Torrensi Family.

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1. Fra. Onorio dei Baroni Torrenzi, Knight of
Malta, arrived with the Knights in 1530.
1.1. (illegitimate) Nobilus Dr Francesco Torrensi JUD, married 15.., to Andrianna di Graziano (illegitimate daughter of Fra dei Conti Graziano), with issue.
1.1.1. Nobilus Dr. Giuseppe Torrensi JUD, married 1596 to
Marietta Pontremoli.
1.1.2. Nobilus Dr Antonio Torrensi JUD, married 1596 to
Isabella Cassia, with issue. Nobilus Dr Frabrizio Torrensi JUD, married 1624 to
Margherita Moscati, with issue. Teresa Torrensi, married Matteo Bonavia, with issue. Fra. Fabrizio Bonavia. Nobilus Maria Bonavia, married 1686 to Fabrizio Buttigieg. Nobilus Costanza Torrensi, married 1652 Lija to Nobilis Domenico Pace. Dr Tomaso Torrensi JUD, married 1660 to
Teresa d'Anastasio, with issue. Nobilus Margherita Torrensi, married 1681 to
Gio Vincenzo Castelletti. Nobilus Eufrasia Torrensi, married 1695 to
Salvatore Tonna. Nobilus Natalizia Torrensi, maried 1647 Valletta to Pietro d'Argumento, with issue. Nobilus Graziulla d'Argumento Torrensi, married 1695 Valletta to Alfsono de Manuele. Nobilus Rosalba d'Argumento Torrensi, married 1674 Valletta to Pasquale Grima. Nobilus Domenica d'Argumento Torrensi, married 1670 Valletta to Jean Morello. (illegitimate) Nobilus Luca Torrensi, married 1629 to Speranza Portelli.
1.1.3. Nobilus Marietta Torrensi., "mistress to" Fra dei Conti Corrado, with issue. (illegitimate) Clement Corrado Torrensi, married Vittoria Paradatto, with issue. Fra Giovanni Corrado Torrensi. Don Antonio Corrado Torrensi. Bartolomeo Corrado Torrensi. Fra. Girolamo Corrado Torrensi. Nobilus Grazia Corrado Torrensi, married 1630 Valletta to Dr Albino Portelli JUD.

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