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Charles of France, Cte d'Anjou et de Maine (1246-85), became by marriage Cte de Provence et de Forcalquier (1246-85), King of Sicily (1265-85) [the title in this family was sometimes Naples, sometimes Sicily, sometimes both; for convenience I will henceforth call it Naples only], King of Naples (1282-85) and titularly, King of Jerusalem, etc, *21.3.1226, +Foggia 7.1.1285, bur Naples; 1m: Aix-en-Provence 31.1.1246 Beatrice de Provence (*1234 +23.9.1267); 2m: 18.11.1268 Marguerite de Bourgogne, Cts de Tonnerre (*1250 +4.9.1308); he left issue:
1.1. Louis, *and +1248, bur Nicosia
King Charles II "le Boiteux" of Naples and Jerusalem (1285-1309), Ct of Provence, *1254, +Casanova 6.5.1309, bur Aix-en-Provence; m.1270 Maria of Hungary (*ca 1257 +25.3.1323)
Charles I Martell, *8.9.1271, +Naples 12/19.8.1295, bur Santa Domenico, Naples; m.Vienna 11.1.1281 Klementia von Habsburg (*ca 1262, +after 7.2.1293, bur Santa Domenico, Naples)
King Charles Robert of Hungary (1308-42) as Károly I Róbert -cr 1310, *1288, +Visegrad 16.7.1342, bur Székesfehérvár; 1m: Maria of Halicz, dau.of Pr Lev II of Halicz; 2m: 1306 Maria of Silesia-Beuthen (+Temesvár 15.12.1315, bur Székesfehérvár); 3m: 24.6.1318 Beatrix de Luxembourg (*1305 +11.11.1319) dau.of Emperor Heinrich VII; 4m: 6.7.1320 Queen Elisabeth of Poland (*1305 +29.12.1380) [3m.] a child, *and +11.11.1319 [4m.] Charles, *and +1321, bur Székesfehérvár [4m.] Ladislaus, *Belgrade 1.11.1324, +24.2.1329 [4m.]
King Louis I "the Great" of Hungary (1342-82) as Lajos I -cr 21.7.1342, King of Poland (1370-82), *5.3.1326, +Trnava (Slovakia) 10.9.1382, bur Székesfehérvár; 1m: 3.8.1342 Margaret de Luxembourg (*24.5.1335 +7.9.1349) dau.of Emperor Karl IV; 2m: Cracow 20.6.1353 Elizabeth of Bosnia (*ca 1340 +I.1387) Marie, *1365, +1366 Catherine, *VII.1366, +1377
Queen Maria of Hungary (1382-85) -cr 17.9.1382, Queen of Dalmatia and Croatia, *1371, +Buda 17.5.1395, bur Oradea (Romania); m.X.1385 Emperor Sigismund (*14.2.1368 +9.12.1437)
Queen Jadwiga=Hedwig of Poland, canonised, *Wyszehradzia 15.2.1372, +Krakow 17.7.1399; m.Krakow 18.2.1386 Great Prince Ladislaus II of Lithuania (+1434) [4m.] Andrea Duca di Calabria, *30.11.1327, +murdered by his wife at Aversa 18/19.9.1345, bur Naples Cathedral; m.1343 Queen Joanna I of Naples (*1326 +22.5.1382) Charles Martell, Duca di Calabria, *Naples 25.12.1345, +in Hungary after 10.5.1348, bur Székesfehérvár [4m.] Stephen, Duke of Transylvania, Slavonia, Croatia and Dalmatia, *26.12.1332, +Zagreb 9.8.1354, bur Székesfehérvár; m.Ofen 23.1.1351 Margareta of Bavaria (*1325 +1374), dau.of Emperor Ludwig IV Pr John of Slavonia, *1354, +1363 Pss Elizabeth of Slavonia, *1352, +before 6.4.1380; m.20.10.1370 Pr Philip II of Tarento (*1329 +1374) [2m.] Catharine; m.Pr Henryk II of Schweidnitz [2m.] Elisabeth; ? (m.Pr Boleslaw of Troppau (+1367)) [illegitimate] Koloman, Bp of Györ (Raab), *1316, +1375 Beatrix, *III/IV.1290, +Grenoble 1354; m.25.5.1296 Jean II, Dauphin de Viennois (*1274 +4.3.1319) Clemence, *II.1293, +Paris 12.10.1328, bur St.Jacques, Paris; m.Paris 19.8.1315 King Louis X of France (*4.10.1289 +5.6.1316)
1.2.2. Pr Louis of Naples, Bp of Toulouse, *Nocera 9.2.1275, +Chateau de Brignolles 19.8.1298, bur there
King Robert I "le Bon" of Naples and Jerusalem (1309-43), Ct of Provence, *1277, +Castelnuovo, Naples 16/19.1.1343, bur there; 1m: Rome 23.3.1297 Yolanda d'Aragon (*1273 +Termini 1302/03); 2m: 21.6.1304 Sancha (*ca 1285 +Naples 28.7.1345) dau.of King Jaime II of Majorca Carlo, Duca di Calabria, Pr of Florence, *28.5.1298, +Naples 9/10.11.1328, bur there; 1m: 1316 Katharina von Habsburg (*X.1295 +Naples 18.1.1323, bur there); 2m: Paris 11.1.1324 Marie de Valois (*1309 +6.12.1328) Charles/Martin, *Florence 13.4.1327, +Florence 21.4.1327, bur there Maria, *XII.1322, +XI.1328, bur Naples
Queen Joanna I of Naples and Jerusalem (1343-82) =Giovanna, Dss de Pouille et de Calabria, Pss of Capua, Css of Provence, Forcalquier and Piemont, *Naples 1326, +of strangulation Castello San Fele 12/22.5.1382, bur Naples; 1m: 26.9.1343 Pr András of Hungary (*30.11.1327 +18.12.1345); 2m: Naples 20.8.1346 Louis de Tarente, Pr of Naples (*1308, +25.5.1362); 3m: 14.12.1363 Inft Jaime III d'Aragon, titular King of Majorca (*24.8.1336 +10.1.1375); 4m: Naples 25/28.3.1376 Duke Otto of Brunswick-Grubenhagen (*1320 +1.12.1398/13.5.1399, bur Foggia) Maria, *Naples 10.11./6.12.1328, +there 20.5.1366; 1m: 30.4.1343 Pr Duca Carlo di Durazzo (*1323 +23.1.1348); 2m: 1348 Robert de Baux (+1354); 3m: IV.1355 Pr Philip II of Naples, Duca di Tarento (*1329 +25.11.1374) Louis, *1301, +Naples 12/13.8.1310, bur there [illegitimate] Fiametta; m.Andrea Thopia, Lord of Matija, with issue. Karolus Thopia, Prince of Albania, Lord of Durazzo, (d. 1388), married 1370 to Voisava Balsic, with issue. Gjergj, Lord of Durazzo, (d. 1392), married to Princess Teodora Brankovic. Elena Thopia, Lady of Kroja, married (1) to Ser Marco Barbadigo, marrie to Kosta Balsic, Lord of Kroja. Voislava Thopia, (d. 1401), married (1) to N. Curasachio, married (2) 1394 to Progan Ducaghin, Lord of Alessio. Maria Thopia, married to Filippo di Maramonte. Nicheta Thopia, Lord of Kroja, (d. 1413), married to N. Shpata, with issue. Mara Thopia, married to Balsa III Balsic,Lord of Budva, with issue. Jelena Balsic, (d. 1453), married to Stefan Vuksic, Duke of S. Sava, with issue. Vlatko Vuksic, (d. 1426-1489), Duke of San Sava, Patrizio Venetia, married to Margherita di Marzano di Rossano de Aragona, with issue. Jovan Giovanni Hercegovic, (d. 1546), Duke of San Sava, Patrizio Venetia, married to Sofia Sossia, with issue. Prince Vlatko Hercegovic, married to Taddea Belasij, with issue. Prince Giovanni Hercegovic, (Living in Dubrovik), married to Isabella Zorzi (Georgio), with issue. Prince Mro Valerio Herculano, (Lived in Dubrovnik, Merchant to Malta), married to Margarete Loredano, with issue. Princess Elizabetta Herculano, married 1615 to Angelo Zorzi (Giorgio). Princess Aloisetta Herculano, married 1609 Valletta to Vincenzo Bugdano, with issue. Pietro Paolo Bugdano, married 1635 Valletta to Valenza Borg, with issue. Grazia Bugdano, married 1656 Valletta to Antonio Fenech, with issue. Paolica Fenech, married 1700 Naxxar to Lorenzo Fenech. Caterina Fenech, married 1697 Naxxar to Giuseppe Frendo. Caterina Bugdano, married 1634 Valletta to Alessandro Camilleri, with issue. Maddalena Camilleri, married 1656 Valletta to Lorenzo Tonna. Ubaldesca Camilleri, married 1661 Valletta to Giovanni Psaila. Maria Bugdano, married 1642 Valletta to Gio Luca Sacco. Princess Angelica Herculano, married 1609 Valletta to Dr Giovanni Bugdano JUD, with issue. Carlo Bugdano, married 1639 Valletta to Grazia de Silvia. Federico Bugdano, married 1621 Valletta to Maddalena Papa. Florindo Bugdano, married 1622 Valletta to Angelica la Rocca, with issue. Giovanni Bugdano, married 1643 Valletta to Teresa Bombel, with issue. Paolo Bugdano, married 1693 Valletta to Onorata Libert, with issue. Eugenia Bugdano, married 1720 Valletta to Giuseppe Debono. Ubaldesca Bugdano, married 1671 Cospicua to Cristoforo Cefalonia. Anna Bugdano, married 1684 Valletta to Giuseppe Pace, married (2) 1696 Vittoriosa to Ambroglio Blavet. Vincenza Bugdano, married 1647 Cospicua to Pietro Rombello. Anna Bugdano, married 1653 Valletta to Alfonso Cassarino. Vincenza Bugdano, married 1640 Valletta to Frazio Canella. Prince Giovanni Herculano, married 1604 Valletta to Aloisetta de Syra. Teodora Balsic, (d. 1445), married to Petar Vojsalic. Domenicus Thopia, Bishop of Durazzo, Archbishop of Zara.
Philip, Pr of Tarento, Despot of Romania, Lord of Durazzo, Pr of Achaia, titular Emperor of Constantinople 1313, *10.11.1278, +Naples 26.12.1332; 1m: L'Aquila IX.1294 (div 1309) Thamar Komnene Dukaina, Despota of Epirus (*1277 +1311); 2m: Fontainebleau 6.4./30.7.1313 Catherine II de Valois, titular Empress of Constantinople, Pss of Achaia (*1303 +20.9./X.1346) Charles, Pr of Achaia, Vicar of Romania, *1296, +k.a.Monte Catino 29.8.1315; m.1306 N, a dau.of Ct Philip of Savoy-Piedmont; (1m: Jeanne de Valois (*1304, +9.7.1363)) Philip, Despot of Romania, *1297, +17.5.1330; m.1328 Violante d'Aragon (*1310 +after 19.7.1353), dau.of King Jaime II of Aragon [2m.]
Pr Robert of Tarento, titular Emperor of Constantinople 1343, etc, *1299, +Naples 10.9.1364, bur there; m.Naples 9.9.1347 Pss Maria de Bourbon, Pss of Achaia (*1315 +1387) [2m.] Pr Louis of Tarento, King of Sicily cr 17.5.1352, *1308, +Naples 25.5.1362, bur there; m.Naples 20.8.1346 Queen Joanna I of Naples (*1326 +22.5.1382) Pss Caterina of Naples, *1347, living 1362 Pss Francesca of Naples, *1349, +27.5.1352 [illegitimate] Esclabonde; m.Luigi di Capua, Cte di Altavilla [illegitimate] Clemenzia; m.Antonie, sn de La Mendolée
Philip II, Pr of Tarento, titular Emperor of Constantinople, etc, *1329, +Tarento 25.11.1374, bur there; 1m: IV.1355 Pss Maria of Naples (*6.12.1328 +20.5.1366); 2m: 20.10.1370 Pss Elisabeth of Slavonia (*1352 +before 6.4.1380) Pr Philip of Tarento, *1356, +young Charles, *1358, +young Philip, *1360, +young a child, *and +1362 a child, *and +1366 Philip, *1371, +young (illegitimate from mistress Eleanora Solimella) Nobile Blasco di Tarento, married Donna Fatma de Falsone, with issue. Johannes di Tarento, Created Barone di Pietra Longa in Malta 1408, married Chiusa dei Baroni di Gueraldi, with issue. Fatma di Tarento, married Giovanni Mamo of Malta. Antonia di Tarento, married Nobile Paolo de Nasis. Salvo di Tarento, Barone di Pietra Longa. (c. 1448)., died 1462, dsp.l. (illegitimate wtth Caterina di Durazzo - see below) Antonia di Tarento, married to Francesco Debbus. (illegitimate wtth Caterina di Durazzo - see below) Fra Johannes di Tarento, Monk, (d. 1465), dunm. Pina di Tarento, married to Giovanni Cusburella. [1m.] Joanna=Irene, *1297, +1317; m.II.1316 King Oshim of Armenia (*1282 +20.7.1320) !OR! 1m: Louis I de Lusignan; 2m: Leon II de Lusignan, King of Armenia [1m.] Marguerite, *1298, +Naples 1340; m.XII.1325 Gautier VI de Brienne, Duke of Athens (+k.a.Poitiers 19.9.1356) [1m.] Blanca, living 1337; m.1327 Ramon Berenguer, Inft of Aragon, Cde de Ampurias [1m.] Maria, +young [1m.] Margareta, +in prison in Naples 1380; m.1352 François de Baux, Duca d'Andria, etc (*1330 +1422) [1m.] Maria, Abbess of Conversano, +1368 [illegitimate] a daughter, m.Leonardo Tocco, Ct of Cephalonia and Zante [illegitimate] a daughter, m.Ivan Stepan Schischman, Tsar of the Bulgarians (+1373)
1.2.5. Raimond Berengar, Cte de Provence, Pr of Piedmont and Andria, *1281, +1307
1.2.6. Jean, a priest, *1283, +after 16.3.1308
1.2.7. Tristan, *1284, +1284/88
1.2.8. Pietro, Cte di Gravina, *1292, +k.a.Monte Catino 29.8.1315
1.2.9. Giovanni, Duke of Durazzo, Pr of Achaia, etc, *1294, +Naples 5.4.1336, bur there; 1m: III.1318 (div 1321) Mathilde d'Avesnes (*29.11.1293 +1336), dau.of Florenz of Hainaut, Pr of Achaia; 2m: 14.11.1321 Agnes (+1345, bur Naples) dau.of Elvas VII de Périgord Carlo, Duke of Durazzo, etc, *1323, +executed at Aversa 23.1.1348, bur Naples; m.30.4.1343 Pss Maria of Naples (*ca 6.12.1328 +20.5.1366) Louis, *XII.1343, +14.1.1344, bur Naples Giovanna, Duchess of Durazzo, *1344, +Apulia 1387, bur Naples; 1m: Italy 1366 Inft Louis of Navarre, Cte de Beaumont (*1341 +1372, bur Naples); 2m: ca 1376 Robert IV d'Artois, Cte d'Eu (*1356 +poisoned 20.7.1387) Agnes, *1345, +Naples 7.7/8.1383, bur there; 1m: 6.6.1363 Cansignorio della Scala, Signore di Verona (*5.3.1340 +19.10.1375); 2m: 1382 Jacob de Baux, Pr of Tarento and Achaia (*1353 +7.7.1383) Clementia, *1346, +Naples 1363, bur there Margarita, *28.7.1347, +Mela 6.8.1412, bur Salerno; m.II.1368 King Charles III of Naples (*1345 +1386) Lodovico, Cte di Gravina e di Morrone, *1324, +of poisoning in Naples 22.7.1362; m.1343 Margherita, dau.of Roberto Sanseverino, Cte di Corigliano Louis, *1344, +young
King Charles III of Naples and Jerusalem (1381-86) and Hungary (1385-86) as Károly II "the Small" -cr 31.12.1385, *1345, +murdered at Visegrád 24.2.1386, bur there/Belgrade; adopted and named heir by Queen Joanna I in 1369; m.II.1369 Margherita of Durazzo (*1347 +1412)
King Ladislas "le Magnanime" of Naples and Jerusalem (1386-1414), Hungary and Dalmatia, etc, *Naples 14.7.1376/11.2.1377, +of poisoning at Naples 6.8.1414, bur there; 1m: 1390 (div 1392) Costanza, dau.of Manfredo de Clermont, Cte di Motica; 2m: 12.2.1403 Marie de Lusignan (*1381 +4.9.1404, bur Naples); 3m: 1406 Marie, Cts di Lecce (*1370 +9.5.1446), dau.of Jean d'Enghien, Cte di Castro [illegitimate] Rinaldo di Durazzo, titular Pr di Capua, bur Foggia, married to Donna Eleanora Colonnia, with issue. Francesco di Durazzo, married to Nobile Beatrice Debbus, with issue. Rinaldo di Durazzo, *1469, +1.9.1494, bur Foggia; m.Camilla Tomacelli. Guglielma di Durazzo, married to Nobile Guglielmo Debbus. Caterina di Durazzo, mistress to Salvo di Tarenti, (see above), later a Nun. Camilla di Durazzo Ipolita di Durazzo [illegitimate] Maria di Durazzo, +young Maria, *1369, +1371, bur Naples
Queen Joanna II of Naples (1414-35) and Jerusalem (1414-19), *25.6.1373, +Naples 2.2.1435, bur there; 1m: Vienna 13.10/11.1401 Duke Wilhelm of Styria and Carinthia (*1370 +15.7.1406); 2m: shortly before 18.9.1415 Jacques II de Bourbon, Cte de la Marche (*1370 +1438). Joanna II helped cause the subsequent battles over southern Italy by 1st adopting in 1420 King Alfonso V of Aragon, and then in 1423 Louis, Duc d'Anjou Agnes, *1347, +young Robert, Pr of Morea, *1326, +k.a.Poitiers 19.9.1356 Stephen, *1328, +in Portugal
1.2.10. Marguerite, Cts d'Anjou et de Maine, *1273, +31.12.1299, bur Paris; m.Corbeil 16.8.1290 Cte Charles I de Valois (*12.3.1270 +16.12.1325)
1.2.11. Blanca, *1280, +Barcelona 14.10.1310, bur Santa Croce; m.Villebertran 1.11.1295 King Jaime II of Aragon (*10.8.1267 +5.11.1327)
1.2.12. Leonora, *VIII.1289, +Monasterio de San Nicola, Arene 9.8.1341, bur Catania; m.Messina 17.5.1302 King Federigo I of Sicily (*1272 +Panterno 25.6.1336, bur Catania)
1.2.13. Maria, *1290, +IV.1346/I.1347; 1m: Palma de Majorca 20.9.1304 King Sancho I of Majorca (*1276 +Formigueras 4.9.1324); 2m: 1326 Jaime de Ejerica (*1298, +11/28.4.1335)
1.2.14. Beatrice, *1295, +1320/21, bur Andria; 1m: IV.1305 Mgve Azzo VIII d'Este (+1308); 2m: 1309 Bertrand III de Baux, Cte d'Andria (+1351)
Philip, Pr of Achaia, titular King of Thessalonica, *1256, +1.1.1277; m.28.5.1271 Isabelle de Villehardouin, Pss of Achaia and Morea (*1263 +1312) dau.of Guillaume II de Villehardouin by Anna Angela Komnena
1.4. Robert, *1258, +1265, bur Roque-Pymont
1.5. Blanche, *1250, +VII.1269, bur Abbaye de Flines nr Douai; m.1265 Ct Robert III of Flanders (*1249 +Ypres 17.9.1322)
1.6. Beatrix, *1252, +1275; m.Foggia 15.10.1273 Philippe de Courtenay, titular Emperor of Constantinople (*Constantinople 1243, +Viterbo 15.12.1283)
1.7. Elizabeth=Maria, *1261, +between 20.12.1290-1304; m.before 5.9.1272 King Ladislas IV of Hungary (*1262, +10.7.1290)



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