Barone's di Castel Cicciano, Naples.
Last update: 04-06-2020.
Granted to:  Francesco Mego of Rhodes Island, (Arrived with the Knights to Malta c. 1530), Auditor and Vice Chancellor of the Order of St John of Malta, (d.1572) "1st" Baron di Castel Cicciano of Naples.
By: Charles IV, King of Naples, V of the Holy Roman Empire.
On: 1560 at Naples, Italy.
With Remainder to: His descendants by feudal tenure (Jure Francorum) in perpetuity.
British Crown recognition: 1878.
List of Titleholders:
1. Sig. Francesco Mego, (d. 1572), Signore di Qlejjgha, 1st Barone, succeeded by his son.
2. Nobile Gio Antonio Mego, (d. 1580)2nd Barone di Qlejjgha,  2nd Barone, sold title 1580, then died thereafter.
Transfer ("Donatio seu venditio") by Gio Antonio Mego of the Barony of Cicciano "ac mero ac mixto Imperio" unto Xerri  in the acts of Notary Joseph Mamo of the 22 August 1580).
3. Milite Francesco Scerri (Xerri), (d. 1581), 3rd Barone, succeeded by his son.
4. Nobile Dr Gregorio Xerri JUD, (d. 1623), 4th Barone, succeeded by his son-in-law.
5. Nobile Dr Ascanio Surdo JUD, (d. 1643), 5th Barone, succeeded by his eldest daughter.
6. Nobile Maddalena Surdo Cassia, (d. 1650), 6th Baronessa, succeeded by her son.
7. Nobile Gio Antonio Cassia, (d. 1658), 2nd Barone di Ghariexem e Tabia, 7th Barone, succeeded by his brother.
8. Nobile Pietro Cassia, (d. 1686), 3rd Barone di Gharxiem e Tabia, 8th Barone, succeeded by his eldest daughter.
9. Nobile Beatrice Cassia Testaferrata, Joint 1st Baronessa di Gomerino, 9th Baronessasucceeded by her eldest son.
10. Nobile Fabrizio Testaferrata, (d. 1744), 2nd Barone di Gomerino, 10th Barone, succeeded by his daughter.
11. Nobile Clara Testaferrata Sceberras, 11th Baronessa, succeeded by her son.
12. Nobile Pasquale Sceberras Testaferrata, 12th Barone, succeeded by his son.
13. Nobile Antonio Sceberras Testaferrata, (d. 1843), 13th Barone, succeeded by his son.
14. Nobile Sir Pasquale Sceberras Trigona, KCMG, (d. 1869), 14th Barone, succeeded by his son.
15. Nobile Alexander Sceberras d'Amico Inguanez, (d. 1880), 15th Barone, succeeded by his daughter.
16. Nobile Maria Francesca Sceberras d'Amico Inguanez McKean, (d. 1947), 16th Baronessa, succeeded by his nephew.
17. Nobile Alexander Chesney, (d. 1960), 17th Barone, succeeded by his sister.
18. Nobile Frances Mary Chesney, (d. 1981), 18th Baroness, succeeded by her kinswomen.
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