"Libro d'Oro di Melita"

"Mgr. Charles Scicluna, Auxilary Bishop of Malta"

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1. Nobile Salvatore Xicluna of Casal Luca, married 1570 Mdina to Isabella Borg, with issue.

1.1. Domenico Xicluna, married 1625 Tarxiem to Marietta Schembri.

1.2. Aloisio Xicluna, married 1627 Gudja to Grazia Psaila, with issue.

1.2.1. Giuseppe Xicluna, married 1657 Qrendi to Imperia Farrugia, with issue. Gio Domenico Xicluna, married 1686 Qormi to Giovanna Grech, with issue. Grazia Xicluna, married 1707 Qrendi to Domenico Zahra. Domenica Xicluna, married 1712 Qormi to Giuseppe Aquilina. Maria Xicluna, married 1720 Qormi to Giuseppe Falzon. Filippo Xicluna, married 1712 Qormi to Anna Maria De Scopoli, with issue. Pietro Xicluna, married 1751 Qormi to Teodora Borg, with issue. Salvatore Xicluna, married 1775 Qormi to Maria Buhagiar. Maria Xicluna, married 1738 Qormi to Pietro Ciangura, with issue. Salvatore Ciangura, married (1) 1776 Qormi to Evangelista Sammut, married (2) 1780 Qormi to Maria Bezzina, married (3) 1794 Qormi to Grazia Bugeja, with issue. Michele Ciangura, married 1809 Zejtun to Maria Teresa Caruana, with issue. Evangelista Ciangura, married 1849 Zejtun to Salvatore Desira. Rosa Ciangura, married (1) 1775 Qormi to Niccolo Galea, married (2) 1781 Qormi to Giuseppe Spiteri, married (3) 1797 Qormi to Francesco Cortis, with issue. (Second Marriage) Paolo Spiteri, married 1814 Valletta to Regina Galdes. Grazia Xicluna, married 1741 Qormi to Salvatore Ellul. Rosa Xicluna, married 1749 Qormi to Giuseppe Bonnici. Francesco Xicluna, married (1) 1759 Qormi to Grazia Sammut, married (2) 1740 Qormi to Maria Debrincat, with issue. (First Marriage) Anna Xicluna, married 1775 Qormi to Antonio Camilleri. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Xicluna, married 1772 Qormi to Orsola Schembri, with issue. Francesco Xicluna, married 1793 Birkirkara to Maria Schembri, with issue. Salvatore Xicluna, married 1821 Birkirkara to Maddalena Debono. Antonia Xicluna, married 1792 Qormi to Giorgio Cachia. Maria Xicluna, married 1801 Qormi to Francesco Borg. Antonio Xicluna, married 1809 Qormi to Maria Brincat, with issue. Giorgio Xicluna, married 1837 Qormi to Veneranda Muscat, with issue. Carmelo Scicluna, married (1) 1857 Qormi to Rosa Maria Ebejer, married (2) 1860 Zebbug to Maria Bonnano, married (3) 1861 Zebbug to Michelina Delmar, with issue. (Third Marriage) Salvatore Scicluna, married 1893 Qormi to Giorgia Farrugia, with issue. Carmelo Scicluna, married 1922 Qormi to Antonia Axisa, with issue. Emanuele Scicluna, (1929-2015), (Migrated to Canada, then Returned to Malta), married 1958 Kirkop to Maria Carmela Falzon, with issue. Mgr Charles Scicluna LLD, (1959 - Toronto, Canada -, Auxilary Bishop of Malta (r. 2012 - 2015), Archbishop of Malta (r. 2015 -. Monica Scicluna, married to Raymond Lanzon. Josette Scicluna, married to Emanuel Grixti. Jesmond Scicluna, married to Wendy N. Rosa Xicluna, married 1779 Qormi to Francesco Camilleri. Grazia Xicluna, married 1789 Qormi to Felice Camilleri. Giuseppe Xicluna, married 1772 Senglea to Claudia Bonelli. Giuseppe Xicluna, married 1727 Gudja to Grazia Stivala, with issue. Maria Xicluna, married 1726 Zebbug to Saverio Magro. Innocenza Xicluna, married 1730 Qormi to Matteo Sayd. Angela Xicluna, married 1747 Qormi to Salvatore Cutajar. Caterina Xicluna, married 1760 Qormi to Marco Mallia. Francesco Xicluna, married 1723 Qormi to Sapienza Chetcuti, with issue. Angelo Xicluna, married 1741 Qormi to Grazia Borg.

1.2.2. Gregorio Xicluna, married 1663 Zebbug to Caterina Gatt, with issue. Maruzzo Xicluna, married 1684 Zebbug to Grazia Schembri. Maria Xicluna, married 1698 Zebbug to Gregorio Delicata. Rosa Xicluna, married 1702 Zebbug to Salvatore Bonanno.

1.3. Domenica Xicluna, amrried 1623 Zurrieq to Matteo Farrugia. 




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