"The family of Tagliaferro

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First Branch of Tagliaferro family in Malta.

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1. Domenico de Tagliaferro "Manumitted Ex-Slave or Jewish given freedom", married 1755 Valletta to Girolama Magro, with issue.

1.1. Lorenzo Tagliaferro,  married 1782 San Paolo Valletta to Maria Teresa Gerada, with issue.

1.1.1. Emanuele Tagliaferro, married to Aloisea Valaro, with issue. Francesco Tagliaferro, Consul of Russia, Austria, Denmark, France, Brazil, Belgium, Morocco, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Spain, Persia, Hanover, Mecklenburg, Prussia, Papal States and Tuscany in Malta., married 1825 Valletta to Contessa Maddalena Preziosi, with issue. Emmanuele Tagliaferro (1830-), married to Rosa Ferro, with issue. Constantine Tagliaferro, married Maria Grant, with issue. Alfred Tagliaferro, married Bice Bonello, with issue. Antoine Tagliaferro (d.2000), married Iris Pace, with issue Anton Tagliaferro, married Katrina Omahn, with issue. Alfred Tagliaferro. Edward Tagliaferro. Georgia Tagliaferro. Robert Tagliaferro Josephine Anne Tagliaferro, married to Dr Frank Vella
Bardon, with issue. Dr James Vella Bardon LLD, married to Donna Madden, with issue. Francesca Vella Bardon. Timothy Vella Bardon. Louisa Vella Bardon, married 2010 to Dr Luca Vella LLD. Vera Tagliaferro Adeline Tagliaferro Enrichetta Tagliaferro, married Achilles Samut CMG. Carolina Tagliaferro, married Luigi Paolo Vella, with issue Dr Edward Luigi Vella Emma Vella Alberto Vella Matilda Tagliaferro, (died 1850) dunm. Alessandrina Tagliaferro, married Giuseppe Miller, with issue Rosa Miller, married Estratius Petrocochino, with issue. Mary Rose Petrocochino, married to Albert V. Hyzler, President of Malta. Marcel Petrocochino, married Pauline.., with issue. Marc Petrocochino. Richard Petrocochino. Maurice Petrocochino (1923-., married Liliana Busuttil, with issue. Nathalie Petrocochino, married Christopher Busuttil Leaver, with issue. Luke Busuttil-Leaver. Linette Petrocochino. Rosanne Petrocochino. Maurice Petrocochino, married Romaine Cremona, with issue. Karl Petrocochino. Albert Petrocochino, married Rita Cassar Torreggiani, with issue. Bianca Petrocochino. Maria Petrocochino. Olga Tagliaferro, married Col. Henri Vella, with issue Arturo
Vella Ruggiero Vella, Consul of Russia in Malta. Marina Aloisea Vella, married Capt. Edward Fiteni., with issue Henry Fiteni, married Maud Bonello dei Conti di Ciantar Paleologo., with issue. Madeleine Fiteni., married Col. George Cauchi. Luigia Vella, married Col. Alfonso Trapani., with issue. Major Victor Trapani., married Melita Frendo-Azzopardi., with issue. Lina Trapani., married John Perry., with issue. Giulia Tagliaferro, dunm 1846. Emilia Tagliaferro, dunm. Stefano Tagliaferro, married (1) Giovanna Gomez, married (2) 1838 Vittoriosa to Theresia de Pasquale, with issue. (First Marriage) Antonio Tagliaferro, married (1) 1841 Cospicua to Maria Anna Moretti, married (2) to Catherine Meli, with issue. (First Marriage) Adelaide Tagliaferro, married 1875 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Azzopardi. Carmela Tagliaferro, married 1874 Birkirkara to Agostino Leone. (Second Marriage) Vincent Tagliaferro, (1893-1965), married Mary Grace Saliba, with issue. Anthony Tagliaferro Samuele Tagliaferro Fortunato Tagliaferro, (1932-2006), married 1955 Luqa to Maria Dolores Saliba, with issue. Vincent Tagliaferro, (1956-., married 1979 to Debra Joy Barns, with issue. Mandy Louise Tagliaferro, (1980-., married 2004 to Rodney John Cullinan, with issue. Ryan Gary Cullinan, (2007-. Jack Vincent Cullinan, (2009-. Kellie Debra Tagliaferro, (1983-. (issue from Nathan Wilson) Cayne Nathan Tagliaferro-Wilson, (1999-. (issue from Simon Peter James Webster) Layla Renee Kellie Webster, (2005-. Casey Alinda Tagliaferro, (1986-. (issue from Derek John Weller) Tazmyn Jayde Weller, (2005-. Maddisyn Jay Weller, (2006-. Linkon Jett Weller, (2007-. Shane Vincent Tagliaferro, (1987-. Charles Tagliaferro. Mario Tagliaferro. Catherine Tagliaferro. Agnes Tagliaferro Emmanule Tagliaferro. Doris Tagliaferro Teresa Tagliaferro Carmen Tagliaferro Giuseppe Tagliaferro Emmanule Tagliaferro., (1913-2005), married with issue. Josephine Tagliaferro, married Adrian Chetcuti. Mary Tagliaferro., married Andrew West. Marlene Tagliaferro., married Raymond Micallef. Concetta Taglaiferro Giuseppina Tagliaferro Jackina Tagliaferro. (Second marriage) Violante Tagliaferro, (1846 - 1926), married 1866 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Lorenzo Formosa, with issue. Benjamin Formosa, (1885 - 1976), married 1909 Sliema to Rosina Ellul, with issue. Henry Benjamin Formosa, (1910 - 1972), married to Serafina Sammit Inglott, with issue. Simone Formosa, married to Mary Anne Cali, with issue. Krita Lynn Formosa. Ryan Simon Formosa. Nicole Ashley Formosa. Ashley Anne Formosa. Patricia Formosa. Andrew Formosa. Martin Formosa, married to Doreen Falzon, with issue. Heidi Formosa. Amanda Formosa. Mavis Rose Formosa. (natural) Jude Formosa. May Helen Formosa. Maurice Bernard Formosa, (1914 -1966), dunm. Bernard Lewis Formosa, (1917 - 1983), married to Minnie Camilleri, with issue. Victoria Formosa, married to Joseph Pace Ross, with issue. Louise Pace Ross. George Pace Ross. Adrian Pace Ross. Julian Pace Ross. David Formosa. Stephen Formosa, married to Kathryn Grech, with issue. Greta Formosa. Mark Formosa, (1961 - 1975), dunm. Frank Formosa, (1921 - 98 Surrey, UK), married 1942 Port Said, Egypt to Yolande Sorriano, with issue. Nieves Formosa, married (1) to Juan Nicole, married (2) to Mervyn Claxton, with issue. (Second Marriage) Chantel Claxton. Allen Guy Formosa. Marianna Formosa, (1867 - 1918), dunm. Rachele Formosa, (1868 - 1938), dunm. Stephen Formosa, (1871 - 1937), married 1899 Sliema to Vincenza Sceberras, with issue. Joseph Formosa. Vioiletta Formosa. Helen Formosa, (1872 - 1901), dunm. Tomaso Formosa, (1874 - 1939 Cairo, Egypt), dunm. Giuseppina Formosa, (1878 - 1881), d.inf. Lorenza Formosa, (1876 -), d.inf. Maria Carmela Formosa, d.inf. Maria Teresa Formosa, d.inf. Laura Formosa, (1880 - 1884), d.inf. Alfred Formosa, (1883 - 1969 London, UK), married 1907 Sliema to Amalia Ellul, with issue. Rita Carmela Formosa, (1922 - 1990 Ontario, Canada), married 1946 St Vennera to Maurice Cali. Salvino Formosa, (1887 - 1957), married 1918 to Stella mary Grixti, with issue. Mary Ruth Formosa. Mabel Formosa. Maud Formosa. Joseph Formosa. Teresa Formosa, (1884 -), d.inf. Carlo Tagliaferro. Francesco Napoleone Tagliaferro. Emanuele Tagliaferro. Emilia Tagliaferro. Saveria Tagliaferro, married Stefano Coen, with issue. Giacinto Tagliaferro, married 1825 Cospicua to Elizabeth Mifsud Tomasi, with issue. Angelica Tagliaferro, married 1850 Valletta to Barone Agostino Testaferrata Abela. Andrea Tagliaferro, married 1848 Senglea to Raimondo Cachia, with issue. Maddalena Tagliaferro, married 1877 Birkirkara to Fortunato Sacchett. Carmela Tagliaferro, married 1876 Birkirkara to Antonio Calleja. Enrico Tagliaferro, married 1875 Birkirkara to Giulia Galea. Gio Battista Tagliaferro, married 1840 Senglea to Maddalena Colombo. Giuseppe Tagliaferro, married 1839 Senglea to Caterina Mallia.

1.1.2. Maria Antonia Tagliaferro, married 1802 to Vincenzo Morello, with issue. Caterina Morello, married 1828 Valletta to Antonio Gasan Preti.







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