"Libro d'Oro di Melita"

"Title of Conte della Bahria granted to Ignazio Moscati (1743) and his successors of the land known as Bahria; also including the titles of Conte Casandola (1685) and Patrician of Messina (date of creation unknown) enjoyed by the Stagno family; also including the title of Marchese di Xrobb il-Ghagin granted in 1776 to Moscati’s collateral, Claudio"

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* Giulio Moscati, (A Pirate who settled in Malta (c.1505) from Calabria - according to legend, his grand father was Maltese), married 1480 to N. de Caopena, with issue

1. Domenico Moscati, married (1) 1505 to Petruccia Baglio, Married (2) 1520 to Peruna Bava, with issues.
1.1. (First Marriage) Giuliano Moscati,
married (1) Imperia Axisa.. Married (2) Scolastica Xerri, with issues.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Vincenzo Moscati,
married 1556 to Francesca Fava, with issue. Dr. Nicol' Antonio Moscati JUD,
married 1588 to Isabella Bonici, with issue Antonia Moscati, married 1607 to
Pasquale Testaferrata, with issue Imperia Moscati, married 1583 to Pietro Moscati. (See Below) Lucrezia Moscati, married Giovanni Zrenzo.
1.1.2. (Second Marriage) Vittoria Moscati, died 1583.
1.1.3. Caterina Moscati, married Pietro Sillato, with issue. Giacomo Sillato, married 1582 Birgu to Agata Scicluna. Agata Sillato, married 1584 Mdina to Domenico Borg. Imperia Sillato, married 1587 Mdina to Sebastiano Bonnici. Margareta Sillato, marreid 1587 Mdina to Luca Mizzi. Paola Sillato, married 1571 to Bernardo Camenzuli.

1.2. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Moscati
1.3. Mariano Moscati.

1.4. Angelo Moscat, maried 1588 Cospicua to Nobile Giovanna Burle (d/o Salvatore), with issue.

1.4.1. Salvatore Moscati, married 1632 Senglea to Nobile Grazia de Bourchier of France, (d/o Pierre, Seigneur of ..), with issue. Giulio Moscati, married (1) 1657 Cospicua to Maria Moneta, married (2) 1659 Naxxar to Margherita Cauchi, with issue. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Muscat, married 1681 Attard to Paola Faienza, with issue. Paolo Muscat, married 1725 Mdina to Maria Zghendo, with sisue. Giorgio Muscat, married 1749 Mdina to Anna Borg, with issue. Emmanuele Muscat, married 1778 Mdina to Anna Zerafa, with issue. Giorgio Muscat, married 1822 Valletta to Fortunata Calleja de Olivier, with issue. Emmanuele Muscat, married (1) to Maria Baldacchino, married (2) 1868 Cospicua to Mary Micallef, with issue. (Second Marriage) Josephine Muscat, married 1893 Cospicua to William Charles Marlow, with issue. Mary Adelaide Josephine Marlow, married to Carmelo Vella. Teresa Muscat, married (1) 1851 Valletta to Fortunato Calleja, married (2) 1851 Valletta to Paolo Camilleri. Maria Anna Muscat, married 1854 Valletta to Giuseppe Micallef. Carmela Muscat, married 1854 Valletta to Carmelo Zammit. Giovanna Muscat, married 1709 Mdina to Gio Maria Camilleri.. Maria Muscat, married 1726 Mdina to Gio Maria Zerafa. Caterina Muscat, married 1722 Mdina to Don Andrea dei Principe Sayd. Anna Muscat, married 1716 Mdina to Michele Zerafa. Grazia Muscat, married 1720 Mdina to Matteo Vassallo. Salvatore Muscat, married 1681 Mdina to Lucia Xuereb. Evangelista Muscat, married 1696 Mdina to Lorenzo Cassar. Imperia Muscat, married 1699 Attard to Salvatore Gristi. Giovannella Moscati, married (1) 1658 Cospicua to Giocchino Taliana, married (2) 1674 Cospicua to Gasparo Mallia. Speranza Moscati, married 1662 Cospicua to Agostino Chetcuti.

1.4.2. Maria Moscati, married 1606 Cospicua to Pietro Bonnici.

1.4.3. Angelica Moscati, married 1608 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Pace.

1.4.4. Clemenza Moscati, married 1616 Senglea to Giorgio Mallia.
2. Raffaele Moscati, married Anna.., with issue
2.1. Pietro Moscati of Casal Lia, married 1522 Lia to Giovanna Zerafa, with issue
2.1.1. Leonardo Moscati, married 1556 Attard to
Antonia Mangion, with issue Paolo Moscati, married 1571 Attard to
Caterina  von Skembri, with issue Lorenzo Moscati, married 1591 Attard to Domenica Borg, with issue Giacobo Moscati, married 1625 to Giovanella Buhagiar, with issue Gio Maria Moscati, married 1650 to Maria Moscati (See Below), with issue Gio Paolo Moscati, married 1677 to Domenica Buhagiar, with issue Giacobo Moscati, married 1717 to Evangelista Fenech, with issue Gio Paolo Moscati, married 1739 to Teresa Vella, with issue Giacobo Moscati,
married 1777 to Agada Galea Ricardo (See San Marciano), with issue Giuseppe Moscati, married 1804 to Rosa Moscati Galea, (See Below), with issue Catherine Moscati, married 1848 to
Barone Bartolomeo Vassallo, Barone di Bauvso (See Vassallo)  Giacobo Moscati ( 1805-68), married firstly to Anna Vella in 1832, she died in 1848, had several issues. He later married secondly to Victoria Somerville with further issue. Angelo Moscati ( 1807-72) married to Maria Galea, with issue. Rosalea Moscati ( 1809-81), married to Francesco Sant Carmelo Moscati ( 1811-46), married to Isabella Caruana Antonia Moscati ( 1814-57), married Francesco Xerri Josephine Moscati ( 1816-1900), married Mario Cassar Salvatore Moscati (Muscat), married 1806 to Grazia Mifsud, with issue Giacomo Muscat, married 1830 to Giovanna Grech, with issue Giuseppe Muscat, married 1857 to Alessandra Frendo, with issue Giacomo Muscat, married 1893 to Maria Galea, with issue Giovanna Muscat, married 1934 to Giuseppe Maria Falzon.  Maria Muscat., married 1745 to Alberto Saliba. Domenica Muscat., married 1749 to Lazzaro Chetcuti. Grazia Muscat., married 1751 to Giuseppe Deguara. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1720 to Alessandra Chetcuti, with issue Evangelista Moscati, married 1750 to Alberto Gatt. Antonio Muscat., married 1712 to Caterina Vassallo., with issue. Pietro Muscat., married 1740 to Caterina Grima. Mariuzio Muscat., married 1723 to Grazia Camilleri., with issue. Domenica Muscat., married 1751 to Andrea Deguara. Grazia Muscat., married 1716 to Gio Maria Chetcuti.    Gio Maria Muscat., married Caterina.., with issue.      Clerica Muscat., married 1715 to Francesco Borg.      Domenico Muscat., married 1703 to Rosa Zammut., with issue. Maria Muscat., married 1734 to Giuseppe Portelli. Gio Maria Muscat., married 1725 to Rosa Zammut., with issue. Scolastica Muscat., married 1747 to Francesco Sayd. Gio Batta Muscat., married 1732 to Maria Debono.      Maria Muscat., married 1703 to Giuseppe Galea.      Giovanni Muscat., married (1) 1704 to Caterina Galea., Married (2) 1728 to Angelica Xiriha., married (3) 1729 to Geronima Borg. Giovanni Muscat., married Imperia.., with issue. Maria Muscat., married 1722 to Gio Domenico Fenech. Pietro Muscat., married 1702 to Caterina Tonna., with issue. Maria Muscat., married 1747 to Giovanni Debrincat. Pietro Muscat, married 1650 Lija to Antonia Mifsud, with issue. Dr Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta line. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1632 Zebbug to Giovanna Azzopardi, with issue Maria Moscati, married 1650 to Gio Maria Moscati. (See Above). Mariano Moscati Capitano della
Zebbug 1600-10, married 1608 to Caterina Ciantar, with issue Dr. Claudio Moscati JUD, Capitano della
Zebbug, 1650-60., married 1642 to Teresa Xara, with issue Fra. Pietro Moscati. Domenico Moscati. Filippo Moscati, 'Jesuita'. Fra. Alfonso Moscati. Dr. Diego Moscati JUD, Capitano della
Gudja 1690-1700, married (1) 1688 to Polidora Cassia dei Baroni di Ghariexem. Married (2) 1712 to Geltrude Sceberras., with issue.
Dr. Claudio Moscati, JUD, (Died 1781), (Cr: 1776; Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghagin in Malta- See below), married 1723 to Saveria Testaferrata dei Baroni di Gomerino, with issue.
Dr. Diegio Moscati JUD, 2nd Marchese di Xrobb-il-Ghagin, married 1760 to Elizabetta Dorel, with issue. Angela Moscati, married (1) 1778 to
Conte Francesco Bianchi (Bianco)(See Foreign Titles), Married (2) Dr. Carlo Filomarino., dsp (Natural issue by
Rosalea Mompalao- See Taflia/Frigenuini) Saveria Moscati, De-Jure Baroness di Frigenuni ( 1760-97), grew up with her mother in Valetta, Malta.
Had two lovers with had children from. They were Marquis Antonio de Piro and the Lord Archibald Douglas-Hamilton. She is also noted as a Lover to one of the Bourbon Princes of Sicily, As iam unaware at this stage, or even if there are any issue from this
liaison- click to see Descendants Natural issue by Rosalea Mompalao- See Taflia/Frigenuin Pietro Moscati ( 1762-1819), married in Zebbug, with issue. Natural issue by Rosalea Mompalao- See Taflia/Frigenuin Edoardo Moscati ( 1763-1855), married in Attard, with issue. Eufemia Moscati, died an Infant. Teresa Moscati, (d. 1781), married 1753 to
Barone Stanisao Xara. Efemia Moscati, married (1) 1678 to
Dr. Ludovico Mamo, Married Secondly to Gio Batta Gauci. Matteolo Moscati, married 1625 to Claruccia Pisano. Giovanna Moscati, married 1602 to
Leone Schembri. Dr. Pietro Moscati JUD,Capitano della Vittoriosa 1610-20, , married (1) 1583 to Imperia Moscati, married (2) 1599 Valletta to Enziona Giustiniani, with issue. Francesco Moscati, married 1628 Mdina to Angelica Cachia, with issue. Gio Maria Moscati, married 1656 Dingli to Paolina Dingli, with issue. Pietro Muscat, married 1695 Mdina to Onorata Calleja, with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1723 Mdina toi Anna Galea, with issue. Domenica Muscat, married 1756 Attard to Ludovico Zarb, with issue. Notary Francescao Saverio Zarb, Deputy Lieutenant of Attard, (1815 -1839), married 1784 Attard to Veneranda Azzopardi, with issue. Ludovico Zarb, married 1824 Attard to Marianna Grech. Vincenzo Moscati, married 1596 to
Caterina d'Anastasio, with issue Dr. Gio Leonardo Moscati JUD, married 1624 to
Giovanella Abela, with issue Dr. Giacomo Moscati JUD, married 1667 to
Teresa Mangion Abela dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue Ignazio Moscati. Anna Moscati, married 1692 to
Martino Antonio Perdicomati Bologna. Angela Moscati, married 1665 to Antonio Abela. Isabella Moscati. Lorenza Moscati, married
Andreotto Cumbo Navarra. Petronilla Moscati, married 1615 to Dr Diegio Antonio Feriol JUD. Dr. Giacomo Moscati JUD. Isabella Moscati, married Constantino Mirteglisen. Giovanella Moscati, married Gabrielle Vella. Paola Moscati, married Giacomo Bonici. Vincenza Moscati, married
Dr. Domenico Mangion.
2.2. Giovanni Moscati of Casal Lia, married Agnese Cassia, with issue
2.2.1. Simone Moscati, married 1564 to Margarita Agius, with issue Sebastiano Moscati, 'Dominican'. Dr. Salvatore Moscati JUD, Prelat at Mosta. Giorgio Moscati, married 1611 to Marietta Pace, with issue. Dr. Filippo Moscati JUD, married 1623 to Caterina Gauci
, with issue Dr. Gio Domenico Moscati JUD, married 1649 to
Eufemia Tonna Pontremoli, with issue. Filippo Moscati, 'Canon'. Carlo Moscati, 'Canon'. Fra. Perino Moscati. Emanuele Moscati, married 1692 to
Margarita Sceberras, with issue. Lorenzo Moscati, married (1) 1754 to
Perna Xara Cassia dei Baroni di Ghariexem, Married (2) to Costanza Leocata. Married (2) Generosa Apap., with issue. (First Marriage) Emmanuele Moscati, (1755-1841), married (1) to
Paola Gatto, Baroness di Benwarrad, with issue (See Benwarred in Maltese Titles). Married (2) to Vernandra dei Marchesi e Baroni de Piro. Paolo Moscati, married 1735 to
Caterina Bonici, with issue. Anna Moscati, (d. 1797), married Cav. Domenico Pariso of Reggio Calabria, Sicily, with issue
Sir. Paolo Pariso Moscati KCMG. (See British Knights). Don. Giovanni Pariso. Francesco Pariso., married
Vittoria Bonici. Gaetana Pariso., married Carlo Antonio Barbaro. Antonio Moscati,
Capitano della Verga of Malta, married 1711 to Scolastica Falsone, with issue. Ignazio Moscati, 1st Count of Bahria.-See Below. Geronima Moscati, married 1730 to
Ignazio Costanzo, 1st Duke (Duca) di Paganica. Rosalea Moscati, married 1716 to
Claudio d'Amico Castelletti. (See Djar-il-Bniet e Buqana) Elizabetta Moscati. Teresa Moscati. Fra. Tomaso Moscati. Chierico. Vincenzo Moscati. Elena Moscati, married 1672 to
Giovanni Gourgion. Giovanella Moscati, married Domenico Mangion. Margarita Moscati, married 1624 to
Dr. Fabrizio Torrensi JUD. Aloisea Moscati, married 1612 to
Leonardo Vella. Giovanella Moscati, married Giovanni Camilleri.

2.2.2. Domenico Moscati, married with issue. Giorgio Moscati, married 1616 Qormi to Margherita Psaila, with issue. Petruccio Moscati, married 1672 Qormi to Maria Vassallo, with issue. Salvatore Moscati, married 1695 Qormi to Maddalena Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1720 Qormi to Grazia Debono, with issue. Paolo Moscati, married 1746 Qormi to Anna Debono, with issue. Andrea Muscat, married 1768 Valletta to Maria Vella, with issue. Ignazio Muscat, married 1814 Senglea to Vittoria Lanzon-Mattei, with issue. Carlo Maria Muscat, married 1847 Valletta to Josephine Coen, with issue. Giovanni Moscati, married 1606 Zebbug to Agostina Agius, with issue. Maria Moscati, married 1628 Attard to Pasquale Fenech, with issue. Giovanni Fenech, married 1664 Zebbug to Domenica Vella, with issue. Gio Maria Fenech, married 1681 Attard to Anna Buttigieg, with issue. Antonio Fenech, married 1707 Zebbug to Scolastica Xerri, with issue. Gaetano Fenech, married 1745 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Cassar, with issue. Maria Fenech, married 1772 Valletta to Silvestro Bonello, with issue. Antonia Bonello, married 1807 Valletta to Salvatore Borg, with issue. Silvestro Borg, married 1834 Valletta to Lorenza Borg (First Cousins), with issue. Maria Borg, married 1868 Valletta to Vincenzo Meli. Giovanni Moscati, married 1626 Valletta to Noblis Angelica Pace, with issue. Giulio Moscati, married 1676 Matrice Gozo to Imperia Mercieca, with issue. Paolo Moscati, married 1708 Xewkija Gozo to Grazia Vassallo, with issue. Gio Maria Muscat, married 1735 Xewkija Gozo to Lucrezia Mercieca, with issue. Teresa Muscat, married 1754 Xewkija Gozo to Michele Spiteri. Salvatore Moscati,  married 1691 Sannat Gozo to Ubaldesca Falzon, with issue. Giorgio Muscat, married 1730 Xewkija Gozo to Caterina Magro, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, Deputy Lieutenant of Sannat, Gozo (1815 -1839), married 1797 Valletta to Anna (Modesta) Apap, with issue. Paolo Muscat, married 1802 Sannat Gozo to Angelica Calleja.

22.3. Mario Muscat, married to Domenica N, with issue. Giovanni Maria Muscat, married 1631 Zurrieq to Margherita Baldacchino, with issue. Mattio Muscat, married 1668 Zebbug to Evangelista Schembri, with issue. Ignazio Muscat, married 1697 Siggiewi to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Pietro Muscat, married (1) to Maddalena N, married (2) 1724 Zebbug to Maruzza Cauchi, with issue. Francesco Muscat, married 1769 Valletta to Maria Teresa Morales, with issue.



Footnote: The title of Marchese di Sciorp il-Hagin was granted by Grand Master Rohan to Claudio Muscati Xiberras on the 8 March 1776. It appears that at the time of the 1878 Commission, nobody made any claim to that title. See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) . Consequently, it is assumed that that title fell was already extinct some time prior to 1878.


* Ignazio Moscati-Falsoni-Navarra, 1st Count of Bahria (cr 1743 Malta),  married 4-3-1732 to Teodora Bonnici, with issue.

1. Nobile Maria Teresa Moscati Falsoni Navarra, 2nd Countess-See Below.
2. Nobile Elisabetta Moscati Falsoni Navarra, married
Giuseppe Agras, Duca di Castelluccio of Sicily, with issue
Don Francesco Emanuele Agras, Duca di Castelluccio., married 10-1784 Donna Giuseppa Marassi e Cottone, daughter of Gian Girolamo Duke of Pietratagliata and Maria Cirillo Alliata e Cottone, with issue.
2.1.1. Don Giuseppe Emanuele Agras (* 25-5-1787 + 25-12-1793), Duca di Castelluccio., dunm.
2.2. Don Ignazio Agras
Duca di Castelluccio (died 1793), married to Nobile Maddalena, daughter of Gerolamo Termine and Giuseppa Serafina Sgadari, with issue
Don Giuseppe Francesco Agras (* 4-1814 + 27-4-1860), last Duke of Castelluccio (senza investitura), dunm.

2.2.2. Donna Elisabetta Agras, Duchessa di Castelluccio., married Francesco Bagnasco.,  Barone di Binco in Sicily., with issue. Noble Laura Bagnasco, married to Felice Viglianti. Noble Rosina Bagnasco, married to Placido Campisi. Noble Salvatore Bagnasco., Barone di Binco in Sicily., married to Elvira..., with issue. Nobile. Luigia Bagnasco (1859-1942 Messina Sicily).,  married Dott.Gaetano Marsala. (d.1936), with issue. Nobile Salvatore Marsala., married to Francia di Bella., with issue. Nobile Santi Marsala, (1937 Messina Sicily -), married to Maria Sorrenti, with issue. Nobile Salvatore Marsala, (1967 Messina Sicily- ), married 1987 to Giovanna Rizzo. Nobile Franca Marsala, (1970 Messina Sicily -). Nobile Carmelina Marsala, (1973 Messina Sicily -). Nobile Luigia Marsala. Nobile Gaetana Marsala. Nobile Carmelo Marsala. (1896-1966), married 1937 to Dott. Enza Toscano., with issue. Nobile Dott. Vittorio Marsala, married to Carmela Calabro., with issue. Nobile Dott. Patrizio Marsala, (1967-. Nobile Dott. Danilo Marsala, (1969-. Nobile Dott. Serenella Marsala, (1969-, married to Antonio Latella., with issue. Carlotta Latella, (2005-. Nobile Barbara Marsala, (1971-. Nobile Enrichetta Marsala, (1971-. Nobile Dott. Marcello Marsala., married to Angela Porcasi., with issue. Nobile Cap. Sergio Marsala, married to Gabriella di Blasi, with issue. Nobile Marcello Marsala. Nobile Dott. Daniela Marsala. Nobile Luisa Marsala. Nobile Dott. Renato Marsala, (1945-, married 1971 to Liliana Micali, with issue. Nobile Dott. Roberto Marsala, (1972-. Nobile Stil. Vera Marsala, (1975-, married to Graziano Ciraci, with issue. Alberto Ciraci, (2004-. Nobile Umberto Marsala., married to Carmela Carnabuci., with issue. Nobile Gaetano Marsala., married to Amelia Peverelli, with issue. Nobile Dott Alberto Marsala. Nobile Mario Marsala. Nobile Rosalia Marsala., married to Emilio Parisi., with issue. Antonio Parisi. Nobile Biagio Marsala., married to Maria Concetta Carnabuci., with issue. Nobile Luigia Marsala, married to Carlo Cimino, with issue. Alessandro Cimino. Cristiano Cimino. Nobile Giuseppina Marsala, married to Antonio Sailis, with issue. Nobile Anna Marie Marsala. Noble Luigi Bagnasco. Noble Giovanna Bagnasco, married to Placido Carella.

2.2.3. Donna Maddalena Agras., married to Antoine Fontani dei Conti di Senia., with issue.


Footnote#1: The title of Conte della Bahria was conferred by Grand Master Emmanuel Pinto de Foncesca by a diploma of the 16th May 1743 upon Don Ignazio Muscati Falsone Navarra. This is the first title of count which appears to have ever been granted by the Grand Masters, the former patents containing only grants of baronies. See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.)


Footnote#2: The terms of the diploma differ from those of the other titles granted by the Grand Masters. In fact, the title of Conte della Bahria was annexed to the lands of the same name, situated in Malta, and which were erected by the said patent into a noble feud. Moreover, the title is inheritable not only by one of the grantee’s descendents, but by his sons and successors, whether relations or strangers, and it is annexed to the possession of those lands. The following is an extract from the diploma: Te Dnum Igantium Muscati Falsone Navarra tuosque filios, haeredes, et successores etiam extraneos, comitem et comites Territorii seu Tenutae della Bahria positae in hac Nostra Insula a Te et antecessoribus tuis jure pleni dominii et proprietatis possessae constitumus et in perpetuum creamus, dictamque tenutam seu territorum, illusque membra et districtum in feudum nobilem sub titulo comitis erigimus atque extollimus.  See also :- http://www.maltagenealogy.com/SME/bahria.html.


Footnote#3: Specifically, the 1878 Commissioners observed that Moscati’s diploma differs from the six titles previously considered by them in order of antiquity, namely Gomerino (Testaferrata et Cassia - 1710), Budack (De Piro- 1716), San Marciano (Galea Feriolo - 1726), Tabria (Viani - 1728), Culeja (Bonnici) - 1737 and Benuarrat (Gatto- 1737) . See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.)  


Footnote#4: Moreover, it is to be also remarked that five of those six families were all prior to 1743 granted the right to Illustrissimo e Nobile whereas in Moscatis case, he does not appear to have been graced with this title. See http://www.maltagenealogy.com/SME/mostillustriousandnoble.html  The persons who at different times received this dignity were: (1) Milite Barone Marc' Antonio Inguanez (See Djar il-Bniet) and his wife Baronessa Inguanez (See Gomerino) (30 April 1725); (2) Barone di Cicciano Fabritio Testaferrata (See: Castel Cicciano) and his mother the Baronessa di Gomerino Beatrice Cassia Testaferrata  (See Gomerino), (11 May 1725), (3) Marchese di San Vincenzo Ferreri Mario Testaferrata (See: San Vincenzo Ferreri) (9 July 1725), (4) Carlo Falson (See Falson), and Eleanora Testaferrata (See: Capo di Ferro) (13 June 1726), (5) Barone di San Marciano Diego Galea Feriolo (See: San Marciano), (2 September 1726), (6) Barone Gio Pio De Piro (See De Piro) (19 March 1727), (7) Canon Giuseppe di Costanzo (See Paganica), and Donna Rosa (See De Noto),widow of Gio Battista di Costanzo (24 May 1729), (8) Barone Isidoro Viani (See: Tabria), (27 June 1730), (9) D. Vincenzo Platamone (See Platamone),and Antonio Bonnici (??), (10) Baldassare Bonnici (13 January 1732), (11) Calcerano Mompalao (See: Mompalao)), Giuseppe and Caterina Cuschieri (See: Frigenuini) (6 March 1732), (12) Barone Saverio Gatt (See: Benwarrad) (23 August 1737), (13) Signor Ludovico Bianchi (See: Bianchi) (25 October 1741), (14) Dr. Ugolino Bonnici (5 September 1794), (15) Dr. Saverio Crispo (See: Crispo) (??). - It is not clear why the Grand Masters did not accord this right to Moscati Falsone Navarra.


Footnote#5: The terms of the grant to Muscati Falsone Navarra clearly mean that whoever comes to hold the property is by that reason alone, entitled to enjoy the title of Conte della Bahria. In fact, the 1878 Commissioners in establishing the claim of the then claimant remarked as follows: The present holder of the lands of Bahria is Antonio Stagno Navarra Muscati, who resides at Messina. His pedigree through a female line is fully proved, and no one has appeared to dispute his right to the exclusive title of conte, which unquestionably belongs to him as the possessor of the feud to which it is annexed. He will be referred to in the list appended to this Report, as Antonio Stagno Conte della Bahria.


Footnote#6: A closer examination of this grant reveals that the grant envisages a situation where the property can be held by a plurality of persons in addition to the holder of the lands by that name. In fact the grant extends the title to all of Muscatis sons by using the formula tuosque filios, haeredes, et successores etiam extraneos without distinction.This difference becomes more apparant when the same Grand Master used the formula successores primogenitos in the grant of Catena (Perdicomati Bologna-1745). - Such multiple enjoyment does not appear to extend beyond the grantees sons because on the basis of the genealogical chart, it appears that the multiple transmission was never put into effect as Don Ignazio Muscati Falsone Navarra did not have any sons.


Footnote#7: A closer examination of this grant reveals that the grant envisages a situation where the property can be held by a plurality of persons in addition to the holder of the lands by that name. In fact the grant extends the title to all of Muscatis sons by using the formula tuosque filios, haeredes, et successores etiam extraneos without distinction. Such multiple enjoyment does not appear to extend beyond the grantees sons because on the basis of the genealogical chart, it appears that the multiple transmission was never put into effect as Don Ignazio Muscati Falsone Navarra did not have any sons.


Footnote#8: In another grant namely that of Catena (Perdicomati Bologna-1745) only shortly after the grant to Moscati, the same Grand Master used a different formula as follows: Te supradictum Dominum Petrum Cajetanum Perdicomati Bologna tuosque filios jam natos vel nascituros, haeredes et successores primogenitos et etiam extraneos, Comitem et Comites Territorii seu Tenutae delle Catene hodie vero delli Mori appellati, positi in hac Nostra Insula a te et antecesoribus possessi jure pleni dominii et proprietatis, nec non Primogenitura masculinae ordinatae per bon mem canonicum Don Alessandro Perdicomati Bologna.....in feudum nobilem sub titulo comitis erigimus atque extollimus.".


Footnote#9: The preferred formula used in the grants prior to that in favour of Moscati are broadly similar in reading but have some significant differences between them; they read as follows:


(Gomerino-1710 GM Perellos) Praefeatos Paulum et Beatricem et post eosdem, omni futuro tempore et in perpetuum, unum ex omnibus et singulis eorumdem successoribus de suis corporibus legitime et naturaliter descendentibus, semper Baronis Gomerini titulo decoarus et insignimus, et barones creamus et constituimus......Tribuentes iisdem Paulo et Beatrice omnibusque ac singulis aliis qui omni futuro tempore ax in perpetuum titulo ac prerogativa Baronis Gomerini fruentur, facoltatem nominandi et eligendi unum ex dictis eorum descendentibus sive marem sive foeminanam, ad ipsorumet libitum et beneplacitum, pro hujusmodi titulo Baronis Gomerini consequendo et adipiscendo, dictaque nominatione et electione minime facta, ex tunc censeatur per eosdem eorumque singulos barones, nominatus et electus ipsorum Primogenitus, nisi eri ad Sacros Ordines promotus et in Religione professus et in defectu marium foemina primogenita


(Budack- 1716 GM Perellos) Tibi Joanni Pio De Piro et post tui obituum uni ex filiis vel filiabus legitimis et naturabilibus, ex te et Nobili Anna Gourgion tua conjuge procreatis vel procreandis quem vel quam omni futuro tempore et in perpetuum. Tu et quilibet seu quaelibet ex tuis successoribus in dicta Baronia constitutus seu respective constituta, malueritis eligendum vel eligendam, tribuimus, concedimus et donamus hujusmodique titulo insignimus ac Baronem dicto Feudi de Budacco constituimus et ita nominari posse et debere....Hoc etiam addito, quod in casu tui vel tuorum in infinitum decessus, absque ulla nominatione vel electione dictui tituli seu Baroniae, ex nunc censeatur nominatus et electus Primogenitus, nisi erit ad sacros Ordines promotus et in Religione professus, et in defectu marium foemina primogenita....


(San Marciano  1726 GM Vilhena) Tibi Nobili Didaco Antonio Galea Feriol et post tui obitum, uni ex filiis vel filiabus legitimis et naturalibus ex te legitime procreatis vel procreandis, quem vel quam omni futuro tempore et in perpetuum. Tu et quilibet ex tuis legitimis successoribus in dicta Baronia constitutus seu respective constituta, malueritis eligendum vel eligendam. Et in casu tui vel tuorum in infinitum decessus, absque ulla nominatione vel electione successoris in dicto titulo, ex nunc censeatur nominatus et electus primogenitus nisi erit ad sacros ordines promotus, aut in religione professus, et in defectu marium, foemina primogenita...


(Tabria  1728 GM Vilhena) Tibi Nobili Isidoro Viani et post tui obitum uni ex filiis vel filiabus legitimis et naturalibus ex te legitime procreatis vel procreandis, quem vel quam omni futuro constitutus seu respective constituta, malueritis eligendum vel eligendam. Et in casu tui vel tuorum in infinitu decessus absque ulla nominatione vel elctione successoris in dicto titulo, ex nunc censeatur nominatus et electus primogenitus, nisi erit ad sacros ordines promotus et in religione professus, et in defectu marium, foemina primogenita..."




* Maria Teresa Moscati Falsoni Navarra, 2nd Countess of Bahria, Married (1) 1754 to Fra. Zoccolante Samuele, and were given a Papal dispensation.
Married (2) 1757 to Don Antonio Stagno, Conte di Casandola (
Sicilian title), with issue

1. Don Giuseppe Stagno-Navarra, 3rd Count-See Below.
2. Don Ignazio Stagno Navarra, married firstly 1801 to
Rosa Scifo, married secondly 1815 to Maria Rosa Vassallo dei Baroni della Bauvso with issue.
2.1. (First Marriage) Donna Maria Teresa Stagno Navarra, married Francesco Mizzi.
2.2. Don Dr. Bartolomeo Stagno Navarra, married
Maria Teresa Petit Caxaro. (See Extinct titles under Counts of Meimum), with issue.
2.2.1. Donna Elizabeth Stagno Navarra, married
Dr Luigi Grungo LLD, with issue.
2.3. (Second marriage) Don Manfredo Stagno Navarra, married 1857 to Maria Teresa Micallef Rapinett, with issue.
2.3.1.Donna Maria Carmela Stagno Navarra, married her cousin Dr Alberto Stagno Navarra LLD - (See Below for descendants.)
2.3.2. Donna Maria Carmena Stagno Navarra, married Joannes Alberto Tonna, with issue. Perla Tonna Stagno Navarra, married Carmelo Mifsud, with issue. Mary Mifsud, married 1935 to George Pace Asciak., with issue. Martin Pace Asciak. Norman Pace Asciak., married 1964 to Victoria Camilleri. Lambert Pace Asciak., married 1977 to Marcella Miceli. Brian Pace Asciak., married 1964 Canada to Marie Salerno. Pearl Pace Asciak, married 1978 to John Scriberras. Noel Pace Asciak, married (1) (Div 1974) to Diane Bailey, married (2) 1986 to Mary Ann Grech-Pillow. Violet Mifsud (1919 - 2012), married Joseph Azzopardi., with issue. Ray Azzopardi, married 1980 to Josette Gauci , with issue. Rachel Azzopardi, married 2009 Malta to Conte Alexander Sant Fournier. Miguel Azzopardi Claude Azzopardi, (1960-, , married 1987 to Rita Xuereb, with issue. Petra Azzopardi, (1988-., , married 2012 to Warren Marmara. Monique Azzopardi, married to Anton Chetcuti Ganado. Carmencita Azzopardi, married Antony Chetcuti Mariella Azzopardi, married Anton Chetcuti Dougall. Joseph Mifsud, married Dolores Debono., with issue. Tanya Mifsud. Michael Mifsud, married Maria... Anton Mifsud, married Susanna.. David Mifsud, married Maria... Alexander Mifsud, married Mary.. Joseph Mifsud, married Lucia.. Maria Mifsud, married David.. Carmen Mifsud. Jonathan Mifsud. Lina Mifsud, dunm. Herbert Mifsud (1924 - 2010), married 1947 to Mary Bartolo, with issue. Jennifer Mifsud, married Joe Sciriha, with issue. Andrea Sciriha, (1987-, married 2012 to Monique Marais. Pierre Mifsud, married (1) Bieter Sommer, Married (2) Barbara Lees. Married (3) Elizabeth Jaunke., with issue. (First Marriage) Alan Mifsud Sommer, married (Div) to Nina Curz, with issue. Matteo Mifsud. (Second Marriage) Kathia Lees-Mifsud, married 2011 in Horsens, Denmark to Felix Abaidoo, with issue. Alvin Kobi Abaidoo, (2011-. Niolai Lees-Mifsud. Madeline Mifsud, (1960-, married Martin Saliba, with issue. Michelle Saliba, (1988-. Matthew Saliba, (1989-.
2.4. Don Rev. Spiridione Stagno Navarra KStJ. dunm.
2.5. Don Chev. Dr Guiseppe Stagno Navarra MD Kt LS of Persia, married (1) to Cecily Zorab, married (2) to Marie von Nemiro, with issue.
2.5.1. (First marriage) Don Enrico Stagno Navarra (1845-) Worked in the Indo European Telegraphs., married Jane Cowan., with issue. Don Dr. Norman Stagno Navarra., dunm.
2.5.2. Don Guglielmo Stagno Navarra, (1847-1904), married 1881 to Leopoldina von Nemira, with issue Don Dr. Robert Stagno Navarra, (1882-1926), died in Bombay, India, married Millicent Cook, with issue. Don Major. Penns Unwin Stagno Navarra, (1905-1963), 10th Conte di Casandola, married (1) Phyllis Dyer, Married (2) Muriel Dyer.., with issue (Marriage One) Donna Bevlah Stagno Navarra, married Graham Walton RCMP, with issue. David Walton. Cathy Walton. Jane Walton. (Marriage Two) Don
Robert Stagno Navarra, 11th Conte di Casandola, (1941-., married 1962 to Beverley Ann Lenson,  with issue. Donna Kimberley Stagno Navarra., (1963-, married 1989 to Brian Timothy Rosentreter, with issue. Adam Robert Timothy Rosentreter, (1992-. Braden Mathew Penn Rosentreter, (1994-.
Don Robert Bradley Stagno Navarra, Contino di Casandola, (1965-. Donna Karen Stagno Navarra., (1966-. Don Mark Allan Stagno Navarra., (1970-., married 2000 to Lisa Goodland. Don Barry Stagno Navarra, married Patricia Clark, with issue. Donna Michelle Stagno Navarra. Donna Kari Stagno Navarra. Donna Rebecca Stagno Navarra. Donna Andrea Stagno Navarra, married Russell Douglas, with issue. Gregory Douglas. Nicole Douglas. Donna Joan Stagno Navarra, (1913-, married Stanley Symonds., with issue. Barbara Symonds, married M.G. McNeil, with issue. William Mcneil. Christophe McNeil. Michael Symonds, married Mary Bubel, with issue. Sarah Symonds. Heather Symonds. Don John Stagno Navarra, (1887-1939), married Ruby Cook, with issue. Don Hugolino Stagno Navarra, (1911-, Migrated to Canada. dsp Donna Irma Stagno Navarra, (1911-, Migrated to Canada. dsp. Don Henry Stagno Navarra, (1886-1943), married 1903 to May Ffrench, with issue. Donna Nora Stagno Navarra, (1907-49), married Major. Robert Brodie., with issue. Janet Brodie, married Jim Weeks, with issue. Nicola Weeks. Andrew Weeks. James Weeks. Guy Weeks. Tessa Brodie, married Peter Hickman, with issue. Paula Brodie, married David Jones, with issue. Don Major Henry Guy Stagno Navarra, (1912-53 Baghdad, Iraq), married (1) 1935 (divorced in 1948) to Beryl Anne Thodosia., married (2) 1953 Violia Babuskina., with issue. (First Marriage) Don Samuel Stagno Navarra, dunm. infancy. (issue of Jadwiga 'Hedy' Malinowska Zverovitch, adopted by Halbert amd Alice Hiteman) Nannette Navarra Hiteman, (1954-, married Larry Martin, with issue. Michael Martin. Jeffery Martin. Lorrie Martin. Alison Martin. Don Robert Stagno Navarra, (1916-89), married 1946 to Joan Weid., with issue. Donna Georgia Stagno Navarra, (1947-, married Keith Willing, with issue. Lisa Willing. Michael Willing. Don Robert Stagno Navarra, (1949-. Don Allen Stagno Navarra. Don Andre Stagno Navarra. Don Derek Stagno Navarra, (1918-1995), married Violia Babuskina., dsp.
2.5.3. Donna Irma Stagno Navarra, (1888-1951), married Joseph Algernon Hare Duke, with issue. William Hare Duke, (1908-82), married Doreen Chapman. Pamela Hare Duke, (1912- 1996), married (1) 1912 to Geoffrey Turral. Married (2) 1947 to Archiblad Drake-Brockman, with issue. Alison Drake-Brockman, (1945 -, married 1974 to Michael Scarlett, with issue. Emily Scarlett, (1979 -., married 2006 to Dr Rory James Bowden Ph.D, with issue. Xanthe Fleur Bowden, (2009-. Camilla Scarlett, (1983 -, married 2009 to Henry John Howell Moore-Gwyn. Henry Charles Scarlett, (1988-. David Drake-Brockman, (1950 -2009), married 1972 to Amanda Esau, with issue. Robert Drake-Brockman, (1973 -., married to Nikki Roberts. James Guy Drake-Brockman, (1975-. Irma Anna Hare Duke, (1916-38), dsp. Patricia Hare Duke, (1918-, married (1) 1943 to Prof. Charles Downman, Married (2) 1947 to Sir George Mooring KCMG. (d. 1969), Married (3) 1980 to Sir Kenneth Maddocks, (d. 2012).KCMG, KCVO, Governor and Commander in Chief of Fiji (1958 - 1963), with issue. William Mooring, (1949 -. Julia Mooring, (1951 -.
2.5.4. Donna Mary Stagno Navarra, (1843-1917), married Capt. Robert lawless, with issue. Wilhelmina Lawless, (1868-1958), married 1899 to Capt. Trevor Hayles RN, with issue. Trevor Hayles, (1900-16), killed in the Battle of Jutland., dunm.
2.5.5. (Second marriage) Don Dr Alfredo Stagno Navarra LL.D, married his cousin Maria Carmela Stagno Navarra (see above) Don Armando Stagno Navarra, married Mary Chircop Kind Don Major Alfred Stagno Navarra ED KOMR (1919-81), married 1942 to
Patricia Pullicino, with issue. Don Richard Stagno Navarra (1944-2010), dunm. Don Peter Stagno Navarra (c 1945-, married 1970 to Carmen Fabri, with issue. Don Randolph Stagno Navarra (c 1972- Don Nicolai Stagno Navarra (c 1984- Don Andrew Stagno Navarra (c 1987- Donna Petra Stagno Navarra. Don Stephen Stagno Navarra (c 1947-, married Marika Galea-Naudi, with issue. Don Keith Stagno Navarra Don Kira Stagno Navarra Don Adrian Stagno Navarra (c 1953-, married Maria Grech Pillow Don Brian Stagno Navarra Don Sasha Stagno Navarra Donna Patrick Stagno Navarra (c 1957-, married Charlotte Micallef Donna Maria Lorraine Stagno Navarra (c 1960-, married Manuel Portelli Donna Ethel Stagno Navarra, married Gerald Amato Gauci-
See Extinct Titles (Barons Gauci) Donna Ronald Stagno Navarra. Donna Yvonne Stagno Navarra, (d. 2008), married to Oscar Cuschieri, with issue. Vincent Cuschieri, married to Angela Orr., with issue. Ninnia Cuschieri, married to John Attard., with issue. Mariella Cuschieri, married to Josen Darmanin Demajo., with issue. Josette Cuschieri, married to John Salamone Reynaud., with issue. John Cuschieri, married to Claire Sullivan, with issue. Don Roberto Stagno Navarra Don Ignazio Stagno Navarra, married ???? Don Guiseppe Stagno Navarra, married Josephine Cassar (Died 2003), with issue Don Francis Stagno Navarra, married 1963 to Maria Depasquale. Don George Stagno Navarra, married Madeleine Mifsud, with issue. Don Karl Stagno Navarra, married to Kirsty Callus., with issue. Donna Valentina Stagno Navarra, (2004-. Donna Rebecca Stagno Navarra, B.Sc, married 2000 to John Cachia Fearne, M.B.A Donna Petra Stagno Navarra, married 2006 to Peter Griffiths, MA (Fin. Serv.), B.Accty (Hons), AMIT, MIA, CPA., with issue. Faye Griffiths, (2008 -. Donna Camilla Stagno Navarra, married 2008 to
Edward Houlton, with issue. Julian Houlton, (2014 -. Donna Adelaide Stagno Navarra, married Vincent Zerafa. Donna Vivienne Stagno Navarra, married N.N. Montgomery. Donna Maryanne Stagno Navarra, married Joseph Busutill. Donna Josephine Stagno Navarra, married Vincent Arena. Donna Maria Dolores Stagno Navarra, married Robert Jackson. Don Albert Stagno Navarra Don Alfred Stagno Navarra, (died 2004), married Rosemarie Dalli, with issue. Donna Chantel Stagno Navarra. Don Alexander Stagno Navarra., married to Mary Lynn Barry, (d. 2007),  with issue. Don Nicholas Stagno Navarra. Don Jonathan Stagno Navarra. Donna Lisa Stagno Navarra. Donna Mary Concetta Stagno Navarra, married 1941 to F/Lt. Douglas Colson Brown Robertson. Don Alfred Stagno Navarra, (d. 2010), married to Mary Parretti, with issue. Don Frederick Stagno Navarra. Don Ronald Stagno Navarra. Don Esmeraldo Stagno Navarra. Donna Wanda Stagno Navarra.

3. Don Giacomo Stagno Navarra, married 1797 to Nobile Giulia dei Conti Tavernier Viapoli of Sicily.

3.1. Don Antonio Stagno, (1799-1852), married Maria Cristina Stagno Navarra (See Below)., with issue.

3.1.1. Don Giacomo Stagno (1831-), married to Caroline Caruana., with issue. Don Antonio Stagno, (1873 Cairo Egypt - 1938), married 1907 to Baroness Camilla von Brockdorff, with issue. Don Giacomo Stagno, (1909 Cairo Egypt - ). Don Lawrence Stagno, (1913 Cairo Egypt -). Don Enrico Stagno, (1876 Cairo Egypt - 1948), married 1895 to Linda dei Marchesi Delicata, with issue. Don Jacobo Stagno, (1882 Cairo Egypt - 1917), married 1909 to Louisa Muscat, with issue. Don Carlo Stagno, (1888 Cairo Egypt - 1967), ex-Priest, later married 1915 to Maria Antonia Said y Sedano, with issue. Donna Anna Maria Stagno, (1872 Cairo Egypt -), married 1895 to Giorgio Muscat.

3.1.2. Donna Laura Stagno, (1833-), married Angelo Cilia.


* Don Giuseppe Stagno-Navarra, 3rd Count of Bahria, 5th Conte di Casandola, Married to Donna Francesca dei Duchi Ruffo e Principi Floresta, with issue.

1. Don Antonio Stagno-Navarra, 4th Count - See Below.

2. Donna Maria Cristina Stagno Navarra, married Don Antonio Stagno. (See Above).

3. Donna Paola Stagno Navarra, married 1836 to Count Agostino Gravina Guttadiero.

4. Donna Flavia Stagno Navarra, married 1817 to Don Cologero Ruffo, 4th Principe della Floresta, 6th Duca Ruffo, with issue.

4.1. Donna Angela Ruffo della Floresta, (1820 -1867), 'Nun'.

4.2. Donna Arcangela Ruffo della Floresta, (1823 - 1842), dunm.

4.3. Donna Vittoria Ruffo della Floresta, (1825 - 1889), married to Don Giuseppe Saccano-Stagno dei Principi di Montesalso.

4.4. Don Giuseppe Ruffo, (1828 - 1869), 5th Principe della Floresta, 7th Duca Ruffo, married 1855 to Donna Giuseppa Calcagno dei Duchi di Ossada, with issue.

4.4.1. Don Calogero Ruffo, (1856 - 1933), 6th Principe della Floresta, 8th Duca Ruffo, married 1878 to Donna Giovanna Loffreda, dsp.

4.4.2. Don Vincenzo Ruffo, (1857 - 1918), 7th Principe della Floresta, 9th Duca Ruffo, married 1880 to Isabella Alfonsa Karlitzki, with issue. Donna Cobella Ruffo della Floresta, (1884 -), married 1909 Patti, Italy to Antonio Pisani of Patti, Italy. Don Giuseppe Ruffo, (1886 - 1950), 8th Principe della Floresta, 10th Duca Ruffo, married 1915 to Maria Felicia dei Marchesi Arrigotti, with issue. Don Fabrizio Ruffo, (1916 - 2002), 9th Principe della Floresta, 11th Duca Ruffo, married 1943 to Anna Benincasa, with issue. Don Massimo Ruffo, (1944 -,10th Principe della Floresta, 12th Duca Ruffo, maried 1992 to Virella Amendola. Don Giuseppe Ruffo della Floresta., (1954 -. Don Renato Ruffo della Floresta, (1918 - 1988), married 1954 to Luciana Bianchini, dsp. Donna Odolina Ruffo della Floresta, (1890 -), married 1917 to Dr Pericle Natoli. Donna Costanza Ruffo della Floresta, (1892 - 1961), married 1920 to Silverno Sacca.

4.4.3. Donna Flavia Ruffo della Floresta, (1859 -), married 1880 to Giuseppe Zilliani.

4.4.4. Don Ettore Ruffo della Floresta, (1862 - 1921), dunm.

4.4.5. Don Gioacchino Ruffo della Floresta, (1865 - 1935), created Barone Ruffo 1927 Kingdom of Italy, married 1889 to Maria Stella Righetti, with issue. Don Lucio Ruffo della Floresta, (1889 - 1893), d.inf. Don Ennio Ruffo della Floresta, (1895 - 1945), 2nd Barone Ruffo, married 1920 to Amelia pellegrini Quarantotti dei Marchesi di Casciolino, with issue. Donna Maria Letizia Ruffo della Floresta, (1926 -. Donna Lucilla Ruffo della Floresta, (1932 - 1999), married 1953 (Div 1976 Naples) to Vittorio Matricardi. Donna Marina Ruffo della Floresta, (1932 - 1991), maried 1955 to Roberto Facchi.

4.4.6. Don Francesco Carlo Ruffo della Floresta, (1866 -1908), created Barone Ruffo in Kingdom of Italy, married to Donna Teresa Boncompagni, with issue. Don Carlo Ruffo della Floresta, (d. 1908), dunm. Don Giuseppe Ruffo della Floresta, (d. 1908), dunm.

4.4.7. Don Luigi Maria Ruffo della Floresta, (1867 - 1932), dunm.

4.4.8. Donna Giovanna Ruffo della Floresta, 1869 - 1907), married to Nicolo Schiro.

4.5. Donna Giacoma Ruffo della Floresta, (1830 - 1854), married Gaudolfo Massimo.


* Don Antonio Stagno Navarra, (Died 1881), 4th Count of Bahria, 6th Conte di Casandola, Married to Donna Maria Paola Marino-Alliata dei Baroni del Regio Damiano, with issue.

1. Don Giuseppe Stagno-Navarra, 5th Count - See Below.
2. Donna Francesca Stagno-Navarra (1836-74), married Don Calcedonio dei Marchesi Palermo of Sicily, with issue
2.1. Don Raimondo Palermo-Navarra, 6th Count - See Below.
3. Donna Maria Stagno Navarra (1844-1916), married to Guiseppe Biasini, with issue.
3.1. Dr Placido Biasini, (1873-), married (1) 1903 to Cesira Abela, Married (2)
Melita dei Marchesi Barbaro. (See San Giorgio), with issue
3.1.1. (First Marriage) Robert Biasini, (1904- married 1925 to Evelyn Tabone, with issue. Rene Biasini, married Rita Popielazz. Guido Biasini, (1929-90), married Marianna Cefai.
3.1.2. (Second Marriage) Joseph Biasini, married Georgette Whitlock.
3.2. Maria Paola Biasini (1871-1950), married to Cav. Paolo Farrugia
3.3. Concetta Biasini
3.4. Guiseppina Biasni, (1870-., married to Ernest Christian Thierstein of  Switzerland, with issue.

3.4.1. Maria Thierstein, (1889-1942), married Ernesto German, with issue. Joseph German, (1915-1995), married to Josephine Bianco, with issue. Ronald German, (1934- 2014)., married to Carmen Dalmas, with issue. Silvana German, married to Martin Vella, with issue. Luke Vella. Margaret German, married to Vincent D'Agata, with issue. Adrian D'Agata, married to Carol Laferla, with issue. Alister D'Agata. Alexander D'Agata, married to Mignon Cardona. Herman L. German, married to Maria Carmela Mea, with issue. Charisse Adrienne German, married to Gerard Camilleri, with issue. Andrew Camilleri, married to Rachel Fabri. Fay Camilleri. Adrienne Corinne German, married to Timothy E. Sullivan, with issue. Christian Sullivan. Rebecca Sullivan. Brian German, married to Marisa Mifsud, with issue. Colin German. Brian German, married to Maryse Mifsud, with issue. Colin German. Maria German, (1917- 2014), , married to Capt. Charles Zammit. Capt. Robert German, (1919-89), married to Jennifer Alfondary., dsp.

3.4.2. Maria Teresa Thierstein, (1891-1976).

3.4.3. Edwardo Thierstein, (1893-1971).

3.4.4. Giuseppe Thierstein, (1895-1974).

3.4.5. Julia Thierstein, (1897-), married to Carmelo Cassar, with issue. Rosette Cassar, (1922-, married to Anthony Muscat, with issue. Adolph Muscat, d.inf. Mary Muscat, (1945-., married 1971 to Andrew Zammit, with issue. Paul Zammit, (1972-., married 1996 to Maria Victoria Fava, with issue. Yanika Zammit, (1999-. Antoine Zammit, (1976-., married 2002 to Alycia Micallef, with issue. Ramon Zammit, (1982-., married 2009 to Rachel Theuma, with issue. Rudy Zammit, (2012 -. Yvonne Muscat. John Muscat, (1945-., married 1975 to Mary Joan Tabone, with issue. Naomi Muscat, (1982-. Diane Muscat, (1986-. Carmelo Muscat, (1948-. Concetta Muscat. Lillian Muscat. Margaret Muscat. Miriam Muscat. Julia Muscat. Anthony Muscat. Edward Muscat. Rosette Muscat. Ernest Muscat. Frances Cassar, (1924-. Giuseppe Cassar. Ernesto Cassar. Theresa Cassar.

3.5. Marietta Biasini, (1875-1967), married to Edward Tonna, with issue.

3.5.1. Violet Tonna Biasini, (1908-1981), married to Peter Paul Cilia la Corte, with issue. John Cilia la Corte ( 1934- 2011), married 1960 to
Helen Zammit Tabona , with issue. Mark Cilia la Corte (1961-, married 1997 to Dr Charmaine Xuereb DVM Anne Cilia la Corte (1963-88), dunm. Paul Cilia la Corte (1966- Victor La Corte (c 1943-, married firstly 1965 to Patricia Hendrick (with issue), married secondly 1974 to Marilyn Rowland Michael La Corte (1966-, married (1) Suzanne Penington., with issue. Rebecca Claire La Corte
3.5.2. Mary Tonna Biasini (1904-87), married firstly 1935 Norman Miller and secondly in 1942 to Archibald Sinclair
3.5.3. Emilie Tonna Biasini ( 1907-96), married Paul Manara Alexander Manara (1922-, married 1946 to Lillian Aguis Norman Manara ( 1947-, married 1971 to Carmel Twohig Michael Manara (1976- Sean Dillion Manara ( 1979- Angela Manara (1949-, married Ian MacNeill David Manara (1952-, married 1976 to Catherine Jane Paget Matthew Manara (1979- Andrew Manara (1982- Jason Manara (1985- Thelma Manara (1924-, married firstly 1942 to Joseph Falzon Bernard (with issue). Married secondly 1978 to Peter Barton Edgar Falzon Bernard (1943-, married Diane Dacre Suzanne Falzon Bernard, married James Cunningham Nicholas Cunningham Spencer Cunningham Sergio Rudolph Manara (1927-, married Irene Dowling Ragnhild Manara Raymond Manara (1956-, married 1989 to Jodie Louise West Sander Manara (1958-, married 1984 to Deborah Prince Jonathan Manara (1985- Richard Manara (1991- Marco Manara (1964-, married 1990 to Emma Brightwell Miguel Manara (1991- Lara Manara (1992- Malcolm Manara (1998- Fiorella Manara (1962-, married 1989 to Joe Grima Sarah Maria Grima (1991- Rebecca Grima (1995-
3.5.4. Edward Tonna Biasini (1910-47), married 1942 to
Josephine Despott David Tonna Biasini (1945- Diane Tonna Biasini (1943,. married 1964 to Edgar Gatt Edward Gatt (1965-, married 1989 to Barbara Anne Sammut Rachele Gatt (1991- Alexia Gatt (1997- Robert Gatt (1969-
4. Donna Concetta Stagno Navarra, (1846-1909), married Gio Battistina Biasini, with issue.
5. Donna Gerolama Stagno Navarra, (1840-82), married Dott.C de Gregorio, with issue.


Footnote#1: At the time of the 1878 Commission, the aforesaid Antonio Stagno Navarra was the holder of the lands of Bahria and therefore entitled to the title of Conte della Bahria. See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) Paras. 37-38


* Don Giuseppe Stagno Navarra, (1842-1908), 5th Count of Bahria, 7th Conte di Casandola, Married to Concetta Bozzo, with issue

1. Don Giuseppe Stagno-Navarra, Contino di Bahria (dsp. 1908)
2. Don Alfredo Stagno-Navarra (dsp. 1908)
3. Don Paolo Stagno-Navarra (dsp 1908)


* Don Raimondo dei Marchesi Palermo-Navarra (1861-1913), 6th Count of Bahria, 8th Conte di Casandola, married to Donna Teresa dei Marchesi Palermo, with issue

1. Donna Francesca Paola dei Marchesi Palermo-Navarra., (1893-2-8-1928)., married 25-1928 to  Sig. Giuseppe Cavallaro., dsp.
2. Don Francesco Paolo dei Marchesi Palermo-Navarra, 7th Count-See Below.
3. Donna Adele dei Marchesi Palermo-Navarra (1900-95), married 1926 to Sig. Salvatore Consoli, with issue
3.1. Don Gio Francesco Consoli Palermo Navarra, 8th Count-See Below.
3.2. Don Vittorio Consoli Palermo Navarra, (Knight Commander of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem). (1930-2000, married 1960 to Eleanora Olivieri, with issue.
3.2.1. Donna Monica Consoli, (1961-., married 1988 (div 1996) to Vincenzo Bellia., with issue. Donna Erica Bellia-Consoli Palermo Navarra., (1991-.

3.3. Don Chev. Alberto Consoli Palermo Navarra, (Gentiluomo di Sua Santita. KGCHS of the Equestrian Order and H.E. Lieutenant of Central Italy and Sardinia of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem)  (1934-, married 1976 to Marina Bottani. (Dame Commander with star of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem).
4. Donna Carlotta dei Marchesi Palermo (1902-), married Umberto Ferrera, with issue.
4.1. Orazio Ferrara.
4.2. Augusto Ferrara.
5. Donna Elisa dei Marchesi Palermo (1904- 1992), married 1939 to Anthony Aquilina, with issue.
5.1. Joseph Raymond Aquilina, (1944-.
5.2. Myriam Aquilina, (1946-.



* Don Francesco Paolo dei Marchesi Palermo-Navarra, (1895-1962), 7th Count of Bahria, 9th Conte di Casandola, Married to Jeannette Scicluna, and dsp.


* Don Gio Francesco Consoli Palermo Navarra (1927-78), 8th Count of Bahria, married 1955 to Rosa Anna Scavone with issue

1. Don Salvatore Consoli Palermo Navarra, (1962-, Acknowledged by the COP/LOM as the 9th Count of Bahria. (Sold the estate in Malta about 2005).
2. Donna Gabriella Consoli, (1956- , Married 1981 (Div 1987) to Stefano Cappelli.

Footnote#1: According to Maltese media reports, it appears that the aforesaid Salvatore Consoli Palermo Navarra sold the Bahria Estate to a third party company sometime before 2005. See for example http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/2005/05/22/t1.html


Titled, De Jures and Heirs.


(As per 1743 grant)

* Titled: The successor of the lands known as "Bahria"
* Heir: (as above)
* Special Considerations:
tuosque filios, haeredes, et successores etiam extraneos, comitem et comites Territorii seu Tenutae della Bahria positae in hac Nostra Insula a Te et antecessoribus tuis jure pleni dominii et proprietatis possessae constitumus et in perpetuum creamus, dictamque tenutam seu territorum, illusque membra et districtum in feudum nobilem sub titulo comitis erigimus atque extollimus




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