The Tomasi family

" Princes of Lampedusa and Dukes of Palma in Sicily".

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1. Giovanni Maria Tomasi of Siena (died 1566), married to Nobile Antonia de Fabi, with issue.
1.1. Nobile Mario Tomasi, (1558-), (Created:
Patrician and Senator of
Rome in 1569), married 1585 to Francesca de Caro e Celestre, Baroness of Montechiaro and Sovereign Baroness of Lampedusa., (De Caro ancestry), with issue.
Nobile Ferdinando Tomasi, (1597-1615), Barone di Montechiaro and Sovereign Barone di Lampedusa 1614, married 1613 to N obile Isabella La Restia e Jurato, with issue. Nobile Carlo Giulio Tomasi, (1614-1675), Barone di Montechiaro and Sovereign Barone di Lampedusa 1638, Barone di Montechiaro, 1st Duca di Palma (1638) dunm.
Nobile Giulio Tomasi, (1614-69), 2nd Duca di Palma, 1st
PRINCIPE DI LAMPEDUCA, (1667), married Rosalia Traina, Baroness di Falconeri e di Torretta, with issue. Don Ferdinando I. Tomasi, (1651-1721), , married to Donna Melchiorra Naselli e Carriglio dei Principi di Aragona., with issue.
Don Giulio I. Tomasi (died 1673), 3rd Duca di Palma, 2nd Principi di Lampedusa 1673., married Donna Anna Maria Naselli di Principi di Aragona, with issue.
Don Ferdinando II. Tomasi, (1697-1775), 4th Duca di Palma, 3rd Principi di Lampedusa. (Created GRANDEE OF SPAIN in 1724 & 1725)., married (1) to Donna Giovanna Rosalea dei Principi Valguarnera, Married (2) Donna Giovanna Valguarnera la Grua-Talamanca., with issue. (First Marriage)
Don Giuseppe Maria I. Tomasi, (1717-92), 5th Duca di Palma, 4th Principi di Lampedusa, Grandee of
Spain, married 1742 to Antonia Roano e Pollastra, with issue.
Don Giulio II. Tomasi, 6th Duca di Palma, 5th Principi di Lampedusa 1793., married 1795 to Maria Caterina Colonna Romano e Gravina dei Duchi di Reitano, with issue.
Don Giuseppe Maria II. Tomasi, 7th Duca di Palma, 6th Principi di Lampedusa 1812., married firstly to Angelica Filingeri e Filingeri dei Principi di Cuto., married Secondly to Carolina Wochinger, with issue.
Don Giulio III. Maria Tomasi, 8th Duca di Palma, 7th Principi di Lampedusa 1848., married to Donna Maria Stella Guccia e Vetramo, with issue.
Don Giuseppe Maria III. Tomasi, (died 1885), 9th Duca di Palma, 8th Principi di Lampedusa, married Donna Beatrice Mastrogiovanni Filingeri dei Principi di Cuto, with issue.
Don Giulio IV. Tomasi, (1868-1934), 10th Duca di Palma, 9th Principi di Lampedusa, married to Donna Stefania Pape e Vanni eir Principi di Valdina, with issue.
Don Giuseppe Maria IV. Tomasi, (1896-1957), Novelist, 12th Duca di
Palma, 11th Principi di Lampedusa, married Donna Alessandra dei Baroni Wolff, and dsp.
Don Pietro Tomasi, (1873-1962), Ambassador of Italy, De-jure Duca di Palma, e Principi di Lampedusa, married 1920 to Alice Barli, and dsp. Don Francesco Tomasi, (1875-1956). Don Giovanni Tomasi, (1879-1940). Don Giovanni Tomasi, (1840-96), married 1864 to Donna Carolina Guccia, with issue. Donna Maria Caterina Tomasi, (1769-1844), married 1792 Palermo Sicily to Carlo Viani dei Baroni di Tabria of Malta. Don Francesco Tomasi, Grand Falconier of the King of
Sardinia 1789. Donna Anna Maria Tomasi, married 1734 to
Antonio Lucchesi-Palli, 6th Principi di Campofranco e, 2nd Duca della Grazia, with issue. Nobile Francesca Tomasi, (1643-1727), Nun, dunm. Nobile Isabella Tomasi, (1645-99), Nun, dunm. Nobile Antonia Tomasi, (1648-1721), nun, dunm. Nobile Don Giuseppe Tomasi, (1649-1714), Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church. Nobile Alipia Tomasi, (1653-1734), nun, dunm. Nobile Mario Tomasi, married to Cassandra N, with issue. Nobile Anna Tomasi, married 1729 Cospicua to Francesco Bianchi of Venice. Nobile Francesco Tomasi, married to Maria N, with issue. Nobile Grazia Tomasi, married 1749 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Catania, with issue. Gio Pietro Catania, married 1791 Birkirkara to Rosa Pisano. Rosa Catania, married 1779 Birkirkara to Salvatore Farrugia. Anna Catania, married 1794 Birkirkara to Niccolo Buhagiar. Nobile Fabrizio Tomasi, married 1759 Vittoriosa to Nobile Maria Debono dei Baroni di Culeja, (Ancestry), with issue. Nobile Giovanni Tomasi, married 1782 Cospicua to Maria Angela Vella, with issue. Nobile Caterina Tomasi, married 1802 Cospicua to Francesco Caruana. Nobile Angela Tomasi, married 1807 Cospicua to Giacomo La Freda. Nobile Margherita Tomasi, married 1810 Valletta to Giuseppe Caravita, with issue. Felice Caravita, married 1851 Senglea to Maria Agius. Nobile Felicita Tomasi, married 1792 Cospicua to Angelo Vella. Nobile Angelica Tomasi, married 1796 Cospicua to Francesco Mifsud. Nobile Maddalena Tomasi, married 1761 Senglea to Michele Borg, with issue. Antonio Borg Tomasi, married 1810 Valletta to Barbara Cilia, with issue. Paolo Borg, married (1) 1853 Valletta to Maria Anna Zarb, married (2) 1858 Valletta to Annetta Trapani, with issue. Maddalena Borg Tomasi, married 1801 Cospicua to Giuseppe Bonavia. Nobile Vincenzo Tomasi, married to Beatrice N, with issue. Nobile Gaetano Tomasi, married 1769 Valletta to Scolastica Maestre. Nobile Giovanni Tomasi, married 1722 Senglea to Maria Busuttil. Nobile Tomaso Tomasi, married to Giovanna N, with issue. Nobile Pietro Tomasi, married (1) 1719 Senglea to Mariella Ruggier, married (2) 1721 Senglea to Beatrice Rizzo.

1.1.2. Nobile Mario Tomasi, (1597-), Governor of Licata, Capitano del Sant'Uffizio in Sicily..

1.1.3. Nobile Francesco Tomasi, (1599 -), married to Paolina N, with issue. Nobile Fiorenza Tomasi, married 1633 Senglea to Andrea Batreolo. Nobile Angela Tomasi, married 1620 Licata to Nobile Gio Pietro de Caro (Ancestry).