Luisa Bonici Mompalao (c 1833-1907), married 1858 to Cmdr Walter Strickland

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1. Walter Strickland, (1675-), married 1700 to Anne Salvin, with issue.

1.1. Thomas Strickland of Sizergh, (1701-), married )1) 1728 to Mary Dorothy Scroope, married Secondly to Elisabeth Pennington, with issue.

1.1.1. Walter Strickland of Sizergh, (1729-61), married 1758 to Cecilia Messenger, sp.

1.1.2. William Strickland, (1731-1819),  ‘Jesuit’, dunm.

1.1.3. Charles Strickland of Sizergh, (1734-70), married 1762 to Cecilia Towneley of Towneley, with issue. Thomas Strickland Standish of Sizergh, (1763-1813), married (1) 1789 to Anastasia Lawson, married (2) Catherine Gerard., with issue. (First Marriage) Charles Strickland Standish of Standish Hall, (1790-1863), married 1822 to Mademoiselle Emmeline Conradine de Methiesen, with issue. Charles Henry Lionel Widdrington Standish, (1823-83), married 1846 Sabine de Noailles. (Daughter of the Antoine de Noailles, Prince-Duc de Poix, and Melanie de Talleyrand-Perigord), with issue. Henry Noailles Widdrington Standish of Standish Hall, (1847-1920), married 1870 to Helene de Perusse Des Cars, (daughter of the Amedee de Perusse, Comte des Cars in France and Mathilde de Cosse-Brissac), dsp. Cecil Marie Roger Standish, dunm. 1891. Charles Frederick Standish, (1824-. Charles Edward Standish, (1829-. Thomas Strickland of Sizergh, (1793-1835), married 1824 to Baroness Gasparina Ursule de Fingerlin Bischingen, with issue. Walter Charles Strickland of Sizergh, (1825-1903), Sold Sizergh rights to his cousin, Sir Gerald Strickland, Son of Walter Strickland and Louisa Bonici-Mompalao., married 1866 to Rosetta Emmeline de Medex of Brussels, with issue. Roger Strickland of Blawith Grange., (1872-1938), married 1897 to Annie Maude Rowley, with issue. Suzanne Philippa Strickland., married 1926 (Div 1947) to Count Constantine Lubienski-Bodenham, dsp. Monica Josephine Strickland. Ida Matilda Strickland, (1867-. Mabel Susan Strickland, (1869-97), dunm.  Henrietta Maria Strickland, (1871-., married Harry Bulter Rowley. Mary Emma Strickland , (1876-, married Francis Lord.  Henry Strickland, (1827-52), dunm. Monica Strickland, married 1827 to Sir John Gerard Bt. Catherine Strickland, d.inf. William Strickland, (1764-95), dunm,. West Indies. Charles Strickland, dunm. 1775. Mary Cecilia Strickland married 1786 to Edward Stephenson.

1.2. Garrard Strickland of Ogleford, (1704-91), married (1) Mary Bagenal, Married (2) , Mary Hungate, with issue.

1.2.1. (First Marriage) Garrard Strickland, (1741-95), married 1779 to Cecilia Towneley of Townley, with issue. George Strickland, dsp. Garrard Strickland, (1782-1844), married 1814 to Annie Cholmeley, with issue. Charles Strickland JP, (1818-), married 1852 to Maria Jane Farrell. Sir Edward Strickland K.C.B., Commissary-Gen., (1820-89), married (1) 1841 to Georgina Frances Hely. Married (2) 1877 to Frances Mary Grieve., with issue. (First Marriage) Fanny Cecilia Strickland,  married 1868 to Rev. Percival Fiennes Swann, MA. Rev. William Strickland, ‘Jesuit’, dunm.  Walter Strickland, (1824-67), married 1858 to Louisa Bonici-Mompalao dei Conti di Catena. (See Catena for descendants)  Rev. Garrard Strickland, (1823-56), ‘Jesuit’, dunm. Thomas Strickland, served in the Kaffir War 1816., (1826-), married 1849 to Harriet Biggar, with issue. Walter Strickland, (1850-), married 1874 to Margaret Ryan, with issue.  Thomas Gerard Strickland, (1876-.  Edward Strickland, (1883-. Mary Harriet Strickland. Gerard Edward Strickland, (1852-77), dsp. Annie Strickland, “Nun”, dunm. Cecilia Strickland, dunm 1861. Harriet Strickland, married (1) 1852 to William McCann, married (2) 1861 to Major William Fletcher Gordon. With issue from both marriages. Annie Strickland, married (1) 1847 to Henry Cholmeley of Brandsby, married (2) Henry Patrick Russell.

1.2.2.  Mary Strickland.

1.2.3. Cecilia Strickland.

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