"Spetere family"

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1. Christopher Spetere, created Signore di Santa Maria Magdalena 1439. , married Antonia de Tarsia., with issue.

1.1.  Carlo Spetere., Signore di Santa Maria Magdalena married c.1440 to Anna Vagnola., with issue.

1.1.1. Christos Spetere, 3rd Signore di Santa Maria Magdalena, (1443-, married to Eleanore Sillato, with issue. Carlo Spetere, (1480-1536)., 'Abbott',  4th Signore di Santa Maria Magdalena, (Fief sold to the Knights of St John), dunm.

1.1.2. Maria Spetere, married to Giovanni de Bellara.

1.1.3. Stefana Spetere, married (c. 1460) to Niccolo Sillato.

1.1.4. Vincenzo Spetere.

1.2.  Antonia Spetere., married Stephano di Santa Philippo.

1.3.  Stephania Spetere., married Franco Sardo.


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