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The House of Vancell ( Fancell)
Research provided by C.Said Vassallo, and Patrick Vangell

1. Milite Giovanni de Fancell, married c. 1500 to Nobile Angelica de Laimo, with issue
1.1. Milite Lorenzo de Fancell, married to Nobile Isabella di Messina, with issue
1.1.1. Giovanna Fancell, married (1) 1586 to Domenico Fernando (son of Tomaso and Gioa), married (2) Silvestrino Fontana, with issue (First marriage) Caterina Fernando/Fancell, married 1652 to Conte Matteo Vassallo Paleologo, with issue. (Second Marriage) Fra. Giovanni Fontani, "Co-Founder of the Legacy of Fontana/Vancell".dunm
1.2. Milite Mario de Fancell, married c. 1540 to Nobile Paula Surdo, with issue
1.2.1. Milite Giovanni de Fancell, married 1560 Mdina to Angelica Tabone (d/o Graziano), with issue Mario de Fancell (Vancell), married 1647 at Cospicua to Scolistica Busuttil, with issue. Vincenzo Vancell, (sives de Fancell), married (1) 1674 Valletta to Maddalena di Lorenzo, married (2) 1676 Cospicua to Teresa Randon, married (3) 1676 at Senglea to Nobile Teresa Testaferrata de Sanchetta, with issue. (Third marriage) Ludovico Vancell, married (1) 1708, Cospicua to Marie Schembri, and married (2) 1717 at Cospicua to Maria Zammit (Issue from Both Marriages) (First Marriage) Teresa Vancell Testaferrata, married 1731 Cospicua to Notary Geronimo Frendo, with issue. Rosa Frendo-Testaferrata, married (1) 1751 at Cospicua to Guiseppe Gauci, married (2) 1780 Lija to Giovanni Galdes. Maria Frendo Testaferrata, married Cospicua to Vincenzo Pullicino. (Second marriage) Francesco Vancell, married 1754 at Cospicua to Magdalena Farrugia, with issue. Michele Vancell,(13-03-1776 to 22-02-1853), married 30th of June, 1800 at Zeitun to Mariella Gaffiero Francesco Vancell (18-06-1801 to 25-07-1850), married (1) 1838 Senglea to Maria Debono, married (2) 1840 Senglea to Maria Aguis, married (3) 1841 Senglea to Maria Bonnici, with issue. (Third marriage) Joseph Vancell ( 21-01-1844 to 03-08-1917 at Tunis), married 23rd of September, 1866 at Senglea to Marie Anne Ferrara, with issue. Sauveur Vancell (17-10-1880 at Sfax, Tunis till 10-03-1952 at Tunis), married 6th of June, 1906 at Vittoriosa, Malta to Carmene Fenech, with issue. Antoine Vancell ( 25-07-1926 at Sfax-), married at Viroflay, France 2nd of January, 1954 to Ginette Lepage, with issue. Patrick Vangell (Sives Vancell) ( 27-10-1954 at Tangier, Morocco-), married 3rd of June, 1978 to Sylviane Bernard, with issue. Julien Vangell ( 30-06-1981 at Gennevilliers, France-) Alexis Vangell Sylvain Vangell Dominique Vangell Brigitte Vangell Emilie Vangell Joseph Vangell Charles Vangell Clotilde Vangell Francois Vangell Felix Vangell Georgette Vangell Marcel Vangell Laurent Vangell Francios Vancell Felix Vancell Charles Vancell Laurence Vancell Ursula Vancell Marie Gracieuse Vancell Catherine Vancell Laurence Vancell Gaetano Vancell Pietro Vancell Antoine Vancell Maria Anna Vancell, married 1848 Senglea to Francesco Albanese. Vincenzo Vancell, married 1791 Zejtun to Maria Caruana, with issue. Saveria Vancell, married 1820 Cospicua to Clemente Camilleri. Felice Vancell, married 1819 Cospicua to Rosaria Failla. Michel Angelo Vancell, married 1826 Cospicua to Marianna Cachia. Maria Vancell, married 1790 Cospicua to Carlo Borg. Rosa Vancell, married 1744 at Cospicua to Michele Laparotta, married (2) 1773 Cospicua to Antonio Borg. Clara Vancell, married 1761 at Cospicua to Michele Fenech, with issue Marcella Vancell, married 1758 at Cospicua to Angelo Tanti, with issue. Grazia Tanti. Giovanna Rosa Tanti. Caterina Vancell, married 1731 Cospicua to Giuseppe Zammit. Antonia Vancell, married 1784 Cospicua to Felice Grima. Giuseppe Vancell, married (1) 1753 Cospicua to Maria Anna Zammit, married (2) 1766 Cospicua to Maria Giuliano, with issue. (First marriage) Rosaria Vancell, married 1773 Cospicua to Antonio Borg, with issue. Maria Borg, married at Cospicua to Carlo Mangion. Margherita Borg, maried to Francesco Mangion. Giuseppe Borg. Vincenzo Borg. Salvatore Borg. Caterina Vancell, married 1777 Cospicua to Giovanni Lubert, with issue. Giuseppe Lubert. Marianna Lubert. Margherita Lubert, married 1813 Cospicua to Giuseppe Gaffiero, with issue. Jeanne Gaffiero, (1826 Malta - 1876 Tunisia), married 1843 Sfax, Tunisia to Antonio Rossignaud. Concetta Lubert, married 1811 Cospicua to Conte Ignazio Ruggier. Maria Lubert. Rosa Lubert, married to Gaetano Seychell, with issue. M'Concetta Seychell, married 1845 Senglea to Rafael N. Maria Maddalena Vancell. Veneranda Vancell, married 1757 Cospicia to Salvatore Debono, with issue. Margherita Debono. Anna Maria Debono. Vincenza Debono. Evangelista Vancell, married 1705 Cospicua to Enrico Diamentino., with issue. Natale Diamentino, married to Marie Zammit, with issue. Enrico Diamentino. Rosaria Diamentino. Caterina Diamentino. Anna Vancell, married 1712 Cospicua to Sebastiano Candila, with issue. Giovanna Rosa Candila. Scolastica Candila. Margherita Vancell, married 1695 Cospicua to Enrico Girolamo Diamantia. Imperia Fancell, married 1584 to Lorenzo Parnis, with issue Martino Parnis, married 1627 to Imperia Zimech, Married (2) to Elena .., with issue. (First Marriage) Domenichella Parnis, married 1657 to Ciprano Micallef, with issue Don. Giuseppe Micallef, "Co-Established the family legacy", dunm (Second Marriage) Gio Maria Parnis, married 1668 to Maria Spiteri, with issue Natalizia Parnis, married 1687 to Giovanni Azzopardi, with issue Pietro Azzopardi, married 1732 to Rosa dei Marchesi Drago (Deguara), with issue Giovanni Azzopardi, married (1) 1762 Mdina to Anna Camilleri, married (2) 1767 Mdina
Vittoria Frendo (See Counts of Byzantine Empire for descendants). Natalie Azzopardi, married 1767 to Gio Maria Sammut, with issue. Paolo Azzopardi, married 1725 Mdina to Domenica Grima, with issue. Maria Azzopardi, married 1764 Mdina to Michele Vella, with issue. Teresa Vella, married 1785 Mdina to Francesco Gauci. Francesca Parnis, married 1687 Mdina to Aloiseo Azzopardi.

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