"Zerafa of Matrice and Rabat, Gozo"

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1. Mco. Giorgio 'Sives Mariano' Zerafa., married 1563 Matrice Gozo to Isabella Busuttil., with issue.

1.1. Marietta Zerafa., married 1606 to Tomaso Camilleri.

1.2. Vincenza Zerafa., married 1606 to Marcellino Pace.

1.3. Giacobina Zerafa., married 1608 Matrice Gozo to Antonio Bellici, with issue.

1.3.1. Caterina Bellici, married 1629 Rabat Gozo to Mro Mario Decaci, with issue. Vincenzo Decaci, married 1663 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Curmi, with issue. Francesceo Decaci, married 1684 Rabat Gozo to Paolica Fava, with issue. Angelica Decaci, married 1712 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Grech, with issue. Paolo Grech, married (1) to Rosa Frendo, married (2) 1764 Rabat Gozo to Maria Seichel, with issue. (Second Marriage) Antonia Grech, married 1787 Valletta to Paolo d'Armenia.

1.4. Paolo Zerafa, married 1606 Mdina to Giacoba (Caterina) Caruana, with issue.

1.4.1.   Mco. Gio Poaluccio Zerafa, married 1626 Rabat Gozo to Paoluccia Vella, with issue. Giorgio Zerafa., married 1651 at Matrice Gozo to Domenica Sailba, with issue.  Lorenzo Zerafa., married 1672 to Grazia Falzone, (daughter of Carlo and Domenica)., with issue. Carlo Zerafa., married (1) Flaminea Mercieca., married (2) 1714 to Angelica Cassar. (daughter of Salvatore and Natalizia Formosa) , with issue. (Second Marriage) Mco. Francesco Lorenzo Zerafa. (* Well Known Architect, whom built many Palazzo’s in Valletta and all over Malta and Gozo), married Maria Galea.., with issue. Rosalea Zerafa., married 1780 to Duca Gio Batta Mattei., dsp. Regina Zerafa., married 1783 to Giuseppe Galizia. Giuseppe Zerafa.,  married (1) 1777 to Contessa Elena Locano., married (2) 1799 to Graziulla Cilia, (Daughter of Salvatore and Giovanna Sapiano)., with issue. Contessa Paola Zerafa., married 1806 to Mco.Michele Angelo Asciack. Teresa Zerafa., married 1787 to Matteo Pulis., with issue. Rosa Pulis., married 1812 to Emmanuele Gismiros. Carlo Zerafa (d.1822), Created 1799 Hereditary Knight of the Russian Empire and of St John of Malta in Russia, married 1799 to Princess Sophia Massalski,  with issue. Chevalier Lorenzo Zerafov, 2nd Knight., (1799-1864), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Anastasia Zerafov., (1801-), married 1820 to Chevalier Antonio Grimaov Marie Zerafov., (1803-), married 1822 to Chevalier Cesare Lavanzinov Chevalier Nicholas Zerafov, 3rd Knight., (1805-71), married 1830 to Marie Scivolisky, with issue. Chevalier Carlo Zerafov, 4th Knight, (1832-78), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Chevalier Lorenzo Nicholas Zerafov, (1835-76) married 1870 to Countess Stefania Saidov, with issue. Chevalier Niccolo Zerafov, 5th Knight, (1873-1947), dunm. Chevalier Tommaso Zerafov, (1877-1919), married 1895 to Baroness Alessandra Damatov, with issue. Marie Zerafov, (1898-., married 1927 to Chev Anton Zerafov, with issue. Chevalier Igor Zerafov, (1839-88), married 1872 to Countess Alexia Saidov with issue. Chevalier Lorenzo Zerafov, (1877-1929), married 1905 to Anastasia Borgsky, with issue. Chevalier Anton Zerafov, 6th and Last Knight, (1907-55), married 1927 to Marie Zerafov, with issue. Antonia Zerafov, (1929-, married 1951 to Prince Ivan Kurakin. Elziabetta Zerafov, (1931-., married 1953 to Count Alexis Bobrinsky. Ingrid Zerafov, (1909-, dunm.. Marie Zerafov, (1913-., married 1935 to Chev Vincenzo Borgsky. Chevalier Nicholas Zerafov, (1879 -95), dunm.. Modesta Zerafa.,  (1719-)., married (1) 1741 to Gio Maria Cassar., married (2) 1767 to Gaetano Dalli., with issue. Maria Dalli., married 1787 to Fabrizio Custo., with issue. Giuseppe Custo., married 1815 to Maria Zammit. Lorenzo Dalli.,married (1) to Graziulla…,  married (2) 1824 to Maria Antonia Cauchi Rosa Madalena Zerafa.,  (1723-)., married 1745 to Antonio Cordina., with issue. Domenica Cordina., married 1775 to Franco Tabone. Maria Cordina., married (1) Gio Maria Galea., married (2) 1779 to Dioniso Carneniella., with issue. (Second Marriage) Maria Carneniella., married 1791 to Giuseppe Spiteri. Teresa Zerafa., (1717-98) married 1739 to Giuseppe Grima., with issue. Pietro Paolo Grima., (1744-)., married to Maria …, with issue. Giuseppe Grima., married 1792 to Giuseppina Mensville. Caterina Grima.., married 1797 to Massimiliano Debono. Rosa Lucia Grima., (1745-), married 1779 to Antonio de Buceris. Carlo Andrea Grima., (1748-) Salvo Antonio Grima., (1752-) Antonia Grima., (1753-), married 1786 Matrice Gozo to Felice Cremona. Margherita Grazia Grima., (1756-) Anna Margarita Zerafa., (1728-),., married 1753 to Domenico Mercieca. Anna Maria Zerafa., (1715-), married 1736 to Giuseppe Cauchi, with issue. Paolo Cauchi, married 1770 Xeuchia Gozo to Teresa Refalo, with issue. Giuseppe Cauchi, married 1805 Matrice to Adeodata Farrugia, with issue. Antonio Cauchi, married 1838 Matrice Gozo to Maria Gauci, with issue. Adeodata Cauchi, married 1855 Casa Luca Malta to Giuseppe Xerri. Cattana Zerafa., (1726-) Anna Zerafa., married 1703 to Domenico Aber. Vittorio Zerafa., married 1707 to Angelica Cremona. Maruzzo Zerafa., married 1721 to Marcella Clara Seychel., with issue. Lorenzo Zerafa., married (1) Rosa Saliba Sammut., married (2) 1800 to Maria Debrincat. Rosa Gatt., married 1738 to Alonso Gatt. Valenza Zerafa., married 1652 to Giovanni Maria Portelli. Lucrezia Zerafa., married 1621 to Antonio Teuma. Geronima Zerafa., married 1621 to Giovanni Mercieca. Giorgio Zerafa., married 1638 to Domenica Cuschieri, with issue. Maruzzo Zerafa, married 1681 Matrice Gozo to Maruzza Falzon, with issue. Domenica Zerafa, married 1709 Sannat Gozo to Filippo Dingli.

1.5. Mariano Zerafa, married with issue.

1.5.1. Andrea Zerafa, married to Giovanella Cumbo, with issue. Teresa Zerafa, married to Mro Ignazio Vella, with issue. Don Francesco Vella of Zebbug Gozo, Founder of the Foundation.


Notes: * “Histories of Malta –Version and Diversions Volume 3, Page 176., by Giovanni Bonello 2002.”


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