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30-12-2013: de Fiore update;

29-12-2013: Maltese Families Index N. updated; Maltese Families Index O,P. updated; Maltese Families Index Q, R. updated; Maltese Families Index S. updated;  Maltese Families Index T. updated; Maltese Families Index U, V. updated; Maltese Families index W. updated; Maltese Families Index X, Y, Z. updated;

28-12-2013: Maltese Families Index F. updated; Maltese Families Index G. updated; Maltese Families Index H. updated; Maltese Families Index I. updated; Maltese Families Index J. updated; Maltese Families Index KL. updated; Maltese Families Index M. updated;

27-12-2013: Maltese Families Index C updated; Maltese Families Index D updated; Maltese Families Index E updated;

26-12-2013: Maltese Families Index A updated; Maltese Families Index B updated;

25-12-2013: Merry Christmas to one and all.

A big thank you to those that have contributed to these pages and the many readers to the site. We aim to make the site easier and continue to help where we can. The site is a free web site with thousands of genealogy. So saying that, we are a FREE SITE which aims to maintain accuracy. With your help we can maintain this for many years to come. At the end of the day, it is the CELEBRATION OF THE MALTESE PEOPLE.

22-12-2013: Galea Feriol update;

21-12-2013: Asciak update; - Thank you to Stephen Asciak.

17-12-2013: Maltese families listing: Atm  it is being reorganised with a much bigger lister of families within families.; Axisa/Axac update;

08-12-2013: The Lomellini/Lomellino olim de Lumello / Lumbello family of Genoa; Page for Other families including Crusaders, Italian, UAE and others page update.

07-12-2013: The "Inquisitor's Palace" in Birgu, Malta: originally the Norman Law Courts of Malta?;

27-11-2013: Zahra family addition within the Xuereb nobile family.

23-11-2013: Gaffiero page returns online.;

21-11-2013: Fra Joseph Bonello, Bishop of Juticalpa, Honduras ancestry; Fra Emmanuele Barbara, Bishop of Malindi Diocese in Kenya ancestry;

17-11-2013: de Mallia update;

16-11-2013: Donna Marie Said Testaferrata update;

10-11-2013: Costa update;

08-11-2013: Cachia update including the Cachia Caruana family. Big Thank you to Ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana for his imput.

31-10-2013: Paolo Farrugia, Auxiliary Bishop of Malta;

30-10-2013: Rev Joseph Spiteri, Titular Arch Bishop of Serta, Apostic Nuncio to Sri Lanka; Sylvester Magro, Bishop of Salde;

29-10-2013: Bishop Joseph Alessandro's family online;

07-10-2013: Bishop Antonio Maria Buhagiar's family update thanks to K. Manning of the USA; Deputy Lieutenants in Malta during 1815 - 1839;

05-10-2013: Saura update (including Calleja imput);

01-10-2013: Sultana update;

26-09-2013: Bardon links to Catananu of Gozo family;

25-09-2013: Testa links to the Testaferrata family; Quattromani family links into the Bonnici family.;

24-09-2013: Portughes update including Decelis inclusion;

22-09-2013: Inguanez update;

19-09-2013:  New Page: - Ros (Ross); Asciak update;

15-09-2013: Major changes to Pace of Gozo and Pace family; (Note some of the data that was in the Pace of Gozo tree is now in the Main Pace tree).

14-09-2013: New Page: - Fava formerly Manumesso.;

13-09-2013: Sammut update;

11-09-2013: The Barony of Baccari succession; The Barony of Bauvso succession; The Barony of Delimara succession; The Barony of Ghajn Rihani succession; Counts of the Byzantine Empire (Vassallo-Paleologo);

10-09-2013: Counts of Ghajn Tuffieha update; Marquis's Testaferrata Olivier update; Marquis's of Gnien is-Sultan update; Marchese Testaferrata update; Marchese Cassar Desain update;

04-09-2013: Vassallo update; a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on a property issue going back many years, a newspaper reported the Government of Malta describes the claims of Agnes Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq;

03-08-2013: Bonett addition to the Sillato family;

22-07-2013: Tabone update;

14-07-2013: Court case which lasted from 1931 till 2013;

25-06-2013: Spot the difference ???;

15-06-2013: History of the Barony of Culeja; Maltese Nobility 1878 Correspondence Commissioners Report updates in Letters;

14-06-2013: Zarb update in the Bocchio family;

05-06-2013: d'Avola update including families as Gascon and Taliana;

01-06-2013: Micallef update;

18-05-2013: Restoration Projects in Birkirkara (Malta); House in Birkirkara (Abela and Cagliares?); Picture of Malta in June 1798;

17-05-2013: Descendants of Archibald Douglas Hamilton, 9th Duke of Hamilton, 6th Duke of Brandon (including Maltese descendants);

25-04-2013: Bottari's attempt to identify the murderer of Gio Maria Cassia, last of the Barons Cassia;

23-04-2013: Titles of Bonalbergo/Buonalbergo and the Maltese family of Cumbo - Special Report ;

22-04-2013: Said Stats:

20-04-2013: Ganado update;

18-04-2013: Cumbo update, thanks to John A. Cumbo;

17-04-2013: Casha descendants, thanks to Guido Buldrini;

15-04-2013: The Imperial family of Turkey;

08-04-2013: Dr Joseph Muscat Ph.D, Prime Minister of Malta;

23-03-2013: De Pasquale update;

12-03-2013: Harding family update;

11-03-2013: New Page for Dr Joseph Muscat Ph.D, the new Prime Minister of Malta;

08-03-2013: Ellul Bonici update;

05-03-2013: Amato update, thanks to Madeleine Hiadnik;

04-03-2013: A six month Project finally Completed... The Spinola family of Genoa, finally online.;

27-01-2013: Tomaso Barbara, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary inclusion;

13-01-2013: Updated- My Ancestors (15 generations of);

12-01-2013: Female to Female descent from  Margarita de Ocra (c. 1268) to Present day;

11-01-2013: Capodiferro /Testaferrata coat of arms discussion;

: Welcome to a New Year of 2013. This year will be mostly updates, with little new works.



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