"Libro d'Oro di Melita"

"Titles of Marchese Scicluna (1875) Marchese Scicluna (1878), Marchese Scicluna of the Holy Roman Empire (1879), and Duque de Scicluna"

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Paolo Xicluna, (Migrated to Gozo), married (1) 1607 Zejtun to Marietta Bonnici, married (2) 1608 Cospicua to Caterina Tabone, with issue.


1. (Second marriage) Carmelo Xicluna, married 1650 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Said, with issue.

1.1.  Damiano "sives Domenico"  Xicluna, married 1667 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Mangion, with issue.

1.1.1.  Salvatore Xicluna, married 1696 Zabbar to Teresa Pulis (d/o Francesco and Domenica Xiriha), with issue. Francesco Xicluna, married 1746 Zabbar to Anna Grioli (d/o Pietro and Maria Farrugia), with issue. Paolo Xicluna (Scicluna) - See Below.

1.1.2. Carolo Xicluna, married 1713 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Xuereb, with issue. Giorgio Xicluna, married 1746 Matrice Gozo to Maria Grech, with issue. Francesco Xicluna, married 1784 Rabat Gozo to Giovanna Abejer, with issue. Regina Xicluna, married 1809 Gozo to Salvatore Grech Francesca Xicluna, married 1817 Gozo to Giuseppe Refalo. Salvatore Xicluna, married 1779 Rabat Gozo to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Xicluna, married 1821 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Grima. Anna Xicluna, married 1808 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Bajada. Vincenza Xicluna, married 1816 Rabat Gozo to Michel Angelo Fleri-Tabone. Antonio Xicluna, married 1818 Rabat Gozo to Regina Pisani, with issue. Angela Xicluna, married 1837 Rabat Gozo to Carlo Grech. Maria Vittoria Xicluna, married 1848 Cospicua to Salvatore Vassallo. Aloisea Xicluna, married 1805 Matrice Gozo to Michele Gauci. Carlo Xicluna, married (1) 1766 Matrice Gozo to Rosa Spiteri, married (2) 1776 Rabat Gozo to Maria Busuttil, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Xicluna, married 1785 Rabat Gozo to Franco Debrincat. Giuseppe Xicluna, married 1788 Matrice Gozo to Beatrice Abejer. Alfonso Xicluna, married 1773 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Xuereb. Daniele Xicluna, married 1786 Rabat Gozo to Orsola Vella, with issue. Giorgio Xicluna 'sives Scicluna', married 1820 Valletta to Carmela Zahra, with issue. Teresa Xicluna, married 1790 Matrice Gozo to Giovanni de Ciantar. Domenico Xicluna, married 1746 Matrice Gozo to Francesca Portelli., with issue. Giuseppe Xicluna, married 1786 Matrice Gozo to Teresa Vella, with issue. Maria Xicluna, married 1808 Gozo to Giovanni Mifsud. Maria Rosa Xicluna, married (1) 1773 Gozo to Francesco Pisani, married (2) 1803 Gozo to Giuseppe Galea. Vincenza Xicluna, married 1745 Gozo to Giuseppe Magro, with issue. Grazia Magro, married 1778 Gozo to Francesco Bezzina. Giovanna Magro, married 1793 Gozo to Paolo Debattista, with issue. Clara Debattista, married 1815 Gozo to Antonio Tabone Maria Magro, married 1771 to Giuseppe Farrugia, with issue. Andrea Farrugia, married 1798 Gozo to Rosa Teuma. Francesco Farrugia, married (1) 1802 Gozo to Maria Teuma, married (2) 1816 Gozo to Anna Galea Michele Farrugia, married 1814 Gozo to Teresa Vella Caterina Xicluna, married 1737 Gozo to Carlo Teuma.

2. Agostino Xicluna, married 1689 Rabat Gozo to Clemenza Galea.

3. Giovanni Maria Xicluna, married (1) 1656 Rabat Gozo to Andreanna La Ferla, married (2) 1674 Rabat Gozo to Maria Gauci., with issue.

3.1. (Second Marriage) Anna Xicluna, married 1695 Rabat Gozo to Giacobo Farrugia, with issue.

3.1.1. Paolo Farrugia, married 1737 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Sacco, with issue. Francesco Farrugia, married 1763 Rabat Gozo to Alonisica Camilleri.

3.2. Clemenza Xicluna, married 1707 Matrice Gozo to Domenico Pace.

3.3. Angelo Xicluna, married 1740 Gozo to Silvestrina Portelli, with issue.

3.3.1. Rosa Xicluna, married 1796 Gozo to Michele Portelli.

3.3.2. Francesco Xicluna, married 1783 Gozo to Angela Attard.

3.3.3. Giovanni Maria Xicluna, married 1768 Gozo to Angela Muscat.

3.3.4. Nicola Xicluna, married 1794 Gozo to Maria Mizzi.

4. Angeluccia Xicluna, married 1653 Rabat Gozo to Michele Dicace.

5. Caterina Xicluna, married 1662 Rabat Gozo to Domenico Falzon.

6. Aloisea Xicluna, married 1645 Rabat Gozo to Giovanni Maria Vella, with issue.

6.1. Matteolo Vella, married 1666 Matrice Gozo to Nataliza Vella.

* Paolo Scicluna, married 1772 Zabbar, Malta to Grazia Cardona, with issue

1. Giuseppe Scicluna- See Below.
2. Saverio Scicluna, married 1829 Valletta to Paola Galea, with issue
2.1. Emmanuele Scicluna, married 1860 Valletta to Carmela Tanti, with issue
2.1.1. Giovanni Scicluna
2.1.2. Marietta Scicluna

2.2. Giuseppe Scicluna., married 1854 Valletta to Concetta Imbroll-Mamo.

3. Lorenzo Scicluna, married 1798 Qormi to Gabriela Sayd.

* Guiseppe Scicluna, married 1807 Zeitun Malta to Marianna Caruana, with issue

1. Gio Batta Scicluna, (1814-61), married 1851 Valletta to Carmela Bugeja., with issue
1.1. Guiseppe Scicluna, 1st Marquis - See Below..

1.2. Marianna Scicluna, (1852-), married to Marchese Luigi Testaferrata.

1.3. Vittoria Scicluna, (1854-), married to Marchese Benjamin dei Conti Fontani.

1.4.  Concetta Scicluna, (1858-), married to Marchese Stephen dei Conti Fontani.

2. Emmanuele Scicluna, Marquis Scicluna - See Below.
3. Rev. Michael Angelo Scicluna, dunm.

4. Grazia Scicluna, (1817-), married 1841 to Antonio dei Marchesi Mallia Tabone.


* Emmanuele Scicluna, (1820-86), Created (a) Marchese Scicluna on the 1 June 1875 by Pope Pius IX, (b) Marchese Scicluna 1878 (joint with nephew  see below) on the 10 December 1878 by Pope Leo XIII, (c) Marchese Scicluna of the Holy Roman Empire 1879 on the 20 January 1879 by Pope Leo XIII, married to Margherita Darbois, (died 1894), and dsp.

Footnote#1: The titles of “Marchese Scicluna (1875)” and “Marchese Scicluna (1879)” are listed in Gauci (1992).

A third title which is listed in “Sguardo di Corografia, Storia ed Araldica D’Italia” by Prof. Federico Gravina, 1906 Caltagirone, Tipografia G. Scuto: 1906 edition (Anno XXXI Fascicolo I & II) and is described as follows:-

“Leone XIII con decreto del 20 gennaro 1879, conferiva il titolo di marchese del S.R.I. ad Emmanuele Scicluna di Valletta, e costui, morto senza figli, ne succedecva, come pel menzionato decreto, il fratello Giambattista, oggi morto; d’onde, il titolo si e’ trasferito in persona dell’ egregio patriotta Giuseppe Scicluna Buggeja.”



However, this description appears erroneous because the brother Gio Batta (‘Giambattista’) who was married to Carmela Bugeja, had already died in 1861


Footnote#2: There is no record nor any claim whatsoever of the 1875 title of Marchese Scicluna in the records of the 1878 Commission. This is because the date of creation of this title is not before the annexation of Malta to the British Dominions. It should be remembered that the purpose of that report (as the report reads) was to identify those titles which were granted or recognized by the sovereign authorities of Malta during the Government of the Knights of Saint John. Some may argue that this title is not one of those titles ?recognised by the British Monarch?. That argument is flawed because the purpose of the 1878 Commission was not to “recognize” but to “identify” those titles which had already been granted or recognized during the Government of the Order (1530-1798). This is better explained by the terms of reference to the Commissioners that “the Secretary of State for the colonies decided that the heads of the families who, before the annexation of Malta to the British Dominions, obtained tiles of nobility, should in accordance with a precedent during the administration of the late Governor, Sir Henry K. Storks, have precedence of the Chamber of Commerce, and in order to ascertain (etc)”.

In this case, the title of Marchese Scicluna is simply not one of those titles that was obtained during the Government of the Order and does not in any way diminish its validity. See: Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.): see letter of Chief Secretary to Government to Commissioners dated March 8, 1877 (page 52)


Footnote#3: In addition, had this family enjoyed a title during the Government in Malta of the Order, and even if no claim whatsoever was made during the 1878 Commission, they would still in the words of Governor Straubanzee be “At all events if there are more ‘Titolati’  they are at liberty at any time to prove their claims, and take the precedence to which they are entitled” . See: Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.): see letter of Governor to Earl of Carnavon dated December, 29 1877 (page 3).


Footnote#4 As Emmanuele Scicluna died without issue, the title granted in 1875 became EXTINCT. In addition, the second title granted (jointly) to the Marchese also became extinct only insofar as his interest in the title.

Footnote#5 The Scicluna family was closely related to the Bugeja family who received their own Papal title, also a creation by Pope Leo XII. Vincenzo Bugeja was made Marquis in 1887 and his nephew Carlino in 1891. (See http://www.maltagenealogy.com/libro%20d'Oro/bugeja.html).  There is no indication (so far) that the Marchesa Margherita (wife of Emmanuele) Scicluna nee Darbois was a relation of the Marchesa Anna (wife of Carlino) Bugeja, nee Darbois. On the other hand the mother of the Marchese Giuseppe Scicluna was the sister of the Marchese Vincenzo Bugeja.

Footnote#6 The Bugeja and Scicluna families represented the ‘new money’ of Malta. Neither family features in Abela’s list of notable families; Nor were either family ennobled by the Grand Masters who ruled Malta between 1530-1798. Some sources say that the Bugeja fortune was derived from remarkable gambling wins at Baden Casino. However other sources maintain that Bugeja was a successful arms merchant of the British Empire, operating from Paris. http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20080921/business/gambling-in-dangerous-times.225562



* Giuseppe Scicluna-Bugeja,(1855-1907), Created Marchese Scicluna 1878 (joint with uncle  see above) on the 10 December 1878 by Pope Leo XIII, succeeded (see footnotes) title of Marchese Scicluna of the Holy Roman Empire (1879) married 1901 Valletta to Corinne Abela Pulis, OBE., with issue.

1. John A. Scicluna, 2nd Marquis - See Below.

Footnote#1: The 1878 and 1879 titles were granted after the conclusion of the 1878 Commission. Therefore there can be no reference to those titles in the 1878 report.

Footnote#2  The blazon of the arms of Giuseppe Scicluna Bugeja is described as in Fess consisting of (1) Gules a Leopard rampant Or and in chief a Crescent Or and (2) Azure three bars Or having as motto ‘Nobile Virtutis Meritum’; A document recording this is referred to in “Sguardo di Corografia, Storia ed Araldica D’Italia” by Prof. Federico Gravina, 1906 Caltagirone, Tipografia G. Scuto: 1906 edition (Anno XXXI Fascicolo I & II) described as follows:- “Arma: Spaccato, nel 1o di rosso al leopardo rampante d’oro, sormontato a destra da un crescente d’argento; nel 2o d’azzurro, a tre sbarre d’oro. Cimiero: Un nastro col motto: Nobile Virtutis Meritum (Doc.)”  

This blazon is different to that described by Gauci (1981 and 1992) which says “Gu on a rock Proper a horse rampant Arg charged with five ermine spots and in chief between a descrescent and an increscent a Maltese cross all of the Second.” The original leopard probably explains the ermine on a horse.


Footnote#3 Another Papal title, also a creation by Pope Leo XIII, is indirectly connected to the Scicluna family. Girolamo Tagliaferro was created Count in 1892. His grandson Count Carlo Sant Fournier married Carmela Abela Pulis who was the sister of the Marchesa Corinne Scicluna. http://www.maltagenealogy.com/libro%20d'oro/tagliaferro.htm http://www.maltagenealogy.com/libro%20d'Oro/fournier.html



* John A. Scicluna, (1903-70), 2nd Marquis Scicluna, 3rd Marchese Scicluna of the Holy Roman Empire married 1921 to Mary Violet Testaferrata Moroni Viani, Baroness of Tabria., with issue

1. Joseph Scicluna, (1925-1995), 3rd Marquis-See Below.
2. Patrick Scicluna, (1927-1978), Baron of Tabria- (See Tabria (nominations)).
3. Marie Corinne Scicluna, (1923-2007), Baroness of Tabria,  married 1947 to Lt. Cmdr Robert Ramsay de Miniac, R.N. with issue.

3.1. Marie Christine Ramsay de Miniac, (1948 -, Baroness of Tabria, married 1974 to Umberto Pergola (d. 2017), with issue.

3.1.1. Justine Corinne Melita Pergola, (1979 -,. Baronessina of Tabria.
4. Maria Angela Scicluna (1924-, married Alan Marshall, with issue.
4.1. Marcus Scicluna Marshall, 4th Marquis Scicluna, married 1975 to Marion Lapira, with issue
4.1.1. Marcus Scicluna Marshall. (1975-., Marchesino Scicluna.
4.1.2. Matthew Marshall, (1978-.
4.1.3. Luke Marshall, (1985-.
4.2. Romina Marshall, (1959-, married 1985 (Div) to Charles Alan Short.



Footnote#1: Patrick Scicluna is noted as having been ‘nominated’ in the title of Baron of Tabria (last invested in the family of Testaferrata Viani in 1784).


* Joseph Scicluna, 3rd Marquis Scicluna, 4th Marquis Scicluna of the Holy Roman Empire, Duque de Scicluna, Baron of Tabria (renounced), died on the 6th of September 1995 in Rome. dunm.

Footnote#1: According to Gauci (1986 and 1992) the title of Baron of Tabria was in 1983 ‘brought out of abeyance’ in favour of Joseph Scicluna, who in turn passed the title by means of a deed made in the acts of Notary Jeanette Laferla Saliba of the 14 January 1985 on to a kinswoman Lilianina Bugeja nee Falzon Sant Manduca (‘by a transfer inter vivos, and ratification”) and that this transaction was ‘ratified’ by the Committee of Privileges 25th July 1985. According to Maltese media reports, Bugeja died, also without having made a nomination, and the title was ‘awarded’ to the Sciclunas’ sister Corinne Ramsay. Some court cases were instigated both by Bugeja’s son Philip as well as Ramsay and her daughter Christianne. During the court cases it resulted that Joseph Scicluna had also made a will in favour of Lilianina Bugeja. However, in each case the Maltese Courts declared themselves to have no jurisdiction to hear such matters because Malta had legislated in 1975 (Act XXIX of 1975) against recognition of nobiliary titles in any form whatsoever.

Footnote#2: In “The Scicluna Saga 1772-2008” John Micallef, ( Farsons Foundation 2008) page 16 describes the Marchese Joseph Scicluna as a Duke: “Marquis Jose’ Juan Duque de Scicluna



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