Marchese di Castiglia (de Piro), 1742.
Online: 24-03-2022.
Granted to:  Dr Gio Pio de Piro, JUD, 1st Barone di Budaq.
By: Philip V, King of Spain.
On: 1742 at Madrid, Spain.
With Remainder to: Lo Stesso Barone Giovani Pio Depiro ottenne poi da Filippo Re di spagna un Titolo in Castiglia di Marchese per se e tutti li suoi eredi, e successori, avendo pagato il Dritto di cinquecento e sessanta due mili, e cinquecento maravedi di Vellon; il quale dritto deve essere pagato da ciascun successore in questo titolo il quale per rescritto del G. Mro si trova registrato nel lib. Boll. Sottogli 8.8bre 1745, fo 167”. Reference A.O.M. 627.
The creation documents are in the Archivio Historico Nacional in Madrid, Consejos Suprimidos book 2753, year 1742, no. 17, File 8978, year 1742 no. 820 and were despatched as per file Book 624, year 1742 and File State Section, file 6390(1), no. 86. The creation was published in the Gazeta de Madrid on 8 May 1742, pages 151-152.
As a title created within the kingdom of Castile, it was regulated by the Book of Laws compiled in the 13th century by king Alfonso X (Alfonso the Wise) as well as the Cortes de Toro (a law of 1505), the Novisima Recopilacion of 1805, the Royal Decree of 27th September 1820, the Law of 11th October 1820, the Law of 4th may 1948, as well as many other Royal Decrees in particular those of the 27th May 1912, 8th July 1922, 21st March 1980, 11th March 1988, 16th September 1994 and the Law of 30th October 2006. By means of the latest law, the conventional rules of orden regular were amended by abolishing discrimination on grounds of gender. The rule preferring age and descent by primogeniture was retained. 
List of Title holders: 
1. Dr Gio Pio de Piro, JUD, (d. 1752) 1st Barone di Budaq, 1st Marques, title was revolved there after.
2. Don Col Francesco Saverio de Piro, 2nd Marques in 1866, succeeded by his son.
3. Don Giuseppe Lorenzo de Piro, 3rd Marques in 1895, succeeded by his daughter.
4. Dona Adelina de Piro, 4th Marquesa, (d. 1962), title then became vacant,
5. Don Anthony Buttigieg de Piro, 5th Marques in 1984, title then became vacant. On the year of 2020, the title now is due to a lack of succession in the Kingdom of Spain.
Claimants (1) Committee of Privileges of the Maltese Islands ruling: (Styled in Malta not registered in the Kingdom of Spain):
2. Don Vincenzo de Piro, (d. 1799), 2nd Marchese, succeeded by his younger son.
3. Don Giuseppe de Piro Gourgion, CMG, (d. 1852), 3rd Marchese, succeeded by his elder son.
4. Don Adriano de Piro Gourgion, (d. 1866), 4th Marchese, succeeded by his younger son.
5. Don Francesco Saverio de Piro, CMG, (d. 1894), 5th Marchese, succeeded by his son.
6. Don Giuseppe Lorenzo de Piro, CMG, 6th Marchese, succeeded by his daughter.
7. Dona Adelina de Piro MacPherson, (d. 1962), 7th Marchesa, title went into dormantcy.
8. Don Jerome de Piro d'Amico Inguanez, (d. 1996) succeeded in 1983 as de Jure 8th Marchese, renounced it to his son in 1983.
9. Don Nicholas de Piro d'Amico Inguanez, (1941-, De Jure 9th Marchese.
HeirDon Cosimo de Piro d'Amico Inguanez, (1971-, Marchesino de Piro.
General Heir: Dona Serfana de Piro, (1995-.
Claimants (2) Heir to Don Anthony Buttigieg de Piro: As per Spanish Nobility Laws.
"Following the death of a noble, the senior heir may petition the sovereign through the Spanish Ministry of Justice for permission to use the title. If the senior heir does not make a petition within two years, then other potential heirs may do so on their own behalf. There is a limit of forty years from the vacancy by death or relinquishment of a title within which that title may be claimed and revived by an heir.". [Link]
6. Don Capt Joseph Buttigieg De Piro, deJure Marques, 1934-. (unclaimed in the Kingdom of Spain, now expired).
General HeirPavel Jan Krejci-Buttigieg de Piro., (2004-. 
Articles relating to this title:
2. [Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to inquire into the claims of the Maltese nobility [Link],  VIII, IX.

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