferrata, (1758-91), married Marquis Giuseppe Enrico Testaferrata Olivier. Nobile Michele Sceberras Testaferrata, (1762-1832). (1828: Recognised as Baron (Freiherr) von Cicciano and Baron (Freiherr) von Sceberras by the King of Bavaria), Migrated to Imperia Russia and Created Prince Sceberras Testaferrata and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta., married 1806 St Petersburg Russia to Countess Angela Apapov, with issue. Prince Michele Sceberrasky, (1807-49), 2nd Prince, married 1830 to Baroness Marie Gauciski, with issue. Prince Andre Sceberrasky 3rd Prince, (1832-54), Grand Prior and Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm. Prince Nicholas Sceberrasky, 4th Prince, (1835-95), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm. Prince Paul Sceberrasky, (1838-89), married 1862 to Princess Angela Sceberrasky, with issue. Prince Michele Sceberrasky, 5th Prince, (1865-1919 Vaucluse France), 22nd President of the Russian Maltese Chamber of Nobility., married 1887 to Countess Aloisea Apapov, with issue. Princess Angela Sceberrasky, (1894- 1902), dunm. Prince Andre Sceberrasky, 6th Prince, (1867-1938 Vaucluse France), married (1) 1885 to Duchess Catherine Testaferratasky, married (2) 1889 to Baroness Louisa Saidov, with issue. (First marriage) Princess Aloise Sceberrasky, (1887-, married 1920 to Baron Grigor Balbisky. (Second marriage) Princess Nathalie Sceberrasky, (1894-., married 1918 to Nikolai Loukache. Princess Tatiana Sceberrasky, (1896- 1917), dunm. Princess Nicola Sceberrasky, (1897- 1965), , married to Baron Paul von Seefeldt Princess Leonora Sceberrasky, (1899- 1954), dunm. Princess Marie Sceberrasky, (1868-), married 1891 to Hermann von Castelli, with issue. Prince Casimir Sceberrasky, 7th and Last Prince, (1871-1959), Last Grand Prior and Knight of the Order of St John of Malta in Russia., dunm. Prince Andre Sceberrasky, (1809- 63), married 1830 to Princess Antonia Testaferratasky, with issue. Princess Angela Sceberrasky, (1835-), married to Prince Paul Sceberrasky. Princess Tatiana Sceberrasky, (1836-), ‘Nun’, dunm. Princess Olga Sceberrasky, (1839-), married 1864 to a Baron Sebastian Sobiesky. Prince Michele Sceberrasky, (1842-1915), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia., dunm. Princess Aloisea Sceberrasky, (1812-), married 1830 to Count Nicholas Carabottsky. Princess Elena Sceberrasky, (1815-), married 1835 to Count Ivan Galeaov. Prince Casimir Sceberrasky, (1821-1918), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm.. Nobile Paolo Sceberras Testaferrata, (1766-1832), (1793: R ecognised as Baron (Freiherr) von Cicciano by the King of Bavaria), married 1791 Maria Angelica Perdicomati Bologna, Countes of Catena. (See Catena). Nobile Sir Nicola Sceberras Bologna KCMG (died 1875), 5th (recte 3rd Conte of Catena, married 1830 to Maria Antonia Montalto de Riberia, and dsp. -See Below. Nobile Maria Teresa Sceberras Bologna , married 1830 to Chev. P.P. Bonici Mompalao with issue. Nobile Luisa Bonici Mompalao (c 1833-1907), married 1858 to Cmdr Walter Strickland, with issue. Nobile Sir Gerald Strickland GCMG (c 1861-1940) 6th (recte 4th Conte)- created in the UK, Baron Strickland of Sizergh married firstly 1890 to Lady Edeline Sackville-West, married secondly (Without issue) 1926 to Margaret Hulton DBE (First marriage) Hon Mary Constance Strickland (c 1896-1970), married 1920 to Henry dei Marchese Hornyold Gandoldi, with issue. Nobile Henry Hornyold Strickland (c 1921-83), 7th (recte: 5th) Count of Catena, married 1951 to Angela Englehart  (A descendant of King Charles II and King James II), with issue. Nobile Henry Hornyold Strickland (c 1951-, , Acknowledged as the 8th (recte: 6th) Count of Catena., married 1979 to Claudine Poumirau, with issue Nobile Hugo Hornyold Strickland (c 1979- , Contino della Catena. Nobile Thomas Hornyold Strickland (c 1985- Nobile Robert Hornyold Strickland (c 1954-, married 1983 (Div) to Teresa Fawcett, Married (2) 2000 (Div ?) to Jill Marion Bausch,  Married (3) 2007 to Miss DNR Livingstone of Bachuil,  with issue. (First Marriage) Nobile Francis Hornyold Strickland (c 1986- Nobile Rollo Michael Hornyold Strickland (c 1988- Nobile Zoe Clementina Hornyold Strickland (c 1991- Nobile John Hornyold Strickland (c 1956- ., married 1996 to Jane Elizabeth Fothergill., with issue. Nobile Katherine Hornyold Strickland, (1996-. Nobile Edward Hornyold Strickland (c 1960- , married 1999 to Belinda Elizabeth Scarborough., with issue. Nobile Cecilia Mary Hornyold Strickland., (1996-. Nobile Rufus David George Hornyold Strickland, (2010-. Nobile Clare Hornyold Strickland (c 1953-, married 1981 to Anthony Prince, dsp. Nobile Alice Hornyold Strickland (c 1959-, married 1988 to Charles Loftie ., with issue. William Thomas Loftie, (1991-. Alexander Edward Loftie, (1996-. Eleanor Loftie, (1992-. Nobile Edeline Hornyold Strickland (c 1922-81), married Norman Coppock, with issue. (Natural son with a Polish Officer) Mario Francis Joseph Thomas Dix, (1943-2016), married with issue. Gregory Dix. Matthew Dix. Theo Dix. Rupert Dix. Michael Coppock (c 1949-, married 1975 to Susan Davies, with issue. David Coppock (c 1978- Andrew Coppock (c 1983- Sarah Coppock (c 1976- Hon Cecilia Strickland (c 1897-1982), married 1927 to Capt Edmund de Trafford (of the Baronets de Trafford), with issue. Chev. Gerald de Trafford K.M. (1929-2015), married 1971 to Charlotte Hallo, with issue. Jasper Peter de Trafford (c 1975-, married 2010 to Fleur Cecilia de Trafford (See Below), with issue. Cosmo Benedict Randolphus de Trafford, (2011-. Montague Francis Humphrey de Trafford, (2013-. Aloisea Cecilia de Trafford ( 1973- Anthony de Trafford ( 1935-2018), married 1966 to Gabrielle Boome, dsp. Hubert de Trafford (1937-93), married Firstly 1966 to Christine Sydney Adams, secondly 1975 to Mary Willis, with issue. (First marriage) Rachel de Trafford (1967-, married 1991 to Bengt Sjobert Rebecca Sjobert (1993- Matilda Emma Sjobert, (1995-. Martha de Trafford (1969- (Second marriage) John de Trafford (1976- George de Trafford ( 1980- Fleur Cecilia de Trafford (1978- , married 2010 to Jasper Peter de Trafford (See above). Margaret de Trafford (c 1928-97), married 1952 to Cdr William Faulkner, with issue. Hugh Faulkner (c 1953-, married 1992 to Hon Sarah Wedderburn, with issue. Lucy Faulkner (c1993- Amy Faulkner, (1995-. Mark Faulkner (c 1955-, married 1979 to Hon Deborah MacAndrew , with issue. James Faulkner (c1983- Alexander Faulkner (c1987- Patrick Faulkner (c 1992- Rosalind Faulkner (c 1959-, married 1986 Francis Willis, with issue. Francis Willis (c 1989- Robert Willis (c 1991- Matthew Willis (c 1993- Catherine Faulkner (c 1961-, married 1984 to Andrew Scott, with issue. Rory David Scott (c 1993- Alice Scott (c 1989- John de Trafford, (1941-43), d.inf. Elizabeth de Trafford, (1932 - 2011)., married to Adm. Sir Arthur Turner KCB, DSC., with issue. Francis Turner, (1966-., married 1992 to Rebecca Thompson., with issue. Jack Francis Turner,. (1995-.  Michael Turner, (1969-. Mary de Trafford., (1934-83), married 1964 to Phillip James Gooding, with issue. Edward Gooding, (1974-. Louise Gooding, (1967-., married 1994 to Ryan Oliver., with issue. Jack Francis Olivier., (1995-. Elisabeth Gooding, (1969-., married 1995 to Richard Fenton., with issue. Richard Harry Fenton., (1998-. Russell James Fenton., (2000-. Hon Mabel Strickland OBE (c 1899-1988), dunm. Hon Dr Constance Strickland LMSSA (c 1912-79), dunm. Hon Henrietta Strickland (1903-1975), married 1922 to Cmdr Robert Bower RN, (A descendant of King Henry VII of England), with issue. Marianna Laetita Bower, married 1950 to Gilbert Monckton CB, OBE, MC, 2nd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, with issue. Hon Christopher Monckton MA, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchly,  (1952-, married 1990 to Juliet Mary Jenson Hon Timothy Monckton (1955-, married 1984 to Jennifer Carmody of Sydney Australia, with issue. Dominic Monckton (1985- James Monckton (1988-, married 2016 to Daisy Watt, with issue. Frederick Riversdale Clement Monckton, (2018-. William Monckton (1992- Hon Jonathan Monckton ( 1955-, married Carinda Therese Beeson, with issue. Polly-Anna Monckton, (1993 -. Hon Anthony Monkton ( 1960-, married 1985 Philippa Wingsfield Lt Edward Monckton (1988-, married 2014 to Emma Baxter, with issue. Eleanor Beatrix Isabelle Monckton, (2016-. Camilla Monckton (1989- Hon Rosalind Monckton (Former Confident of HRH, Princess Diana of Wales), (1953-, married Hon Dominic Lawson (s/o of Lord Lawson), with issue. Savannah Lawson (1992- Domenica Lawson (1995- Robert Paul Charles Bower, (1924-2010) , married (1) 1957, Div 1963 to Joan Mileham Litchfield, married (2) to Ericka N, with issue (First Marriage) Christopher Robert Bower, (1959- Victoria Bower, (1958-, married to N. Blackman-Aumonier. (Second Marriage) Nigel Bower. Anne Ceillia Maud Bower, (1923-, married 30th July 1949 to Capt Philip Edward Churton Vigors Doyne Ditmas K.O.S.B, eldest son of the late Major Harold Edward Churton Doyne Ditmas , Kempston , Beds and has issue Philip Doyne Ditmas, (1952- Michael Robert Doyne Ditmas ,(1954- Caroline Anne Doyne Ditmas, (1950- Annette Doyne-Ditmas, (1962- Margaret Elizabeth Bower, (1926- Elizabeth Mary Bower, (1933- Veronica Bower, (1937-, married Cmdr. G. John F. Slocock, R.N Mary Francis Bower, (1938-, married 1961 to Ian Douglas Cox, with issue Jeremy Robert Cox, (1963- Jonathan David Cox, (1967- Margaret Cox, (1962- Elizabeth Henrietta Cox, (1965- Monica Bower, (1944-, married Lieut-Cdr. Count Bernard Peter de Salis, R.N, (of the Counts de Salis), with issue Count. Piers Robert de Salis, (1969-., married Stephany Biello ., with issue. Count Maximillian James de Salis, (2004-. Count Samuel Robert Joseph de Salis, (2006 Edinburgh Scotland -. Count. Hugo John de Salis, (1971- Nobile Rev. Joseph Strickland, Chaplain to the Forces, 12th Brigade 4th Division (1864-1917). Nobile Charles Strickland, (c 1867-1918), married Ella Naudi, with issue. Nobile Roger Strickland MP, (Died 1975), married and Melita Amato, and dsp. Nobile Gerald Strickland, (1913-92), married Matilde Falco Tylar, (1917-92), with issue. Nobile Capt. Adrian Strickland, Former Ambassador to the Netherlands, Maltese Heraldry Expert, (1940-, married Jacqueline Micallef, with issue. Nobile Lara Strickland, (1969-, married 1993 to Julian Bugeja Viani dei Baroni di Tabria, with issue. Nobile Gerald Strickland, (1971-, married 2003 to Rebecca Fenech, with issue. Nobile George Strickland, (2004-. Tomas Strickland, (2006-. Nobile Emma Strickland, (2008-. Nobile Ella Strickland, (1972-, married to Avra Avramovic, with issue Nikola Avramovic, (2002- Luka Avramovic, (2002- Mila Avramovic, (2008-. Nobile Jarrard Strickland, (1942-, married 1967 to Anne Cox, with issue Nobile Rebecca Strickland, (1968- Nobile Antonia Strickland, (1969- Nobile Roger Strickland, (1946-, married 1975 to Maria Miceli, with issue. Nobile Roger A. Strickland, (1976-, married 2002 to Paula Zammit, with issue. Nobile Laura Strickland, (2003- Nobile Nicholas Strickland, (2005-. Nobile Antonia Strickland, (2008-. Nobile Andrew Strickland, (1978-, married 2006 (Div Sep 2013) to Nobile Justine Meli Bugeja dei Baroni di Tabria e Gomerino., married (2) 2014 in Hungary to Nastaran N, with issue. (Second Marriage) Nobile Yasmine Mathilde Strickland, (2014 -. Nobile Hannah Strickland, (2018-. Nobile Kitty Strickland, (died 1988), married George Jackson, with issue Nobile Mary Strickland, (died 1986), married Giacchino di Rienzo, with issue Paul di Rienzo. Nobile George Strickland, (1908-57), married 1939 to Jocye Olding (died 1989), with issue. Nobile Richard Strickland, (1940-, married 1968 to Jill Elliot, with issue. Nobile Dominic Strickland, (1963-, married 1988 to Lindsay German, with issue. Nobile Hector Strickland, (1991-. Nobile Freddy Strickland, (1993- Nobile Tarquin Strickland, (1998- Nobile Florence Strickland, (1998-. Nobile Candace Strickland, (1970-, married 1996 to Stefan Bugden, with issue. Jacob Bugden, (1998-. Alexander Bugden, (2001-. Nobile Edward Strickland, (1971-, married 1999 to Elisabeth Parkin, with issue. Nobile Henrietta Strickland, (2002-. Nobile Teresa Strickland, (1903-55)."Awarded the Kings Medal in 1946"., married 1927 to Harris Dunscombe Colt., with issue. Harris Strickland Holt, (d. 2004) Nobile Paul Strickland Bologna, LLD. (1862- Nobile Aloisea Sceberras Bologna , married 1826 to Marchese Gilberto Testaferrata Viani, 5th Baron della Tabria. Marchese Giuseppe Testaferrata Viani, 6th Baron della Tabria Nobile Maria TeresaSceberras Bologna , married 1829 to Marchese Filippo Apap LLD. Nobile Maria Francesca Sceberras Bologna, married 1839 to Marchese Filippo Apap LLD. Marchese Felicissimo Apap (Claimant to title of Catena) Nobile Maria Sceberras Testaferrata., (1768-1774), dunm, inf. Nobile Theresa Sceberras Testaferrata., (1769-73), dunm, inf. Nobile Geltrude Sceberras Testaferrata., (1770-) Nobile Camillo Sceberras Testaferrata, (1772-1855), married 1807 to Maddalena Ravanelli, with issue. Nobile Rinaldo Sceberras (1808-45), married 1842 to Ann Platt, and dsp. Nobile Clorinda Sceberras, (1810-), married 1844 to Corrado Sceberras Trigona, (See Below). Nobile Tancredi Sceberras, (1811-90). had a son by his mistress (Mrs Schembri). Nobile Alfredo Schembri Bugeja, married 1886 Vittoriosa to Carmela Galea, with issue. Nobile Elisabetta Sceberras. (died in Naples) Nobile Goffredo Sceberras, (d. 1900), married 1842 to Anna Vella (daughter of G.B Vella and Vincenza Flamingo), with issue. Nobile Antonia Sceberras, married John Collins, and dsp. Nobile Beatrice Sceberras, married Dr. Emmanule Caruana Gatto dei Conti di Beberrua. Nobile Sir Filippo Sceberras, Kt.Bach, married to Teresa dei Baroni Testaferrata Abela dei Baroni di Gomerino, with issue. Nobile Ida Sceberras (1884-1970), married Surg. Capt Robert Randon., with issue. Alda Randon., (1907-97)., married to Herbert Ganado. Maria Iris Randon., (1908-85)., dunm. Goffredo Randon., (1911-90), dunm. Victor Randon., (1913-92)., married Josephine Montalto., with issue. Maria Randon., (1951-. Anna Randon., (1955-. Robert Randon., (1957-. Wanda Randon., (1913-., married 1945 to Arialdo Farrugia., with issue. Robert Farrugia Randon., (1946-. John Farrugia Randon., (1955-, married to Moira Bonello. Dr Phillip Farrugia Randon., (1949-., married to Helen Tabone, with issue. Philippa Farrugia Randon. Marisa Farrugia Randon., (1950-. Martin Farrugia Randon., (1953-. Nobile Bianca Sceberras, (1882-1970) married (c1904) to Capt. William Ganado. Nobile Federico Sceberras (d. Isle of Wright 1877)., married 1860 to Giorgiana Caruana., with issue. Nobile Camillo Sceberras (1862 London  Milan Italy 1916), married with issue. Nobile Maddalena Sceberras (1865 London  Isle of Wright UK 1951), married with issue. Nobile George Sceberras (1868 London  Isle of Wright UK 1936) dunm. Nobile Henry Sceberras (1871 London  Isle of Wright UK 1942), married with issue. Nobile Emilio Sceberras, (1818-91). (died in Naples) Nobile Augusta Sceberras, (1819-). (died in Naples) Nobile Paolina Sceberras, (1821-). (died in Naples) Nobile Virginia Sceberras, (1823-), married 1856 to Henry Carol Harvey, with issue. Ada Harvey. Blanche Harvey. Lego Harvey. Evelina Harvey. Nobile Ruggero Sceberras, (1824-). Nobile Attilio Sceberras, (1826-84), married Matilde Balbi, with issue. Nobile Tancredi Sceberras (1878-), dunm. Nobile Madeleine Sceberras (died 1955). Nobile Giuseppe Sceberras Testaferrata., (1775-), dunm. Nobile Vincenzo Sceberras Testaferrata., (1776-), dunm. Nobile Agostina Natalizia Sceberras Testaferrata, married 1743 to Cosmano Otto Galea Feriol dei Baroni di San Marciano. Nobile Pier Antonio Sceberras (1730-), dunm. Nobile Geltrude Sceberras, married Gio Francesco Dorell Falzon, Baron of Marsa. Nobile Cecilia Sceberras. (1731-), dunm. Nobile Francesca Sceberras. (1733-), dunm. Nobile Geltrude Sceberras, married 1712 to Diegio Moscati. Nobile Cecilia Sceberras, married Pietro Paolo Xara. Nobile Maria Sceberras, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Giuditta Sceberras, married 1741 Valletta to Carlo Bellia. Fra. Giuseppe Sceberras, dunm Simone Xiberras, married 1614 Lija to Vincenza Galea Testaferrata, with issue. Teresa Xiberras, married 1666 Gharghur to Mro Michele Mifsud, with issue. Gio Maria Mifsud, married 1666 Gharghur to Grazia Galea, with issue. Paolo Mifsud, married (1) 1746 Naxxar to Anna Chetcuti, married (2) 1758 Gharghur to Anna Buhagiar, with issue. Pietro Mifsud, married 1786 Gharghur to Anna Mifsud, with issue. Paolo Mifsud, married 1812 Mosta to Anna Dimech, with issue. Grazia Mifsud, married 1699 Gharghur to Giovanni Sammut. Ambroglio Xiberras, married 1594 Birkirkara to Enziona Vennera Borg, with issue. Bartolomeo Xiberras, married 1647 Naxxar to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Gio Pietro Xiberras, married 1678 Naxxar to Maria Schembri, with issue. Simone Xiberras, married 1696 Naxxar to Graziella Sammut, with issue. Gio Battista Xiberras, married 1731 Naxxar to Anna Antonia Chircop, with issue. Salvatore Xiberras, married 1758 Naxxar to Maddalena Camilleri, with issue. Battista Xiberras, married 1781 Naxxar to Maria Vella, with issue. Domenico Xiberras, married 1809 Naxxar to Marcella Frendo, with issue. Maria Xiberras, married 1841 Naxxar to Giuseppe Attard. Diana Xiberras, married 1778 Valletta to Giuseppe Fabrici. Gio Paolo Xiberras, married 1620 Matrice Gozo to Maria Carrasco, with issue. Petruzzo Xiberras, married 1648 Cospicua to Maria de Candia, with issue. Giuseppe Xiberras, married 1701 Cospicua to Margherita Gatt, with issue. Giovanna Laura Xiberras, married 1718 Valletta to Antonio Ludovico Carcas, with issue. Margherita Carcas, married 1758 Valletta to Giuseppe Regnaud. Francesco Carcas, married (1) 1753 Valletta to Elena d'Ambrogio, married (2) 1759 Vittoriosa to Francesca Anna de Caro. Bartolomeo Carcas, married 1761 Valletta to Rosa Nicosia. Stefano Carcas, married 1770 Valletta to Liberta Carbone, with issue. Antonio Carcas, married 1795 Valletta to Francesca Salomone. Vincenzo Stefano Carcas, married 1820 Valletta to Maria Anna Mifsud. Antonio Xiberras, married 1724 Valletta to Caterina Gatt, with issue. Anna Xiberras, married 1746 Valletta to Giuseppe Rebull of de Annot, Alphes de Haute, Provence, France, with issue. Maria Anna Rebull, married 1769 Valletta to Giuseppe Carbone. Caterina Rebull, married 1780 Valletta to Giuseppe Mamo. Arnesta Rebull, married 1782 Valletta to Michele Grech. Gioannella Xiberras, married 1628 Rabat Gozo to Lazzaro Cardona. Grazia Xiberras, married 1632 Rabat Gozo to Leonardo Gambino. Caterina Xiberras, married 1638 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Micallef.

1.1.2. Agnese Sceberras, married 1563 to Domenico Mifsud.

1.1.3. Mco Notary Nicola Xiberras, married 1573 Gudja to Elizabetta Tonna, with issue. Margarita Xiberras, married 1619 Mdina to Mro Matteo Aquilina. Matteo Xiberras, married 1619 Senglea to Florenza Lauria Citidini, with issue. Giovanni Xiberras, married 1651 Rabat Gozo to Gioannella Farrugia, with issue. Barbara Xiberras, married 1681 Valletta to Giuseppe d'Erlander. Notary Giacomo Xiberras, married (1) 1617 to Caterina d'Anastasio, married (2) 1617 Mdina to Caterina, former wife of Francesco Apap, married (3) 1622 (Notary Andrea Allegritto) to Margherita Gascone. Domenica Xiberras, married 1614 Valletta to Filippo Ellul.

1.2. Isabella Xiberras, married 1537 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Antonio de Barberi.

1.3. Clara Xiberras, married 1538 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Francesco Micallef.

1.4. Agata Xiberras, married 1594 Siggiewi to Mco Geronimo Camenzuli.

2. Mro Francesco Xiberras, married to Gioannella N, with issue.

2.1. Mro Pietro Xiberras, married 1538 to Caterina Casha., with issue.

2.1.1. Pauluccio Xiberras, Founder of a legacy 1623., dunm. (illegitimate) Grazia Alunna di Xiberras, married 1627 Mdina to Domenico Borg.

2.1.2. Imperia Xiberras, married 1575 Mdina (Notary Giovannello Falzon) to Salvatore de Xerri., with issue. Nicola Xerri, married to Marietta N, with issue. Laura Xerri, married 1630 to Antonio Galea., with issue. Marietta Galea, married to Lorenzo Zerafa, with issue. Antonio Zerafa, married to Antonia Cauchi, with issue. Rosa Zerafa, married 1721 to Benedetto Vella, with issue. Caterina Vella., married to Andrea Borg. Anna Vella. Elena Zerafa. Felice Zerafa. Paolo Zerafa. Lorenzo Zerafa. Cesare Zerafa. Grazia Zerafa, married to Tomaso Pace, with issue. Rosa Pace. Maria Pace. Candida Pace. Teresa Zerafa, married to Giuseppe Zahra, with issue. Rosa Zahra, married to Simone Muscat. Rubiunda Zahra. Simone Zahra. Candida Zahra. Maria Zerafa, married 1698 Mdina to Tomaso Galea. Petronilla Zerafa, married to Andrea Vella, with issue. Maria Vella. Clemenza Zerafa, dunm. Angelica Xerri, married 1653 to Giuseppe Galea. Pietro Xerri, married to Grazia N, with issue. Maria Xerri, married to Mro. Francesco Zahra. Grazia Xerri, married to Giuseppe Fenech. Barbara Xerri. Michele Xerri. Francesco Xerri, married to Teresa N. Maruzza Xerri, married to Luca Pace. Grazia Xerri, married to Antonio Axisa. Francesco Xerri, married 1609 to Domenica Zerafa, with issue. Gregorio Xerri, married 1596 Mdina to Isabella Galea, with issue. Caterina Xerri, married to Giovanni Debono. Natale Xerri. Lorenza Xerri. Salvatore Xerri, married 1632 Mdina to Giovannella Chircop,. with issue. Gregorio Xerri, married 1663 Mdina to Teresa Buttigieg, with issue. Salvatore Xerri, married 1696 Dingli to Donna Anna dei Principe Sayd, with issue. Vincenza Xerri, married 1610 Mdina to Mro Martino Debrun alias de Brincati of Calabria, Sicily, with issue. Grazia Debrun alias de Brincati , married 1675 to Mro Consalvo Camenzuli, with issue. Mro. Domenico Camenzuli, married 1681 Senglea to Lucia Borg, with issue. Flora Camenzuli, married 1750 Valletta to Giuseppe Aquilina, with issue. Generosa Aquilina, married 17.. Valletta to Saverio Bugeja, with issue. Margareta Bugeja, married 1797 Valletta to Vincenzo Abdilla. Marietta Debrun alias de Brincati, married (1) to Salvatore Mallia, married (2) to Angelo Camenzuli. Caterina Debrun alias de Brincati, married to Pietro Ballio. Imperia Debrun alias de Brincat. Teresa Debrun alias de Brincat, married 1655 Mdina to Mro. Domenico Spiteri, with issue. Grazia Spiteri, married 1691 Mdina to Domenico Caruana. Pietro Xerri, married (1) 1606 to Breita Abeyer, married (2) 1614 Mdina to Lazzara Zerafa, with issue. Salvatore Xerri, married 1641 Qormi to Teresa Delia, with issue. Bartolomeo Xerri, married 1665 Qormi to Imperia Vella, with issue. Giuseppa Xerri, married 1700 Qormi to Gio Maria Debrincat, with issue. Maria Debrincat, married 1740 Qormi to Francesco Xicluna. Paolo Xerri. Rosa Xerri, married to Martino Brincat.

2.1.3. Domenico Xiberras, married (1) 1586 Birkirkara to Giovanna Micallef, married (2) 1605 Gudja to Pasqua Vella, with issue. (First marriage) Vincenza Xiberras, married 1617 Mdina to Pietro Zerafa., with issue. Giuseppe Zerafa, married 1655 Dingli to Giulia Grech, with issue. Tomaso Zerafa, married 1690 Mdina to Maruccia Cortis, with issue. Giuseppe Zerafa, married 1727 Dingli to Maria dei Principe Said, with issue. Margherita Zerafa, married 1748 Mdina to Saverio Vassallo. Matteo Zerafa, married 1707 Dingli to Domenica Muscat, with issue. Maria Generosa Zerafa, married 1733 Mdina to Francesco Cortis. Teresa Xiberras, married 1608 to Domenico Fiteni. Marietta Xiberras, married 1622 (Notary Giacomo Xiberras) 1622 Mdina to Angelo de Rinaldo. Caterina Xiberras, married 1614 Mdina to Simone Vella.

2.1.4. Vincenza Xiberras, married 1559 (Notary Giovannello Falzon) 1561 Mdina to Bartolomeo Pietro Napolitano.

2.1.5. N. Xiberras, married 1571 Mdina to Carlo Camilleri.

2.1.6. Romana Xiberras, married 1570 Mdina to Giorgio de Lucia.

2.1.7. Giovanna Xiberras, married 1573 Gudja to Matteo Azzopardi.

2.2. Antonio Xiberras, married 1542 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Paola Micallef, with issue.

2.2.1. Agata Xiberras, married 1589 Naxxar to Gio Paolo de Xerri, with issue. Caterina Xerri, married 1618 Mosta to Domenico Sammut.

2.2.2. Francesca Xiberras, married 1578 (Notary Giovannello Falzon) 1578 Naxxar to Geronimo Abejer.

2.2.3. Angela Xiberras, married 1579 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Mro Antonio Negro.

2.2.4. Geronimo Xiberras, married 1615 Mdina to Angelica Galea.

2.3. Leonardo Xiberras, married 1557 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Gioannella Zarb, with issue.

2.3.1. Notary Ambrosio Xiberras, married 1596 Valletta to Marietta Bonnici, with issue. Elena Xiberras, married 1611 (Notary Lorenzo Grima) 1621 Valletta to Mario Antonio Chetcuti. Imperia Xiberras, married 1630 Valletta to Domenico Portelli.

2.3.2. Sebastiano Xiberras, married 1604 Zurrieq to Marietta Giovann Tonna, with issue. Maddalena Xiberras, married 1621 Mdina to Mario Mifsud.

2.3.3. Giacomo Xiberras, married 1594 Siggiewi to Domenica Calleja, with issue. Gio Antonio Xiberras, married 1634 Valletta to Barbara Ciantar, with issue. Gaspare Xiberras, married 1662 Valletta to Anna Maria Portelli, with issue. Angelica Xiberras, married 1677 Valletta to Marcello Micallef, with issue. Anna Maria Micallef, married 1710 Valletta to Andrea Delicata. Carlo Xiberras, married 1651 Vittoriosa to Donna Aloisetta de Licata, with issue. Margherita Xiberrass, married 1678 Valletta to Grazio d'Amato. Pietro Xiberras, married to a Giovanna N, with issue. Bernardino Xiberras, married 1650 Birkirkara to Domenica Caxaro, with issue. Marino Sceberras sives Xiberras, married 1633 Attard to Grazia di Stefano, with issue. Gio Pietro Xiberras, married 1662 Matrice Gozo to Natalia Psaila, with issue. Maria Xiberras, married 1699 Gharb Gozo to Tomaso Said. Domenico Xiberras, married 1624 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Domenica Bartolo. Maddalena Xiberras, married 1620 (Notary Giacomo Xiberras) to Mario Mifsud. Marietta Xiberras, married 1628 Mosta to Mariano Fenech.

2.3.4. Agata Xiberras, married 1574 Naxxar to Berto Borg.

2.3.5. Francesca Xiberras, married 1586 Birkirkara to Matteo Azzopardi.

3. Clara Xiberras, married to Gio Antonio d'Amedeo.

4. Filippa Xiberras, married to Niccolo d'Amedeo.


Unplaced !!!


1.  N. Trigona, married to N. Cassar, with issue.

1.1. Godfrey Anthony Cassar Trigona, (1928 -2011), married to Odette Schembri, with issue.

1.1.1. Edwina Cassar Trigona, married to Paul Camilleri.

1.1.2. Lucienne Cassar Trigona, married to Edwin Gera.

1.1.3. Claire Cassar Trigona, married to Raymond Vella.

1.2. Mary Cassar Trigona, (1928-2014), married to Oliver Wirth, with issue.

1.2.1. Ian Wirth, married to Christiane N.

1.2.2. Anne Wirth, married to Gianfranco Selvaggi.

1.2.3. Patrick Wirth, married to Mariella N.

1.3. Nellie Cassar Trigona, married to N. Demajo Albanese.

1.4. Edwin Cassar Trigona, married to Frances N, with issue..


Footnote #1: The claim that Mount Sceberras was acquired from this family.




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