"Libro d'Oro di Melita"

"Counts von Zimmermann", also showing their descent from the families of d’Aubigne, and Jenison-Walworth.

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* Jean Ulric von Zimmermann, (1710-68). Family originates from Willisau in the Canton of Lucerne in Switzerland; Jean Ulric immigrated to France and settled in Toul, married to Lucree d'Aubigny de la Ferte, (See Annotation #1 below  for her descent: with issue. (Reference: The Genealogy and Heraldry of the Noble Families of Malta; CA Gauci, Volume Two, Pages 412-417.)

1. Christian Emanuel von Zimmermann, - See Below.

2. Joseph von Zimmermann, (1733-1819), Commissioned in the Royal Army of France, fought the Seven years war; wounded at Scheidingen; Colonel 1788; an officer in the Regiment of Swiss Guards, he fought in the defence of the Tuileries, 10th August 1792; fled to France with other Royalist sympathisers and created a Marshall in 1799.

3. Louis von Zimmermann., (1739-92), Commissioned in the Royal Army of France, as an officer in the Regiment of Swiss Guards, he also took part in the battle of Tuileries from the revolutionary rabble; he accompanied King Louis on the journey from Tuileries to the National Assembly; arrested and flung into the Concieregerie he was accused of Treason and condemned to the guillotine; on the night of 23rd September 1792 the canaille broke into the prison and massacred the prisoners including Louis.



* Christian Emanule von Zimmermann, (1730-1815), 1st Count von Zimmermann (Cr: 1790-Holy Roman Empire); Adjutant in the Regiment of Swiss Guard he took part in the defence of the Tuileries with his father and uncles; in 1793 served with his father in the “de Zimmermann” regiment of the King of Sardinia. , married 1760 Paris to Sofia de Mosset Comtesse de Chavagne of France (1744-1792), with issue.

1. General Alexander von Zimmermann, 2nd Count-See Below.


* General Alexander von Zimmermann, 2nd Count von Zimmermann, 4th Comte de Chavagne in France, (1763-1829) , Married Countess Charlotte Jenison de Walworth (See Annotation #2 below  for more information), with issue

1.General Frederick von Zimmermann, 3rd Count-See Below.
2. Countess Caroline von Zimmermann married 1817 to Francesco Crispo Barbaro (c 1794-1847),
"2nd Marquis di San Giorgio (1792)", see all descendants  

Footnote: The title of Marchese di San Giorgiowas granted by patent on the 6th September 1778, by Grand Master Rohan, to Carlo Antonio Barbaro without any mention of sons, heirs, and successors of the grantee. The operative part of the patent of creation runs thus:- Tibi Nobile D. Carolo Antonio Barbaro tribuimus, concedimus, et donamus, hujusmodi titulo insignimus ac Marchionem dicti Pheudi Sancti Georgii constituimus et ita nominari posse et debere The aforesaid Marchese Carlo Antonio Barbaro, after the dignity had been conferred upon him, considering that the grant was limited to himself alone, applied to the Grand Master praying that it might at least be extended to his first-born son (Gioacchino Ermolao). Grand Master Rohan, by a rescript dated the 2nd February 1779, acceded to the petitioner’s request in the following terms: Fiat prout petitur. Later, the Marchese Gioacchino Ermolao Barbaro, in whose favour only the grant had been extended, applied to the Grand Master for the extension of the title to all of his descendents in perpetuum. His application was complied with by a rescript of the 5th June 1792


* General Frederick von Zimmermann, (1793-1870), 3rd Count von Zimmermann, 4th and last Comte de Chavagne, dunm.


Further Notes #1 (theNoble family of d'Aubigne of France).



The Noble family of d'Aubigne of France.

The names of d'Aubigne can be found on the rolls of Battle Abbey among the list of knights who fell at The Battle of Hastings. Others survived the conquest, and are mentioned in Hume's History as champions of Magna Carta.




1. Jean d'Aubigne, married to Catherine de Lestang, with issue.
1.1. Theodore-Agrippa d'Aubigne, (1552-1630), French Poet, Soldier and a Huguenot, His epic poem Les Tragiques (1616) is widely regarded as his masterpiece, married (1) 1583 to Susanne de Lusignan de Lezay, Baroness de Surineau, married (2) 1599 to Jacqueline Chayer, married (3) 1623 to Renee Burlamachi, with issue.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Agrippa d'Aubigne, (1584-1597), dunm.
1.1.2. Constant d'Aubigne, (1585-1647), Seigneur de le Landes Guinemer, Barone de Surimeau, Equestrian, Governor of Maillezais, Gentilhomme de la Chambere du Roi, Vice-King of the island of Marie-Galante, married (1) 1608 to Anne Marchant, married (2) 1627 to Jeanne de Cardillac, with issue. (First Marriage) Theodulphe d'Aubigne, 1609 La Rochelle), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Constant d'Aubigne, (1629-1646 Drowned), dunm. Charles d'Aubigne, (1634 Niort - 1703 Vichy), Created 1665 Comte de Aubigne, Barone de Sumimeau, Lieutenant at the Reiment of Cardinal Mazarin, Captain of the Royal Cavalry, Governor of Amesfort in Holland, Governor of Cognac, Aigues-Moretes, Berry, and created a Knight of St-Esprit., married 1698 to Genevieve Pietre, with issue. (illegitimate before his marriage to his wife) Charles d'Aubigne, (1676-1717), Sieur de la Ferte, dunm.l. (illegitimate from N de la Brosse) Francoise d'Aubigne de la Ferte, (1794 Paris -), married 1710 Grenoble to Francois d'Aubigny (See Below). (illegitimate before his marriage to his wife) Francoise Charlotte Amiable d'Aubigne, (1684 -1739), married 1698 Versailles to Adrien Maurice de Naolles, 3rd Duc de Noailles. Francoise Adelaide de Noailles (1704-1776) married Charles de Lorraine, Count of Armagnacc in 1717, son of Louis de Lorraine and had no issue; divorced in 1721; Amable Gabrielle de Noailles (1706-1742) married Honore Armand de Villars and had one daughter, Amable Angelique de Villars; Amable Angelique may have been the daughter of le chevalier d'Orleans, whose mistress was Amable Gabrielle; Marie Louise de Noailles (1710- ?) married in 1737 to Jacques Nompar de Caumont, Duke of La Force and divorced in 1742; had no issue; Louis de Noailles, duc d'Ayen, duc de Noailles (1713-1793) married Catherine Francoise Charlotte de Cosse-Brissac and had issue; Philippe de Noailles, comte de Noailles, duc de Mouchy (1715-1794) married the famous Madame Etiquette and had issue; wife was a Lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette; Louis and his wife were executed in the Revolution; Marie Anne Francoise de Noailles (1719-1793) married in 1744 Ludwig Engelbert de La Marck (1701-1773), Count of Schleiden. Toscan d'Aubigne, d.inf. Francoise d'Aubigne, (1635 Niort - 1719 St-Cyr), Cr: 1674 Marquise de Maintenon, married (1) 1652 in Paris to Paul Scarron, Seigneur de Fougerest, Beauvais, La Riviere., married (2) 1683 Versailles to King Louis XIV of France.
1.1.3. Henri d'Aubigne, d.inf.
1.1.4. Louise Arthemise d'Aubigne, married 1610 Maillezais to Benjamin le Valois, Seigneur de Villette, with issue.
1.1.5. Marie d'Aubigne, married 1613 Niort to Josue de Caumont, Seigneur de Adde.
1.1.6. Nathan Engibaud d'Aubigne, (1601 Nancray -1684 Geneva Switzerland), Seigneur de la Fosse en Saintonge, Doctor in Medicine in Fribourg en Brisgau and later Geneva., married (1) 1621 Geneva to Claire de Pellissari, married (2) 1632 to Anne Crespin, married (3) 1652 to Elisabeth Hubertary, with issue. (First Marriage) Nathanael d'Aubigne, (1622 Geneva - 1691), A Merchant, married 1656 Petit-Saconnex Geneva to Anne Dubois, with issue. Anne d'Aubigne, (1657 Geneva - 1724 Geneva), married 1677 to Jean Ardouin, a Wig Maker. Elizabeth d'Aubigne, (1660-1722), dunm. David d'Aubigne, (1663-1733), 'Imbecile", dunm. Sara d'Aubigne, (1665-1733), 'Nun', dunm. Judith d'Aubigne, (1667-1671), d.inf. Daniel d'Aubigne, (1671-), d.inf. Tienette Elisabeth d'Aubigne, (1673-1733), 'Nun', dunm. Theodore d'Aubigne, (1626-), Captain of Cavalry, dunm. Marie Francoise d'Aubigne, (1628-), married 1658 Geneva to Franois Dubois. Jean d'Aubigne, (1631-1669), dunm. (Second Marriage) Tite d'Aubigne, (1634 Geneva - 1688 Neuchatel), Doctor in Medicine in Valence and for the Princess of Neuchatel, later lived in the Netherlands, married 1667 Neuchatel to Esther de Montmollin, with issue. Cornelia d'Aubigne, died 1728. Georges Louis d'Aubigne, (1635 Geneva - 1717 Geneva), Doctor in Medicine, married 1681 to Madeleine Sarasin, dsp. Jacques d'Aubigne, (1637 Geneva - 1715), a Philosopher and Mathematican, married 1667 St-Hugues Grenoble to Marguerite Berton, with issue. Marie d'Aubigne, (1667-1739), married to Francois Louis Tournier. Samuel d'Aubigne, (1638 Geneva - 1710 Renan), a Pastor, married 1668 Geneva to Elizabeth Lesage, with issue. Judith d'Aubigne, (1670-1748), married to Jacob Brandt. Tite d'Aubigne, (1672 Geneva -), Military Engineer of Netherlands, married in Berg op Zoom with a Dutch Women., with issue. Isabella Cornelie d'Aubigny, married to Francis-Louis Faigaux. David d'Aubigne, (1674 Neuchatel -), d.inf. Esther d'Aubugny, (1677 - 1750 Geneva), married to David Faigaux. Joseph d'Aubigny, (d. 1722 Geneva), a Citizen of Geneva. Elisabeth d'Aubigny, (1720-1792), dunm. Georges Louis d'Aubigny, (1680 Renan - 1732 Geneva), Bourgeois of Geneva, married 1718 Geneva to Jeanne Lucre Dufour, with issue. Charlotte d'Aubigny, (1719 Geneva - 1776 La Fusterie), married 1740 Geneva to Georges Daniel Argand. Elisabeth d'Aubigny, (1720 Geneva - 1780), married 1743 to Francois Merle, Manufactorer in Silk in Nimes, a Bourgeois of Geneva. Louise Aimme d'Aubigny, (1722 Geneva - 1790 Nimes), married 1756 Geneva to Jacques Plan, a Watch maker. Eleonore d'Aubigny, (1727-1786 Geneva), dunm. Lucrece d'Aubigny, (1729 Geneva -1794 Geneva), married 1755 Geneva to pierre Eynouf, Master Watchmaker. Agrippa d'Aubigny, (1639 Geneva -1712 Grenoble), General Inspector of the supplies in Grenoble., married 1665 Grenoble to Isabeau Claviere, with issue. Jeanne d'Aubigny, married 1696 to Joseph Bonnard, Public Prosecutor of the Parliament of Grenoble. Pierre d'Aubigny, Captain of Navy. Suzanne d'Aubigny, (d. 1735), 'Nun', dunm. Elisabeth d'Aubigny, (d. 1713 Grenoble), dunm. Jacques d'Augibny, (1684-), Officer of Regiment of Navy, wounded in Cassano, Major of the Castle of Salses in Roussillon, Knight of St-Louis. Louise d'Aubigne, (1686-1769). Francois d'Aubigny, (1689 Grenoble -1733), Sieur de la Ferte, Officer of Navy, Major of the Fort of Sedan, Ardennes., married 1710 to Francoise d'Aubigne de la Ferte, with issue. Charles d'Aubigny, Sieur de la Ferte, (1713 - 1735), dunm. Lucree d'Aubigny, Sieuress de la Ferte, (1711-., married 1728 to Jean Ulric von Zimmermann.- See Below. Jean-Jacques d'Aubigny, (1640 -1662 Geneva), dunm. Anne d'Aubigny, (1646 Geneva -1734 Geneva), married to Francois Lesage, Seigneur de la Colomiere.

Further Notes #2 (theNoble family of Jenison-Walworth).

John Jenison of Walworth Ireland, married to Elizabeth Sandford.with issue.

1. Count Franz von Jenison-Walworth (created Count in 1790 by ).1732 - 1799 m: 1758 to Charlotte Smith.  1744 - 1803, with issue.

1.2. Countess Charlotte von Jenison-Walworth, married Graf Alexander von Zimmermann, (see above).

1.2. Count Franz II von Jenison-Walworth (1764 - 28 Apr 1824), married (1) (Annulled) to Charlotte von Cornet, married (2) .29 Jun 1797 to Mary Day Beauclerk, b.20 Aug 1766, d.23 Jul 1851, a descendant of King Charles II of England and Scotland, their descendants:

1.2.1. (Second Marriage) Karl Jenison Count von Walworth (28 Aug 1809-11 Jun 1870); m.1st 5/15 Oct 1838 Jeromia Countess von Schonburg‑Wechselburg (28 Jul 1809-15 Nov 1843); m.2d 9 Jan 1849 Ellen Mitchell (10 Feb 1825-Neuenheim 20 Aug 1883) Duncan Jenison Count von Walworth dsp Emil Jenison Count von Walworth (13 Sep 1853-Nice 10 Jan 1910); m.4 Aug 1900 Baroness Gisela Mikos v.Tarrodhaza (1846-1921), dsp. Anna Jenison Countess von Walworth  (Heidelberg 4 Mar 1851-    ) Maria Jeromia Jenison Countes von Walworth (1 Oct 1854-    ) Louisa Alfreda Jenison Countess von.Walworth (23 Oct 1856-    ) Emilie Jenison, Countess von Walworth, (1858-.. Elisabeth Olga Jenison Countess von.Walworth (18 Aug 1861-Freiburg 5 Nov 1930); m.21 Sep 1886 Heinrich Baron von Seckendorff (Koln 9 May 1846-Villingen, Baden 25 Mar 1918) Eleonore Baroness von.Seckendorff (Konstanz 2 Nov 1887-Bernau 13 Mar 1970); m.Freiburg i.Breisgau 10 Mar 1917 (div 1927) Clemens Sommer (Cottbus 16 Aug 1891-   )

1.2.2. Countess Amelia von Jenison-Walworth (11 Jan 1806-3 Apr 1880); m.15 Jan 1824 Karl Heinrich Alban Count von Schonburg-Forderglauchau (18 Nov 1804-23 Mar 1864), descendants include Princes von Furstenberg; zu Lowenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg;  von Schonburg-Waldenburg;  zur Lippe-Weissenfeld; zu Salm-Horstmar; zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Biron von Kurland, Counts  von Schonburg-Glauchau; von Quadt zu Wykradt und Isny, von Tattenbach, Schall-Riaucour; zu Castell-Castell, von Thurn u.Valsassina-Como-Vercelli, and  zu Ortenburg amongst others.. 

1.2.3. Countess Mary Caroline von Jenison Walworth, (1800-.

1.2.4. Countess Charlotte Christine von Jenison Walworth, (1804-..

1.3. Countess Susan von Jenison-Walworth, (1770-), married (1) to Conte Spreti, married (2) 1791 to William Robert Spencer, with issue.

1.3.1. (Second Marriage) Louisa Georgiana Spencer, (1792-1866), married to Edward Canning.

1.3.2. Rt.Rev. Aubrey George Spencer, Bishop of Jamaica, (1795-1872), married 1822 to Eliza Musson, with issue.

1.3.3. William Spencer, (1796-), married 1820 to Frances Garland, with issue.

1.3.4. Harriet Caroline Spencer, (1798-1831), married Count Karl von Westerholt und Gysenberg., with issue. Friedrich‑Heinrich Count von Westerholt u.Gysenberg (20 Jan 1820-8 Aug 1859); m.1 May 1847 Sophia Countess von Stainlein‑Saalenstein Caroline Countess von Westerholt; m. Baron Karg von Bebenburg (d.ante 1870). Maria Anna Countess von Westerholt.

1.3.5. Rt. Rev. George John Trevor Spencer, Bishop of Madras, (d. 1799), married to Harriet Hobson, with issue.

1.3.6. Frederick William Spencer, (1807-).

1.4. Count Rudolf von Jenison Walworth,, (d. 1835)l, married to Henrietta von Speth-Marchthal, with issue.

1.4.1. Countess Wilhelmine von Jenison Walworth, (1810-, married 1829 to Alexander von Zuylen van Nyevelt.

1.4.2. Countess Mathilde von Jenison Walworth, (1812-, married to Maximilian von Speth-Zwiefalten.

1.5. Count Karl Friedrich von Jenison Walworth, (1777 -Wien 1843), married to Katherine von Wernhardt, with issue.

1.5.1. Countess Luisa von Jenison Walworth, (1806-Teplice 1873), married to Karel Kokooowa z Kokoowa.

1.5.2. Count Rudolf von Jenison Walworth, (1811-Graz 1865), married (1) 1840 to Hermine von Friedrichsthal, married (2) 1852 to Gabriele Zois von Edelstein, with issue. (First Marriage) Count Friedrich Jenison, (1842- Uhoice 1914). Count Karl Jenison, (1845-1870). Countess Luise Jenison, (1847-. (Second Marriage) Countess Mary Jenison, (1854- Teplice 1873). Count Rudolp Stephen Jenison, (1856-.


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Walworth Castle history of the Jenisons.



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