Sir John Stoddard LLD, Chief Justice of Malta

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Web-Master's Note About Parishes and Marriages

1. Sir John Stoddard LLD, Chief Justice of Malta, married Isabella Moncrief, with issue.

1.1. Isabella Stoddard, (died 1885), married 1827 in Malta to George St Vincent Whitmore, with issue.

1.1.1. Annette Whitemore, (1827-35), dunm.

1.1.2. Cordelia Whitemore, (1828-..), dunm.

1.1.3. Sir. George Stoddart Whitemore, (1829-1903), married Eliza McGlocking, with issue.

1.1.4. Montagu Stopford Whitemore, (1837-80), dunm.

1.1.5. Mary Moncreiff Whitemore, (1833-), married Rev. Thomas Griffith, with issue.

1.1.6. Emily Whitemore, (1840-1924), dunm.

1.1.7. Henry Whitemore, (1837-57), dunm.

1.1.8. Judge. John Whitemore, Judge in India, (1845-1805), married 1905 to Clara Roach, with issue.

1.1.9. Charles Whitemore, (1838-39), dunm.

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