Updates to Maltagenealogy including Libro d'Oro di Melita 2005.

15-12-2005: Mon Dr Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo.

08-12-2005: A special feature: The Murder of Baron Francis Sant Cassia, a premeditated and infallible murder  and also An Interview regarding Nobility with the Noble Roger Vella Bonavita, Contino di San Paolino d'Aquilejo

20-11-2005: Ipotesi sull’origine ei filii Manfredingi

08-11-2005: The Bologna Letters - An exciting historical find which adds new light to the status and aspirations of the Maltese people in the mid-18th century. Read further in Special Events in Maltese History.

08-11-2005: Interview with Don Giovanni Costanzo dei Duchi di Pagnacia

29-10-2005: Costanzo update.

27-10-2005: Two Palazzo's in pictures (Sant-Cassia and Selmun)

16-10-2005: An Interview regarding Nobility with Comte Emmanuele Muscat d'Angely

14-10-2005: Adami, and Schembri update., also Fenech Adami update.

11-10-2005: Bernard update.

03-10-2005: Gualtieri connection to Malta.

27-09-2005: Byzantine Counts update and split of pages to incorporate more descendants.

18-09-2005:   De Pausier and Barony of Frigenuini

16-09-2005: - Some Letters of Baldassare dei Conti Sant., when Lord Lieutenant of Mdina Part 2.

- Funeral of HRH, Comte de Beaujolais

- Notice with the Conte Sant

- A letter with Conte Giorgio Fournier - Part 1.

- A Letter with Conte Giorgio Fournier - Part 2.

- A letter with Conte Giorgio Fournier - Part 3.

- A letter with Conte Giorgio Fournier - Part 4.

- Gazzetta di Governo 1815.

- Letter to Gio Battista Dorel.

- A letter with Baroness Teresa Testaferrata.

15-09-2005: Psaila Family

13-09-2005: Our first Interview with a Maltese noble descendant.

12-09-2005: Radio interview with the Maltese nobility in Malta by Deutsche Welle – Radio in January 2005.

11-09-2005: A very professional family of Mistress.

09-09-2005: Some letters of Baldassare dei Conti Sant, as Lord Lieutenant of Mdina.

06-09-2005: Special Maltese Events to be featured on Maltagenealogy.com in the very near future including matters of Nobility history, interviews,  historical matters and research findings and a review of the “Special Studies about the Maltese Section.

02-09-2005: Continued Process of updates to many families online.

21-08-2005:  The Bologna Letters - An exciting historical find which adds new light to the status and aspirations of the Maltese people in the mid-18th century.

21-08-2005: Many updates to all families online.

23-07-2005: Our third Sponsorship. We have become "one of" sponsored the Maltese Rugby League trip to Malta.

20-07-2005: Portughes

17-07-2005: de Vassallo and updates to some Noble's Ancestors.

16-07-2005: Madiona

04-07-2005: Maltese born Lord Law with a Maltese mother.

02-07-2005: De Felice; Updates of Bishops outside Malta.

25-06-2005: Said Update including the descendants of Giuseppe Said 1847-1909 and Marianna Fenech and his sibling.

25-06-2005: CSV will be in Malta from 6th August 2005 until 19th August 2005. To E-Mail for contact details - Press Here or Main Page.

18-06-2005: Cremona and Eynaud, Zerafa of Gozo update and Grima of Gozo update.

15-06-2005: Clearance of some web pages to Maltagenealogy.com such as Heraldry of the Maltese Surnames, Byzantine Empire (sives Eastern Holy Roman Empire), and Holy Family High School due to large amount of upkeep and to free up space for more genealogy to come online in the near future. 

08-06-2005: Rapa Update; d’Armenia Update; d’Anastasio Update; Pontremoli Update; Cassia Update; Barberi Update; Fiteni Update; Mannara; De Manuele Update; d’Avola Update; Dandalona Update.

05-06-2005: Deguara Update.

28-05-2005: Vella Update

26-05-2005: Bahria update, Count Sant Fournier genealogy, Sir Ugo Mifsud’s Relatives update, Sultana update.

25-05-2005: Meli, Sant Fournier update.

24-05-2005: Magrin

20-05-2005: Maltagenealogy.com sponsors St Dominic’s Hostel.

18-05-2005: Much delayed updates to files, linking them to other files. This project has been set back by six months. We had expected to finish this project by now, but due to other changes and new works. At the moment, about 40% of files are completed.

14-05-2005: Negroponte; Laferla update

17-04-2005: Satariano and Heffner.

09-04-2005: Olivier de Puget

07-04-2005: The relationship of descent of the 14/15th century creations of the Fiefdom of Djar il-Bniet; (Note the file can be found at the top)

Five generations additions to the wives of Barons of Djar il-Bniet: Constanza Vassallo; Paola di Castelli and; Betta de Caro.

02-04-2005: Mula of Ghargur and Grima of Lia.

25-03-2005: Mizzi of Rabat, Gozo update.

23-03-2005: Chetcuti Update

22-03-2005: Calleja and Bajada, both from Rabat, Gozo.

15-03-2005: Pace of Rabat, Gozo update

26-02-2005: Update to material needed.

14-02-2005: Cassar-Torreggiani Update

13-02-2005: Rossi and Locano

12-02-2005: Zerafa 1

03-02-2005: An update on Slavery

31-01-2005: Spiteri surname abroad by Mark Caruana

28-01-2005: Casha

26-01-2005: Mompalao and Hohenlohe

10-01-2005: Delia and Dorell.
09-01-2005: Fournier and Bigeni update.

01-01-2005: Stilon family., Savona family.

01-01-2005: Welcome to a New Year 2005.

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