Updates to Maltagenealogy including Libro d'Oro di Melita 2008


27-12-2008: Bishop Saviour Gaffiero; Redemptus Gauci, (1920-78), Bishop of Chiquibamba; Walter M. Ebejer, (1929-., 1st Bishop of Parana, Brazil; Cav. Prof. Salvatore Luigi Pisani CMG, 1895.; Francis X. Fenech, (1892-1969), 1st Bishop of Jhansi, India.

14-12-2008: Sammut of Mosta update.

13-12-2008: Morales and Monreale families.

12-12-2008: Bartolo update; Agius update; Marcus Agius update; Arrigo update all thanks to John Dymond.

30-11-2008: Xerri 1 update; Rossignaud update; Portelli update; Xerri update; Boffa update; Portelli 1 update; Samut update; Bonavia update; Randon update. Trapani update; Zammit update; Regnaud update; Borg update.

26-11-2008: Buttigieg update.

23-11-2008: The Flag setup of Queensland -"The question of where the Maltese cross came from"

21-11-2008: De Vassallo update.

20-11-2008: Alfred Sant update.

18-11-2008: An illegitimate child of King Edward VII of United Kingdom in Malta.

08-11-2008: Portanier update; Marchese update; Micallef update; Mifsud update; Mifsud-Bonnici update; Mintoff; Muscat-Fenech update; Paul Xuereb.

07-11-2008: Gingell addition to Cristoforo descendants.

21-10-2008: Titles granted by Grand Masters of Malta update; Feudal Titles update; Pace update;

20-10-2008: Savona update; Agius update.; Grugno update; Hellul update; Dadiani Zarb update.

19-10-2008: Cassia update.

13-10-2008: Drago extension of their ancestors.

12-10-2008: Reoganised 10 Generations of descent for myself (Charles Said-Vassallo).

06-10-2008: Ruffo Romano; Burlo.

05-10-2008: Parnis.

04-10-2008: Carbone update.

29-09-2008: Busuttil update, thanks to Vincent Ellul.

26-09-2008: Royal connection to the Counts von Zimmermann.

23-10-2008: Fabri.; thanks to Vincent Ellul.

13-09-2008: Castelletti/Lanfranco update; Vivier; Calafato/Zammit/Fabri update; Callus update; Mamo update; Mamo update 2. Azzopardi update;

12-09-2008: Sceberras update; de Lauda update; La Jacomo update.

11-09-2008: Pullicino update; Tabone update.

10-09-2008: Tonna update;

03-09-2008: Mongibello sives Montibello, Beniabino, and Ballestrera,

31-08-2008: (Special interest works):  Rulers of Ajman in UAE.; Rulers of Umm al-Qawain  in UAE.; Rulers of Fujairah in UAE.; Rulers of Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah.;  Rulers of Dubai.; Rulers of Abu Dhabi.

29-08-2008: Saint Vicente Scicluna.

28-08-2008: Cassar-Desain Update; Gerada update; Messina update; Sir Joseph Howard update; Agius update; Agius 2 update; Dr Alfred Sant update; Amato update; Dr Anton Buttigieg update; Agatha Barbara update; Bardon update; Bartolo update; Bezzina update; Marquis Bugeja update; Buhagiar update; Sir Luigi Camilleri update; Sir Joseph Carbone update; Archbishop George Caruana update; Carlo Maria Muscat update; Sir Giuseppe Calcedonio Debono; De Gateano update; Demarco update; De Pasquale update; Inglott update; Dingli update; Fenech-Adami update; Mallia update; Frendo-Azzopardi update; Mons Emmanuele Galea update; Sir Hannibal Scicluna update; Hyzler update;

21-07-2008: In Malta from 6th August until 24th August 2008.

20-07-2008: Schembri update; Azzopardi update; D'Armenia Major update.

10-07-2008: Pace update including those of Gozitan descent,; Titular Sovereigns of Cyprus.; and the publication of "A who's who of Maltese-background Persons in Australia and New Zealand", by Maurice N. Cauchi, printed by PEG Ltd. ISBN: 97806485249

27-06-2008: Short Sketch of the Maltese Nobility? by M.C.D. (1876), Lupi Update.

20-06-2008: The Bastards of Mezieres

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19-06-2008: (1) Maltese Rules of Precedence amongst the Nobility (Description of the system of precedence amongst the Maltese Nobility, as established in the 18th Century)

              (2). Other 19th Century Nobiliary Bodies in Malta

              (3) The Battle for Representation between the 'Assembly of the Maltese Nobility' and the 'Committee of Privileges of the Maltese Nobility' (The old Maltese Nobility versus the new)

              (4) 1886 Correspondence presented to House of Lords

14-06-2008: Old and Notable Families described by G.F. Abela in 1647 (The original Maltese Nobility)


08-06-2008: 1: Title of Marchese del Fiddien

                    2. Two Extracts from the Book: 'A RIDE IN EGYPT' (By W. J. LOFTIE, M.A., F.S.A., AUTHOR OF ?IN AND OUT OF LONDON,' 'A PLEA FOR ART IN THE HOUSE,' &c., &c., London and New York: MACMILLAN AND CO. 1886.)

                    3. Title of Barone di Frigenuini

05-06-2008:(Malta?s historic untitled Nobility)

02-06-2008: 'A letter from the 7th Marquis of Taflia'.

01-06-2008: Biography of Maltese titles.; The College of Arms comments regarding the Maltese Committee of Privileges since Malta became a Republic.

18-05-2008: Said update.

11-05-2008: Tanti family

10-05-2008: New Addition to Maltesefamilies: Ciccalo.

09-05-2008: Update: 1: Maltese Nobility 1878 Commisson pages 15-32.

30-04-2008: W. Cope Devereux's unhappy description of the Maltese Nobility in 1884

14-04-2008: Maltese Rugby League shirts in the promotion of Australian Rugby 100 years, With Maltagenealogy.com's logo on the shirts.

12-04-2008: The quiet usurpation of the titles 'Illustrissimo and Nobile', later 'The Most Noble '.


03-04-2008: ?The Nobles of Malta, and The Maltese Gentry holding Foreign Titles as at present existing by Geo. G.C.?A. Crispo Barbaro Marquis of St. George? Malta:- A.D. MDCCCLXX  - Download the PFD file of the book..


30-03-08: Cachia-Zammit Update., Barons of San Paolino Update. and  Barone Guglielmo de Ribera's Descendants

14-03-08: The Ancestors of Hon. Timothy Monckton of Benchley, a cadet of the Counts of Catena. (Mostly done : Ten Generations)

10-03-08: Castiglione update.

03-03-08: New Family addition: Ianvilla "sives de Joinville" family.

25-02-08: New Family addition: Spadafora family.

24-02-08: New family addition: Ventimiglia family and Moncada family.

23-02-08: New families additions:

48. Arianti family.

49. Afflitto family.

50. Malatesta family

51. Lancia family.

19-02-08: A new Edition to the site: Libro d'Oro della Nobility di Mediterranean

A list of Families to this edition.

1. Arsuf family.- Lords of Arsuf

2. d'Ibelin family - Counts of Jaffa, Lords of Rames, Mirabel, Jaffa, Beirut, Arsuf

3. Brisbarre family - Lords of Montreal, Blanchegarde, Arsuf and Beirut.

4. Bethsan family - Lords of Bethsan.

5. Garnier family - Lords of Sidon, Ceasaria.

6. de Puiset family -Lords of Jaffa.

7. Brienne family -Counts of Jaffa.

8. Nablus family - Vicomte de Nablus.

9. du Puy family - Lords of Oultrejourdain.

10. de Milly family  - Lords of Oultrejourdain and Nablus.

11. Fauquembergues family - Lords of Tiberias.

12. Bazoches family - Lords of Tiberias.

13. Bures family - Lords of Tiberias.

14. Aleman family.

15. Mandelee family.

16. Toulouse 'sives Saint Gilles' family - Counts of Tripoli.

17. Villehardouin family - Princes of Achaia.

18. d'Aulnay family - Barons of Arcadia.

19. Zaccaria family - Lords of Chios and Barons of Arcadia.

20. de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon family - Dukes of Athens.

21. Acciaiuoli family - Dukes of Athens.

22. Pallavinci family - Marquis's of Boudonitza.

23. Giustiniani family - Lords of Chios.

24. Orsini family - Counts of Kefalonia.

25. Tocco family - Counts of Kefalonia..

26. Gattilusio family - Lords of Lesbos.

27. Sanudo family - Dukes of Naxos.

28. Crispo family - Dukes of Naxos..

29. Stromoncourt family - Lords of Salona..

30.  Saint Omer family - Lords of Thebes.

31. Embriaco family - Lords of Jebail, Besmedin.

32. Barlais family.

33. Farabel family.

34. Renouard family - Lords of Nephim and Maraclea.

35. da Verona - Triarch of Eubea.

36. de Montfort - Lords of Tyre.

37. Poulain - Lords of Caiphas.

38. Charpentier - Lords of Caiphas.

39. Rethel - Kings of Jerusalem.

40. d'Aragona - Dukes of Athens.

41. Toron, Lords of Toron.

42. de Lloria family.

43. Ghisi family, Lords of Mykonos.

44. d'Aragona, Kings of Aragon, Sicily, Naples, Counts of Malta and Salona.

45. Dalle Carceri, Barons of Euboea.

46. d'Enghien family - Lords of Argos.

48. Castrioti family.


15-02-08: Major Update to Peralta family.

28-01-08: Desain addition.

27-01-08: Anthony Mifsud and Countess Melinda Andrassy de Csikszentkiraly.

26-01-08: Various updates to family trees.

01-01-2008: Welcome to a New Year of 2008.

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