Carmelo Schembri, Chief Justice of Malta (r 1981-1987).


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1.  (Press Here for Schembri Ancestry) Giuseppe Schembri MRSS., married  Mosta  to Lucia Tabone., with issue

1.1. Lynda Schembri., married Giuseppe Cauchi.

1.2. Rosa Schembri., married John Coppini., with issue.

1.2.1. Ivan Coppini.

1.2.2. Marcel Coppini.

1.2.3. Luke Coppini.

1.2.4. Mark Coppini.

1.3. Giuseppe Schembri Tabone.

1.4. Guido Schembri O.P.

1.5. Dr Carmelo Schembri LLD. (1920-. Born in Mosta, he studied at the Lyceum and the RUM, from where he graduated LL.D in ’46.  He was called to the Bar in ’47. Appointed crown council and advocate of the poor (1954), magistrate of juridical police in Gozo (62-68) magistrate for Malta (’68), judge (’78) and Chief Justice of Malta (‘81).  He was also president of the constitutional court and that of Appeal.  He successfully contested the general elections in the interests of PN in ‘50 and in ‘51 when he was elected deputy speaker.    Between Oct.’52 and Dec.’53 he served as minister of education.   He was editor of Patria (’50-53)

But was unsuccessful in the election of ’53. He was awarded the Coronation Medal (‘53). Married to Helen Holland in 1949., with issue.

1.5.1. John Schembri.
1.5.2. Robert Schembri.
1.5.3. David Schembri.
1.5.4. Joseph Schembri.
1.5.5. Mario Schembri.
1.5.6. Michael Schembri.
1.5.7. Rosanne Schembri.
1.5.8. Lucia Schembri.
1.5.9. Connie Schembri.
1.5.10. Angelica Schembri.
1.5.11. Christine Schembri.

1.6. John Schembri.

1.7. Connie Schembri  B.Pharm

1.8. Miriam Schembri., married Anthony Dandria.

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