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John | October 19, 2009 4:40 PM | Reply ( )
Wikipedia is absolutely unethical. All subject matter related to nobility/royalty will always be attacked for sure with lies.
For example, I am enclosing a case study that was created to destroy valid informatiion about Baron Francesco Gauci. The valid information was added by a user named "Tancarville", who is actually Charles Said Vassallo, the historian of He is a leading expert on Maltese/Italian nobility.
Anyone can see in the case study that is was all a facade filled with trolling to destroy the topic about the Baron. No matter how rational Tancarville is, Wikipedia will use any tactic and lies to avoid truth:
They will say vaild sourcing is not valid. They will say a notable aristocrat is not note worthy, or they will even try to say that they are not legitimate nobility.
As Tancarville easily sees and points out, it is based on nothing more that some inferiority complex filled with jealousy. Wikipedia is clearly being made up of "revenge of the nerds" who are trying desperately to find an outlet for their frustrations against anyone and anything that clearly outshines their small life of watching over Wikipedia articles.
Real sources of information should have objective knowledge about any number of topics, not just the topics that some find appealing to their biased taste.

6 luglio 2009. Il conte Charles Said-Vassallo, fondatore dell'Istituto Maltagenealogy e del "Libro d'Oro della Melita", considerato uno dei maggiori esperti nel campo delle famiglie maltesi, ha siglato un accordo di collaborazione con la nostra Istituzione, accettando al contempo di divenire Membro corrispondente del nostro Comitato.
Inutile ricordare i fortissimi legami esistenti, sul piano storico e genealogico, con l'Isola di Malta e con le sue famiglie, la cui posizione strategica nel mezzo del Mediterraneo rende Malta interlocutrice genealogica "privilegiata" di una iniziativa come la nostra!
A questo link è possibile leggere una concisa biografia del conte Said-Vassallo, che nella vita di ogni giorno è anche un imprenditore di successo in Australia, dove vive.

LIBRO D'ORO DI MELITA published at

This is a new site to me and was sent to me by a kind correspondent. The island of Malta has had a stormy history over the centuries which is reflected in its genealogy. The site owner is Charles Said-Vassallo and he has produced an excellent and informative project. Anyone whose ancestry is touched by the island must visit its numerous pages.


July 2008, the publication of "A who's who of Maltese-background Persons in Australia and New Zealand", by Maurice N. Cauchi, printed by PEG Ltd. ISBN: 97806485249


Page 216. (Press to enlarge).

Maltese Rugby League Association is currently displayed at the Australian Museum in Canberra for the 100 years of Rugby League Celebrations. After Canberra, the exhibition is scheduled to travel up and down the east coast, so plenty people will see it :)


- Queensland Museum, Brisbane, June to August 2008

- Museum of Tropical Queensland, Townsville, December 2008 to March 2009

 New South Wales

- Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, September to November 2008


- National Sports Museum, Melbourne, April to July 2009

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* From the book called "L-Arkivji Ta'Malta by Charles J. Farrugia, 2006, Malta 

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