British Foreign Nobility 2

British Foreign Peerages
Online: 15-03-2022.
* Baron's d'Anstrude in the French Empire:
1. Andre-Francois Anstrude, Baron d'Anstrude, married to Marie-Henrietta de Chaune, with issue.
1.1. Francois-Cesar d'Anstrude, created Baron of the French Empire 26 April 1811, Page of the Queen, (1769-), married 1795 to Josephine Blanchet du Pius, with issue.
1.1.1. Charles Marie d'Anstrude, (1800-1838), Baron d'Anstrude, married 1826 to Marie-Antoinette Videt de la Faye, with issue. Louis-Gaston d'Anstrude, (1828 -), Baron d'Anstrude, married to Marie Adelaide Guyard de Balon, with issue. Gonzalve d'Anstrude. Marie Yseult d'Anstrude, married to Vicomte Paul de Livron. Bathilde d'Anstrude, married 1875 to Gaston de la Haye. Genevive d'Anstrude. Marie Frederique d'Anstrude, married 1854 to Marie Anne Philippe de Thomassin. Marie Jospehine d'Anstrude, married to Roger Alexaandre, Comte de Dormy.
1.1.2. Blanche d'Anstrude, married 1813 to Louis, Comte de Foudras.

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* Baron later Comte  Bourke in the French Empire:
1. Richard Bourke, married to Mary Jacquette St John, with issue.
1.1.  John Charles Raymond Bourke, (1772 -1847), created 16 January 1808, Baron de l'Empire, Comte par lettres patentes de 1821..
1.2. Louis Francis Bourke.
1.3. James Florent Bourke, (d. 1827).
1.4. Mary Bridget Bourke.
1.5. Mary Anne Bourke.
1.6. Anne Adelaide Bourke, married to Simon Joly du Rosgrand.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Baron Brown-Mill in the Kingdom of France:
1. George Browne, Laird of Priorhill, Scotland, married with issue.
1.1. Dr George Gavin Brown-Mill MD, Physician to Louis XVIII of France, created Baron hereditaire 14 april 1820, (1774 Lanarck, Scotland - 1842 Bath), married.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
2. Web site biography.


* Comte de l'Empire, Duke of Feltre in the Empire of France:

1. Thomas Clarke, (1727 - 1780), married 1764 to Marie Louise Shee, with issue.
1.1. Henry Clarke, (1765 - 1818), created Comte de l'Empire (d'Hunebourg) on 24 April 1808, Duc de Feltre on 15 August 1809, Marshall of France 1816, Amb, Minister of War 1807-1815), married (1) 1789 London (Div) to Elisabeth Charistinae Alexander, married (2) 1799 to Marie Francois Zaepffel, with issue.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Henriette Clarke de Feltre, (1790 -1831), married 1808 to Raymond de Montesquiou, Duc de Fezenzac.
1.1.2. (Second Marriage) Edgar Clarke de Feltre, (1799-1852), 2nd Duc de Feltre., dunm.
1.1.3. Arthur Clarke de Feltre, (1802-1829), dunm.
1.1.4. Alphonse Clarke de Feltre, (1807 -1850), Comte de Feltre, dunm.
1.1.5. Elphride Clarke de Feltre, (1808 -1813), d.inf.  
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.


* Barone et Comte de d'Arcy in the Kingdom of France:

1. Patrick d'Arcy, celebrated leader of Confed Catholics of Ireland, MP, (1598-1668), married to Mary French, with issue.
1.1. James d'Arcy of Kiltullagh, co Galway, (1633-1692), married to Frances Trushot, with issue.
1.1.1. Hyacinth d'Arcy,(d. 1743), married to Catherine d'Arcy, with issue. Patrick d'Arcy of Kiltullagh, married to Anne Blake, dsp. John d'Arcy, married to Jane Lynch, with issue. Hyacinth d'Arcy. John d'Arcy, married with issue. Patrick d'Arcy, created Count d'Arcy 1746, Knight of St Louis, (1725-1779), married to Jane d'Arcy, dsp., James d'Arcy of Park and of Bordeaux, married (1) to Jane Martin, married (2) to 1736 to Mary O'Shee, with issue. Richard d'Arcy, (1729-1781), created Baron d'Arcy 1780 in France, married 1782 to Jeanne Judith Kirwan, with issue. Richard Daniel d'Arcy, (1755-1831), 2nd Baron d'Arcy, succeeded as 2nd Comte d'Arcy, married 1782 to Amelie Josephe Marie de Folard, with issue. Pierre Alfred d'Arcy, (1802-1881), 3rd Comte d'Arcy, married 1832 to Napoleone Josephine de Cramayel, with issue. Winifred Rene Auguste d'Arcy, (1833-1926), 4th Comte d'Arcy, married 1861 to Charlotte Elizabeth de Pelacot, with issue. Pierre Marie Patrice d'Arcy, (1862-1930), 5th Comte d'Arcy, married 1895 to Leontine Marie Madeline Welles de la Vallette, with issue. Norman Wilifrid Louis d'Arcy, (1897-1958), 6th Comte d'Arcy, married 1926 to Aliette Marie de Tournemire, with issue. Patrick Martyn Francis d'Arcy, (1928-, 7th Comte d'Arcy, married 1955 to Suzanne Vabre, with issue. Richard Andrew d'Arcy, (1961-. Christopher d'Arcy, (1964-. Annette d'Arcy, (1959-. Samuel Hollis Richard d'Arcy, (1929-, married 1956 to Isabelle de Montbron, with issue. Bruno d'Arcy, (1958-. Mark d'Arcy, (1960-. Quentin d'Arcy, (1964-. Marie-Dominique d'Arcy, (1957-. Anne Claire d'Arcy, (1961-. Francesca d'Arcy, (1962 -. Dominic d'Arcy, (1936-. Michael d'Arcy, (1937 -, married 1961 to Kathleen O'Hanlon, with issue. Simon John d'Arcy, (1964-. Paul Andrew d'Arcy, (1966-. Marie Claire d'Arcy, (1962-. Philippa Marie d'Arcy, (1963-. Gerald d'Arcy, (1938-,. married 1961 to Elizabeth Potter, with issue. Peter Anthony d'Arcy, (1963-. Cecilia d'Arcy, (1961-. Janice d'Arcy, (1962-. Claire-Elisabeth-Marie d'Arcy, (1927-, married 1950 to Jean Jacques Cornut-Gentille. Benedicte Marie Agnes d'Arcy, (1931-, married 1955 to Carlo Martinolli. Marie Bernadette Marguerite d'Arcy, (1932-, married 1956 to Baron Christian d'Auzers. Adelyse Magdeleine Marie d'Arcy, (1934-. Samuel Hollis Alfred d'arcy, DSO, (1898-1918), dunm. Elizabeth-Leonie Madeline d'Arcy, (1899-, 'Nun'. Leontine Marguerite Raymonde, (1903 -, married 1937 to Pierre Henault. Robert d'Arcy, (1862-), married 1899 to Jeanne de Vilbardet, with issue. Francois d'Arcy, (1875-1918), married 1908 to Henriette le Febvre, with issue. Joseph d'Arcy, (1872-). Louis d'Arcy, (1880-). Eugene d'Arcy, succeeded as 3rd Baron d'Arcy, (1806-1891), married with issue. N. d'Arcy, 4th Baron d'Arcy, married with issue. Richard d'Arcy, (1864-, 5th Baron d'Arcy, married 1910 to Lucie Huyot, with issue. Pierre d'Arcy, (1866-., married to Jeanne T'Kint de Roodenbeke. Francois d'Arcy, (1875 -, married to 1906 to N de Martin-Donos. Andre d'Arcy, (1877-. Daniel d'Arcy, married 1888 to Charlotte de Larminat, with issue. Jean d'Arcy, (1891-.
1.1.2. Anne d'Arcy, married to Charles Daly.
1.1.3. Frances d'Arcy, married (1) to Capt Ulick Burke, married (2) Lieut Francis d'Arcy.
1.1.4. Bridget d'Arcy, married to Cllr Dillon.
1.1.5. Clare d'Arcy, dunm.
1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* Comte de l'Empire in the Empire of France:
1. Vincent Dalton of Knockelly, Ireland, married to Bridget Hacket, with issue.
1.1. William Dalton, (1734-1809), married 1766 to Marie-Louise Coilliot, with issue.
1.1.1. Helen Dalton, (1767-., married to Walter Hussey.
1.1.2. Louise-Marie Henriette Dalton, (1770-72), d.inf.
1.1.3. James William Dalton, (1771-1801)., dunm.
1.1.4. Jean Wulfran d'Alton, Comte de l'Empire 1812, (d. 1825), married 1801 to Francoise Shee, Baronne Shee de Lignieres, with issue. Edouard d'Alton-Shee, Comte de l'Empire, (1810-74), married 1856 to Valentine Marquaire, with issue. Rene Andre d'Alton, Comte de l'Empire, (1855-. Paul d'Alton. Roger d'Alton. Caroline d'Alton, (1803-1882)., married 1818 to Maximilien Jaubert. Amelia d'Alton, (1802 -)., married to Armand Fauquez.
1.1.5. Edouard Dalton, (1775-1793)., dunm.
1.1.6. Alexandre Dalton, (1776-1859), Baron de l'Empire 1809, Comte d'Alton 1815, married 1803 to Reine Elisabeth Baton, with issue. Laetitia d'Alton, (1810-1874)., married 1834 to Pierre Henri Chatard. Aimee d'Alton, (1811-1881)., married 1861 to Paul de Musset. Alfred d'Alton, (1815-1866)., Comte d'Alton, married 1849 to Anne Charlotte Josephine Bonnafos de la Tour, with issue. Catherine d'Alton, (1851-1926)., married 1878 to Louis Henry. William d'Alton, (1853-1921)., Comte d'Alton, married with issue. Charles Proosper d'Alton, (1857-1931), married 1884 to Anne de la Roque-Ordan, with issue. Constance d'Alton, (1821-1893), married 1842 to Alphonse Limoges.
1.1.7. Miles Dalton, (1780-).  
1.1.8. Catherine Dalton, (1783-).  
1.1.9. Constance Dalton, (1784-).
1.1.10. Henriette Dalton, (1787-).
1.1.11. Esther Dalton, (1789-)., married 1812 to Henry Brulley, Baron des Hallieres de Saint-Remy.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.


* Conte de la Poer in the Papal States:

1. John William Power, de Jure 17th Baron de Power and Coroghmore, (1816-1851), married 1840 to Frances Power, with issue.
1.1. Edmond James de Poher de la Poer, (1841-1915), de jure 18th Baron de Power and Coroghmore, created Count de la Poer, 19 August 1864 in the Papal States., married 1881 to Hon Mary Olivia Monsell, with issue.
1.1.1. Conte John William Rivallon de Poher de la Poer, (1882-1939), de jure 19th Baron de Power and Coroghmore, 2nd Count de la Poer, married 1907 to Muriel Henrietta Louisa Best, with issue. Conte Edmond Robert Arnold de la Poer, (1911-, de jure 20th Baron de Power and Coroghmore, 3rd Count de la Poer, married 1937 to Rosemary Ann Capel Piers, dsp. Conte John Piers Anthony de la Poer, (1916-43), married 1939 to Felicity Veevers Carters, with issue. Conte Anthony Edmond de la Poer, (1940 -, married 1964 to Elisabeth Mary Hurndall, with issue. Conte Richard James Edmond de la Poer, (1969-. Contessa Catherine Mary de la Poer, (1970-. Contessa Emma Louise de la Poer, (1974 -. Conte Nigel Kevin de la Poer, (1941-. Contessa Frances Elinor Mary de la Poer, (1908-, married 1933 to Cmdr Geoffrey Fortuscue Mandesville, RN. Contessa Patricia Mary de la Poer, (1909-, married 1940 to Capt Denis Armstrong, RASC., dsp. Contessa Mary Valerie Meynella de la Poer, (1914-, married 1941 to Brig. Rowland Charles Symonds. Contessa Denise Yseult Mary de la Poer, (1919-, married 1939 to Major James Henry Wilkinson, MC.
1.1.2. Conte Cmdr Edmond Alan tremeur de Poher de la Poer., (1883-1964), married 1914 to Marguerite Kathleen Gerard Walmesley, with issue. Conte John Humphrey Arnold de la Poer, (1916 -, married 1945 to Sheila Mary MacFadyen, with issue. Conte Edmond William Piers de la Poer, (1947 -. Conte John Tremeur de la Poer, (1951-. Conte Julian Gaston de la Poer, (1957 -. Contessa Caroline Ann de la Poer, (1949-. Contessa Trifine Kathleen de la Poer, (1918-, married 1948 to Major Patrick Angus Turner, MC, TD, FRICS. Contessa Peggy Anne de la Poer, (1924 -, married 1951 to Michael Joseph Reidy.
1.1.3. Conte William Stephen Arnold Tremeur de Pher de la Poer, (1885-1936), dunm.
1.1.4. Conte Elinor Mary Trifine de Poher de la Poer, (1884 - 1973), married 1907 to Humphrey Frederick Weld.
1.1.5. Contessa Ermyngarde Berthe Frances de Poher de la Poer, (1887-1967), married 1908 to Frederick Barnard Elliot CBE.
1.1.6. Contessa Mary Frances Yseult de Poher de la Poer, (1889-), married 1917 to Col Arthur Murray Duthie, DSO, OBE.
1.2. John Power de la Poer, (1842-1851), d.inf.
1.3. William Gervase Power de la Poer, (1843-1922), married 1879 to Mary Anastasia Power-Lalor, dsp.
1.4. Raymond Power de la Poer, (1846-1922), married 1873 to Emily Frances Lloyd, dsp.
1.5. Arnold Power de la Poer, (1849-1883), dunm.
1.6. Harriette Anastasia Power de la Poer, married 1870 to Gen Sir Charles John Stanley Gough, VC.
1.7. Mary Power de la Poer, married 1867 to Samuel Perry, DL.
1.8. Anastasia Power de la Poer, married 1875 to Sir John Nugent, 3rd Bt.
1.9. Frances Vincent Power de la Poer, married 1881 to 2nd Baron Emly.
1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* Baron de Robeck in the Kingdom of Sweden:
1. Jakob Constantin Fock, (1724-1803), created Baron de Robeck by King Frederick I of Sweden in 1750 to all his male descendants., married with issue.
1.1. John Henryn Fock, (1753-1817), 2nd Baron de Robeck, married 1789 to Anne Fitz-Patrick, with issue.
1.1.1. John Michael Henry Fock, (1790-1846), 3rd Baron de Robeck, married (1) 1820 (Div 1828), married to Hon Margaret Lawless, married (2) 1830 to Elizabeth Henry, with issue. (First Marriage) John Henry Edward Fock, (1823-1904), 4th Baron de Robeck, of Gowran Grange, Naas, co Kildare, married 1856 to Sophia Charlotte Burton, with issue. Henry Edward William Fock, (1859-1929), 5th Baron de Robeck, married 1886 to Anne Cranston Alexander, with issue. Brig. John Henry Edward Fock, (1895-1965), 6th Baron de Robeck, married 1940 to Katherine Simpson, with issue. Martin John Michael Fock, (1941- 1996), 7th Baron de Robeck, married 1969 to Denise Caroline Iris Walker, with issue. Charles John Martin Fock, (1973 -, 8th Baron de Robeck. Baroness Kate Gunilla Rusabel Fock, (1970 -). Baroness Melissa Fock. Baron Richard FitzPatrick Fock, (1943-, married 1971 to Jennet Elisabeth Heaton, with issue. Baroness Rosemary Katherine Fock, (1972-. Baroness Fiona Caroline Fock, (1974-. Baron Bernard Lorenzo Fock, (1898-1937), married 1932 to Hon Ethel Peggy Cuncliffe, with issue. Baron Bryan Michael Fock, (1936-. Baron Hugh Alexander Fock, (1941-. Baron Michael Charles Fock, (1903-1922), dunm. Baroness Dorothy Zoe Fock, (1888-1964), married 1910 to Major Digby Robert Peel. Baroness Olave Harriet Fock, (1890-1966), married 1921 to Brig. Robert Peel Waller, DSP, MC. Baroness Muriel Elisabeth Fock, (d. 1934), married 1933 to Michael A. Bentley. Baron Sir John Michael Fock, 1st and Last Baronet, GCB, KCB, GCMG, GCVO, (1862-1928), married 1922 to Hilda Maud Macdonald-Moreton, dsp. Baron Richard FitzPatrick Fock, (1864-65), d.inf. Baron William Fock, (1868-). Baron Charles Richard Fock, (1871-1930), married 1894 to Louisa Emily Warren, dsp. Baron Bernard Edward Fock, (1876-1877), d.inf. Baroness Emily Anne Fock, married 1878 to Lt-Col Thomas de Burgh, DL. Baroness Gertrude Elizabeth Fock, (d. 1935), dunm. Baroness Coralie Annette Helen Georgiana Fock, (d. 1879), d.inf. Baroness Zoe Anna Judith Fock, married 1890 to Major William Francis Tremayne. Baroness Anna Maria Fock, (1821-1868), married 1848 to William James Levinge. Baroness Gertrude Elizabeth Fock, (1826-1844), dunm. (Second Marriage) Baron Hastings St John Fock, (1832-1868), married 1861 to Mary Catherine Atherstone, with issue. Baroness Geraldine Grace Fock. Baroness Emily Olivia Fock, married 1868 to Marley Carolin. Baron Fitzpatrick Fitzgerald Fox Fock, (1834-). Baron Rawdon Charles Patrick Fock, (1835-1867), dunm. Baron Gowran William Barnaby Fock, (1836-1887), dunm. Baron George Henry Fock, (1839-1918), dunm. Baron Charles Louis Constantine Fock, (1841-1917), married 1882 to Elinor Maude Okeden, with issue. Baroness Nesta Mary Emily Fock, (1886-). Baron Augustus Fitzgerald Fock, (1843-).

1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
2. The de Robecks of Gowrans Grange, co. Kildare web site
* Counts of the Holy Roman Empire;
1. Anton de Salis of Soglio, (1649-1724), married Perpetua a Planta, with issue. 
1.1. Peter de Salis, Seigneur of Oberaich and Engishhofen, created Count of the Holy Roman Empire by Emperor Franz I 12 March 1748., married to Margarita de Salis-Soglio, with issue. 
1.1.1. Jeronme de Salis, 2nd Count de Salis, (1709-1794), married 1735 to Hon Mary Fane, with issue. Count Charles de Salis, (1736-1784), dunm. Count Peter de Salis, (1738-1807), 3rd Count de Salis, married (1) to Elisabeth de Salis, (d. 1764), married (2) to Anna de Salis, (d. 1767), married (3) to Anna de Salis, (d. 1830), with issue. (Third Marriage) Count Jerome de Salis, (1771-1836), 4th Count de Salis, 1809 granted royal License to use title in England, married (1) 1797 to Sophia Drake, married (2) 1806 to Penelope Freeman, married (3) 1810 to Henrietta Foster, with issue. (First Marriage) Peter John de Salis, (1799-1870), 5th Count de Salis, married (1) 1821 to Henrietta Charlotte de Sennarclens, married (2) 1824 to Cecilia Henrietta Margaret Bourgeois, with issue. John Francis William de Salis., (1825-1871), 6th Count de Salis, married 1862 to Amelia Frances Tower, with issue. Sir John Francis Charles Fane de Salis., (1864-1939), 7th Count de Salis, KCMG, CVO, married 1890 to Comtesse Helene Marie de Riquet, with issue. John Eugene de Salis, (1891-1949), 8th Count de Salis, married 1947 to Mary Camilla Presti, with issue. John Bernard Philip Humbert de Salis, (1947-, 9th Count de Salis, married 1973 to Contessa Samaritana di Serego della Scala. Count Anthony de Salis, (1897-1952), married 1925 to Francoise de la Panouse, with issue. Count Charles de Salis, (1930-, married 1960 to Carolyn Mary Constable Maxwell, with issue. Countess Isobel Oriane Clare de Salis, (1961-. Countess Frances Mary de Salis, (1963-. Countess Julia de Salis, (1968-. Countess Theresa de Salis, (1970-. Count Francis Michael de Salis, (1933-, married to Bridget Carola Bernard. Countess Helen Clare de Salis, (1926-, married 1952 to Col. Archibald Ian Souglas Fletcher, OBE. Countess Joan Mary de Salis, (1928-, married 1950 to Gerald Armstrong Payn. Count Peter Francis de Salis, (1902-, married 1934 to 1934 to Winifred Alice d'Anyers Willis, with issue. Count Richard John de Salis, (1935-, married 1959 to Susan Elizabeth Thompson, with issue. Count Peter John Francis de Salis, (1963-. Countess Elizabeth Mary de Salis, (1961-. Countess Jane Sarah de Salis, (1962-. Countess Anne Frances de Salis, (1970-. Count Bernard Peter de Salis, (1936-, married 1967 to Monica Juanita Tatton Bower dei Conti della Catena, with issue. Count Nicholas George de Salis, (1938-, married 1964 to Norma Christine Dennis,. with issue. Count Alexander de Salis, (1969-. Count Christian Henry de Salis, (1973-. Count Thomas Peter de Salis, (1950-. Count Henry Rodolph de Salis, (1866-1936), amice, married 1893 to Alice Mary Lambert., dsp. Countess Catherine Sophia de Salis, (1863-1915), married 1895 to Thomas George Hare. Count Peter de Salis, (1827-1919), married (1) 1868 to Adele L'Huillier, married (2) 1874 to Agnes Louisa La Trobe, with issue. (Second Marriage) Countess Elisabeth Sophie de Salis, (1880-), married 1901 to Godefroy, Barone de Blonay. Count George Aloys de Salis, (1829-1866), dunm. Count Robert John Drake de Salis, (1837-1911), married 1870 to Elisabeth de Tscharner, with issue. Countess Anna Sophia Elizabeth de Salis, (1832-1916), married 1858 to Gaudenz, Baron de Salis-Seewis. (Second Marriage) Countess Sophia Juliana Penelope de Salis, (1807-1886), married 1831 to William Filgate, JP. (Third Marriage) Count Lt-Gen Rudollph Leslie de Salis, (1811-1880), CB., married 1875 to Augusta Letitia Derville, dsp. Count William Andrew de Salis, (1812-1896), married 1859 to Emily Harriette Mayne, dsp. Count Hon. Leopold Fabius de Salis, MLA, NSW, Australia, (1816-1898), married 1844 to Charlotte Macdonald, with issue. Count John Henru Anthony de Salis, (1819-1894), married 1848 to Julia Stanley Palmer, with issue. Count Henry Jerome Richard de Salis, (1851-1890), dunm. Count Arthur Leopold Shum de Salis, (1853-1854), d.inf. Countess Georgiana Henrietta de Salis, 91849-1926), married 1867 to Lt-Col John Arthur Garratt. Countess Eva Letitia Mary de Salis, (1857-1948), dunm. Count Charles Lewis de Salis, (1821-1845), Page to Queen Charlotte 1835., dunm. Count Rev Henry Jerome Augustine de Salis, (1828-1915), married 1853 to Grace Elizabeth Henley, with issue. Countess Catherina Barbara de Salis, (1814-1869), married 1832 to 2nd Baron de Tabley. Countess Henrietta Emma de Salis, (1824-1863), married 1859 to Col Thomas Chaloner Bisse Challoner, dsp. Count Johannes de Salis, (1776-1855), Count de Salis-Soglio-Bondo, married 1832 to Countess Elisabeth de Salis-Zizers, dsp. Countess Maria de Salis, d.inf. Count William de Salis, (1739-1750), dunm. Count Rev Henry Jerome de Salis, (1740-1810), married 1777 to Julia Blosset, dsp. 
1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* Counts of Skenninge in the Kingdom of Sweden;
1. Sir James Douglas, created 1381 1st Baron of Morton of Nithsdale (Dalkeith), in the Kingdom of Scotland, (d. 1441), married (1) 1387 to Princess Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of King Robert III of Scots, married (2) to Janet Borthwick, with issue.
1.1. (First Marriage) James Douglas, 2nd Baron of Morton in Nithsdale (Dalkeith), (1410-1456), married to Elizabeth Gifford, with issue.
1.1.1. James Douglas, (d. 1492), created 1st Earl of Morton 1457 in Scotland, married 1459 to Princess Joan of Scotland, daughter of King James I of Scots, with issue. John Douglas, (1466-1511), 2nd Earl of Morton, married 1493 to Janet Crichton, with issue. James Douglas, (d. 1548), 3rd Earl of Morton, married 1507 to Catherine Stewart, illegitimate daughter of King James IV of Scotland, with issue. Lady Margaret Douglas, married to 2nd Earl of Arran, Duc de Chatelherault, Regent of Scotland. Lady Beatrix Douglas, married to 6th Lord Maxwell. Lady Elizabeth Douglas, married 1543 to James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton., Regent of Scotland. Hon Richard Douglas, married with issue. William Douglas. James Douglas. Lady Elizabeth Douglas, married to Robert, Lord Keith. Lady Agnes Douglas, married to 5th Lord Livingston. Hon James Douglas, (c. 1466, 1480). Lady Janet Douglas, married to Sir Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell. Lady Elizabeth Douglas, (c. 1479).
1.2. (Second Marriage) Sir William Douglas, 1st of Whittinghame, (1440-1484), married (1) to Euphemia N, married (2) to Margaret Fleming, with issue.
1.2.1. (First Marriage) Sir William Douglas, 2nd of Whittinghame, (d. 1527)., married to Janet Matheson, with issue. William Douglas, 3rd of Whittinghame, (1510-1572)., married to Elizabeth Lauder, with issue. Sir William Douglas, 4th of Whittinghame, (1535-1589), married 1568 to Elizabeth Maitland, with issue. Anne Douglas., married to Sir William Douglas, 9th of Cavers. Sir Archibald Douglas, 5th of Whittinghame, (d. 1632). Patrick Douglas of Standingstone, (d. 1626)., married to Christine Leslie, with issue. Robert Douglas, (1611 Standinstone, Scotland - 1662 Stockholm, Sweden), created Baron in Sweden 1651, Count of Skenninge 1654 in Sweden., married 1645 to Countess Hedwig Morner, with issue. Count Vilhelm Douglas, (1646-1674), 2nd Count of Skenninge, married 1673 to Countess Ebba Charlotte Lwenhaupt, dsp. Count Gustavus Douglas, (1648-1705), 3rd Count of Skenninge, married 1680 to Countess Beata Margareta Stenbock, with issue. Count Vilhem Douglas, (1683-1763), 4th Count of Skenninge., married 1715 to Maria Houtman, with issue. Count Johan Vilhelm Douglas, (1718-1770), 5th Count of Skenninge., dunm. Count Vilhelm Otto Douglas, (1721-1776), 6th Count of Skenninge., married 1749 to Countess Eleanore Louise Sophie zu Dohna-Carwinden, with issue. Countess Vilhelmina Douglas., maried to N. Ehrenborg. Count Robert Delphicus Douglas, (1751-1810), 7th Count of Skenninge., married 1791 to Anna Beata Hellstedt, dsp. Count Carl Vilhelm Douglas, (1754-1822), 8th Count of Skenninge., married 1783 to Maria Catherina Montgomery, with issue. Count Vilhelm Christoffer Douglas, (1784-1844), 9th Count of Skenninge., married 1822 to Baroness Magdalena Lagerfelt, with issue. Count Carl Israel Vilhelm Douglas, (1824-1898), 10th Count of Skenninge, married 1848 to Countess Louise von Lagerenstein und Gondelshelm, with issue. Count Charles Louis Guillaume Douglas, (1848-1908), 11th Count of Skenninge., married 1899 to Waleska Weis, dsp. Count Ludwig Vilhelm Douglas, (1849-1916), 12th Count of Skenninge., married 1876 to Countess Anna Ehrensvard, with issue. Countess Anna Louisa Douglas, (1878-1964)., married 1901 to Theodor, Baron Adelsward. Count Karl Robert Douglas, 13th Count of Skenninge, (1880-1955)., married (1) 1906 to Sophia de Fine Blaauw, married (2) 1939 to HM, Queen Auguste Victoria of Portugal, Princess of Hohenzollern, with issue. (First Marriage) Count Wilhelm Carl Douglas, (1907-1987), 14th Count of Skenninge., married 1937 to Baroness Ursula von Ellrichshausen, with issue. Countess Madeleine Luise Douglas, (1939 -., married (1) 1961 (Div 1968) to Christop von Malaise, married (2) 1973 (Div) to John Denham, married (3) 2006 to Sir Raymond Hoffenberg. Countess Gunilla Antoinie Douglas, (1941-., married 1965 (Div 1985) to Peter Henry Stanley. Count Axel Alfred Douglas, (1943 -., 15th Count of Skenninge, married (1) 1970 (Div 1974) to HH, Princess Johanna zu Sayn Wittgenstein Hohenstein, married (2) 1976 (Div 2003) to Karen von Kuhlmann, married (3) 2003 to Johanna Ernest, with issue. (First Marriage) Countess Leonille Douglas, (1972 -, married 2006 to Philipp Constantin, 5th Prince zu Stolberg Wernigerode. (Second Marriage) Count Richard Douglas, (1977-1979), dunm. Countess Caroline Douglas, (1979-. Countess Desiree Douglas, (1981 -. Countess Madeleine Douglas, (1985 -. Count Hubertus Wilhelm Douglas, (1952 -., married 1978 to Teresa von Oppen, with issue. Count Clemens Douglas, (1980 -. Count Benedikt Douglas, (1982 -. Count Nicolas Douglas, (1988-. Count Moritz Douglas, (1992 -. Count Ludwig Friedrich Douglas, (1909-1979)., married (1) 1936 to Anne Marie Staehelin, married (2) 1942 to Edith Straehi, with issue. (First Marriage) Count Patrick Morton Douglas, (1938 - 2010)., married (1) 1967 (Div 2003) to Baroness Alexandra Margarete von Berlichingen, married (2) 2003 to Helga Ambros, with issue. (First Marriage) Countess Christina Desiree Douglas, (1973 -., married 2008 to HH, Prince Carl Christian zu Solm Hohensolms Lich. Count Robin Douglas, (1978 -. Count Christopher Douglas, (1985 -. Count Benedike Douglas, (1985 -. Countess Catherina Lovisa Douglas, (1941 -., married (1) 1972 to Russell Layland, married (2) 1976 to Alain le Menestrel, married (3) to Christop von Malaise. (Second Marriage) Countess Beatrice Douglas, (1944 -., married 1965 to Count Maria Rudolf von Blanckenstein. Count Chrisoph Archibald Douglas, (1948 -., married 1984 to Bergit Oetker, with issue. Countess Marie Catherine Douglas, (1985 -. Count Ludwig John Douglas, (1986 -. Count Leopold Douglas, (1989 -. Count Gosta Otto Douglas, (1914-., married 1949 to Meilikki Helmi Tapiovaara, with issue. Countess Marietta Louise Douglas, (1950-., married 1982 to Tomas Jacobson. Count Carl Robert Douglas, (1954 -, married 1981 (Div) to Countess Isabella Eugenia Deym von Stritez, with issue. Count Delphicus Alexander Douglas, (1983 -. Countess Anna Maria Katherina Douglas, (1921 -1963), married (1) 1944 (Div 1962) to Count Dr Dennis von Bieberstein Krasicki von Siecin, married (2) 1962 to Zygmunt von Michalow Michalowski. Count Albert Archibald Douglas, (1882-), d.inf. Count Wilhelm Archibald Douglas, (1883-1960)., married 1907 to Astri Henschen, with issue. Count Carl Ludwig Douglas, (1908-1961)., married 1935 to Ottora Maria Haas-Heye, with issue. Count Gustaf Archibald Douglas, (1938 -., married 1963 to Baroness Elisabeth von Essen, with issue. Count Carl Frederick Douglas, (1965 -. Count Erik Gustaf Douglas, (1968 -. Countess Elizabeth Christina Douglas, (1940-., married 1967 to HRH, Prince Max Emanuel of Bavaria, Duke in Bavaria. Countess Dagmar Rosita Douglas, (1943 -., married 1972 (Div) to John Spencer Churchill, 11th Duke of Marlborough. Count Carl Philipp Douglas, (1945 -., married 1968 to Birgitta Blomstedt, with issue. Countess Madeleine Ebba Douglas, (1971-. Countess Marie Alexandria Rosita Douglas, (1972 -., married (1) 2002 (Div 2008) to George David, married (2) to Tim Moufarrige. Count Patric Alexander Douglas, (1975-., married 2010 to Marie Nilsson, with issue. Countess Nathalie Douglas, (2009 -. Countess Gabrielle Douglas, (2011-. Count Gosta Archibald Douglas, (1910-1992)., married 1945 to Baroness Margaret Christina Lagerfelt, with issue. Countess Christina Augusta Douglas, (1946 -. Count Carl Axel Douglas, (1949 -., married 1992 to HI & RH, Archduchess Walburga of Austria, with issue. Count Mauritz Douglas, (1994 -. Count Richard Morton Douglas, (1952 -., married 1977 to Amrita Ghosh, with issue. Countess Anna Christina Douglas, (1981-. Countess Madeleine Douglas, (1987 -. Count Jakob Morton Douglas, (1912 -., married 1949 to Ewa Lenneman, with issue. Countess Astri Beata Cecilia Douglas, (1952-., married 1986 to Dr Bo Anderberg. Countess Ewa Anna Douglas, (1955-., married 1987 to Gabriel Danielsson. Countess Maud Helen Marqaretha Douglas, (1958 -. Count Gustaf Ludwig Douglas, (1917-1934), dunm. Countess Hedvig Ingeborg Douglas, (1886-1983)., married (1) 1906 (Div 1931) to Count Charles Fouche, 6th Duc d'Oltrante, married (2) 1931 to Professor Ivar Justus Tengbom. Count Carl Scholto Douglas, (1888-1946)., married 1919 to Maria von Schlichting, with issue. Countess Hedwig Christina Douglas, (1923 -1968)., married 1945 to Sten, Baron Baner. Countess Marie Madeleine Douglas, (1927 -., married 1949 to Hans, Baron Ramel. Countess Ellen Maria Douglas, (1892-1987)., married 1927 (Div 1937) to Martin Mansson. Count Oscar Wilhelm Douglas, (1896-1991), married 1926 to Dagmar Isa Skarstedt, with issue. Count Jacob Ludwig Douglas, (1927-., married 1950 to Hedvig Thielers, with issue. Countess Christina Hedvig Douglas, (1951-., married (1) 1973 (Div) to Carl Johann Winberg, married (2) 1986 to Arturo Mathieu. Count Wilhelm Gustaf Douglas, (1956 -., married 1982 to Marie Louise Wener, with issue. Count Joachim Oscar Douglas, (1983 -. Countess Wilhelmina Louise Douglas, (1985-. Count Jacob Douglas, (1989 -. Count Gustaf Otto Douglas, (1930-., married (1) 1956 (dIV 1979) to Marianne Backstrom, married (2) 1980 (Div 1996) to Eva Britta Bibring, with issue. (First Marriage) Countess Cecilia Catherina Douglas, (1960-., married 2006 to Saul Perez Vaidez. Count Carl Jacob Douglas, (1962-., married 1998 to Feiomen Jatta, with issue. Count Alexander Louis Douglas, (1999-. (child with Unknown) Leslie Oskar Samuel Douglas, (1992-. Countess Anna Dagmar Louise Douglas, (1936 -., married 1960 to Lars Christofferson. Countess Maria Wilhelmina Douglas, (1941 -., married 1967 to Eugen Maximilian, Baron von Redwitz. Countess Magdalena Sophia Douglas, (1852-1899)., married 1888 to Baron Hans Michael Gottiob Malio von Meyern-Hohenberg. Countess Catherina Douglas, (1852-1893)., married 1874 to Baron Heinrich Christian Carl Gayling von Altheim. Countess Maria Augusta Douglas, (1854-1923)., married 1903 to carl, Count von der Goltz. Count Friedrich Gustaf Douglas, (1859-1921), dunm. Count Charles Douglas, (1786-1788), d.inf. Count Gustavus Douglas, (1757 -), d.inf. Count Gustavus Otto Douglas, (1759-1830)., dunm. Count John Frederic Douglas, (1761-1762), d.inf. Count Gustaf Otto Douglas, (1687-1771)., married 1715 to Helene von Schlippenbach, with issue. Count Robert Douglas, Count Douglas, married 1751 to Maret Juliana von Knorring, with issue. Count Frederic Anton Douglas., dunm. Count Robert Douglas, (1754-1818), Count Douglas, Lord of Albu, Jogisoo e Johvi, 3rd Count of Albu., married 1778 to Countess Sofie Leonore von Mohrenschildt, with issue. Countess Juliane Leonore Douglas, (1781-1833), married 1798 to Count Aleksanteri von Igelstroem, 2nd Count von Kabina. Count N. Douglas, d.inf. Count Charles Douglas, (1688-), d.inf. Count Axel Douglas, (1689-1693), d.inf. Count Robert Adolphus Douglas, (1690-1712)., dunm. Count James Douglas, (1693-1710)., dunm. Countess Beata Margareta Douglas, (1694-1773)., married 1715 to Baron Gabriel Falkenberg. Count Charles Douglas, (1699-1700), d.inf. Count John Gabriel Douglas, (1700-1729), dunm. Count Adolphus Douglas, (1651-1674), dunm. Countess Christina Douglas, (1652-1712)., maried 1680 to Gustaf Adolf Oxenstierna af Korsholm och Wasa. Count Charles Douglas, (1656 - 1678 Paris)., dunm. Count Robert Douglas, (1662-1665), d.inf. William Douglas, Treasuer of Moray., married to Elizabeth Cranston, with issue. Isobel Douglas, married to Sir Arthur Douglas, 7th of Whittinghame. James Douglas. Rev John Douglas, (d. 1653). Sir James Douglas of Whittinghame. Richard Douglas, (d. 1624)., married to Lady Cristian Douglas. Patrick Douglas. John Douglas. Archibald Douglas., married to Lady Jean Hepburn, with issue. John Douglas. Robert Douglas. Richard Douglas. Patrick Douglas.
1.2.2. Katherine Douglas., married to Archibald Napier, 4th of Merchistoun.
1.2.3. (Second Marriage) James Douglas.
1.2.4. George Douglas.
1.3. (First Marriage) Henry Douglas, married to Lady Margaret Douglas, with issue.
1.3.1. Hugh Douglas of Borg, (c. 1474).

1. The Complete Peerage, 1936 , Doubleday, H.A. & Lord Howard de Walden.
* Marchese di Castel Thomond of Bolsena in the Papal city;
1.Acheson Ffrench of Monivea, married 1775 to Mary Millar, with issue.  
1.1. Robert Ffrench of Monivea. co. Galway, DL, JP., (1799-1876), married 1830 to katherine Eleanore Browne, with issue.
1.1.1. Robert Ffrench, KM of Monivea, (1832-1896), married 1863 to Sophie de Kindiakov, with issue. Kathleen Emily Alexandra Ffrench, (1864 - 1938), dunm.
1.1.2. Acheson Sydney O'Brien Ffrench, (1843 - 1917), married to Annie Maria Blake, with issue. Rosamond Nichola Ffrench, (d. 1939), dunm. Annie Christine Cecilia Ffrench, married 1909 to Charles Fortescue Uniacke.
1.2. Lieut Richard Ffrench, (1799 - 1832), dunm.
1.3. Capt Lucius John Ffrench, (1801-1851), dunm.
1.4. Acheson Jeremy Sydney Ffrench, (1810-1870), married 1842 to Anna Clarke Watton, with issue.
1.4.1. Acheson Evelyn Sydney Ffrench, (1849-1896), married 1874 to Marion Christina Wilson, with issue. Evelyn Alexander Wilson Ffrench, (1878-1918), married 1908 to Blanche Violet Watson, with issue. Valentine Margaret Wilson Ffrench.
1.4.2. Edward Victor Ffrench, (1850-1907), married 1888 to Florence Adele Mantion, with issue. Murrough Humphrey de Freyne Ffrench., (1894 -. Irene Florence Ffrench, (1889-1970), married to John R. Abercromby. Sylvia Adele Ffrench, (1890-1920), married to Charles Mills.
1.4.3. Lucius Ffrench, (1852-), dunm.
1.4.4. John Ludlow Ffrench, (1860-), married with issue.
1.4.5. Henry Albert de Vreque O'Brien Ffrench, (1862 - 1933), created Marchese di Castel Thomond of Bolsena, Italy, 17 June 1895, by Pope Leo XIII, married 1890 to Winifred Thursby, with issue. Marchese Rollo Adrien Vladimir Thursby Marie Altieri Ffrench, (1892 - 1909), dunm. Marchese Conrad Fulke Thomond Ffrench, (1893 -), KM. 2nd Marchese di Castel Thomond of Bolsena, married (1) 1931 (Div 1944) to Maud Astrid Tarras-Wahlberg, married (2) 1945 to Rosalie Isabelle Baker, with issue. (First Marriage) Marchesa Christina Laetitia Ffrench, (1935-. (Second Marriage) Marchese Rollo Acheson Ffrench, (1948 -. Marchese John Valentine Ffrench, (1951 -. Marchese Alexis Evelyn Henry Ffrench, (1896 - ), married (1) 1918 (Div 1925), married to Katherine Marguerite Jackson, married (2) 1927 to Anne Rhodes Moorhouse, with issue. (First Marriage) Marchesa Jacqueline Frances Mary Ffrench, (1919 -), married (1) 1941 (Div 1950) to Alexander Stuart MacTavish, married (2) 1955 to Bernal Osborne Masse. Marchesa Winifred Gisela Yvonne Castelthomond Ffrench, (1901 -).
1.4.6. Robert Ffrench, (1864-), married and dsp.
1.4.7. Amy Ffrench, married to Anthony Rudd.
1.4.8. Nichola Frances Ffrench, married (1) to John Venour, married (2) to Gen Oscar Dayton.
1.4.9. Harriet Maria Ffrench, married to Robert Power.
1.4.10. Marianne Ffrench, married to John W. Conolly.
1.4.11. Alice Ffrench, married to Frederick Moore.
1.4.12. Anna Ffrench.
1.5. Adelaide Ffrench, married 1827 to Henry Blake.
1.6. Mary Ffrench.
1.7. Nicola Frances Charlotte Ffrench, married 1830 to Henry Martin Blake.
1.8. Louisa Henrietta Ffrench, married 1836 to William Traill, MD.
1.9. Eveline Wilhelmina Catherine Ffrench, married 1820 to Stephen Donelan.

1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* Baron de Pierrebourg in the Empire of France;
1. John Harty, of Knockainey, co. Limerick, Ireland, married to Margaret Shee, with issue.
1.1. Lt-Gen Oliver Harty, (1746-1823), created Baron de l'Empire (de Pierrebourg) 1812, married to Anne Marie de Grenveld, with issue.
1.1.1. Guillaume Henry Harty, 2nd Baron de Pierrebourg, (1796 - 1877), married to Amelie Elisabeth Gravier de Vergennes, with issue. N. Harty, d.inf. Louis-Olivier Harty, 3rd Baron de Pierrebourg, (1833-), married 1866 to Cecile Rachel Riffault, with issue. Frederic Henry Harty. Cecile Eugenie Harty, married 189o to Henru Le Bret. Marie Harty, married 1891 to Armand Jules Achille Bege, Comte Romain, married (2) to Guy Marie de Devise. Gustave Henry Harty, (1835-, married 1871 to Marguerite Heriot de Vroil, with issue. Olivier Harty, (1877-. Louis Harty, (1881-. Jacqueline Harty, (1874 -. Suzanne Harty, (1882-. Septime Harty, (d. 1871), dunm. Ernest Pierre Joseph Harty, (1845-, married to Alice Henriette Louise Thomas-Galline, with issue. Rene Olivier Harty, (1876-. Charles Harty, (1878-. Jeanne Harty, (1874-. Gabrielle Harty, (1882-. Aimery Denis Jules Harty, (1876-, married to Marguerite Lise Eugenie Thomas, with issue. Frederic Henru Harty, (1877-. Madeleine Harty, (1879-. Elisabeth Marie Harty, (1831-1854), married to M. de Bogard. Marie Julie Harty, married 1856 to Gaston de Bourge. Anna Suzanne Harty, married 1858 to Pierre Joseph Pouget de Saint Andre.
1.1.2. Julie Harty de Pierrebourg, married to Louis Andre, Vicomte de Briche.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Baron in the Kingdom of Hanover;
1. James Hawkins-Whitshed, (1761 - 1849), Adm of the Fleet, 1st Baronet, cr: 1834, GCB, created Baron of the Kingdom of Hannover by King Ernest 1843, married 1791 to Countess Sophia Henrietta Bentinck, with issue.
1.1. Baron Sir, St Vincent Keane Hawkins-Whitshed, (1801-1870), 2nd Baron and Baronet, married 1832 to Hon Elizabeth Erskine, with issue.
1.1.1. Baron James Hawkins-Whitshed, RN, (1834-1861), dunm.
1.1.2. Baron Sir St Vincent Bentinck Hawkins-Whitshed, (1827-1871), 3rd Baron and Baronet, married 1858 to Anne Alicia Handcock, with issue. Baroness Elizabeth Alicia Frances Hawkins-Whitshed, married (1) 1879 to Lt-Col Frederick Gustavus Burnaby, married (2) 1886 to John Frederick Main, MA., married (3) 1900 to Francis Bernard Aubrey Le Bond.
1.1.3. Baroness Elizabeth Sophia Hawkins-Whitshed, married 1857 to Count Lt-Gen Arthur Cavendish Bentinck.
1.1.4. Baroness Renira Hawkins-Whitshed, married 1862 to Rear-Admiral Edwin John Pollard, DL, JP.
1.2. Baroness Renira Antoinette Hawkins-Whitshed, married 1829 to Gen Count Sir Henry John William Bentinck., KCB.

1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* Barone Hyde de Neuville in the Kingdom of France, Comte de Bemposta in the Kingdom of Portugal;
1. Antony Hyde of Scotland, with issue.
1.1. James Hyde, migrated to France 1746 to Sancerre 1748, married with issue.
1.1.1. Guillaume Hyde, Sieur de Neuville, (1740 in Scotland - ), married 1770 to Marie Boyer, with issue. Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, (1776 -1857 Paris), created Baron Hyde de Neuville 1830 in the Kingdom of France, Comte de Bemposta e Grand de Portugal in the Kingdom of Portugal (c. 1828), Deputy de la Nievre 1815-16, 1822-1830), married to Anne Marguerite Rouille de Marigny, dsp. Jean Jacques Hyde de Neuville, (177801843), married 1811 New York to Marie Therese Glue d'Espinville, with issue. Marie Henriette Hyde de Neuville, (1812 - ), married 1833 to Louis Celece de Lastic Saint Jal. Pauline Henriette Hyde de Neuville, (1814- 1900), married to Alexandre Camille de Bardonnet. isabelle Hyde de Neuville, (1815-1874), married to Jacques Etienne, Baron Laurenccau. Marie Suzanne Hyde de Neuville, (1772-1775), d.inf. Marie Catherine Hyde de Neuville, (1774-), married to Isaac Etienne Delarue.

1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
2. Web site biography.
* Baronessa in the Papal States;
1. The Right Hon Richard Keatinge PC, KC, Judge, (1793-1876), married 1814 to Harriet Augusta Joseph, with issue.
1.1. Maurice Keatinge, (1815-), married 1848 to Ellen Flora Mayne, with issue. 
1.1.1. Maurice Walter Keatinge, (1868-1935), married 1899 to Rose Gwendolen Oakes, dsp. 
1.1.2. Sir Gerald Francis Keatinge, (1905-), Kt. Bach, married 1930 to Katherine Lucile Burrell, with issue. William Richard Keatinge, (1931-, married 1954 to Margaret Ellen Annette Hegarty, with issue. Geraldine Bridget Keatinge,. (1932 -, married 1961 to Ian Montague Oliver Andrews. 
1.1.3. Eleanor Flora Keatinge, (d. 1884), dunm. 
1.2. Richard Harte Keatinge, (1825-1904), CSI, VC, married (1) 1846 to Harriet Pottinger, married (2) to Julia Anna Alderson, with issue.
1.2.1. (First Marriage) Henry Pottinger Keatinge, (1860-1928), CMG, FRCS, dunm.  
1.3. William Keatinge, (1830-). 
1.4. Laura Keatinge, married 1844 to Sir John Henry Keane, 3rd Bt. 
1.5. Anne Keatinge, created Baroness Keatinge in Papal States by Pope Pius IX 16 Feb 1875., dunm. 
1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* * Marchese de Lauriston in the Kingdom of France, Comte de l'Empire;
1. Jacob Law, Baron de Brunton, married to Marie Hately, with issue.
1.1. James Law, Baron de Brunton, married to Margaret Preston, with issue.
1.1.1. William Law of Lauriston, Scotland, Baronet (d. 1688), married to Jeanne Campbell, with issue. John Law de Lauriston, (1671 - 1729 Venice), created Marquis de Lauriston c.1720 , married to 1715 to Catherine Knollys, with issue. John Law de Lauriston. Marie Catherine Law de Lauriston, (1710-1790) Andrew Law. William Law, Baron of Lauriston, (1675 -1752)., married 1716 to Rebecca Desves, with issue. John Law, Baron of Lauriston, (1719-1797). Chevalier de Saint Louis 1780., married 1755 to Jeanne de Carvalho, with issue. Jeanne Law de Lauriston, (1756-1830)., married to N. Johnson. Anne Law de Lauriston, (1761-., dunm. Jean Law de Lauriston, (1765-., dunm. Jean Guillaume Law de Lauriston, (1766-1788)., dunm. Jacques Jean Law de Lauriston, Marquis de Lauriston, (1768-1828)., created Comte de l'Empire 1808, created Marquis 1817, married 1789 to Claude Antoinette Le Duc, with issue. Auguste Law de Lauriston, (1790-1860), Marquis de Lauriston., married 1820 to Delie Jeanne Louise Carette, with issue. Alexandre Louis Law de Lauriston, (1821-1905), Marquis de Lauriston., married 1849 to Marie Pauline Lanjuinais, with issue. Henri Law de Lauriston, (1850-. Therese Law de Lauriston, (1852-1929), married 1873 to Ludovic Huralt de Vibraye. Charles Law de Lauriston, (1824-1908)., Comte de Lauriston., married 1852 to Marie Felicite Pascal, with issue. Jacques Law de Lauriston, Comte de Lauriston, (1853-1895)., married 1883 to Marie Claire Belhomme de Franqueville, with issue. Mathilde Law de Lauriston, (1886-., married 1909 to Andre Boulay de la Meurthe, Comte Boulay de la Meurthe. Yvonne Law de Lauriston, (1890-., married 1911 to Hughes de Rodez-Benavent, Vicomte de Rodez-Benavent. Odette Law de Lauriston, (1893 -. Roger Law de Lauriston, (1857-1887)., married 1885 to Jeanne Bourlier d'Ailly, dsp. Hubert Law de Lauriston, Marquis de Lauriston, (1860-1939)., married 1896 to Regine de Laugier-Villars, with issue. Antoinette Law de Lauriston, (1862-1921)., married 1885 to Edgar de moulins de Rochefort. Arthur Louis Law de Lauriston, (1829 -), Comte de Lauriston., dunm. Coralie Law de Lauriston, (1800-1891)., married 1822 to Edouard Hocquart de Turtot. Napoleon Adolphe Law de Lauriston, (1805-1866), Comte de Lauriston., dunm. Charles Lous Law de Lauriston, (1769-1849)., married to Agnes de Boubers, with issue Augusta Hyacinthe Law de Lauriston, (1814 - 1897), married 1837 to Jean Joseph Amans Pecoul. Joseph Charles Law de Lauriston, (1770-1800). Francois Jean Law de Lauriston, (1771-1822). Louis George Law de Lauriston, (1773-1834), Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur., married 1806 to Agnes de Vernely, with issue. Gustave Law de Lauriston, (1806-1887), Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. Gorges Law de Lauriston, (1808-1883). Olivier Law de Lauriston, (1809-1859). Macey Law de Lauriston, (1811-1885)., married 1833 to Jean Marion de Beaulieu, Baron Marion de Beaulieu. Hyacinthe Law de Lauriston, (1816-1899)., married 1842 to Aline noury, with issue. Georges Law de Lauriston, (1844-1914)., married 1878 to Marie Felicite Rauch, with issue. Madeleine Law de Lauriston, (1881-1959), married 1889 to Amedee Reille, Baron Reille. Edouard Law de Lauriston, (1847-1867). Aline Law de Lauriston, (1850-. Valentine Law de Lauriston, (1820-1899). Marguerite Law de Lauriston, (1823-1894)., married 1846 to Marie Alfred Ernest de Cornulier-Luciere. Charles Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1825-1909)., married 1856 to Marie Agnes de Boubers, with issue. Emmanuel Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1857-1922)., married to Gabrielle Fabre, with issue. Jean Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1884 -1945)., married 1908 to Jeanne de Gineste. Marguerite Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1887-., married 1907 to Jean de la Chalze. Charles Law de Lauriston-Boubers, Marquis de Lauriston, (1889-. Henri Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1891-., married 1922 to Alexandrine Baudon de Mony, with issue. Jacques Law de Lauriston-Bouber, (1893-1916). Elisabeth Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1861-1888)., married to Elie Paulze d'Ivoy de la Poype. Olivier Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1865-1941)., married 1890 to Berthe de Marsay, with issue. Therese Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1891-1976). Claire Law de Lauriston-Boubers, (1893-1918). Rebecca Law, (1720 -. Jeanne Mary Law, (1722 -., married 1743 to Jean Jacques de la Cour. Jacques Francois Law, created Comte de Tancarville, (1724 - 1767)., married 1751 to Marie de Carvalho, with issue. Jacques Law de Lauriston, (1758-. Marie Josephine Law., married 1767 to Louis de Bruno. Elizabeth Jeanne Law, (1725 -., married to Francois Xavier de Boisserolles. Robert Law. Hugh Law.
1.1.2. James Law of Lauriston, Baron de Brunton.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Seigneur de Sainte Barbe et Donzac e Comte de l'Empire of the French Empire;
1. John Lynch of Galway, Ireland, migrated to France 1710, (1662-1737), married to Guillaum Courtart, with issue.
1.1. Thomas Michele Lynch, (1710-1783), Seigneur de Sainte Barbe et Donzac, married to Isabella Petronilla Drouillard, with issue.
1.1.1. Jean Baptiste Lynch, (1749-1835), created Comte de l'Empire 1810, married (1) 1779 to Marie Claire de le Berthon, married (2) 1825 to Marie Amelie de Perdiguier, Comtesse-Chanoinesse, with issue. (First Marriage) Gabriel Lynch, (1781 -), d.inf.
1.1.2. Thomas Lynch, (1745-1797).  
1.1.3. Marie Valerie Lynch, (1747 -.
1.2. Jean Anthony Lynch, (1712 -.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Sieur de Kainlis, Baron in the Kingdom of France;
1. Cornelius MacCurtain, of Clare, Ireland, married to Johanna Coppinger, with issue.
1.1. Cornelius MacCurtain, Sieur de Kainlis, France, migrated to Nantes, France, (1724 Cork, Ireland - ), married (1) to Victoire Le Tellier de Grandval, married (2) to Marie Sophie Peloteau, with issue.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Florimond Benjamin Mac Curtain de Kainlis, (1764 -), created Baron personnel par ordonnance 28 May 1825 in the Kingdom of France, married to Marie Anne Aubin de l'Estang, with issue. Cornelie victorie Mac Curtain de Kainlis, (1794 - 1817), married to Francois Michel Le Febre de Montifray. Marie Sidonie Mac Curtain de Kainlis, (1805-1870), married (1) 1823 to Auguste Raoul Cassin, married (2) 1844 to Amedee Cassin.
1.1.2. (Second Marriage) Francois Marie Mac Curtain, (1775 -.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Duke of Tarente in the Empire of France;
1. Niel Macdonald of Clanranald, (1719-1788), married to Alexandrine Gonant, with issue.
1.1. Alexandre Jacques Etienne Joseph Macdonald, (1765-1840), created Duc de Tarente in the Empire of France 9 December 1809, married (1) 1791 to Marie Constance Jacob, married (2) 1802 to Felicite Francoise de Montholon, married (3) 1821 to Ernestine Therese de Bourgoing, with issue.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Anne Charlotte Macdonald, (1792-1870), married 1810 to Nicolas Francois Regnier, Duc de Massa.
1.1.2. Adele Elisabeth Macdonald, (1794-1822), married 1813 to Alphonse Claude Charles, Comte Perregaux.
1.1.3. (Second Marriage) Alexandrine Anne Macdonald, (1803-), married 1824 to Anselme Francois, Marquis de Rochedragon.
1.1.4. (Third Marriage) Louis Marie Alexandre Macdonald, (1824-1881), 2nd Duc de Tarente, married 1849 to Brigitte Eulalie Antoinette Wettner, with issue. Napoleon Eugene Macdonald, (1854 - 1912), Duc de Tarente., married 1899 (Div 1901 to Valentine Luce Marie Therese Macdonald, (1850-1905), married 1869 to Henri Charles Jean, Baron de Pommereul. Marie Ines Eugenie Macdonald, (1851-1852), d.inf. Marie Ernestine Suzanne Macdonald, (1858-1929)., married 1883 to Fabio Guagni de Marcovaldi. Marie Alexandrine Sidonie Macdonald, (1859 -1939)., married 1880 to Arthur Hamilton Coates.
1.2. Eualie Sophie Macdonald, (1739-1821)., married 1790 to Frederic Weltner.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Marquis d'Equilly in the Kingdom of France, Duke of Magneta in the Empire of France;
1. Moriat MacMahon, (1646 - 1739), married to Helen MacSheely, with issue.
1.1. Murrough MacMahon, (1682 -), married to Catherine Cary.
1.2. Patrick MacMahon, (1684-), married to Marguerite O'Sullivan, with issue.
1.2.1. Jean Baptiste MacMahon, (1715 Limerick - 1775), Migrated to France. created Marquis d'Equilly 1750 in the Kingdom of France., married to Charlotte Le Belin, with issue. Maurice Francois MacMahon, (1754 - 1831), Comte de MaMahon et de Charnay, Baron de Sully, married 1792 to Pelagie de Riquet de Caraman, with issue. Charles Marie MacMahon, (1793-1845), 3rd Marquis d'Eguilly, married 1823 to Marie Henriette le Peletier de Rosanbo, with issue. Charles Henru MacMahon, (1828-1863), 4th Marquis d'Eguilly, married 1855 to Henriette de Perusse des Cars, with issue. Charles Marie MacMahon, (1856 - 1894), 5th Marquis d'Eguilly, married 1881 to Marie de Vogue, with issue. Henriette MacMahon, (1882-), d.inf. Marie Eudoxie MacMahon, (1858-1892), married 1878 to Joseph Marie Donald, Marquis d'Oilliamson. Marie Anne Isabelle MacMahon, (1859-1933), married 1882 to Eugene, Comte de Lur-Saluces. Marie Josephine Adelaide MacMahon, (1795-1825), married 1813 to Augustin de Poute, Marquis de Nieul. Adele Marie Magdalaine MacMahon, (1796-1872), married 1820 to Rene de La Selle, Seigneur de Ligne. Bonaventure Marie MacMahon, (1799-1865), married 1829 to Eudoxie Chaponost. Marie Antoine Alfred MacMahon, (1802-1806), d.inf. Marie Anne Cecile MacMahon, (1804-1844), married 1825 to Henry, 5th Marquis de Roquefeuil. Nathalie Marie MacMahon, (1805-1869), married 1829 to Adalbert de Sarret de Coussergues. Marie Henriette MacMahon, (1807 - 1835), 'Nun', dunm. Marie Edme Patrice Maurice MacMahon, (1808 - 1893), created 1st Duc de Magneta 5 July 1859 in the Empire of France, Marshall of France, Governor-General of Algeria 1864-1870, President of France 1873 - 1879., married 1854 to Elizabeth de la Croix de Castries, with issue. Marie Armand Patrice MacMahnon, (1855-1927), 2nd Duc de magneta, 6th Marquis d'Eguilly, married 1896 to HRH, Princess Marguerite Marie of Orleans-Chartres, with issue. Marie Elisabeth MacMahon, (1899-1951), married 1924 to Henri Marie Leon de Plan, Comte de Sieyes. Amelie Francois Marie MacMahon, (1900-1987), married 1921 to Amalric Philibert Lombard de Buffieres, Comte de Rambuteau. Maurice Jean MacMahon, (1903-1954), 3rd Duc de Magenta, 7th Marquis d'Eguilly, married 1937 to Comtesse Marguerite de Riquet de Caraman-Chimay, with issue. Philippe Maurce Marie MacMahon, (1938-2002), 4th Duc de Magenta, 8th Marquis d'Eguilly, married (1) 1978 (Div 1990) to Claire Marguerite Schindler, married (2) 1990 to Hon Amelia Margaret Drummond, with issue. (First Marriage) Adelaide Philippine MacMahon, (1978 -, married 2004 to Romain Armand Philippe Pezet de Corval. Eleonore Philippine Jeanne MacMahon, (1980 -. (Second Marriage) Pelagie Jeanne Marie MacMahon, (1990 -. Maurice Marie MacMahon, (1992 -, 5th Duc de Magenta, 9th Marquis d'Eguilly. Nathalie Jeanne MacMahon, (1939 - 2006), dunm. Anne Monique Marie MacMahon, (1941 -2003), married 1963 (Div 1985) to Gerard Louis Thenard, Baron Thenard. Patrice Michel Marie MacMahon, (1943 -, married 1966 to Beatrix Benigne de Blanquet du Chayla, with issue. Diane Marguerite MacMahon, (1968 -, married (1) 1991 (Div 1996) to Frederic Beigbeder, married (2) 2009 to Guillaume Durand. Elisabeth Jeanne MacMahon, (1970 -, married 2000 to Philippe Edouardo Bruno Lamblin. Sophie Jeanne MacMahon, (1973 -, married 1997 to Esteban Juan Blanco y Theux. Amelie Marie MacMahon, (1976 -, married 2007 to Hubert Clicquot de Mentque. Veronique Henriette MacMahon, (1948-, married 1971 (Div 1990) to Pierre Michele Jaboulet-Vercherre. Marie Eugenie MacMahon, (1857-1907), dunm. Marie Emmanuele MacMahon, (1859-1930), Comte de MacMahon, married 1892 to Marie Marguerite Chinot de Fromessent, with issue. Marthe Amelie MacMahon, (1893-1980), married 1914 to Guy Charles Copin, Comte de Miribel. Brigitte Marie MacMahon, (1900-1991), married 1925 to Antoine Charles, Marquis de Touchet. Patrice MacMahon, (1902-1932), dunm. Marie Marquerite MacMahon, (1863-1954), married 1886 to Euegen Norbert Henru d'Hallwin de Piennes de Magnelais de Thouare, Marquis de Piennes. Marie Edme Eugene MacMahon, (1810 -1866), married 1849 to Nathalie Levesque de Champeaux, dsp. Charles Laure MacMahon, (1752-1830), 2nd Marquis d'Eguilly, dunm. Francois Claudine MacMahon, (1750-., married 1773 to Theodore Raugrave, Comte de Raugrave. Anne Jacqueliene MacMahon, 91753-1823), married 1768 to Jean Christophe Alexandre Adhemar de Monteil de Brunier de Larnage, Marquis d'Adhemar de Monteil. Theodorine MacMahon, (1754-, married 1779 to Emmanuel Francois d'Uree, marquis d'Aubais.
1.2.2. Michael Peter MacMahon, (1710-1807).
1.2.3. Maurice MacMahon, (1723-1791), Seigneur de Magnien, Knight of Malta, dunm.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Count in the Papal States;
1. Charles Moore, MP, JP, (1804-1869), married 1835 to Marian Elizabeth Story, with issue.
1.1. Charles Henry O'Hara Moore, (1845-.
1.2. Arthur John Moore, (1849-1904), MP, High Sherrif 1877, Founder of Mount St Joseph Cisterciaan Abbey, Roscrea, created Count by Papal City 1879, Cmdr of the Order of St Gregory and Chamberlain to the Pope, married 1877 to Mary lucy Clifford, with issue.
1.2.1. Count Arthur Joseph Clifford Moore, (1878-1900), dunm.
1.2.2. Count Charles Joseph Henry O'Hara Moore, (1880-1965), CVO, MC, 2nd Count Moore, married 1917 to Lady Dorothie Mary Evelyn Feilding, with issue. Count Arthur John Dudley O'Hara Moore, (1929 -, 3rd Count Moore, married 1959 to Joan Monica Mary FitzHerbert-Brockholes, with issue. Count Charles William Moore, (1963-. Count Timothy Paul Moore, (1965-. Countess Mary Lucy Moore, (1960-. Countess Alice Mary Moore, (1961-. Countess Johanna Mary Moore, (1966-. Countess Sarah Mary Moore, (1969-. Countess Emily Mary Moore, (1971-. Countess Ruth Mary Moore, (1918 -1962), married 1939 to Sr William Godfrey Agnew, KCVO. Countess Cecilia Mary Moore, (1919-., married 1940 to Lt-Col Claude Percy Michael Worrall, MVO. Countess Mary Edith Moore, (1921 -, married 1950 to Michael FitzHerbert-Brockholes. Countess June Mary Moore, (1924 -, married 1948 to Samuel Henry Hyde.
1.3. Marian Edith Moore, (1839-1899), dunm.
1.4. Helena Blanche Moore, (1841 -), 'Nun'.
1.5. Laura Mary Moore, (1843-1898), married 1862 to Capt George Augustus Vaughan.
1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* Count in the Papal States;
1. Nicholas Murphy, of Clifton, Montenotte, Cork, (1783 - 1852), married 1812 to Susan Donegan, with issue.
1.1. Jeremiah Nicholas Murphy, (1813-), d.inf.
1.2. James Nicholas Murphy, (1814-1847), dunm.
1.3. John Nicholas Murphy of Clifton, Montenotte, Cork, (1815 - 1889), created Papal Count - 26 Nov 1883., married 1855 to Alice Mary Leahy, with issue.
1.3.1. Countess Margaret Murphy, (1857-1895), married 1879 to Daniel John Cronin-Coltsmann, DL, JP., with issue. Daniel Francis Cronin-Coltsmann of Glenflesk Castle, (1885 - 1917), married 1912 to Edith Lord Rodgett, with issue. Major Terence Daniel Cronin-Coltsmann, (1915 -. Patricia Mary Cronin-Coltsmann, (1913 -, married 1942 to Dr Mountjoy Elliot. Alice Mary Cronin-Coltsmann, married 1913 to Lt-Col Henry Lattin Mansfield, OBE. 1.4. Jeremiah Murphy, (1821-)., d.inf.
1.5. Nicholas Murphy of Carrigmore and norwood, Queenstown, co Cork, married (1) 1853 to Maria Frances Molony, married (2) 1877 to Mary Gertrude Purcell, with issue.
1.5.1. Nicholas Philip Murphy, (1879-1955), married 1917 to Elizabeth Waters, with issue. Nicholas Stephen Murphy of Myrtle Hill House, (1922-. Beryl Mary Murphy, (1918-, married 1944 to John Berchmans Blake.
1.5.2. Norbert Nicholas Murphy, (1886-1973), married 1911 to Margaret Scroope, with issue. Antony Geoffrey Norbert Murphy, (1925-1967), dunm. Ronald Philip Murphy, (1931-, married 1958 to Elizabeth Mary Peto, with issue. Charles Christopher Murphy, (1959-. Richard Norbert Murphy, (1961-.
1.5.3. Nora Mary Murphy, (1877 -., 'Nun'.
1.5.4. Mabel Gertrude Murphy, married 1910 to James Augustine Murphy.
1.5.5. Muriel Frances Murphy, married (1) 1917 to Terence MacSwiney, Mayor of Cork., married (2) a German.
1.6. Daniel Nicholas Murphy, (1825-1859), dunm.
1.7. Ellen Murphy, (1816-1828), dunm.
1.8. Mary Murphy, (1818-1820)., dunm.
1.9. Susan Murphy, (1818-1887), dunm.
1.10. Mary Murphy, (1820-1827), dunm.
1.11. Frances Murphy, (1823-1862), 'Nun', dunm.
1.12. Mary Murphy, (1827-1853), 'Nun', dunm.
1.13. Anne Murphy, (1829-1850), dunm.

1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* Comte in the Kingdom of France;
1. Charles Nugent, married to Mary Cecilia Barnewal, with issue.
1.1. Charles Basil Nugent, (1748 Paris - ), married 1778 to Agnes Etiennette Masson de Maisonrouge, with issue.
1.1.1. Francois Louis Nugent., (1779-1859), created Comte hereditaire 11 January 1823, married Anne Virginia Le Roy de Camilly, with issue. Nicolas Charles Nugent, (1805-1881), Comte Nugent, married (1) to Marie Charlotte Sanlot Banguenault, married (2) to Aglae Ernestine de Malart, with issue. (First Marriage) Marie Camille Nugent, (1836-1889), married to Hippolyte Joseph, Comte de Lenzbourg. (Second Marriage) Richard Nugent, Comte Nugent. Felix Marie Pierre Nugent, (1846-), married 1876 to Madeline Marie de Boutray, with issue. Charles Ernest Nugent, (1887-. Yvonne Nugent, (1888-. Louis Marie Patrice Nugent, (1851-1888), married 1880 to Christine d'Espagnet, with issue. Gilibert Nugent. Richard Nugent. Jacques Nugent. Jean Marie Laval Nugent, (1861-. Jeanne Marie Virginie Nugent, (1866-, married to Alain Paul Le Chartier de Sedony. Henriette Nugent, 'Nun', dunm. Marie Louis Nugent, (1806-1861).
1.1.2. Joseph Edmond Nugent, (d. 1815), married to Alexandrine Fouant de la Tombelle, dsp.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Comte in the Kingdom of Spain;

1. Dermot O'Mahony of Rosbrin, Col in Army, (killed in Italy 1706).
2. Lt-General Daniel O'Mahony, Vicreoy of Sicily, created Conde de Castillo 1708 by King Philip V of Spain, married (1) to Cecily Weld, married (2) to Charlotte Bulkeley, with issue.
2.1. (First Marriage) Count John Joseph O'Mahony, 2nd Conde de Castillo, (1699-1739), Lt-Gen of the Kingdom of Two-Sicilies, married 1739 to Lady Anne Clifford, with issue.
2.1.1. Countess Cecilia Carlotta O'Mahony, (1740-1789), married 1757 to HE. Prince Don Benedetto Giustiniani.
2.2. Count Demetrius O'Mahony, (1702-1766), 3rd Conde de Castillo, Spanish Amb to the Emperor., dunm.

* Comte in the Kingdom of France;
1. Eugene O'Mahony, married to Eleanor Fitzmaurice, with issue.
1.1. Michael O'Mahony, married to Helena Holles, with issue.
1.1.1. Eugene O'Mahony, married to N. de Courcy, dsp.
1.1.2. Barthelemy O'Mahony, Lt-Gen in the French Army, KM, admitted to Honneurs du Cour as Comte de Mahony 21 June 1788, married 1787 to Marie-Louise, (daughter of the Marquis de Gouy), with issue. Marie-Yves Arsene Barthelemy O'Mahony, (1788-), Comte de Mahony, married to Augustine Fortunee Pasquier, dsp.
1.2. Bartholomew Joseph O'Mahony, MD, recognised as a Noble by the French King of Arms 4 Jan 1750.
1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
* Baroness of the Holy Roman Empire, Comte de Boane and Barone de l'Empire;
1. Capt John O'Meara, of Regiment in Clare, Ireland, married to Mary Anne Lynch, created Baroness of the Holy Roman Empire (date unknown), with issue.
1.1. Thomas O'Meara, Captain of the Berwick, (1752-1819), Created Comte de Boane (Date unknown)
1.2. Jean Baptiste O'Meara, (1756 -), Lieut of the Regiment in Walsh group.
1.3. Etienne O'Meare, (1758-.
1.4. Col Daniel Joseph O'Meara, (d. 1837).
1.5. William O'Meara, (1764-1828), created Baron de l'Empire 14-4-1810, married 1806 to Marie Anne Catherine Zaepffet, with issue.
1.5.1. Josephine Elizabeth O'Meara, (d. 1832).
1.5.2. Adele Fanny O'Mera, (1816-1881), married to William O'Meara.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
* Count O'Sullivan de Grass de Seovaud in the Kingdom of Belgium;
1. John Patrick O'Sullivan, State Counsellor under King William I of the Netherlands, married to Therese Josephine de Grass, with issue.
1.1. Alphonse O'Sullivan, (1798 Brussels - 1866 Vienna), created Count O'Sullivan de Grass de Seovaud on 16 July 1845 in the Kingdom of Belgium., married 1834 to Francoise Severine Barbe Schwartz de Mohrenstern, with issue.

1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.
2. Web site biography.
* Baron de Rothschild in the Empire of Austria;
1. Amschel Moses Rothschild, (d. 1755), married to Schonche Lechnich, with issue.
1.1. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, (1743 - 1812), Imperial Crown Agent 1800, married 1770 to Gutle (Gertrude) Schnapper, with issue. 
1.1.1. Amschel Mayer Rothschild, (1773-1855), created Baron de Rothschild in Austria 1822, married 1796 to Eva Hanau.
1.1.2. Salomon Mayer Rothschild, (1774-1855), created Baron de Rothschild in Austria 1822, married 1800 to Charlotte Stern, with issue. Baron Anselm Salomon de Rothschild, (1803-1874), married 1826 to Charlotte Rothschild (d/o Nathan), with issue. Baron Mayer Anselm Leon de Rothschild, (1827-1828), d.inf. Baron Nathaniel Mayer de Rothschild, (1836-1905), dunm. Baron Ferdinand James Anselm de Rothschild, (1839-1898), married 1865 to Evelina de Rothschild, dsp. Baron Salomon Albert Anselm de Rothschild, (1844-1911), married 1870 to Bettina Caroline de Rothschild, (d/o Alphonse), with issue. Baron George Anselme Alphonse de Rothschild, (1877-1934), dunm. Baron Alphonse Mayer de Rothschild, (1878-1942), married 1912 to Clarice Sebag-Montefiore, with issue. Baron Albert de Rothschild, (1922-1938), dunm. Baroness Bettina Jemina de Rothschild, (1924-), married 1943 to Matthew James Looram. Baroness Gwendoline Charlotte de Rothschild, (1927-1972), married 1948 to Roland Henry Hoguet. Baron Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild, (1882-1955), married 1946 to Hildegard Johanna Auersperg, dsp. Baron Eugene Daniel de Rothschild, (1884-1976), married (1) 1925 to Kitty Schonborn-Buchelm Wolf, married 1952 to Jeanne Sweet, dsp. Baron Oscar Ruben de Rothschild, (1888-1909), dunm. Baroness Charlotte Esther de Rothschild, (1885-). Baroness Valentine Noemi de Rothschild, (1886-1969), married 1911 to Baron Sigismund von Springer. Baroness Caroline Julie Anselme de Rothschild, (1830-1907), married 1850 to Baron Adolphe Carl de Rothschild. Baroness Hannah Mathilde de Rothschild, (1832-1924), married 1949 to Baron Wilehlm Carl de Rothschild. Baroness Sara Louise de Rothschild, (1834-1924), married 1858 to Baron Raimondo Franchetti. Baroness Alice Charlotte de Rothschild, (1847-1922), dunm. Baroness Betty de Rothschild, (1805-1886), married 1824 (her Uncle) Baron James Mayer de Rothschild.
1.1.3. Nathan Mayer Rothschild, (1777-1836),  created Baron de Rothschild in Austria in 1822, Austrian Consul in London, married 1806 to Hannah Cohen, with issue. Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, (1807-1879), married 1836 to Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, with issue. Baron Sir Nathan Mayer Rothschild, 2nd Baronet, (1840-1915), created Baron Rothschild of Tring, UK 1885, GCVO, married 1867 to Baroness Emma Louisa de Rothschild, with issue. Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild, (1866-1937), 2nd Baron Rothschild, dunm. Baron Nathaniel Charles Rothschild, (1877-1923), married 1907 to Rozsika von Wertheimstein, with issue. Baron Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, (1910-1990), 3rd Baron Rothschild, married (1) 1933 (Div) 1946 to Barbara Hutchinson, married (2) 1946 to Teresa Georgina Mayor, MBE, with issue. (First Marriage) Baron Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, (1936-, married 1961 to Serena Mary Dunn, with issue. Baron Nathaniel Philip Victor Rothschild, (1971-, married 1995 (Div 1997) to Annabelle Neilson. Baroness Hannah Mary Rothschild, (1962-, married (Div) to William Brookfield. Baroness Beth Matilda Rothschild, (1964-, married (Div) to Antonio Tomassini. Baroness Emily Magda Rothschild, (1967-, married 1998 to Julian Freeman-Attwood. Baroness Sarah Rothschild, (1934-, married (1) to James Douglas Henry, married (2) to N. Daniel. Baroness Miranda Rothschild, (1940-, married (1) 1962 to Boudjemaa Boumaza, married (2) 1967 to Iain Thomas Watson. (Second Marriage) Baron Benjamin Mayor Rothschild, (1952-), d.inf. Baron Amschel Mayor James Rothschild, (1955-1996), married 1981 to Anita Patience Guinness, with issue. Baron James Amschel Victor Rothschild, (1985-, married 2015 to Nicholai Oliva Nicky Hilton, with issue. Baroness Lily Grace Victoria Rothschild, (2016-. Baroness Teddy Marilyn Rothschild, (2017-. Baroness Kate Emma Rothschild, (1982-, married 2003 (Div 2012) to Ben Goldsmith. Baroness Alice Miranda Rothschild, (1983-, married 2013 to Zac Goldsmith. Baroness Emma Georgiana Rothschild, (1948 -, CMG, married 1991 to Prof Amartya Kumar Sen. Baroness Victoria Katherine Rothschild, (1953-. Baroness Miriam Louisa Rothschild, (1908-), DBE, CBE, married 1943 (Div) to Capt George Lane. Baroness Elizabeth Charlotte Rothschild, (1909-). Baroness Kathleen Annie Rothschild, (1913-, married 1935 (Div) to Lt-Col Baron Jules de Koenigswarter. Baroness Charlotte Lopuisa Rothschild, (1873-1947), married 1899 to Major Clive Behrens. Baron Alfred Charles de Rothschild, (1842-1918), CVO, dunm.l. (Illegitimate from Marie Boyer) Almina Wombwell, (1876 -1969), married 1895 to George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, married 1923 to Ian Onslow Dennistoun. Baron Leopold de Rothschild, (1845-1917), CVO, married 1881 to Marie Perugia, with issue. Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild OBE, (1882-1942), married 1912 to Marie Louise Beer, with issue. Baron Edmund Leopold de Rothschild, CBE, (1916-2009), married (1) 1948 to Elisabeth Edith Lentner, married (2) 1982 to Anne Harrison, with issue. (First Marriage) Baron Nicholas David de Rothschild, (1951-, married 1985 to Caroline Jeanne Darvall, with issue. Baroness Chloe Alix de Rothschild, (1990-. Baron David Lionel de Rothschild, (1955-, married 1991 to Louise Williams, with issue. Baron Leopold de Rothschild, (1994-. Baron Amschel Nathaniel de Rothschild, (1995-. Baroness Elizabeth Naomi de Rothschild, (1992-. Baroness Katherine Juliette de Rothschild, (1949-, married 1971 to Conte Marcus Agius. Baroness Charlotte Henrietta de Rothschild, (1955-, married 1990 to Nigel S. Brown. Baron Leopold David de Rothschild, CBE, (1927-2012). Baroness Rosemary Leonora de Rothschild, (1913-2013), married 1934 (Div) to Major Hon Denis Gomer Berry, married (2) 1942 to Major John Antony Seys. Baroness Naomi Louisa de Rothschild, (1920-, married (1) 1941 to Jean Pierre Reinach, married (2) 1947 to Bertrand Leopold Goldschmidt. Baron Evelyn Achille de Rothschild, (1886-1917), dunm. Baron Anthony Gustav de Rothschild, (1887-1961), married 1926 to Yvonne Lydia Cahen d'Anvers, with issue. Baron Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, (1931-, married (1) 1966 (Div 1971) to Jeannette Ellen Bishop, married (2) 1973 (Div 2000) to Victoria Lou Schott, married (3) 2000 to Lynn Forester, with issue. (Second Marriage) Baron Anthony James de Rothschild, (1977-, married 2006 to Tania Strecker Baron David de Rothschild, (1978-. Baroness Jessica de Rothschild, (1974-, married 2010 to Sacha Gervasi. Baroness Renee Louise Marie de Rothschild, (1927-, married 1955 to Peter David Robeson. Baroness Anne Sonia de Rothschild, (1930-1971), dunm. Baroness Leonora de Rothschild, married 1857 to Baron Mayer Alphonse de Rothschild. Baroness Evelina de Rothschild, married 1865 to Baron Ferdinand James de Rothschild. Baron Sir Anthony Nathan Rothschild, (1810-1876), created Baronet in 1847 in UK, married 1840 to Louisa Montefiore, (See below), with issue. Baroness Constance Rothschild, (1843-1931), married 1877 to Cyril Flower, 1st Baron Battersea. Baroness Annie Rothschild, (1844-1926), married 1873 to Hon Eliot Constantine Yorke. Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild, (1812-1870), married 1842 to Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, with issue. Baron Nathan James Edouard de Rothschild, (1844-1884), married 1871 to Baroness Laura Therese de Rothschild, with issue. Baron Henri James Nathaniel de Rothschild, (1872-1946), married 1895 to Mathilde Sophie de Weisweiller, with issue. Baron James Nathaniel de Rothschild, (1896-1984), married (1) 1923 to Claude Dupont, married 1966 to Yvette Choquet, with issue. (First Marriage) Baroness Nicole de Rothschild, (1924-. Baroness Monique de Rothschild, (1925-, married (1) Div to Jean Francois Drach, married (2) 1950 to Georges Halphen. Barone Philippe de Rothschild, (1902-1988), married (1) 1935 to Elisabeth de Chambure, married (2) 1954 to Pauline Fairfax Potter, with issue. (First Marriage) Baron Charles Henri de Rothschild, (1937-. Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild, (1935-, married 1961 to Jacques Sereys. Baroness Nadine Charlotte de Rothschild, (1898-1958), married 1919 to Adrien Thierry. Baron Mayer Amschel de Rothschild, (1818-1874), married 1850 to Juliana Cohen, with issue. Baroness Hannah de Rothschild, married 1878 to 5th Earl of Rosebery. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, married to Baron Anselm de Rothschild. Baroness Hannah Mayer de Rothschild, married 1839 to Hon Henry Fitzroy. Baroness Louise de Rothschild, (1820-1894), married 1842 to Baron Mayer Charles de Rothschild.
1.1.4. Carl Mayer Rothschild, (1788-1855), created Baron de Rothschild in Austria in 1822, married 1818 to Adelheid Hertz, with issue. Baron Mayer Carl de Rothschild, (1820-1886), married 1842 to Baroness Louise de Rothschild, with issue. Baroness Adele Hannah Charlotte de Rothschild, (1843-1922), married 1862 toi Baron Salomon James de Rothschild. Baroness Emma Louisa de Rothschild, (1844-1935), married 1867 to 1st Baron Rothschild. Baroness Laura Therese de Rothschild, (1847-1931), married 1871 to Baron Nathan James de Rothschild. Baroness Margaretha Alexandrine de Rothschild, (1855-1905), married 1878 to Duc de Gramont. Baroness Bertha Clara de Rothschild, (1862-1903), married 1882 to Prince de Wagram. Baron Adolph Carl de Rothschild, (1823-1900), married 1850 to Baroness Caroline Julia Anselme de Rothschild, dsp. Baron Wilhelm Carl de Rothshcild, (1828-1901), married 1849 to Baroness Hannah Mathilde de Rothschild, with issue. Baroness Adelheid de Rothschild, (1853-1935), married 1877 to Baron Edmond James de Rothschild. Baroness Minna Caroline de Rothschild, (1857-1903), married 1878 to Maximilian Benedikt Heyum Goldschmidt. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, (1819), married 1836 to Baron Lionel de Rothschild.
1.1.5. Jacob (later James) Mayer Rothschild, (1792-1868), created Baron de Rothschild in Austria 1822, married 1824 to Baroness Betty de Rothschild, with issue. Baron Mayer Alphonse de Rothschild, (1827-1905), married 1857 to Baroness Leonora Rothschild, with issue. Baron Edouard Alphonse James de Rothschild, (1868-1949), married 1905 to Germaine Alice Halphen, with issue. Baron Guy Edouard Alphonse de Rothschild, (1909-), married (1) 1937 (Div) to Baroness Alix Hermine Jeannette Schey von Koromia, married (2) 1957 to Countess Marie Helene van Zuylen de Nyevelt, with issue. (First Marriage) Baron David de Rothschild, (1942-, married 1974 to Princess Anna Aldobrandini, with issue. Baron Alexandre Guy de Rothschild, (1980-, married 2009 to Olivia Bordeaux-Groult. Baroness Lavina de Rothschild, (1976-. Baroness Stephanie Anne Marie de Rothschild, (1977-, married 2005 to Augustin de Buffevent. (Second Marriage) Baron Edouard Etienne Alphonse de Rothschild, (1957-, married to mathilde Marie Coche de le Ferte. Baroness Jacqueline Rebecca Louise de Rothschild, (1911-, married (1) 1930 to Robert Paul Calmann-Levy, married 1937 to Gregor Platigorsky. Baroness Bethsabee Lopuise Emilie de Rothschild, (1914-, married 1948 to Donald Bloomingdale. Baroness Bettina Caroline de Rothschild, (1858-), married 1876 to baron Salomon Albert Anselm de Rothschild. Baroness Charlotte Beatrix de Rothschild, (1914-1934)., married 1883 to Maurice Ephrussi. Baron Gustave Samuel James de Rothschild, (1829-1911), married 1859 to Cecile Anspach, with issue. Baron Robert Philippe de Rothschild, (1880-1946), married 1907 to Gabrielle Nelly Regine Beer, with issue. Baron James Gustave Jules Alain de Rothschild, (1910-1982), married 1936 to Mary Germaine Nathalie Chauvin de Treuil, with issue. Baron Eric Alain Robert de Rothschild, (1940-, married 1983 to Donna Maria Beatrice Caracciolo dei Principi di Forino, with issue. Baron Robert James de Rothschild, (1947-. Baroness Beatrice Juliette de Rothschild, (1939-, married (1) 1962 to Armand Angliviel de la Beaumelle, married (2) 1981 to Pierre Max Rosenberg. Baron Elie Robert de Rothschild, (1917-, married 1942 to Baroness Liliane Elisabeth Fould-Springer, with issue. Baron Michel Nathaniel Robert Eugene de Rothschild, (1946-, married 1975 to Nili Limon, with issue. Baron Raphael Benhamin Jacob de Rothschild, (1976-. Baroness Esther Eva de Rothschild, (1979-. Baroness Nelly Rachel Cecile de Rothschild, (1947-, married 1975 to Adam John Munthe. Baroness Elisabeth Clarice Esther de Rothschild, (1952-, married 1970 to March Ernest Leland. Baroness Diane Cecile Betty de Rothscild, (1907-), married (1) 1932 (Div) to Anatole Muhistein, married (2) 1952 to Giuseppe Benvenuti. Baroness Cecile Leonie Eugenie de Rothschild, (1913-. Baroness Zoe Lucie Betty de Rothschild, (1863-1916), married 1882 to Baron Leon Lambert. Baroness Aline Caroline de Rothschild, (1867-1909), married 1887 to Sir Edward Albert Sassoon. Baroness Berthe Juliette de Rothschild, (1870-1896), married 1892 to Baron David Emmanuel Leonino. Baron Salomon James de Rothschild, (1835-1864), married 1862 to Baroness Adele Hannah Charlotte de Rothschild, with issue. Baroness Helene Betty de Rothschild, (1863-), married 1887 to Baron van Zuylen de Nyevelt. Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, (1845-1934), married 1877 to Baroness Adelheid de Rothschild, with issue. Baron James Armand Edmond de Rothschild DCM, JP, DL, (1878-1957), married 1913 to Dorothy Mathilde Pinto MBE, dsp. Baron Maurice Edmond de Rothschild, (1881-1957), married 1909 to Noemi Claire Halphen, with issue. Baron Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild, (1926-1997), married (1) 1958 (Div) to Veselinka Georgina Gueorguieva, married (2) 1963 to Nadine Nelly Lhopitalier, with issue. Baron Benjamin Edmond Maurice de Rothschild, (1963-. Baroness Miriam Caroline de Rothschild, married 1910 to Albert Maximilian von Goldschmidt Rothschild. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, (1825-1899), married 1842 to Baron Nathaniel Rothschild.
1.1.6. Schonge Jeannette Rothschild, (1771-1859), married 1795 to Benedict Moses Worms.
1.1.7. Isabella Rothschild, (1781-1861), married 1802 to Bernhard Juda Sichel.
1.1.8. Babette Rothschild, (1784-1869), married 1808 to Siegmur Leopold Dreyfus.
1.1.9. Julie Rothschild, (1790-1815), married 1811 to Meyer Levin Beyfus.
1.1.10. Henriette Rothschild, (1791-), married 1815 to Abraham Montefiore, with issue. Joseph Mayer Montefiore, (1916-1880), married 1860 to Francisca Sichel, with issue. Abrahim Montefiore. Edward Mayer Montefiore. Nathaniel Mayer Montefiore, (1819-1883), marreid to Emma Lyon Goldsmid, with issue. Alice Julia Montefiore, married to Henry Lucas. Leonard Abraham Montefiore. Charlotte Rosaline Montefiore, married to Lewis McIver. Claude Goldsmid Montefiore, (1858-). Charlotte Montefiore, married to Horatio Montefiore. Louisa Montefiore, (1821-), married to Sir Anthony de Rothschild, 1st Baronet. (See above).

1. Burke's Peerages - Various editions.
* Count de Stacpoole, Marquis, Duke in the Papal States;
1. Clement Stacpoole, transplanted from limerick to co Clare by Cromwell, married 1652 to Ellis MacMahon, with issue.
1.1. George Stacpoole of Mill Street, Ennis, co Clare, Merchant, married 1697 to Bridget Woulfe, with issue.
1.1.1. John Stacpoole, of Cragbrien Castle, co Clare, (1674 - 1771), married to Barbara Purdon, dsp.
1.1.2. Francis Stacpoole of Cork, Ireland, (d. 1757), married 1725 to Catherine Ronayne, with issue. Francis Stacpoole, (1733 - 1769), dunm. George Stacpoole, of Violet Hill, Dublin, Cragbrien Castle, co Clare, Ireland, (1736 - 1848), Comte de Stacpoole by King Louis XVIII of France on 21 July 1818, married Catherine Gingell, with issue. Richard de Stacpoole, (1787 - 1848), 2nd Comte de Stacpoole, created Marchese 21 Feb 1826 by Pope Leo XII, Duca May 1831 by Pope Gregory XVI., married to Elizabeth Tulloch, with issue. Richard de Stacpoole, (1828 - 1978), 3rd Comte de Stacpoole, 2nd Marchese e Duca Stacpoole, dsp. Comte Rev. George Marie Stanislaskoska de Stacpoole, (1829 - 1909), 4th Comte de Stacpoole, 3rd Marchese e Duca StacpooleDomestic Prelate by Pope Pius IX, married 1859 to Maria Dunn, with issue. George de Stacpoole, (1860 - 1929), 5th Comte de Stacpoole, 4th Marchese e Duca Stacpoole, married 1883 to Pauline Mary MacEvoy., with issue. George Edward Joseph Patrick de Stacpoole, (1886-1965), 6th Comte de Stacpoole, 5th Marchese e Duca Stacpoole, married 1915 to Eileen Constance Palmer, with issue. George Geoffrey Robert de Stacpoole, (1917 - 2005), 7th Comte de Stacpoole, 5th Marchese e Duca Stacpoole, married 1947 to Dorothy Anne Dease, with issue. George Richard Derek de Stacpoole, (1948 -., 8th Comte de Stacpoole, 6th Marchese e Duca Stacpoole, married 1982 to Anne L. Duxbury, with issue. Comte George Edward de Stacpoole, (1983 -. Comtessa Serena de Stacpoole, (1986 -. Comtessa Erris de Stacpoole, (1988 -. Comte David Henry Olivier de Stacpoole, (1951 -., married to Venetia Jane M. Bratby, with issue. Comte Thomas Henry de Stacpoole, (1986 -. Comte Harry Thadeus de Stacpoole, (1988-. Comte Hugo Malachy de Stacpoole, (1992 -. Comtessa Rosanagh Tara de Stacpoole, (1983 -. Comtessa Valerie Brigid Dorothy de Stacpoole, (1950-, married 1973 to Jeremy Whichcote Phillips Richardson. Comte Peter Andrew James de Stacpoole, (1924 -, married 1956 to Flavia Dorothy Farrell, with issue. Comtessa Daphne Feridah de Stacpoole, (1958 -. Comtessa Iris Constance Kathleen de Stacpoole, (1920 -, married 1947 to Major Henry Southey Eric Harben. Comtessa Clare Mary Pauline de Stacpoole, (1924 -, married 1946 to Major Patrick Leslie Rome, MMC, DLI. Comte Edward Hubert Michael de Stacpoole, (1888 - ), MC., married 1922 to Millicent Lavender Norska Francis, with issue. Comte Robert George Francis de Stacpoole, (1924 -, married 1958 to Susan Mary Angela Trouncer, with issue. Comte Nicholas Edward Ivan de Stacpoole, (1963 -. Comtessa Virginia Anne Julia de Stacpoole, (1960 -. Comtessa Auriol Marion Gabrielle de Stacpoole, (1965 -. Lieut Comte Francis Gustave de Stacpoole, (1890 - 1973), married 1924 to Emily Marion Watson, with issue. Comte Herbert Roderick Francis de Stacpoole, (1929-, married 1955 to Doreen Veronica Windle, with issue. Comte Derek Roderick de Stacpoole, (1959 -. Comte Michael John de Stacpoole, (1961 -. Comtessa Rayma Anne de Stacpoole, (1963 -. Comtessa Mary Sophia Pauline de Stacpoole, (1925 -, married 1950 to Oliver Ross Nicholson, FCS. Comtessa Bridget Margaret Marion de Stacpoole, (1926 -, married 1951 to Eric Herbert Risley. Comtessa Anne Maureen Gertrude de Stacpoole, (1927 -, "Nun". Comtessa Judith Mary Sheila de Stacpoole, (1931 -, married 1956 to Major Gower Barham Griffiths, KSLI. Comte Robert Andrew de Stacpoole, (1892 - 1914 Killed at the battle of Aisne)., dunm. Comte Roderick Algernon Anthony de Stacpoole, (1895 - 1915 Killed at Neuvre Chapelle), dunm. Comtessa Gertrude Mary Pauline de Stacpoole, (1884 - 1939), married 1907 to Col Harry McMicking DL. Comtessa Maria Josephine de Stacpoole, married 1887 to John Reginald Charles Talbot. Comte Francis Xavier de Stacpoole, d.inf. Lieut Comte Hubert de Stacpoole, (d. 1868), married 1866 to Margaret Mary Stapleton, with issue. Comtessa Cecile Elizabeth Margaret de Stacpoole, (1867 -1945), married 1887 to Galfrid Aloysius Cathcart de Trafford. Comtessa Georgina de Stacpoole, Noble Canoness Order of St Anne of Convent of Noble Ladies of Munich by Queen of Bavaria 1850., dunm. Comtessa Elizabeth de Stacpoole, d.inf. Comtessa Gertrude de Stacpoole, (d. 1899), married to Marquis Auguste Fournier de Boisaigrault. Comtessa Clothilde de Stacpoole, d.inf. Frances Stacpoole, (d. 1790), dunm.
1.1.3. Bartolomew Stacpoole, (Killed in a duel in co Kerry), dunm.
1.1.4. Elizabeth Stacpoole, married to William Hogan.
1.1.5. Catherine Stacpoole, married (1) to Dominck Dillion, married (2) to Standish Lee of Dublin.
1.1.6. Barbara Stacpoole, married to James Stacpoole of Ballymulcashel (See below) .
1.1.7. Christiana Stacpoole, married to WIlliam Nash.
1.1.8. Mary Stacpoole, dunm.
1.2. William Stacpoole of Annagh, co Clare, married to Elinor Foster, with issue.
1.2.1. William Stacpoole, dunm.
1.2.2. George John Baptista Stacpoole, of Annagh, co Clare, married 1739 to Mary Massy, with issue. William Stacpoole., (1743-1796), married (1) 1773 to Dorothea Burton, married (2) 1788 to Honoria Stamer, with issue. (First Marriage) George William Stacpoole, (1774-1822), dunm. (Second Marriage) Richard John Delazouche Stacpoole of Eden Vale, co Clare, (1793-1866), married 1825 to Jane Stacpoole, with issue. William Stacpoole, (1827-1867), married 1858 to Catherine O'Conner, with issue. Richard George Stacpoole, (1860-1941), married 1888 to Edith Maud Paul, with issue. George Eric Guy Stacpole, (1892 -1915), dunm. William Aubrey Clement Stacpoole, (1896-1922), married with issue. Michael Desmond Stacpoole, (1910-), married (1) (div) to Juanita Duggan, married (2) 1947 to Margery Langley, married (3) 1960 to Barbara Scowsill, with issue. (First Marriage) Hugh Michael Stacpoole, (1938-, married (Div) to Angela Wheeler, with issue. Sarah Louise Stacpoole, (1967-. (Second Marriage) Shaun Wenthworth Stacpoole, (1948 - (Third Marriage) Bryan Nigel Stacpoole, (1962 -. Gladys Edith Stacpoole, (1889-). Vera Stacpoole, (1890-). Elizabeth Jane Stacpoole, married 1885 to Hugh Massy Westropp. Richard Stacpoole of Edan Vale, co Clare, (1828-1891), married 1868 to Alice Julia Westropp, with issue. Richard John Stacpoole of Edan Vale, co Clare, (1870-1959), married 1894 to Geraldine Norah Crowe, with issue. Lt-Col Richard Hassard Stacpoole, MC, RA, (1896-1973), married 1929 to Helen Muriel Clare Morphy, with issue. Lt-Col Patrick Michael Richard Stacpoole RA, (1930 -, married 1958 to Susan Saguenay Catherine Robertshaw, with issue. Richard Christopher Stacpoole, (1959 -. Mark Robert Stacpoole, (1961-. James Stacpoole, (1964 -. George Hassard Stacpoole, (1937-, married 1968 to Michelina Gemma, with issue. Hassard Andrew Francesco Stacpoole, (1969-. Sebastian Christopher Stacpoole, (1972 -. Norah Dorothy Stacpoole, (1895-, married 1929 to Brig Eric Whitlock Goodman. George William Robert Stacpoole, (1872-1939), DSO, OBE, dunm. Mary Eva Louisa Stacpoole, (1869-1921), married (1) 1890 to Edward Stewart, married (2) 1896 to Charles Randal Armstrong MacDonnell, DL, JP. Alice Jane Stacpoole, (1871-1912), dunm. Gwendoline Stacpoole, (1884-1966), dunm. Lt-Col George William Stacpoole, (1832-1894), married 1863 to Josephine Julia Lloyd, dsp. Georgiana Maria Stacpoole, (1826-1905), married 1856 to Charles Henry Armstrong MP. Honoria Stacpoole, (1829-1843), dunm. Jane Stacpoole, (1834-1859), married 1858 to Henry Vereker. Elizabeth Stacpoole, (1837-1857), dunm. Georgiana Maria Stacpoole, married to Andrew Stacpoole. (illegimate by Bridget Lynch) Joseph Stacpoole, (1769-). (illegitimate by Bridget Lynch) James Stacpoole, (1773-). (ilegitimate by Bridget Lynch) Stephen Stacpoole, (1780-). (illegitimate by Bridget Lynch) Lieut Edmond Stacpoole, (1782 - 1816), married with issue. Frederick Stacpoole, (1813-1907), ARA, married 1844 to Susannah Atkinson, with issue. (illegitimate by Bridget Lynch) Capt Francis Stacpoole, (1785 - 1874), married 1829 to Adeleine Bennett, with issue. John Stacpoole, (1830-1836), d.inf. George William Stacpoole, (1832-1862), dunm. Richard Stacpoole, (1835-), amrried 1861 to Laura Bishop, with issue. Frank Bishop Stacpoole, (1863-1877), d.inf. Richard Augustine Stacpoole, (1866-). Henry Josiah Stacpoole, (1871 -). Ellison St John Stacpoole, (1878-). Lizzie Wllison Stacpoole,. (1862-), married 1890 to William Henry Peck of New York. Mary Lilian Stacpoole, (1877-). Christopher Stacpoole, (1842-1866), dunm. Ellen Stacpoole, (1837-1847), dunm. Eliza Stacpoole, (1839-), married to Robert H. Kimber. Annie Stacpoole, (1844-), married to William Colman. Frances Stacpoole, (1847-), married to Isaac J. Rouse. Adaline Stacpoole, (1850-1852), d.inf. (illegitimate by Bridget Lynch) Christopher Stacpoole, (1788-1851), married to Hannah Bennett, dsp. John Stacpoole, (1744 - 1822), married (1) to Catherine Connolly, married (2) 1805 to Mary McDonough, with issue. (First Marriage) John Stacpoole of Tullamore, married (1) 1800 to Dorothea Griffin, married (2) 1810 to Elisabeth Crawford, dsp. Massy Stacpoole of Mountfergus and Berry Lodge, married 1805 to Elizabeth Amelia Ross-Lewin, with issue. John Massy Stacpoole of Mountfergus and Berry Lodge, (1809 - 1873), married 1840 to Cecilia Matilda O'Ferrall, dsp. William Stacpoole, married 1831 to Jane O'Donnell, with issue. Elizabeth Stacpoole, married to John Irvine. George William Stacpoole of Mountfergus, (d. 1837), dunm. Hugh Dillon Stacpoole of Gortnaclassa, (d. 1852), dunm. Henry Stacpoole of Matakana, Nrth Auckland, New Zealand, (1826-1896), married 1847 to Elizabeth Newell, with issue. John Massy Stacpoole, (1852 - 1898), married 1881 to Emily Chadwick, with issue. Lieut Percy Stacpoole, (1886-1955), married 1917 to Olive Lansdell, with issue. John Massy Stacpoole, (1919 -, OBE. Sydney Harold Stacpoole, (1893-1972), dunm. Eve Stacpoole, (1884-1971), dunm. May Stacpoole, (1890-). Kathleen Stacpoole, (1892 -1953), married 1933 to Herbert Thompson, with issue. Ida Stacpoole, (1895 - 1954), married 1919 to Leonard Wood JP. Samuel William Stacpoole, (1854 - 1934), married 1881 to Maria Moore, with issue. William Samuel Stacpoole, (1882 -). John Massy Stacpoole, (1883 -), dunm. Henry Leo Stacpoole, (1887 -). Albert Stacpoole, (1889 -). Hector Allen Stacpoole, (1891 -), married with issue. Elisabeth Stacpoole, (1848 -, married to Joseph Braithwaite. Agnes Stacpoole, d.inf. Mary Jane Stacpoole, (1857 -), married to France Morath. Charles Stacpoole of Fitzwilliam Square, Dubline, married to N. Church, with issue. John Stacpoole, dunm. William Church Stacpoole, (d. 1870) Dean of Kingstown, married 1849 to Charlotte Augusta Mountjoy, with issue. William Henry Stacpoole, LLD, Author of Victorian England, dunm. Massy Stacpoole, (d. 1923), dunm. Charles Stacpoole, LLD, dunm. Henry de Vere Stacpoole, FRGS, MD, married (1) 1907 to Margaret Robson, married (2) 1938 to Florence Robson, dsp. Florence Stacpoole, (1850-1942), Suffragette and Pamphleteer, dunm. Charlotte Stacpoole, d.inf. Mina Stacpoole, (1860-1942), married to Henry Bremridge Briggs. Lily Stacpoole, (1852 -), married John Berry Haycraft MD. Maria Stacpoole, dunm. Anna Stacpoole, dunm. Margaret Georgiana Stacpoole, married 1846 to James Maxwell. Elizabeth Stacpoole, married 1844 to Edward Alexander McEntee. Francis Stacpoole, (d. 1796 Jamaica), dunm. Edmond Stacpoole of Prospect Lodge, Kilrush, married 1813 with issue. Richard Stacpoole of Cahircalla House, Ennis, co Claire, married with issue. Philip Stacpoole of Cassino Lodge, Annaugh, married to Ellen Johnston, with issue. William Stacpoole, dunm. Michael Stacpoole, dunm. George Hogan Stacpoole of Cragbrien, (1745-1812), married 1767 to Jane Lysaght, with issue. George Stacpoole, (1773 - 1816), amrried 1802 to Claire Skerret, dsp. Andrew Stacpoole of Ballyalla, (1776 - ), married (1) 1803 to Bridget Comyn, married (2) 1824 to Georgiana Maria Stacpoole, married (3) 1826 to Diana Finucane, with issue. (First marriage) George Stacpoole, d.inf. Jane Stacpoole, married 1825 to Richard John Delazouche Stacpoole. (Third Marriage) William Stacpoole, (1840-1879), married to Mary Anne Hennessy, with issue. Guildford William Jack Stacpoole, (1868-, married to Henrietta Vereker, dsp. Andrew Stacpoole, dunm. Kate Stacpoole, married to Augustin Butler. Diana Stacpoole, married to C.M. Parkinson. Mathian Stacpoole, (1780-1835), married (1) to Ellen Pilkington, married (2) to Louisa Macnamara, with issue. (First marriage) Sarah Jane Stacpoole. Mary Louise Stacpoole. Lt-Col Hugh Stacpoole, (d. 1840), married to Jane Wasey, dsp. Very Rev William Henry Stacpoole, (1787-1847), married 1813 to Jane Marshall, with issue. George Marshall Stacpoole, (1814-1837), dunm. Robert Stacpoole, (1817-1818), d.inf. Frances Stacpoole, dunm. Jane Stacpoole, married 1844 to Charles Mahon. Wilhelmina Stacpoole, (d. 1894), dunm. Charlotte Stacpoole, (d. 1881), dunm. Capt Michael Stacpoole RN, (1792-1846), married 1829 to Charlotte Casaubon Purdon, dsp. Mary Stacpoole, (1769-), married 1791 to Michael Furnell JP. Eliza Stacpoole, (1771 -), married to Rev Thomas Westropp, Rector of Doonass, co Claire. Lucinda Stacpoole, (1785-, married (1) to Walter Lysaght, married (2) to William Adams Brew. Jane Stacpoole, (1791 -), married to Rev George William Gale. Massy Stacpoole, (1746-1817), married 1767 to Mary Powell, with issue. William Stacpoole of Instowe, Devon, (d. 1817), married to Louisa Balcket-Wenthworth, with issue. George Bosville Wenthworth Stacpoole, married to Emma Williams, with issue. George Charles Stacpoole, (1819-1894), married to Ellen Carmichael, with issue. Charles Aitken Stacpoole, MD, married with issue. Unknown Son. Francis Alexander Stacpoole, (1824 -). Capt George Stacpoole RN, (1770-), dunm. Capt Hassard Stacpoole RN, married to Isabella Leeke, with issue. Hassard Stacpoole. Jemina Isabella Stacpoole, (d. 1851). John Massy Stacpoole, married (1) to N. Carver, married (2) 1822 to Amelia Reilly, with issue. (First marriage) Rev Andrew Douglas Stacpoole, married 1855 to Julia Honora Dryden, dsp. (Second Marriage) John WIlliam Stacpoole, dunm. Elizabeth Stacpoole, married 1766 to Sir Hugh Dillon massy, 1st Baronet. Elinor Stacpoole, married to John Ross-Lewin. Mary Stacpoole, married to Charles McMahon. Jane Stacpoole, (d. 1826), dunm. Lucy Stacpoole, (d. 1799), dunm
1.2.3. James Stacpoole of Rockhill, Cork, married Elinor Ronayne, with issue. Joseph Stacpoole of London, (Barrister - at - Law), married and dsp. George Stacpoole of Jamaica, married to N. Hinde, with issue. Mary Stacpoole, married 1771 to John McMahon.
1.2.4. John Stacpoole of Cloghernatiny, co Clare, High Sherriff 1741, married to Barbara Stacpoole (See Above), with issue. John Stacpoole, d.inf. George Stacpoole, d.inf. William Stacpoole of Cloghernatiny, co Clare, (d. 1844), dunm.
1.2.5. Jane Stacpoole, married (1) to John Brady, married (2) to Mortagh Macmahon.
1.2.6. Mary Stacpoole, married 1728 to John Brady of Raheen.
1.3. John Stacpoole, (died at Sea), dunm
1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
2. Burkes Peerage, 1931 edition (Foreign titles section).
3. Titres, Anobleissements et Pairies de la Restauration, Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies Au XIXe siecle, by Vicomte A. Reverend, Librairie Honore Champion, Paris 1974.Vol M-Z.
* Count Taaffe in the Holy Roman Empire;

1. Sir WIlliam Taaffe Kt of Harlestson, Knighted 1604, (d. 1626), married to Ismay Bellow, with issue.
1.1. Sir John Taaffe Kt, (d. 1642) created 1st Viscount Taaffe and Baron of Ballymote 27 June 1628, married to Hon Anne Dillon, with issue.
1.1.1. Theobald Taaffe, (d. 1677), 2nd Viscount Taaffe, created Earl of Carlingford 1662, married (1) to Mary Whyte, married (2) to Anne Pershall, with issue. (First Marriage) William Taaffe, (d. 1673), Viscount Taaffe, dunm. Nicholas Taaffe, (killed 1690), 2nd Earl of Carlingford, married to Mary Weld, dsp. Francis Taaffe, (d. 1704), 3rd Earl of Carlingford, Page of Hon to Emperor Ferdinand, styled Count Taaffe, married 1676 to Countess Hella Maximiliana von Traidisch, dsp. Hon John Taaffe, (d. 1689), married to Lady Rose Lambert, with issue. Theobald Taaffe, (d. 1738), 4th Earl of Carlingford, married 1687 to Lady Amelia Plunkett, dsp.
1.1.2. Major-Gen. Hon Lucas Taaffe, Governor of Ross 1649, dunm.
1.1.3. Col. Hon Francis Taaffe, married an Italian lady, with issue. Charles Taaffe, dunm.
1.1.4. Hon Edward Taaffe, dunm.
1.1.5. Hon William Taaffe, married to Margaret O'Kennedy Roe, with issue. Francis Taaffe, married to Ann Crean, with issue. Nicholas Taaffe, (1677-1769), created Count of the Holy Roman Empire 1758, succeeded 1738 as 6th Viscount Taaffe, married 1729 to Countess Maria Anna von Spindler, with issue. Count John Taaffe, (1733-1765), Imperial Chamberlain 1759, Councillor 1760, Imperial Amb to Portugal, married 1759 to Countess Marie Brigitta Chotek von Chotkowa und Wognin, with issue. Count Rodolphus Taaffe, (1762-1830), 2nd Count, 7th Viscount Taaffe, married 1787 to Countess Maria Josefa Haugwitz, with issue. Count Francis John Charles Josef Rudolf Taaffe, (1788-1849), 3rd Count, 8th Viscount, Imperial Chamberlain, married 1811 to Countess Antonia de Varkony, dsp. Count Louis Patrick Johann Taaffe, (1791-1855), 4th Count, 9th Viscount Taaffe, LLD, Imperial Chamberlain, Governor of Galicia, married 1822 HSH, Princess Amalia Bretzenheim von Regecz, with issue. Count Carl Rudolf Franz Josef Clement Taaffe, (1823-1873), 5th Count, 10th Viscount Taaffe, dunm. Count Eduard Franz Josef Taaffe, (1833-1895), Imperial Austrian Privy Councillor, 6th Count, 11th Viscount Taaffe, Governor of Tyrol 1871-1879, married 1860 to Countess Irma Csaky von Keresztegh und Adorjan, with issue. Count Heinrich Taaffe, (1872-), 7th Count, 12th Viscount Taaffe, married (1) 1897 to Maria Magda Fuchs, married (2) 1919 to Aglae Isecescu, with issue. Count Eduard Carl Richard Taaffe, (1898-1967), 8th Count, 13th Viscount Taaffe, married (Div) to an Irish Lady, dsp. Countess Maria Taaffe, (1866-1928), married 1889 to Max, Count von Coudenhove of Brunn, Austria. Countess Louisa Taaffe, (1868-), Canoness of Maria Schul at Brunn, dunm. Countess Helena Taaffe, (1870), married 1886 to Rickard, Baron von Mattencloit. Countess Clementina Taaffe, (1875-1887), dunm. Countess Walburga Clementina Taaffe, (1825-1882), dunm. Countess Amelia Ruldolphina Henrietta Taaffe, (1829 -), dunm. Countess Amelia Walburga Taaffe, (1830-), dunm. Countess Clementina Taaffee, married 1811 to Thaddeus, Count Amade de Varkony. Count John Taaffe, dunm. Countess Maria Anna Taaffe, dunm. Francis Taaffe, (d. 1803), Lord of the Bedchamber to the Emperor, created Count of the Holy Roman Empire, married 1772 to Hon Frances Bellew, dsp. Anne Taaffe, married to John Brett of Rathdoony. Mary Taaffe, married to Theodore Verdon of Clunigashell, dsp.


* Baron in the Kingom of France;

1. John Taylor married to Anne Ridgeway, with issue.
1.1. Elie Taylor, (took french nationality), married 1790 to Jacqueline Antoinette Walwein, with issue.
1.1.1. Isidore Justin Severin Taylor, (1789 Brussells - 1879 Paris), created Baron hereditaire in the Kingdom of France 18 May 1825., married 1840 to Theodore Louise Guido, with issue. Felix, Baron Taylor. N. Taylor, married to Eugene Joseph Walwein.

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* Count in the Kingom of France;

1. Matthew Wall, Lord of Mishall, Leister, England, (d. 1743), married with issue.
1.1. Patrick Wall., (Migrated to France), married to Jeanne Gabrielle de Vaudrey de Sautour, with issue.
1.1.1. Joseph Marie de Wall, (1764 Paris - ), married 1787 to Marie Agathe de Chabot de Marigny.
1.1.2. Angelique Michel de Wall., (1768-1869), created Comte hereditaire in the Kingdom of France 11 December 1829, married 1838 to Antoinette Armande de Mazirot, with issue. Patrice Alfred de Wall, (1807-1884), Comte de Wall, married to Louise Francoise Rigollier de Parcey, with issue. Armand Patrice de Wall, Comte de Wall, married 1880 to Marie Suzanne Thibault de la Rochethulon, with issue. Robert de Wall. Charles Edouard de Wall. Jehan de Wall. Blanche de Wall. Marie Antoinette Simonne de Wall, married 1864 to Marie Louis Prosper de Raincourt. Marie Louise de Wall, married 1868 to Theodore de Raincourt. Armand Patrice de Wall, (d. 1888), married (1) to Marie Therese de Lallemand, married 1872 to Marie Virginie Seehy, with issue. (First Marriage) Patrice Albert de Wall, married 1895 to Marie Charlotte de Selle de Beauchamp. Etienne de Wall, married with issue. Louise Marie de Wall, married 1876 to Edouard Albert Lemoiine de Sainte Marie. Marie Renee de Wall, married to Alexandre de Massacre. Charlotte Armande de Wall, (d. 1876), married to Rene Albert Fournier de Boisayrault.
1.1.3. Antoinette Ferdinande de Wall, (1765-.
1.1.4. Marie Therese Wall, married 1795 to Anne Philippe de Ganay.
1.2. Ulrick Wall, (d. 1747 in the battle of Lanfeld).
1.3. Edouard Wall, Coloniel in Spain, (c. 1763).
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* Baron and Count of the Holy Roman Empire;
1. Richard Walsh of Carrickmain, (1583-1619), married to Joan Eustace, with issue.
1.1. Theobald Walsh of Carrickmain, (in Austrian service then came back to Ireland), (1599-_, married 1615 to Mary Hore, with issue.
1.2. Michael Walsh, (1602-), married with issue.
1.3. Oliver Walsh, (in the Austrian Service), created Hereditary Baron von Wallis 1642 of the Holy Roman Empire. (1600-1667), married to Countess Maria Agnes von Guttenstein, with issue.
1.3.1. Baron George Ernest Wallis von Karighmain, (1637-1689), married to Maria Magdalena attems, with issue. Baron Georg Olivier Wallis von Karighmain, (1676-1744), created Count of the Holy Roman Empire 1731, married to Countess Maria Theresia Kinsky, with issue. Count Stephen Olivier Wallis von Karighmain, (1744 - 1832), married to Countess Maria Franziska von Colloredo-Mannsfled. Baron Franz Peter Wallis von Karighmain, (1677-1737), married to Countess Acillia von Liechtenstein.
1.3.2. Baron Franz Ernest Wallis von Karighman, (1640-1702)., married to Anna Theresia von Rziczan, with issue. Baron Franz Wenzel Wallis von Karighman, (1696-1774), created Count of the Holy Roman Empire 1765, married to Maria Rosa Regina von Th'Urheim, with issue. Count Franz Ernest Wallis von Karighman, (1728-1784), married to Maria Elisabeth Maximiliana Schaaffgotshe. Count Michael Johann Wallis von Karighman, (1731-1798). Count Olivier Remigius Wallis von Karighman, (1742-1799), married to Walburga Hennet., with issue. Countess Antonia Wallis von Karighman. Countess Rosa Wallis von Karighman, (1744-. Countess Carolina Wallis von Karghman. Count Joseph Wallis von Karighman, (1747-1793).
1.3.3. Baron Johann Hugo Wllis von Karighman.
1.4. Ellinor Walsh, married to John Walsh of Killincarrig.
1.5. Mary Walsh, a nun, dunm.
1.6. Catherine Walsh, married to George Archbould.
1.7. Margaret Walsh, married to James Hore.
1.8. Anne Walsh, a nun.
1. Burke's Irish Family Records (fifth edn of the BLG of Ireland) was published in 1976.
2. Web site on Counts Wallis of Austria-Hungary; 
* Count Walsh in the Kingdom of France;
1. Richard Fitzjames Walsh, (d. 1638),. married to Elizabeth Sutton, with issue.
1.1. John Walsh, (d. 1638), married to Mary Schattick, with issue.
1.1.1. James Walsh, married to Margaret Walsh of Carrickmines, with issue. Philipe Walsh, (1666-1708), married 1795 to Anne Whyte, with issue. Marie Anne Walsh, (1695-., married 1721 to Richard Butler. Jean Walsh, (1697-. Helene Walsh, (1699-1732), married 1729 to Pierre Leonor Gravier. Patrice Walsh, (1701-1790), Seigneur de Chassenon, married 1728 to Marie Anne Crainisborough, with issue. Antoine Walsh de Chassenon. Patrice Walsh de Chassenon, (d. 1792). Marie Anastasie Walsh de Chassenon. Agathe Walsh de Chassenon. Antoine Walsh, (1703-1763), created Comte Walsh 1745 in France, married 1741 to Marie O'Shiell, with issue. Marie Anastasie Walsh. Marie Anne Walsh, (1741-. Helene Walsh, (1742-1743), d.inf. Antoine Walsh, (1745-1798), Chevalier Royal and Military Order of Saint-Louis., married 1765 to Marie Dorothee Walsh de Serrant, with issue. Marie Anne Walsh, (1765-1801), married 1788 to Pierre Constant de Certaines. Jean Baptiste Walsh, Marquis Walsh, (1769-1792). Anne Marie Walsh, (1769-. Antoine Walsh, (1770-. Charles Walsh, (1773-1796). Francois Walsh, (1777-. Philippe Walsh, (1780-. Joseph Walsh, (1782-1860). Francois Walsh, Legion d'Honneur, (1784-1821), married 1813 to Francoise d'Achon, with issue. Alfred Walsh, (1814-1876), married 1839 to Sophie Louise Legrand, with issue. Robert Walsh. Louis Walsh. Francois Jacques Walsh, (d. 1782), created Comte de Serrant 1755 in France, married 1743 to Mary Harper, with issue. Antoine Walsh de Serrant, (1744-1817), Comte de Serrant (de l'Empire) 2 September 1810., married 1795 to Louise Charlotte Rigaud de Vaudreuil, with issue. Theobald Walsh de Serrant, (1796-1836), Comte de Serrantcreated in France 1831., married 1823 to Sophie Louise Legrand, with issue. Gaston Walsh de Serrant, Comte de Walsh Serrant, (1824-1843). Marguerite Walsh de Serrant, (1825-. Raoul Walsh de Serrant, (1825-. Ludovic Walsh de Serrant, (1831-1894), Comte de Walsh Serrant. Louis Walsh de Serrant, (1797-1842), Duc de la Mothe-Houdancourt, created in Spain 1838 , married 1824 to Elise d'Hericy, with issue. Alix Walsh de Serrant, (1829-1895), Duchesse de la Mothe-Houdancourt, married to Artus de Cosse-Brissac. Leontine Marie Walsh de Serrant, (1827-1849), dunm. Olivier Walsh de Serrant, (1800-), Marquis de Walsh Serrant. Valentine Walsh de Serrant, (1810-1887)., married 1830 to Charles Bretagne de la Tremoille, Duc de Thouars, Prince de Tarente. Edmond Walsh de Serrant. Charles Edouard Walsh de Serrant, (1746-1820), created Marquis de Walsh Serrant 1774 in France, married 1771 to Julie Paque de Luge, with issue. Francois Walsh de Serrant, (1771-. Jean Walsh de Serrant, (1773-1841), married 1822 to Anne Caroline Fouche de Quehillac, with issue. Emilie Walsh de Serrant, (1824-1910), married 1949 to Caimir Le Rouge de Guerdavid, Comte de Guerdavid. Albert Walsh de Serrant, (1824 -. Robertine Walsh de Serrant, (1828-1910), married 1851 to Paul Walsh de Serrant, Comte de Walsh Serrant. Marie Walsh de Serrant, (1775-1825), married 1798 to Louis de Bouille, Marquis de Bouille. Charles Walsh de Serrant, (1792-1869), Vicomte de Walsh Serrant, married 1813 to Matilde Walsh de Serrant, with issue. Charles Walsh de Serrant, (1814-1878), married 1839 to Sidonia Coustard de Souvre, with issue. Celine Walsh de Serrant, (1841-., married to Camille Rogon de Carcaradec. Charles Alexandra Walsh de Serrant, (1843-1880). Roaul Walsh de Serrant, (1819-. Gustave Walsh de Serrant, Vicomte de Walsh Serrant, married 1875 to Caroline de La Jaille, with issue. Henry Walsh de Serrant, (1876-., Vicomte de Walsh Serrant., married 1901 to Andree Benoist-Geoffroy, with issue. Hedwige Walsh de Serrant, married to Jean de Chabot. Gerard Walsh de Serrant, Duc de la Mothe Houdancourt, (1903-2000), married to Elisabeth Nantet, with issue. Paul Walsh de Serrant, (1827-1912), Comte de Walsh Serrant, married 1851 to Robertine Walsh de Serrant, with issue. Mathilde Walsh de Serrant, (1853-1897)., married 1875 to Charles le Gouvello de la Porte. Edgar Walsh de Serrant, (1856-1933), Comte de Walsh Serrant., married 1885 to Marie Anne Robert de Boisfosse, with issue. Patrice Walsh de Serrant, (1887-1967), Comte de Walsh Serrant, married 1918 to Paule de Guerriff de Launay, with issue. Alberic Walsh de Serrant, (1887-1917). Anny Walsh de Serrant, (1889-1983), married 1910 to Michel Gazet du Chatelier. Mathilde Walsh de Serrant, (1889-1957), married 1920 to Antoine de Fremond de la Merveillere. Marie Dorothee Walsh de Serrant, (1748-1796)., married 1765 to Antoine Walsh. Anne Walsh de Serrant, (1753-1822). Sophie Walsh de Serrant, (1757-1796)., maried 1774 to thomas, 2nd Viscount Southwell. Francoise Walsh de Serrant, (1758-1793)., married 1775 to Charles Etienne de Choiseul-Beaupre. Marie Angelique Walsh de Serrant, (1761-1779). Philippe Walsh de Serrant, (1763-. Marshall of the Army of the King, married 1784 to Isidore Felicite Lottin de Lagerie, with issue. Anna Walsh, (1785-1867), married 1813 to Louis Ange de Flavigny, Vicomte de Flavigny. Isidore Walsh, (1785-. Alfred Walsh, (1788-1862), married 1819 to Stella Freeman Stanhope, with issue. Emma Walsh, (1820-. Mathilde Walsh, (1821-. Caroline Isabella Walsh, (1822-1907), married to Edouardo de Diesbach de Belleroche. Mathilde Walsh, (1790-1874, married 1813 to Charles Walsh de Serrant, Vicomte de Walsh Serrant. Philippe Joseph Walsh de Serrant, (1780-. Philippe Walsh, (1706 -.
1.1.2. Philip Walsh, married to Margaret Hore, with issue. Jacques Wailsh, (1656 -1742), married 1682 to Francoise Brignon, with issue. Jacques Wailsh, Sieur de Valois, married 1724 to Scolastique Julienne Francoise Breget, with issue. Marguerite Wailsh, (1727-). Marie Therese Wailsh, (1729-)., married 1749 to Jean Michele Petel de Vaugarny. Jeanne Wailsh, (1731-, married 1753 to Julien Marie Trehourart, Seigneur des Chesnays.
1. Les Familles Titrees et Anoblies AU XIX' Siecle, (Armorial du Premier Empire) by Vct A. Reverend., Paris 1974.

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